Take the manual processes out of social media scheduling

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Bulk Upload Content

Create hundreds of social media updates by uploading a Microsoft CSV file.

Recycle Posts

Automatically recycle all of your social media updates.

Shuffle Posts

Randomize the order that your posts are sent to your social accounts.

Hashtag Assignment

Create hashtags for each social media platform. Even shuffle multiple tags per channel.

Drip Scheduling

Schedule your updates to drip to your social media accounts multiple times per hour, day or week.

Social media automation built to save time

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Start & End Dates

Create schedules that start and stop on certain dates.

Drag & Drop Post Ordering

Reorder your posts by dragging and dropping them into any order.

Create Groups of Updates

Order your status updates into groups with their own settings.

Flexible Account Management

Schedule posts to one, some or all of your connected social media accounts.

Easily Add/Edit Content

Build up your content library by adding new status updates to any group.

3 Ways to Add Content

Content Upload

Upload a CSV file with hundreds of status updates to share to your social media accounts.

Content Curation

Leverage RSS feeds to populate your group with content and curate it as you see fit.

RSS Automation

Automate social media updates by using your favorite RSS feeds to generate status updates.

Content Upload Features

Each group can be fully customized to fit your scheduling needs.

Content Curation Features

Import all content from your favorite RSS feeds to create hundreds of status updates in minutes.

RSS Automation Features

Add your favorite RSS feeds to have content automatically created for you.

Explore Our Most Useful Social Media Automation Features

Import Your Previous Posts

No need to recreate what you have already posted. Import your past 100 status updates from each of your social media profiles used in Buffer of Hootsuite.

Randomize Hashtag Usage

For each social media account you schedule posts to, you can assign multiple hashtags to be added to your status updates randomly.

Flexible Account Management

Within each of your content groups, you can choose to have your updates sent to one, some, or all of your social media accounts.

Drip Your Content on Social

Drip your status updates into your social media accounts multiple times per hour, day, week or month. 

Set Start & Stop Dates

Set a start and/or end date to only send status updates during a certain time frame.

Shuffle The Order Posts Are Sent

Send your scheduled updates in a randomized order to your social media accounts.

Avoid Sending The Same Post

Set a delay to prevent sending the same status update to your social media accounts.

Drag & Drop Post Ordering

Easily rearrange the order of your social media updates by dragging and dropping them in any order you wish.

Easily Add or Update Content in Existing Groups

Make changes on the fly to your groups. Add, edit, or delete any status update.

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