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15 Evergreen Instagram Reels Ideas

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  • 15 Evergreen Instagram Reels Ideas

Ever since Instagram reels were first introduced, they have proven to be a powerful tool with strong brand influence. Unlike Instagram stories that disappear after a short period, Reels have a lasting impact. The content you produce will be stored in the Reels tab of your account indefinitely.

To enhance engagement and raise awareness, Reels has the potential to make a significant impact. However, coming up with creative ideas and producing content requires careful effort and preparation.

If you’re seeking to amplify your social media presence beyond just Reels, consider implementing these 5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business. These strategies can complement your Reels content and help you achieve broader reach and impact across social media platforms.

Before you begin, it is important to be aware of the right tactics to grab your audience’s attention. You need catchy captions and attention-grabbing hooks in your content that make the user want to pause scrolling and focus on the reel instead. To learn more about these hooks, read along.

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5 Attention-Grabbing Hooks for Your Instagram Reels

Typically, you only have a brief window of around three seconds to capture the interest of your audience before they continue scrolling past your video. Each successful Instagram Reel commences with a captivating hook that immediately captures attention. If you want to know more about hooks that work, check the ultimate list of the best Instagram Reels hooks you can use for your videos!

Check out these five ideas that can grab your viewers’ attention instantly:

  1. How to: Before sharing your expertise, make sure to inform the viewer about what they can expect to learn from watching your reel. Utilize Instagram’s built-in text editor for a seamless experience!
  2. Start your day with: Do you have a healthy workout routine you would like to share? Maybe you know a great studying pattern that helps you stay focused. Whether you are providing a day-in-the-life tutorial or a tip specific to your industry, this strategy is an effective method to maintain viewer engagement.
  3. Three tough lessons I learned: Reflect on the unique learning curve specific to your business by being vulnerable.
  4. Four ideas for Utilizing your specialized knowledge in your reels! Share unique insights or challenges specific to your field.
  5. Five tips to start following right now to improve: Adding the phrase “right now” to discussions about scheduling, business development, or even mental health creates a sense of urgency that captivates viewers.

15 Evergreen Instagram Reels Ideas to Explore in 2024

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Here are the top 15 Evergreen Instagram reel ideas you can follow to boost engagement:

1. Showcase your Work

Displaying your work is not just one of the most straightforward but also one of the most powerful reel concepts.

The British clothing brand Lucy and Yak does a fantastic job running their #InMyYaks promotion. They engage their audience by using this hashtag to highlight new goods on Instagram reels. Fans of Lucy and Yak have also begun to display their wardrobes with the hashtag.

Make a distinctive hashtag that draws attention to your products, then use it in your marketing plan. The hashtag will be adopted by your supporters as well

2. Be Innovative

Reels that showcase the talent and innovation that go into creating your product or service are a fantastic way to build a larger audience.

Cleopatra’s Bling, a jewelry brand, uses Instagram Reels to showcase the detailed workmanship of their beautiful pieces. They also add a refreshing coffee break to their content, making it more interactive for their followers.

3. Drive Engagement Through Participation

Strive for greater engagement if you want your reels to perform better. To encourage user engagement, consider making interactive reels instead of depending only on organic comments.

Also, consider creating challenge-based reels where you encourage your audience to participate. For example, you could launch a dance challenge featuring your product or service, inviting viewers to share their versions using a specific hashtag.

4. Take your Viewers Behind The Scenes

You can take your audience behind the scenes and reveal the creative process that brings your vision to life.

Capture candid moments during preparations and seize spontaneous B-roll footage to add authenticity and excitement.

Bliss Club, the activewear brand, mastered this approach in their latest reel. By showcasing their models as “BlissFaces,” they exuded a laid-back vibe that resonated with viewers, making their ad campaign feel refreshingly inclusive and inviting. Join us behind the scenes for an exclusive peek into our world!

5. Share your Brand’s Values

Is your brand truly passionate about its practices? If so, why not share them with the world? Whether you prioritize ethically sourced materials or sustainable packaging, let everyone know through a Reel!

When sharing your brand’s values through a reel or any other form of content, it’s important to be genuine and transparent. So make sure you communicate authentically, backed by real actions and commitments. Use engaging visuals and storytelling to effectively convey your brand’s passion and dedication to these values.

