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8 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Twitter Ads, Drive More Conversions and Sales

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  • 8 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Twitter Ads, Drive More Conversions and Sales

With the increase in marketing competition, brands have been using diverse ways to market their products or services to target customers. One of the ways brands market is via ads. In this article, you will learn the best ways how you can run ads on X, engage target customers, build trust with them, and get them to convert and use your products or services.

Types of Twitter ads

  1. Vertical video ads. This is one of the most used ad formats on the platform. See the statistics below.

Twitter ads

Source: X

It’s easy to have a captivating CTA on the video ads to get users to click through to your content, engage with your website, and show the value you offer them to solve their challenges.

  1. Dynamic product ads. With the ad, the advertisers can add the product’s prospects engage most with and even include a shopping cart. You can feature products that are most relevant to your target audience, get them to engage more with your products and website, and increase the conversion chances to buy. You can also use X’s conversion tracking to improve metrics like return on ads spend (ROAS) and cost per purchase
  2. Promoted ads. These come in different formats depending on what the business wants to achieve. They include:
  • Image ads
  • Carousal ads
  • Video ads
  • Text ads
  1. Collection ads. In this type, an advertiser can feature different products in a single view unlike with carousal ads. You can highlight up to six different products or services in this type of ad.
  2. Promoted tweets
  3. Promoted trends

Best Strategies for Twitter Ads

  1. Set clear goals for your ads. What do you want to achieve with your ads? Do you want more traffic, bring more brand awareness, get followers, or generate leads?

Twitter Ads - 8 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Twitter Ads, Drive More Conversions and Sales - 1

Source: Twitter

Having clear goals for your ads will make it easy to engage the right target audience and get them to know more about your offers. The goals you have will help make it easy to create your ads that align with what you want your target customers to do once they view your ads.

  1. Use attractive and captivating CTA. Use the right CTA buttons to make it easy and even capture the readers’ attention to click through your Twitter ads. As you create your CTAs include a sense of urgency to compel users to take action and click the links to engage with the website. Remember to include keywords high in search volume in your CTAs to boost their visibility. Your call-to-action guides your prospects on the next action that they need to take. Having the right ones for your ads will increase your prospects’ actions, which can lead to conversions. Here is an example of a CTA

Twitter Ads - 8 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Twitter Ads, Drive More Conversions and Sales - 2

Source: Twitter

In addition to the captivating CTA take advantage of the scheduling tools and schedule your tweets when they will have high engagement rates with the target audience. See what Kevin of Kevin Miller says

Utilize tools like Bulkly, Hootsuite, Buffer, or TweetDeck to schedule tweets in advance. These tools allow you to plan your content calendar, ensuring a consistent and timely presence on Twitter. Understand your audience’s peak activity times on Twitter using analytics. Schedule your most important tweets during these periods to maximize reach and engagement. Instead of creating tweets daily, set aside specific periods to create content in batches. This allows for a more efficient and focused approach to content creation. Maximize the value of your content by repurposing it for Twitter.

  1. Include visuals in your ads. People are more attracted to images and visuals. Use visuals that align with your brand and what you’re selling. You can add images of your products alongside captivating descriptions to get the attention of the target customers. See this sample ad below.

Twitter Ads - 8 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Twitter Ads, Drive More Conversions and Sales - 3

Source: Twitter

In addition to the product images, you can use GIFs or memes that align with your customer behavior to get their attention when they see your ads. Your visuals and description from the ads should resonate with your audience. That will make the products or services you offer more relatable to them and increase their engagement rates with your ads. See the power of visuals

The power of visual storytelling combined with Twitter’s wide reach— leads to peak marketing success. It significantly amplifies our brand message; it connects us effectively with our target audience.


A considerable increase of 35% in conversions as well as a staggering growth rate of 45% have transpired over the elapsed course of eighteen months. Our utilization of video content substantially boosts how we deliver complex information regarding our supplements; it creates an intriguing and easy-to-understand format. This method doesn’t merely augment conversion rates–it also cultivates trust along with credibility among the customers. (CEO, Balance One Supplements)

  1. Know your audience. You don’t want to create ads for everyone. Targeting the right audience ensures you increase the chance of potential customers engaging with your ad and clicking through to your website to know more about your brand and offers which increases the chances to convert to customers. Since your ads will be specific and capture the voice of the customer you will increase the chance of target customers engaging with your ads and wanting to know more about solutions that you offer to solve pain points. You will drive more prospects to your website, build trust with more potential customers, and drive more conversions and sales. Use Twitter’s advanced targeting to reach potential customers based on their behaviors and interests on the platform and how they engage and consume content. Monitor and adjust your campaigns continuously, analyzing which ads perform best and why then focus on the best ads that work well.

