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How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing

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  • How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing

Looking to grow your brand like top influencers?

Adopt Instagram for business tactics used by top influencers to engage the audience.

As Instagram rolls out new features, stories are getting better and more involved. Instagram story stickers are one of the most popular tools for Stories. They are a popular influencer marketing instrument, allowing influencers to develop eye-catching images.

Instagram Story stickers aren’t only a great way to customize the look of a story; they’re also highly effective for growing the popularity of a business.

Whether you’re looking to increase interaction, raise brand recognition, drive site visitors, or even generate e-commerce purchases, there’s always an Instagram Stories sticker to use.

Here, we will discuss not just fun but a savvy marketing strategy used by top influencers- the Instagram story sticker!

How to add stickers

instagram story stickers

If you are a regular user of the Instagram story feature, incorporating stickers will help you get more out of it. It encourages comments, likes, and other forms of engagement from your followers.

The inclusion of stickers in the Instagram story has a significant influence on user involvement, second only to the narrative and the quality of pictures. If you don’t know how to use stickers yet, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Go to the story section and click or choose a photo or 15s long video
  2. Click the sticker icon on the top
  3. Choose a sticker of your choice

It’s that easy! So, why not use the feature?

Note: Each user’s Instagram story stickers are unique; in fact, some users might not be able to access some stickers due to Instagram algorithms.

10 Instagram stickers to use for increased engagement

There are a variety of stickers available, but these 10 are the most helpful for influencers, ideal for business expansion, and used by some of Instagram’s leading players.

Link Stickers

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 1

Source: screenshot

What is it?

Link stickers, released to the public in late 2021, allow users to — you got it — add links to the story. The sticker resembles a white label with the website address you enter.

Reasons to use it

    • Provide more creative freedom within stories with four color options, the ability to personalize the link text, and the ability to scale the sticker to work nicely with the look.
    • Drive your followers to an exact page- product description, sign up for newsletter, order page, contact page, etc.
    • Promote time-sensitive content with the urgency of the story.
    • For Instagram ads, you can include a link sticker to direct your followers to the company’s webpage.

Chat Sticker

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 2

Source: https://9to5mac.com/2019/07/02/instagram-chat-sticker/

What is it?

Instagram’s recent feature allows you to develop a network, conduct discussions, and organize meet-ups in person around your company.

It’s about initiating actual, interpersonal interactions with your followers, moving beyond photographs and videos, and beginning getting meaningful dialogue.

Reasons to use it

    • You may host and engage in actual, human group conversations with your followers without any bots!
    • Decide who joins your chat and guide the discussion on a topic important to you and your company objectives.
    • Establish a closed group chat, similar to direct messages in a group, involving up to 31 followers.
    • You decide the length of time the chat remains open.

Start a Quiz

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 3

Source: screenshot

What is it?

You can add any question with this sticker, accompanied by the alternatives you want followers to pick. Remember to choose the correct answer by hitting on the relevant letter (e.g., A, B, C).

Tap the color wheel at the head of the display to try various options of colors for your quiz sticker.

Reasons to use it

    • Immersive stories are an excellent approach to testing and teaching your audience about a certain subject, product, or service.
    • Promotes active participation by requiring viewers to submit their answers to know the correct answer.
    • Aids in determining the audience’s knowledge of your brand, services, or other relevant issues.
    • Allows inquiry about your audience’s demography, interests, problem concerns, and anything else linked to your business. Helps you understand them better.

Question Sticker

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 4

Source: screenshot

What is it?

The question sticker is a straightforward design, used by many influencers to pose a question to their audience.

Typed prompts, such as “Ask us anything,” will appear in the sticker box beside a text input field for your followers to use. You receive their reply instantly and can respond using Instagram Stories.

Reasons to use it

    • Another way for market research in addition to the quiz sticker.
    • Can beneficial to prepare some backup questions ahead of time if you intend on conducting an Instagram Live session.
    • Often used to collect data for ‘frequently asked questions on a website or get general feedback.
    • Builds personal relationship with followers as you respond directly and show them that you’re approachable.
    • Great for crowdsourcing ideas- For example, if you need to decide you to make your own custom stickers, and ask your followers to help you with direct answers.

Create a Poll

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 5

Source: screenshot

What is it?

Influencers use the poll sticker to conduct a brief poll. Users can, as the name implies, ask a basic question and receive two probable replies.

It enables the creator to understand further their viewer’s desires and preferences. To change the color of the text, use the color wheel at the top.

Reasons to use it

    • Provides your followers with a simple and immediate option to engage with you. It’s an addition to the standard likes and comments.
    • Easy feedback on ideas by offering “yes” or “no” options on the poll for people to vote.
    • Boosts engagement with games to select “this” or “that”. It could be a random game or related to products or services of your business.
    • Demonstrates to your followers that you care about and value their thoughts.


instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 6

Source: screenshot

What is it?

You can utilize the “mention sticker” to tag a different Instagram account in your story. Whenever the user clicks the tag, the viewer goes to that person’s or business’s page. Instagram informs the individual you’ve mentioned with this feature.

Reasons to use it

    • A fantastic approach to promoting user-generated material.
    • Allows you to give a shout-out to a preferred Instagram account or a company with which you’re working.
    • If you tag someone, they will most probably republish your story with their entire following, expanding your reach.

