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11 Social Media Integration Examples and Strategies

What is one example of a social media integration that has given your marketing strategy a boost?

To help you use social media integrations to boost your marketing strategy, we asked social media managers and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From incorporating hashtag campaign content on your website to sending your reviews on Twitter, there are several examples that show how to best drive your marketing strategy with social media integrations.

Social Media Integration Examples

11 Social Media Integration Examples and Strategies

Tip 1

Incorporate Hashtag Campaign Content On Your Website

Randall Smalley

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

Hashtags are basically free marketing, but they have to be relevant, and you have to use them wisely. Incorporate hashtag campaign content on your website, perhaps as part of a photo contest. It’s better if hashtags are unique to you or your industry. You don’t want them to be mistaken for anything or anyone else. For instance, #BETHERENOW leads users directly to us and our industry. Announce the hashtag to your followers and repost content from users that use your hashtag.

Tip 2

Showcase Shoutouts

Melanie Bedwell

Melanie Bedwell, Olipop

Don’t be shy. Showcase what your loyal customers are saying about you on social media. Highlight their reviews, tweets, and shoutouts on your website. This will show that your brand is to be trusted. It also encourages your loyal VIPs to remain loyal because who doesn’t like to be featured on someone’s website?

Tip 3

Schedule And Log Social Media Posts Across Multiple Networks

Yuvi Alpert

Roy Morejon, Enventys Partners

My company uses Hootsuite to schedule and log social media posts across multiple social networks. This platform is integrated with over 30 social networks and over 150 apps, including the most popular ones among businesses; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Using this integrated software, companies can monitor their audience’s interest and industry-related trends to curate content and analyze the results of their marketing strategies

Depending on the functionality of the social media platform, Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts and content for optimization purposes.

Tip 4

Employ Video Cross Promotion

Evan McCarthy

Evan McCarthy, Sporting Smiles

We’ve fully embraced the video medium in the past year, such as promoting instructional and testimonial video posts on TikTok, and YouTube after noticing our video marketing was receiving a lot of eyes and subsequent sales. We noticed this upswing from testimonials and instructional videos we were posting on Facebook during the first two years of the pandemic lockdowns. We have seen a huge uptick in engagement through this medium, which we prior to 2020 had not embraced.

When we first started out social media advertising wasn’t even part of our marketing plan, then Facebook Ads really made a difference. However times, once again have changed and other than Google SEO targeting, our next highest sales conversions come from our videos via these social media platforms and cross-promotions from Instagram and Facebook.

Tip 5

Notify Your Team Of New Linkedin Company Updates

Zach Grove

Zach Grove, Zach Grove

As anyone running organic social media (and LinkedIn in particular) will tell you, to maximize your reach on the platform, it’s important to show engagement soon after a post goes live. This shows the LinkedIn algorithm that a post is getting early traction and should get more eyeballs in the feed.

To ensure we drive engagement, we have an integration that notifies our marketing team via Slack as soon as a new LinkedIn company update goes live. From here, our team members can like the post and leave comments to give it some “love.” We’ve seen that this simple system has made a noticeable impact on our LinkedIn performance, driving more reach, engagement, and total company page followers.

Tip 6

Include Social Media Links In Emails

Lilia Tovbin

Lilia Tovbin, BigMailer.io

One effective social media integration is embedding social media links in your emails. It increases the clickthrough rate of your site, allowing you to generate traffic that can potentially improve conversion.

Since email marketing is a powerful strategy in itself, you can never go wrong with using it to promote your social channels to your target market. Add a ‘follow’ or ‘like’ icon at the latter part of your email to encourage your audience to open your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Moreover, include the ‘share’ icon to allow them to share your channel or social media content with their peers.

Tip 7

Put Social Media Integration On Your Homepage

Karim Hachem

Karim Hachem, Sunshine79

We put our social media right on our homepage as its own spread. Social media integration on our webpage has been a huge boost to our marketing because it serves a dual purpose.

First, it appears as its own spread so customers get to scroll through great promotional material on the homepage and see the suits in action. Second, it directs our customers to our social media page where they can engage and connect with the brand and audience. By integrating our social media onto the homepage of our site, we’ve added promotional material that boosts sales, expanded our audience base, and strengthened our customer relationship.

Tip 8

Do Guest Blogging

Bruce Tasios

Bruce Tasios, Tasios Orthodontics

Volunteering to be a guest blogger on someone else’s platform has worked well for our company. It takes some time and effort but it opens up another set of social media channels that helps in our branding and pushes new people to our website. Be sure to pick a blog that can be well associated with your product, service, and brand to gain a solid target audience. For instance, those selling women’s clothes may want to write a blog for a stylist or a makeup company. Picking the right blog to volunteer for is key to success using this method.

Tip 9

Use Giveaways On Social Platforms As Lead Magnets

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller, kevinmiller.com

You can use social media to create lead magnets via marketing strategies such as giveaways. Leverage your following and your followers’ reach for your business by asking participants to tag friends, like, and follow your page. This strategy is especially effective right before a seasonal sale or other promotion because it delivers your campaign messaging to a significantly larger audience.

Participating in giveaways is low risk for users but allows businesses to showcase their products, discounts, or other content marketing to reel users in. When aiming for a specific audience or segment, this strategy excels at finding peripheral users your brand content otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Tip 10

Feature Instagram Shoppable Posts

Asako Ito

Asako Ito, Divine Lashes

Instagram’s new shoppable posts feature is a great example of a social media integration that can give your marketing strategy a boost. The feature allows businesses to tag products in their posts, which makes it easy for customers to find and purchase products they see on Instagram. This is a great way to increase sales and drive traffic to your website or store.

Tip 11

Send Your Reviews On Twitter

Axel Lavergne

Axel Lavergne, Reviewflowz

We’ve been publishing our Capterra & G2 reviews on Twitter for a while, and the impact is incredible. Not only does it help leverage UGC content automatically, it actually triggers some very interesting conversations. Customer reviews are usually very down-funnel content with very specific feature details and things like that. Really helps put out some highly valuable content

Top Social Media Integration Examples and Strategies

Ready to leverage these top social media integration examples and strategies? Drop a line in the comments below about your favorite shared by these experts.

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