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How to Create a Free Starter Kit: 10 Things to Include

What is one thing that makes a good customer experience on social media?

To help your business create a positive customer experience on social media, we asked social media experts and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From incorporating customers into posts to keeping a consistent voice and message, there are several tips that may help your business’s social media provide a memorable customer experience.


Here are 10 things that should be included in a free starter kit for customers

Tip 1

Introduce Guests to the Community


Gwen North, Lake Rabun Hotel

Your free starter kit is a chance for you to showcase what makes you different, unique, and what your service can provide that no one else can.

When it comes to us, we value creating an outstanding experience for those that choose to explore the mountains, lakes, and waterfalls in North Georgia.

From guests coming for outdoor adventures or relaxing getaways to weddings or special events, it’s helpful to provide information that can make anyone’s stay much easier — a list of restaurants, wineries, unique shops and hiking trails in the area. The hotel’s concierge service happily provides activities and maps. They can also schedule the customer’s chosen activities for them so that they’re all set upon arrival.

The goal is to help the guests customize their trip especially for them.

Your business is a part of, or serves a community, so showing off that community in tiny ways can add a sense of familiarity and help give you the leg up.

Tip 2

Provide Premium Tools


Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

When a customer signs up for one of our online or hands-on Lash Professional training classes, they receive an all-inclusive kit to help them apply what they learn.

Our starter kits include everything they will need, such as eyelash extensions, lash glue, lash tweezers and more.

Learning to be their own lash boss with our products sets our students up for success with consistent products from a high-quality, expert-approved line.

When they are ready to start their lash business, they know where to look for more eyelash extension supplies.

Tip 3

Reward Referrals With More Service


Guy Katabi, Lightkey

A free starter kit is a really great way to give your customer a taste of what you can offer — if that’s the way you choose to go.

Recently, we made the switch to become a free predictive text software. The thing to note, however, is that while there’s a free version, we added a referral incentive. By sending out invitations to friends, one can extend their monthly quota of saved keystrokes.

Adding a bonus, or some sort of reward for referring to your kit can be beneficial as it could be a way to bring them back to you again and have an awesome customer experience.

Tip 4

Equip Customers With Complementary Products


Henry Babichenko, Eurodenture

When patients come to their consultation appointment and meet us for the first time, we thank them with a free starter kit for denture cleaning.

We like providing products that complement our service as a denture center and it also gives us an opportunity to give more value to our patients when we discuss denture care.

By providing a free denture cleaning kit, we increase their overall customer experience and give patients a little reminder of our office each time they use our kit.

Tip 5

Welcome Clients With Your Company Culture


Jenn Christie, Markitors

A great way to introduce a new or prospective client to your product or service is a “starter kit” of your company culture.

The things that are important to you as a company can be translated through the books you read as a company, the t-shirts you send to your employees, and the welcome cards you send to new hires.

Treating your new client as you would a new employee goes a long way in creating raving fans of your products and services.

Tip 6

Showcase Your Top Product Lines


I add product samples, in small quantities, in my customer starter kits.

If your business has different product lines, be sure to include 2–3 of your best lines.

I also attach a brief instruction manual to educate customers on how to best use and apply our products.

I make sure it is well-designed, easy to understand, and not full of text. Customers need to be able to scan through the instructions quickly. Last and most importantly, I include a thank-you voucher with a special code to redeem the products on our website. I can track the usage of voucher codes to determine the success of my starter kit giveaway campaigns.

Tip 7

Include Service Details to Push for the Close


Anton Konopliov, Palma Violets Loans

Starter kits are meant to encourage and convince the customer to use the product or service you’re selling.

A brief product or service brochure should answer frequently asked questions about its origin and a brief company description.

Free product samples or access to free trial services should accompany the starter kit. The overall message should provide the customer a push to start using your product.

Tip 8

Highlight Corporate Citizenship Efforts


Customer starter kits can vary greatly depending on the service or product they represent.

One thing that can accompany any type of kit is information about your company’s corporate citizenship efforts.

Consider including details about your organization’s mission, volunteer efforts, fundraising campaigns, and core community programs.

You can even provide them with opportunities to get involved or contribute. Including this valuable content in a customer starter kit helps reinforce the connection the customer has with your brand and will foster greater loyalty moving forward as customers want to align themselves with brands they feel kindred with.

Tip 9

Make Yourself Accessible


Jessica Wise, HelpSquad

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling rubber duckies or Ferraris. You need to include a clear and direct way for your customers to contact you.

Preferably, it will be a phone number or a URL to a website with live chat. After all, we are living in the age of instant gratification.

But even providing your customers with email support is better than nothing. When customers are just beginning their relationship with you, it is extremely important to make yourself accessible. If they run into an issue and then have to struggle to make contact with you, there’s a good chance your customer experience is going to take a nosedive.

Tip 10

Offer Unforgettable Swag


Steven Brown, DP Electric Inc

Regardless of whatever else ends up in the kit, give them a nice keychain, phone case, or item that they would organically keep around them on a daily basis.

Having this token that represents your business will keep you front of mind in a way that cannot be purchased in any other way.

Ready To Create a Better Starter Kit?

You’ve heard what the experts had to say, now it’s your turn.

What tips are you planning to incorporate into your customer service process? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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