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Always Keep Your Buffer Queue 100% Filled With Content (Automatically)


How I Keep My Buffer Account 100% Filled With Great Content

Like you, I’m always looking for ways to save time posting quality content to my social media channels.

So when I discovered Buffer, I thought all my problems were solved.

Just fill up the queues with all the content I wanted to run for the next week, set the schedule and watch it go – leaving me more time for social engagement.

But there was one thing I just couldn’t get away from.

And the message came at the end of every week, loud and clear:

“Great work, all your Buffered posts for @ChrisMakara are now published…”


Those weekly emails haunted my sleep.

I knew they meant me sitting for a good part of my Saturday, searching out the right content, composing posts and scheduling out my queues to run for the week ahead.

It was belabored, tedious and frustrating.

Not to mention I had a million better things to do.

So I set out to build a tool that would allow me to easily have as much content as I needed without having to drudge away several hours of my weekend each week.

And Bulkly was created.

The best part?

You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

In fact, Bulkly can import your previous 100 published status updates for you.

Introducing Bulkly – The Complete Bulk Buffer Automated Social Media Tool

Increase Productivity With Social Media Automation

Save hours of your time each week by leveraging the power of social media automation. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be able to completely automate the process of adding status updates to your social media queues.


Eliminate Social Media Scheduling Redundancy

Chances are that your website contains evergreen content. And there’s no reason you can’t continuously share this content again and again across your social media profiles.

And when you use Bulkly, you’ll be able to recycle all of your social media updates – automatically.

This eliminates the need to manually reschedule the same social media updates again and again.

Leverage Bulk Upload Capabilities to Save Time Creating Status Updates

Easily upload a CSV file of hundreds or thousands of status updates in just a few clicks.

Don’t have a spreadsheet of updates?

You can also use RSS feeds to automatically create social media posts.

With multiple options to add social media content at scale, you’ll have a full social media queue in just minutes.


Keep Your Status Updates Organized

As a social media marketer, you’ve got different types of updates to share – blog content, inspirational quotes, curated content, and more.

All of your social media posts can be organized into groups.

Each group has its own posting frequency, hashtags, UTM parameters, and more.

Track All Of Your Social Media Updates

If you’re not tracking the links you share on social media, you are missing out on knowing what is or isn’t working.

Bulkly allows you to create custom UTM parameters for every single group of social media updates you are sharing.

Inside your Google Analytics account, you’ll be able to see what URLs are driving the most traffic and conversions to your website.


Explore Our Most Useful Social Media Automation Features

Import Your Previous Buffer Posts

No need to recreate what you have already posted. Import your past 100 status updates from each of your social media profiles used in Buffer.

Randomize Hashtag Usage

For each social media account you schedule posts to, you can assign multiple hashtags to be added to your status updates randomly.

Flexible Account Management

Within each of your content groups, you can choose to have your updates sent to one, some, or all of your social media accounts.

Drip Your Content on Social

Drip your status updates into your social media accounts multiple times per hour, day, week or month. 


Set Start & Stop Dates

Set a start and/or end date to only send status updates during a certain time frame.

Shuffle The Order Posts Are Sent

Send your scheduled updates in a randomized order to your social media accounts.


Avoid Sending The Same Post

Set a delay to prevent sending the same status update to your social media accounts.


Drag & Drop Post Ordering

Easily rearrange the order of your social media updates by dragging and dropping them in any order you wish.


Easily Add or Update Content in Existing Groups

Make changes on the fly to your groups. Add, edit, or delete any status update.

"Posting endless updates to social media can sometimes feel like pushing water uphill. Tools like multiply every effort you make, putting your best content in front of more of your audience. Highly recommended!"


End manual social media scheduling tasks. Forever.

Bulkly recycles your social media updates and automatically sends them to your Buffer account.


"There’s good social media automation and there’s bad social media automation…and then there’s – simply awesome social media automation! Whenever clients have blog posts or promotions they want to be shared regularly, does the heavy lifting. A huge time-saver. Highly recommended."


– Tony Restell –

"Most social media apps that do this much start at $49 to $99 a month. (They’re also far more complicated to use than seems necessary.) It’s refreshing to see a simple solution at a reasonable price."


– Kathryn Aragon –

Smarter social media automation is possible with Bulkly

Get back more of your time by eliminating unneccessary repetitive and manual social media scheduling tasks.