You can use Twitter’s powerful targeting tools to target specific audiences. Hear what Diana of Stallion Express says “You can target users based on their interests, demographics, activities, and other criteria. Stallion Express noticed a 30% boost in conversions after refining our targeting technique”.

Here also what Blake of Clockon says:

We targeted users based on region only, avoiding overly narrow segmentation. This broad approach allowed us to reach a wider audience, increasing the chances of capturing interested users. The campaign’s goal was straightforward – encourage users to sign up for our newsletter, offering them valuable insights and updates about our products.


Key to this strategy’s success was the warm-up phase for our Twitter pixel. Before launching the main campaign, we had campaigns on other channels to send enough conversion events to the pixel. This ‘warm-up’ process enabled the pixel to more accurately track and optimize for conversions, enhancing the effectiveness of our main campaign.


The results were impressive. We saw a cost per conversion of $2.17. By keeping the targeting broad and ensuring our pixel was well-calibrated, Twitter Ads proved to be a valuable tool in expanding our reach and driving meaningful engagement.

  1. Run A/B tests. You want to know what works for your ads so you can maximize it to get more results. Test different elements of your ads like the time for posting, the message on your ads, the visuals you use, and the CTA. As you run the tests, ensure you avoid these a/b test mistakes that can affect the results of your test. As you run your tests also keep a close watch on the performance metrics of your ads so you can fix what’s not working and improve on the ones more working. You can check metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement rates. You can also check through your tweets on your account for the content your target users engage more. Then consider using those content ideas in your copy to attract and engage prospects more and build relationships. You can tweak your ads and adjust them based on the performance metrics from the tests you run and engage more on the tests that work better for you. You can also use website cards to display your digital products on the ads you run on Twitter, see this proof from Precious of Softlist Twitter ads

Website Cards are an effective ad format on Twitter, letting you display your digital products right in the tweet. These cards can expand to show an image, headline, and a call-to-action button that links to your site. Utilize Website Cards to direct people to specific landing pages where they can find out more about your digital products and buy them. For example in my personal experience, when we used them to promote a new feature release, we saw a 30% increase in traffic to our product’s landing page compared to previous campaigns without Website Cards.

  1. Promote your ads. Not all your target customers will see your ads. You need to ensure you match the ad message to your landing page and optimize those pages for higher conversions. You can also use relevant hashtags on your ads as some of the users search for content using hashtags which will make it easy to find your ads. It is essential to ensure your ads are easily accessible on mobile devices.

For eCommerce, showcasing visually appealing products alongside limited-time offers or discounts has translated into heightened conversion rates.

Optimizing campaigns for mobile users is paramount, as Twitter is predominantly accessed on mobile devices. Crafting a seamless mobile experience contributed to as much as 70% of clicks and conversions. Leveraging Twitter’s tailored audience feature ensures that your ads reach users who have already shown interest, enhancing the likelihood of conversions. To gauge the success of your Twitter ads, it’s essential to set specific, measurable goals, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and regularly analyze the performance data provided by Twitter’s analytics tools.

  1. Add social proof. Target customers want to be convinced that your offer work to solve their pains. The best way to gain that trust is to show them proof from other users who solved their challenges with your products or services. You can include short testimonials from past clients on your Twitter ads. A testimonial like this

Twitter Ads - 8 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Twitter Ads, Drive More Conversions and Sales - 4

Source: Bulk.ly

When target customers see proof from other users who have similar challenges, they will be motivated to try out your products to solve their similar challenges.

  1. Use great copy for your ads. One thing that attracts the target audience to your ads is the copy of the ad. Use keywords that your readers use in their search for solutions to their pains. Also, your ad copy should capture the target audience’s pain points and show them how to solve those pains if they use your products or services. Ensure your copy is short, direct to point, and attractive to the target audience. The message of your ads should be clear and easy to engage with. Another factor to engage readers with your ads includes a sense of urgency in the ads you create. For instance, you can give an offer of 50% on the prices of the products you sell for just 24 hrs. It will motivate target customers to take advantage of the offer and make a purchase before it expires. Here is what the marketing director at Softlist says.

Twitter’s Ads’ nature as a real-time platform is ideal for offers that are available for a limited time. Use this to your advantage by creating short-term deals, quick sales, or special discounts for your digital products. Adding a sense of urgency in your ad text helps motivate users to act fast, creating excitement and engagement. In our case, running a 48-hour flash sale resulted in a 25% uptick in sign-ups. At least for us, urgency = better Twitter ads ROI.

Final Thoughts on Twitter Ads

With the right strategy, it is effective to run Twitter ads and drive more conversions and sales for your online business. Running ads on Twitter is a great way to engage the target audience, get them to build trust, and increase their conversion rates. Use the above strategies to ensure you effectively reach and engage target customers to your brand.

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