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14 LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices That Set You Apart

What is one step a company can take to ensure its LinkedIn page is engaging to potential customers and employees?

To help your company improve its presence on LinkedIn, we asked social media managers and business owners this question for their best advice. From including a branded LinkedIn banner to sharing your company’s purpose, there are several best practices that may help your company create a LinkedIn page that is engaging for stakeholders.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

14 LinkedIn company page best practices that set you apart

Tip 1

Include a Branded LinkedIn Banner


Vicky Franko, Insura

The design of your LinkedIn business profile may be an afterthought to you, but it certainly should be more than just text or office pictures. So, utilizing a sleek branded banner for your LinkedIn page is a must. All you need is a clear digital banner with your logo proudly displayed. This will be enough to imprint yourself on LinkedIn visitors and be remembered long after they’ve shut down their computer or put down their phone.

Tip 2

Use LinkedIn for Job Postings


Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority

Using LinkedIn for job postings is helpful beyond the useful screening questions, and the built-in access to a ready and eager talent pool. LinkedIn job postings can bring people to your profile who might not have ordinarily visited your page, turning would-be candidates into possible customers, and vice versa. They’re a great way to stay engaged with your audience at any level.

Tip 3

Use the Overview to Connect


Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

We use the information in our overview section to immediately connect with our target audience on an emotional level, and you can do the same. This section is often where visitors go first to learn about your business, so what you have listed can make or break their first impression. Use the overview section to introduce your business details, such as company size and location, but also share your mission statement and show your passion for the work your company does.

Tip 4

Leverage LinkedIn's Content Analyser


Michael Sena, SENACEA

LinkedIn has many features to support business page admins in posting relevant content, and the best one is the content section in the super admin view. It allows filtering the articles trading on the platform based on set criteria. This way, we can understand what topics are now most relevant to the LinkedIn users, followers of our page or our employees. We can even filter further for specific industries, locations, job functions, and seniority. It’s a great way of establishing what can resonate with our current or target audience.

Tip 5

Add Video Content


Michael Jankie, Natural Patch

Video content is king. It is the most engaging piece of content a company can place on their LinkedIn pages. It receives higher share rates than a still image or simple text content, plus it can give better insight into your company culture and overall company page. Video content does take more of an effort to create, but it is worth the reward.

Tip 6

Advertise Your LinkedIn On Social Media


Sarah Pirrie, Healist Naturals

Advertise your LinkedIn page on your social media profile on all of your social media platforms. This is a great way to bring more eyes to your LinkedIn page. It’s also a good way to do professional networking online. Make sure your posts on LinkedIn are also engaging in order to keep people interested in reading your content and getting them to return to your LinkedIn page in the future. It helps to provide valuable insight which will help engage potential customers and employees as well.

Tip 7

Share Job Listings


Lance Herrington, UNICO Nutrition

Companies can post and share job listings to their LinkedIn page to increase engagement. While job boards are effective, many turn to LinkedIn to search for new roles or refer friends to new positions. Employees can re-share the post, while also commenting why the company is so great and refer others in their network to the listing. Consider it a great way to engage with others in the digital world, but to also recruit top talent.

Tip 8

Highlight Your Team


Ann McFerran, Glamnetic

Celebrate your team on LinkedIn! LinkedIn is an often underutilized digital marketing tool and is the professional world’s social media channel. But because it is still a professional networking service, it is essential to keep your posts related to professional topics. Posting regularly about what your company is doing and tagging team members involved in the project is a great way to show appreciation. Another fun option is to do short employee features to celebrate your team members, where you can highlight them with a brief bio and provide updates on projects they are working on or recent achievements. Having engaged employees will also reflect positively and attract potential customers.

Tip 9

Share the Passion in Your Business


Laura Berg, Kong Club

LinkedIn pages are social media like any of the other platforms but so many are boring and generic business accounts. What is more effective in making your LinkedIn engaging is sharing a passion for your business model, employees, industry, or even customers.

Spice up your LinkedIn by sharing details about the company that people are curious to know. Many potential candidates (and customers!) use LinkedIn to research companies and their standing. Make the most out of this opportunity by letting your LinkedIn act as another arm of your marketing capacity.

When a business shares its passions with the world, it humanizes itself and becomes more relatable and stimulating for any visitors browsing its page. Don’t let a missed opportunity go by with a page sharing minimum information on what your business is about.

Tip 10

Publicly Communicate with Your Audience


Gabriel Dungan, ViscoSoft

When it comes to creating an engaging LinkedIn page for your company, the most important thing you can do is communicate with your audience members publicly. Respond to individual comments, open up channels of communication to allow potential conversions or leads to ask questions about your business, and try delivering more personal, direct content on your page. Anything that can make your audience feel a more personal connection to your business is essential. The more engagement you have as a brand, the more engagement you’ll see amongst your potential consumer base.

Tip 11

Make It a Portfolio


Stewart Guss, Stewart J. Guss

LinkedIn is about business, and if potential customers are browsing your page, there’s interest. Use your profile as a sort of portfolio, demonstrating the kind of work you can do for them—and why you’re the best. Testimonials work particularly well on LinkedIn, particularly if you use the social features as well.

Tip 12

Post New Content Regularly


Natalie Waltz, Tabu

Post regularly. LinkedIn reports that companies who post weekly see a significant lift in engagement, so it’s important to post new content often. This content can include industry articles, images, videos, etc. By creating individual posts, you’re able to engage, entertain, and inform your audience.

Tip 13

Mix Up Your Content


Maria Juvakka, Chic Pursuit

The best way to increase your LinkedIn engagement is with content. It can’t just be any content – it needs to be well-matched to your audience, follow a regular schedule, and engage in trending topics and industry news that will draw in users’ attention. Once you get a great content strategy started you’ll want to mix it up, giving your content as much variety as possible and using different media forms than usual. You’ll attract a broader and broader audience every time you post something out of the norm. If you normally create written content, consider posting a produced video or live chat.

Tip 14

Share Your Purpose


Your company purpose is what is going to set you apart from others in your industry, whether they’re looking to buy or looking to join your team. Your purpose will create a deeper connection with the people who will be your best buyers and your best team members.

Ready To Use These LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices?

You’ve heard what the experts had to say, now it’s your turn.

How do you plan on using these LinkedIn company page tips? Definitely let us know in the comments below.

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