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Bulkly allows you to automatically schedule and recycle social media updates into your Buffer account.

Your lifetime access will also include future updates including integration with Hootsuite and direct integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

How it works

Connect to a Platform

A one-time connection between Bulkly & your social accounts will allow Bulkly to schedule updates for you.

Add Content

Import previous content from Buffer or Hootsuite, upload a CSV file or use RSS feeds to create content.

Customize Group

Each group of content has it’s own schedule and settings, so you can customize it to send however you would like.

Pro Plus

Perfect for power users who post to 5+ profiles, multiple times a day
$ 99
One Time Cost
  • 10,000 Total Posts Sent Per Month
  • Social Accounts Connected
  • 1 Buffer Account
  • 1 Hootsuite Account
  • 5 Facebook Accounts
  • 5 LinkedIn Accounts
  • 5 Twitter Accounts
  • Core Features
  • Recycle Posts
  • Shuffle Posts
  • Drip Scheduling
  • Content Upload
  • Save up to 1,000 posts
  • Create up to 20 groups
  • Content Curation
  • Save up to 20 RSS Feeds
  • Create up to 10 groups
  • RSS Automation
  • Save up to 50 RSS Feeds
  • Create up to 20 groups

Built for smart social media marketers

Setup in minutes

Multiple ways to create content. With just a few clicks you can easily create hundreds of social media updates.

Automate Social Media Posts

Create, organize and recycle your social media updates to post automatically as often as you want. 

Win Back Your Time

Free up your time to focus on other things that impact your business.

Take your social media scheduling to the next level

Organize your status updates into groups that have their own unique settings, giving you complete flexibility.

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Built for all social media marketers

  • For solopreneurs & entrepreneurs
  • Social media scheduling made easy. Create social media updates and scale your efforts as you grow.

  • For In-house
  • Take back your time by being able to leverage the power of automation to handle your evergreen status updates.

  • For agencies
  • Easily manage social media scheduling for multiple brands, clients or businesses that save you hours of time each week.

    Increase Productivity With Social Media Automation

    Save hours of your time each week by leveraging the power of social media automation. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be able to completely automate the process of adding status updates to your social media queues.

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    Eliminate Social Media Scheduling Redundancy

    Save hours of your time each week by leveraging the power of social media automation. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be able to completely automate the process of adding status updates to your social media queues.

    Leverage Bulk Upload Capabilities to Save Time Creating Status Updates

    Easily upload a CSV file of hundreds or thousands of status updates in just a few clicks.

    Don’t have a spreadsheet of updates?

    You can also use RSS feeds to automatically create social media posts.

    With multiple options to add social media content at scale, you’ll have a full social media queue in just minutes.

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    Keep Your Status Updates Organized

    As a social media marketer, you’ve got different types of updates to share – blog content, inspirational quotes, curated content, and more.

    All of your social media posts can be organized into groups.

    Each group has its own posting frequency, hashtags, UTM parameters, and more.

    Explore Our Most Useful Social Media Automation Features

    Import Your Previous Posts

    No need to recreate what you have already posted. Import your past 100 status updates from each of your social media profiles used in Buffer or Hootsuite.

    Randomize Hashtag Usage

    For each social media account you schedule posts to, you can assign multiple hashtags to be added to your status updates randomly.

    Flexible Account Management

    Within each of your content groups, you can choose to have your updates sent to one, some, or all of your social media accounts.

    Drip Your Content on Social

    Drip your status updates into your social media accounts multiple times per hour, day, week or month. 

    Set Start & Stop Dates

    Set a start and/or end date to only send status updates during a certain time frame.

    Shuffle The Order Posts Are Sent

    Send your scheduled updates in a randomized order to your social media accounts.

    Avoid Sending The Same Post

    Set a delay to prevent sending the same status update to your social media accounts.

    Drag & Drop Post Ordering

    Easily rearrange the order of your social media updates by dragging and dropping them in any order you wish.

    Easily Add or Update Content in Existing Groups

    Make changes on the fly to your groups. Add, edit, or delete any status update.

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