Take the manual processes out of social media automation

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Got a ready-made list of content to share? Want to curate content from your favorite sites? Watch how easy it is to add and set up content updates to be sent to your Buffer account on a continuous basis.


Never manually schedule the same social media updates again

Join other smart social media marketers and use Bulkly alongside
your existing Buffer account to automatically create engaging social media updates.

Recycle Updates

Don’t let an update go to waste. Use
it again and again,automatically.

Shuffle Posts

Automatically mix up the order that
your posts get sent to Buffer.

Hashtag Assignment

Assign unique hashtags to each
social channel. Enter multiple
tags to randomnize it.

Drip Scheduling

Bulkly will “drip” updates to
your Buffer account hourly,
daily, or monthly.

Smarter social media automation is possible with Bulkly

Get back more of your time by eliminating unneccessary repetitive and manual social media scheduling tasks.