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10 Things That Make Up a Great Customer Experience

What is one thing that makes a good customer experience on social media?

To help your business create a positive customer experience on social media, we asked social media experts and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From incorporating customers into posts to keeping a consistent voice and message, there are several tips that may help your business’s social media provide a memorable customer experience.


Here are ten things that make up a great customer experience

Tip 1

Make a Genuine Connection


A good customer experience comes down to being genuine, whether it’s on social media or in person. Clients need to be determined to be a proper fit, budget and capacity.

This means that every project that we are actively working on is a good match for our team and one I know we can do good work for.

I never try to fake it or force something that’s not there and I definitely don’t want to put forward a fake persona online either.

So we keep it genuine.

This creates a great experience from the start because the client genuinely wants to work with me and I genuinely want to work with them too.

Tip 2

Promptly Respond


Henry Babichenko, Eurodenture

Time is everything. Based on some of our patient reviews, our patients really appreciate minimal wait times. Coupled with our friendly, knowledgeable and caring service, not having to wait hours in our waiting rooms keeps our patients coming back.

We use this same kind of mindset online, by trying to be prompt in answering questions, responding to reviews and comments on our pages, or giving them new content too.

Being prompt and timely in all aspects goes a long way in creating a good patient experience.

Tip 3

Celebrate With Followers


Adoption is a beautiful and emotional journey for adoptive families and birth mothers.

On our social media platforms, we emulate this by celebrating families that we have helped grow and supporting and empowering our birth mothers.

For example, we love to highlight families who have finalized their adoptions.

Additionally, we provide resources that can help inform families about every step in their journey.

Tip 4

Respond to Every Kind of Comment


Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Sometimes it only takes going back to the basics to exceed customer expectations and create a good experience on social media.

While it can be hard to respond to every comment, responding and liking some can really show that you care and that you are listening to what’s happening. I also want to say that you shouldn’t just respond only to good comments.

Go the extra mile to provide support to those that may have a complaint.

It can be a simple apology and directing them to where they can get more immediate help will make them feel heard.

Tip 5

Incorporate Customers Into Posts


Gwen North, Lake Rabun Hotel

A great customer experience is really centered around making sure that the customer feels invaluable.

One way we like to do that is to post pictures of various events of your customers and community coming together, if we are able too.

This is also a great way to show off our hotel and the location, being across from the lake as well. But more importantly, sharing these photos allows the customer to feel like an integral part of your business and not just a consumer.

Validate and try to find ways to make customers feel more than just buying your product or service. Make them a part of your brand and business.

Tip 6

Know Your Audience


Giota Gavala, Comidor

Creating a good customer experience via social media really entails starting at the beginning and understanding who your customers or clients are, who’s the intended audience for the product, or service that you are providing.

It then requires constant evaluations, where there are bad experiences, is your target audience still your target audience. Don’t be afraid to ask for customer feedback, going that extra mile to make sure that they feel heard will enlighten what is providing them with satisfaction in your interactions and what’s not so that you are continuously improving and making sure you have satisfied customers.

Tip 7

Strengthen Loyalty With a Mix of Content


Madeline Uhler, Markitors

One way to promote a positive customer experience on social media is to be personable in addition to professional.

While it is important to maintain activity relevant to your business on social media channels, customers feel more connected to you when they can relate to you.

Consider a predetermined ratio of “business” to “fun,” where you can appropriately incorporate posting family photos, team bonding events, lighthearted articles, and other content that enhances your company’s personality.

This type of social media activity will promote your business in a unique way that will strengthen existing relationships between your business and its loyal customers.

Tip 8

Remember to Engage


Eric Rutin, Marketing Mentor

Most marketers forget it is social media not just media. That means it should be a dialogue with your followers not a monologue.

Of course you want to share valuable, interesting content, but it should be more than just pushing out content.

Get social!

Respond to comments that your followers leave on your posts. Don’t just have some standard cut and paste reply.

Actually respond to them. Have fun. Make a joke. Share more information. Turn it into a conversation.

Another thing that can work is to engage on your followers’ feeds. I will admit this is a delicate skill. You don’t want to come across as stalkery or overly commercial. Usually humor is a great tool. When done right, followers consider it a badge of honor when one of their favorite brands acknowledges them.

Tip 9

Keep Your Voice and Message Consistent


Oliver Andrews, OA Design Services

First and foremost, you must establish your brand’s voice.

Consider your ideal user’s appearance, preferences, and likes and dislikes. Decide on a tone and style for your brand – it should be honest, not snarky, and it could be warm or funny, for example.

Pay close attention to the words and sentences that are being used. And, whatever the case may be, avoid using jargon. Make sure your visual style is on point and works well with the content.

Tip 10

Add Easy Ways to Purchase Goods


Do not discount the importance of setting up a fully integrated Facebook shop on your business’s Instagram and Facebook page.

By integrating your website platform with Instagram and/or Facebook, customers will be able to buy either on FB/Instagram shop, or purchase directly on-site in a few short clicks.

Minimize the amount of clicks, simplify the process, and create instant gratification.

This is the recipe for an improved customer experience on social media.

Ready To Have a Better
Customer Experience?

Customer service is more than just the quality of a company’s products or the speed of their delivery. It’s more than just showing up when you say you will or accepting that your product isn’t up to scratch.

A great customer experience is about demonstrating that you care about your customers and they can trust you. If you can show that, your customer service will be amazing.

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