6. Reel vs. Reality

If you’re already sharing your business journey, consider delving deeper. Share personal stories about the challenges and triumphs of being a business owner. Audiences appreciate authentic content that showcases the personal, human aspect of your brand.

This not only humanizes your brand but also fosters a deeper connection with your audience.

7. Pick a Popular Trend

While you must not rely solely on trends, they can be beneficial. Creating content based on current trends can significantly increase engagement and visibility for your reels.

You can easily boost your video’s popularity by adding a popular song or using various AI tools to recreate a certain editing trend on the platform. joining a current trend on the platform.

Although not every trend may suit you, joining in on relevant trends (sometimes) can assist you in connecting with existing followers, attracting new followers, and expanding your presence on Instagram. It’s a win-win situation.

8. Offer Tips and Tricks

If you have hit a creative roadblock, a Reel on tips and tricks can provide a helpful starting point. Regardless of your field, you possess valuable knowledge to share with your audience. Whether it’s fashion advice or strategies for improving TikTok visibility, the possibilities for creativity are unlimited.

You don’t need to make the Reel too lengthy or detailed. Just share a simple tip and encourage your audience to share what other tips they would be interested in seeing next.

9. Repurpose Content

Have you checked out all the content you have available? You could repurpose previous Instagram posts, TikTok videos, blog content, and newsletters for Reels.

If you have a TikTok video that your target audience loves, consider sharing it on Instagram too! If one of your carousel posts received significant engagement, consider converting its key highlights into a short Reel as well.

The idea is to keep yourself relevant and engaging even when you are out of new ideas or going through a creative drought.

10. Listicle Reels

Instagram Reels don’t always have to revolve around your brand or product. If you’re feeling stuck, try looking to your interests or surroundings for creative inspiration. You could create a compilation of your top podcasts, Netflix series, or favorite eateries in your area.

To put this into context, a medical spa software company could create an educational reel that doesn’t promote their software but resonates with medical spa owners, like “Top 10 Essential Equipment for Your Medical Spa.”

If you’re looking for a friendly tip, why not try out the Instagram Reels template feature? It lets you effortlessly insert your content into a pre-made template, which you can then customize with your text, filters, or voice-over.

11. Create Dance and Musical Content

The internet has a special place for dancing videos and musical clips. Instagram Reels also showcase the same love for dance. Remember to stay current with trending dances rather than ones from the past.

Don’t worry about being late to a trend; stay updated on all things music by following Instagram’s official @creators account. They provide regular updates on popular songs and dances, so you’ll always be in the loop.

12. Before vs. After

Sharing videos before and after is an excellent strategy for boosting engagement. These videos are captivating and satisfying to watch, making them the perfect recipe for a successful Reel.

You can create before and after Reels for a variety of topics, such as home renovations, recipes, makeup tutorials, illustrations, and more.

13. Be Informative by Creating Tutorials

People primarily use the internet to learn new skills, making it a great platform to showcase your expertise on social media, regardless of the topic.

For instance, Adobe recently showcased some creative ideas on Instagram Reel for making unique personalized gifts for loved ones. Viewers are likely to rewatch or share the video with friends to learn and perfect the art of gift-giving.

14. Give a Sneak Peek

If you’re ever stuck for Instagram Reel ideas, consider making a teaser video. Lots of brands and creators use this strategy to generate buzz for a new product or a big reveal.

You can even utilize it to promote or build anticipation for an upcoming event, workshop, or series.

15. Answer Instagram DMs and FAQs

One effective method for creating interesting reel content is to check out the comments, DMs, and frequently asked questions on your Instagram account. You may be pleasantly surprised by the level of interaction and interest your followers show in your brand through these avenues.

Have your followers been asking about where you are located? Wondering about your top-selling products? Address these queries in a short 15- to 30-second reel.

Since there are already people interested in this information, you are sure to receive a lot of views and engagement!

Final Words on Instagram Reels Ideas

Instagram reels have emerged as a potent tool for brand influence, offering enduring impact compared to ephemeral stories. The ability to store content indefinitely in the Reels tab of your account presents an opportunity to enhance engagement and raise awareness.

To leverage the full potential of reels, it’s crucial to employ attention-grabbing tactics from the outset. Crafting catchy captions and incorporating captivating hooks into your content can entice viewers to pause scrolling and engage with your reel.

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