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How to Find Micro-Influencers Who Can Connect with Your Target Audience

(Revealed By Brand Managers & Leaders)

What is one way a business can find niche influencers that connect with customers and drive conversions?


Nano and micro-influencers are becoming increasingly impactful in the way businesses connect with their audience. To help entrepreneurs find micro-influencers, we asked brand managers and business leaders this question for their best tips. From leveraging your customers interests to browsing hashtags, there are several strategies that may help you find the right micro-influencers in the current market.

Here are 10 ways to find micro-influencers to help connect to your target audience.

How To Find Micro-Influencers

Tip 1

Browse Hashtags


Adam Korbl, iFax

You can find influencers to help increase your business’s visibility by simply looking up various hashtags that are relevant to your business. 

For example, as an online faxing solution, I would look up terms like #smallbusinesshacks on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram. Doing so helps me identify strong personalities in this space who have audiences that may be interested in our product.

Tip 2

Match Your Values


Chris Abrams, Marcan Insurance

In order to find the right niche influencer, you must first do online research to see whether they model your company’s values, see if their audience matches your target audience and whether they are also promoting competitors’ brand products or services. 

This way, you can be sure that you’ve found the right person to promote your brand in the most effective way possible. Authority and trust are also important, so you want to get a sense that this influencer has developed those qualities with their audience, who are ultimately your potential customers.

Tip 3

Research Engagement


Guy Katabi, Lightkey

Heading to a social media platform is the first step to finding niche influencers, but take the time to find just the right people who can truly represent your brand. 

Your niche influencer should not only be an expert in your targeted field but should also have an engaged follower base. 

At Lightkey, we have connected with influencers who focus on productivity and can broadcast our value propositions of convenience and time saved.


Tip 4

Leverage Your Customers’ Interests


Mike Krau, Markitors

One angle to consider when thinking about how to go about finding micro-influencers is to start with your customers. 

  • Who are they?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?

Make sure you can answer those two questions first.

Then, leverage those insights to imagine where your customers might be spending their time online.

  • Is it attending finance webinars?
  • Is it watching basketball highlight reels on YouTube?
  • Is it reading wellness blogs?

Next, reach out to the thought leaders of those niche areas. Collaborate and partner with them.

This is a clever tactic to get visibility in front of your customers in an indirect way through the help of micro-influencers.

Tip 5

Outsource to Agencies


Ashley Laffin, Mother Dirt

There are several reputable agencies that can find niche influencers for your business and help you connect with them.

Finding the right partner can be the best solution for this issue if you have the budget.

If not, explore on your own — research published lists of popular influencers to see who they are following and interacting with. Your influencer may be on the list or may be one that you find by doing some digging.

You can also look at competitors and search through relevant hashtags on various social platforms to find the right influencer for your brand.

Tip 6

Look at Print Medias


Olivia Young, Conscious Items

Look at blogs or magazines that are within those niche industries and see what influencer they are talking about or if they themselves are the one that influences.

Using media is a great way to find those influencers, also look for platforms that may not have a huge following, but are very very niche in what you are looking for. There are a lot of gems in those spaces as well.

Tip 7

Maximize Your Followers


Dennis Hegstad, LiveRecover

A business can find niche influencers that connect with customers and drive conversions by first knowing your customers well.

Spend some time going through your list of followers, especially online.

There may be some potential influencers among them that you can reach out to first. They would be ideal since they are already a fan of your product or service.

Tip 8

Establish a Clear Target Audience


Shana Hall, Aurelle

Influencers can provide businesses with unique opportunities to identify, pursue, and leverage lead flow and sales.

One way a business can find niche influencers that connect with customers and drive conversions is by first determining who the target audience is, which will enable you to dive into this audience’s interests even deeper to determine where they consume information and who they follow.

Tip 9

Create an Ambassador Program


Bellanca Smigel Rutter, Supersmile

Some businesses have brand representative programs rather than making partnerships with known influencers.

There has been a recent trend that consumers can see through the brand partnerships and don’t believe their authenticity, but if a business is marketed on social media by average customers, it appears more likable and genuine.

Consumers are just as likely to visit a brand’s website as much as they are to look into a brand that is a paid partnership with an influencer if they see a product being tagged often by other consumers.

Tip 10

Utilize Social Media Platforms


Ben Cook, Jr., Printed Kicks

One way that a business can find niche influencers that connect with customers and drive conversions is to beef up its social media presence.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all work well for businesses. There is an increasing number of influencers on those sites as well. LinkedIn is another great place to connect with customers, and contacts there can help drive conversions as well.

Ready To Find Micro-Influencers?

Building a brand is a tedious process. Finding micro-influencers to help you build your brand is an important part of the process. Using these tips on how to find micro-influencers will help you build a stronger brand.

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