Hashtags Your Stories

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 7

Source: screenshot

What is it?

Sticking a hashtag sticker on your story will take you to a collection of similarly tagged material, much like hashtags in the caption. However, it serves its purpose only if Instagram considers your post high quality and highly engaging.

Reasons to use it

    • Offers the chance to connect with other Instagram users in your area, work in your field, and share your interests.
    • Serves to reinforce messaging and tie promotion campaigns together.
    • The business you are working with may request that you use a certain hashtag whenever you post about your collaboration.
    • Helps Your visibility by using Inspiring a larger audience to interact with your posts

Develop Add Your Sticker

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 8

Source: screenshot

What is it?

In the ever-expanding virtual sticker collection, one of the most recent additions is the Add Yours sticker. With the Add Yours sticker, users can make visually appealing stories that others are more likely to share.

One possible use for such a sticker would be to encourage viewers to show off their skincare routine, pets, or preferred food in a photo. In this way, users can gain a lot of publicity as the stickers will always include the name of the creator. The goal is to have your followers share a photo in your thread, which will then spread like wildfire.

Reasons to use it

    • Many people will stumble over your “Add Yours” sticker and end up checking out your profile.
    • Increases engagement as you are encouraging your group of followers to join a trend.
    • You can even check which of the followers enters the thread created by your stories to start a dialogue.

Countdown Sticker

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 9

Source: screenshot

What is it?

It is a sticker that counts down from a time and date chosen by the user. It informs viewers that something is going to occur, such as the debut of a new product or a permanent disappearance of a product.

Because it generates a heightened sense of urgency, the countdown sticker is ideal for stimulating Instagram interaction. People can choose to get notifications whenever the countdown expires as a reminder.

Reasons to use it

    • A great technique to notify your followers of the start and finish of a company launch.
    • It contributes to creating curiosity about what’s coming up soon and generates excitement for a planned activity.
    • Allows you to keep your audience interested by letting them subscribe and then automatically notifying them before the allotted time is over
    • Allows the countdown to be shared, thereby increasing the exposure of your message.

GIF Stickers

instagram story stickers - How Instagram Story Stickers Have Revolutionized Influencer Marketing - 10

Source: screenshot

What is it?

Since 2018, Instagram and GIPHY worked together to expand Instagram Stories’ access to high-quality GIFs. You can add a variety of animated or still images to your photos with GIF stickers.

GIFs are supplementary images that may be placed over text to offer a little something extra to your narratives in the way of emotion, humor, and personality.

GIFs don’t prompt the viewers of your tale to do anything in particular like the other stickers. Still, they’re fantastic for boosting participation since they may make a reader pause and pay attention to what you’ve written.

Considering how frequently users engage with Instagram stories, GIFs add visual appeal to keep them longer on your story. You can also make your GIF stickers using Giphy.

Reasons to use it

    • Put forth the humourous, quirky side of your brand’s persona without detracting from the rest of your compiled feed’s tone.
    • Makes your narratives unique and memorable.
    • Makes your Instagram Stories more interesting and captivating.
    • Allows the option to add moving pictures to a photo or video.
    • From sprucing up your photos to drawing attention to your links and publicizing your campaigns to simply giving your story a little more character- there’s a GIF sticker for everything.

Insider tips to get benefits out of stickers

Not sure how to make the most of your Instagram Story stickers? Here are some pointers for both newcomers and seasoned pros alike:

Stay focused

Many of the stickers provide the option for typed text; however, note that the area is sometimes somewhat cramped. Don’t let your writing stray from your topic. If you must ask a big question, frame it in a way that’s easy to respond to, like a poll.

For example, if you want to know if someone is interested in sublimation shirts, avoid asking them how they feel about your sublimation shirts. Instead, ask if they want to know the best shirts for sublimation with a simple yes or no option in the poll.

Don’t overuse stickers

While stickers can add personality to a message, they shouldn’t become habitual. When it is appropriate, use them to start a conversation with your viewers.

Respond to the engaging users

Don’t just put out a question or a poll and then ignore your followers if you want any kind of response.

This will keep you from engaging them in a long term. Make sure you get back to people who have participated in a timely fashion. Back-and-forth interaction motivates your followers to keep engaging with your content.

Make sure all stickers you use are relevant

Make sure all the stickers you put in the content are relevant. For example, the Pride flag is often used as an accessory in the storie.

However, the educated public knows the meaning of the sticker and it often dismisses your credibility. Instagram provides a helpful overview of all of the available stickers with their official guide.

Should I use Instagram story stickers or not?

Instagram provides a wide variety of tools for distributing marketing content, giving you complete leeway to express your unique creativity. Among these methods, Instagram story marketing offers one of the most promising avenues for expanding the reach and impact of your marketing campaigns.

Stickers for Instagram Stories have made it simple for influencers to connect with their audiences, gain followers, and strategize marketing with Instagram.

If you want to build your Instagram following, engage with your current customers, and have some fun with your brand, use our selection of the best Instagram stickers for your Stories. We hope you’ve found some helpful ideas on how to improve your company’s use of Instagram Stories stickers in this post.

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