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3 Ways to add Content

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Bulk Upload Content From a CSV

Wish you could upload a CSV file to Buffer?

Now you can.

End manually entering your updates individually for good with Bulkly. Its easy-to-use CSV upload capability allows you to instantly populate your Buffer account and use the automatic repost function to schedule posts. Never have an empty queue again.

Source Fresh Content with Bulk RSS Uploads

Do you want to review all the content from multiple RSS feeds in one place?

Bulky makes this possible.

Stop sorting through your RSS feeds one by one. Simply drop your feeds list into the bulk RSS upload feature and watch all the latest content for each feed populate on a single page. Add the content of your choice to your Buffer queue in just a few clicks.

Automatically Post & Repost RSS Content

Are you tired of being limited to posting only new items from your RSS feed?

Aren’t we all?

Bulkly allows you to mass upload your list of RSS feeds and automatically post an item at random to your Buffer account. Simple as that.


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