How to Create Social Media Graphics

The process to create social media graphics isn’t a difficult or complex one but can be a process in which you find yourself confused as to where to start, which tools to use and knowing if your image is ready to go live on social media.

5 Powerful Ways to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

You can use technology as a marketing tool to communicate with your customers. Many businesses use email for their marketing because of the sheer number of people that use that platform. However, even if a business develops the best email marketing strategies, they miss out on the benefits to combine social media and email marketing.

How to Create Proper Social Media Reports

Why do social media reports matter and how to get the most out of them? Let’s find out!

Top 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Your Business

Not sure social media is right for your business? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of social media for businesses. Read them now.

Drive Social Media Traffic to Your “Coming Soon” Landing Page

Today we’ll talk about how to most effectively use social media and how taking advantage of it can make or break a new, up and coming site, focusing primarily on the startup – before and immediately after the site goes live.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages: How to make the most of them?

If you are looking for more ways to grow your business, then LinkedIn showcase pages

6 Things You Need to Know When Growing Your Email List via Social Media

What’s the best marketing channel – email or social media? It’s one of the hottest debates among marketers nowadays, but most of them seem to agree: you have to use both. While email allows for a more intimate communication, social media supports your brand and list building efforts. But how do you use it to entice people to get on your email list? Try the tips below and you’ll see a steady increase in your number of subscribers.

10 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn Live To Drive Results

If you’ve been looking for a way to strengthen your video marketing strategy with powerful LinkedIn live videos, let’s get started on how to use LinkedIn live.

Social Media Metrics: The Key Metrics to Monitor For Your Brand

What’s important when it comes to social media metrics? Vanity metrics or something more meaningful? Find out the most important metrics for social monitoring.

Top Email Marketing Templates To Nurture Your Social Media Audience

Leverage social media and email marketing to nurture your connections from social media by using these top template email templates from industry leaders.

How To Run a Social Media Audit & Optimize It In 7 Days

Your social media strategy is a vital part of your business. It generates new leads, drives sales through content, and provides a vital touchpoint to connect with your customers.

But no business can create the perfect social strategy from scratch. Every strategy needs a regular social media audit to identify problem areas for fine-tuning. But time is a precious commodity, so how can you audit your social media accurately and quickly?

Read on to learn how to audit and optimize your social media in less than a week, and enjoy the benefits of a successful social strategy.

Smarter social media automation is possible with Bulkly

Get back more of your time by eliminating unneccessary repetitive and manual social media scheduling tasks.