6 Things You Need to Know When Growing Your Email List via Social Media

What’s the best marketing channel – email or social media? It’s one of the hottest debates among marketers nowadays, but most of them seem to agree: you have to use both. While email allows for a more intimate communication, social media supports your brand and list building efforts. But how do you use it to entice people to get on your email list? Try the tips below and you’ll see a steady increase in your number of subscribers.

10 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn Live To Drive Results

If you’ve been looking for a way to strengthen your video marketing strategy with powerful LinkedIn live videos, let’s get started on how to use LinkedIn live.

Social Media Metrics: The Key Metrics to Monitor For Your Brand

What’s important when it comes to social media metrics? Vanity metrics or something more meaningful? Find out the most important metrics for social monitoring.

Top Email Marketing Templates To Nurture Your Social Media Audience

Leverage social media and email marketing to nurture your connections from social media by using these top template email templates from industry leaders.

How To Run a Social Media Audit & Optimize It In 7 Days

Your social media strategy is a vital part of your business. It generates new leads, drives sales through content, and provides a vital touchpoint to connect with your customers.

But no business can create the perfect social strategy from scratch. Every strategy needs a regular social media audit to identify problem areas for fine-tuning. But time is a precious commodity, so how can you audit your social media accurately and quickly?

Read on to learn how to audit and optimize your social media in less than a week, and enjoy the benefits of a successful social strategy.

Instagram Trends – Creating Visual Content

Instagram is more than just a social media platform: more than 80% of its users are raving fans of at least one business profile, with over 200 million visiting one business account daily.

2020 is bringing new opportunities to the world of Instagram trends. And if you are trend-fluent enough, you will be able to make your competitors jealous in 2020.

Ready to wow your followers?

7 Ways Marketing Automation Can Optimize B2B Social Media Efforts

B2B social media provides marketers with the perfect system to present and engage their customers. This changes how customers feel towards other brands, and vice versa. This is precisely why most brands find meaningful ways to engage with their customers on social media.

In fact, 90% of marketers apply a social media strategy to their business, hastily becoming one of the most popular B2B marketing tactics.

8 Low Key Social Media Hacks for the Busy Social Manager

If you’re a social media manager, then, you need all the help you can get — ways to make your everyday workload simpler, faster, and less exhausting. Thankfully, you have options. Here are 8 straightforward social media hacks that can make your life easier.

3 Tips To Gear Up Your Marketing Activities

In the coming years, social media will continue to be a dominant fixture in marketing activities, particularly for small business. Here are three effective ways you can gear up your small business marketing efforts for 2020, and how to do it for the best results possible.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts Using Automation

Scheduling posts on Instagram is now possible.

I’ll cover exactly how you can do not only schedule, but automate posting content to your Instagram account in this guide.

So if you’ve wanted to schedule your updates on Instagram but weren’t sure how, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s jump in.

7 Tools to Make Social Media Marketing Easier for Your SaaS Company

The competition for SaaS businesses is becoming tougher. In order to succeed, you obviously need to set yourself apart from the competitors. Here are seven tools that will make building your SaaS social media presence easier and some insights into their marketing strategies – used by the leaders from all over the globe. Check them out and dare to try what you find the most efficient.

The 10 Best Browser Extensions For Social Media Managers

Use social media browser extensions to help save time in your daily social media activities. In this blog post, we reveal 10 of the best Chrome extensions.

Smarter social media automation is possible with Bulkly

Get back more of your time by eliminating unneccessary repetitive and manual social media scheduling tasks.