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Promote Your Expert Round Up Like a Boss With Social Media Automation

Seems like one of the hottest forms of content lately are expert round ups. And why not… The really good round ups are chocked full of some really great nuggets from some of the leading experts in their fields. While the takeaways from expert round ups are usually top-notch, the majority of the bloggers who create them usually fall short of getting the most out promoting them. Well today, I will show you how to leverage the experts that participated in your round up to help promote it again and again. You’ll walk away knowing the exact method I used to help get my expert round up shared over 5,000 times across various social media channels.

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Amazing Tip: Scale Your Content Marketing Promotion With Social Media Automation

Roughly 80% of B2B marketers utilize a content marketing strategy, and as an entrepreneur you know it should be a priority for your marketing efforts. There are a number of ways you can promote your content. Some of the most common methods are: Influencer outreach Paid promotion Email marketing Social media But are any of them able to be scaled? Influencer outreach is not exactly scalable. Sure, you can do a few things to scale certain parts of it but it does take quite a bit of time to do it right. And when you use this approach you should definitely be involved with it as much as you can and minimize automated techniques.

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6 Easy Social Media Automation Tips For Smart Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you are squeezed for time everyday. Chances are that you wear many hats and are bootstrapping on a budget. So how can you save time when it comes to social media? Easy. You implement time-saving hacks and approaches that get the job done quicker so you can get back to focusing on your product.

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Pinterest Automation: Best Free Hacks to Mass Follow & Unfollow Users

While Twitter might be the channel with the most social media automation opportunities, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look for ways to automate other social media channels. In this case, Pinterest. Look, Pinterest has over 100 million active users. That’s a lot of people. And those aren’t just people who signed up to create an account, but people who are using the site. Depending on your business, it might make sense to utilize Pinterest as a channel to promote your content.

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Social Poach Approach: 3 Secret Steps to Finding the Most Engaged Twitter Users

Using automation on Twitter to find and follow users is a technique used by many to grow their Twitter accounts. If you are not familiar with using automation for Twitter followers, I have gone into great detail on how to do this. However, when mass following users on Twitter many people use one of these approaches: Follow someone else’s followers Follow the people someone else is following Follow users that use a specific hashtag While all of these approaches can work very well, there is one approach that I find performs better than the rest. In this post, I’ll detail what I call the “Social Poach Approach” and why it works better than the three common approaches I listed above.

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Amazing Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement With Automation

One of the biggest misconceptions of social media automation is that if you use it, you are not engaging with your audience. The fact is, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you know that you can actually use social media automation to help increase your engagement? Of course, your definition of social engagement might be different from what someone else defines it as. However, a common acceptance of engagement is simply any sort of interaction that occurs from your social media update. This can be a “like”, click on your URL, a share, or a comment. So how can you use social media automation to help increase engagement? Let’s take a look.

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6 Lame Social Media Automation Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

I feel that social media automation gets a bad rap from many. Sometimes it is warranted (like when it is abused), and other times it just gets labeled as something you shouldn’t do. But to those who say it’s something you shouldn’t do, what is their reasoning?

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3 Social Sharing Strategies to Help Nail the Right Balance of Internal & External Content

When it comes to sharing something on social media, your first inclination is to probably share your own content. And rightfully so. You have spent countless hours crafting each blog post, creating kick-ass social media images as well as doing your SEO research. Being aware that you should spend 20% of your time creating content and the other 80% promoting it, there’s no way your not going to blast it out to all your social media channels. But when is it too much self-promotion on social media?

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Posting From The Grave – Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Alive Once You Are Dead

I was recently posed an interesting question by one of my newsletter subscribers around their social media profiles after their death.