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10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In 2024

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  • 10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In 2024

To help you determine which Tiktok marketing tip to try, we asked marketing professionals and social media experts this question for their best insights. From influencer whitelisting to paid advertising, there are several Tiktok marketing tips that may help your B2C company grow in 2022.

Here are 10 B2C Tiktok marketing tips to test in 2022.

Influencer Whitelisting

Greg Gillman


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Across all shopping categories, we’re seeing the incredible ROI of Influencer Whitelisting, particularly on TikTok. To break through the noise and maximize reach, brands should go beyond one-off influencer organic posts because social algorithms limit their reach.

B2C brands should leverage whitelisting instead and optimize paid media behind the influencer’s content. The ad will be run at the frequency of their choosing to all the influencer’s followers – and even non-followers who engaged within the past year.

Host Tiktok Challenges

Janice Wald

Mostly Blogging

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Ever since language company Duolingo started successfully marketing on TikTok, brands have been flocking to market on TikTok as well.

Brands should host challenges. For instance, Amazon is asking people to show what they bought on Amazon in a video. Simply by clicking the hashtag on TikTok’s Discover Page and clicking “Join this hashtag,” you have access to great exposure especially if you make the “For You Page.”

Joining challenges is fun and easy for the consumer and offers brands great exposure.

Learn Tiktok Trends

Amber Reed-Johnson

Giraffe Social Media

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TikTok is amazing for B2C brands targeting a younger consumer base, but you need to get trends right in order to win them over.

TikTok trending audio, dances, and challenges are imperative to help your account grow. In order to stay on-trend, you need to dedicate enough time to staying on top of trends and participating in a trend early, rather than too late.

Brand accounts participating in outdated trends are likely to turn away engagement. Using third-party sites, such as Trendtok and Tokboard, is a great way to find audio that is trending before it hits its peak, allowing enough time to create content for trends before the trend dies out.

Aim for User-generated Content

Hector Gutierrez


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Encourage user-generated content. TikTok is all about connecting closely with people through short content that resonates within seconds. You can create challenges or contests that encourage brand ambassadors to help tell your brand story.

TikTok is all about a genuine storytelling approach, and sometimes giving the reins to other people is the best way to express your brand in a natural, fun way.

Create Distributable Niche Content

Boye Fajinmi


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Your customer has the potential to be your best marketer. Shift your focus on services like TikTok to finding your specific niche, and create content that reflects what that niche tends to reproduce and parody.

The more content you can make that engages with your niche consumer, the more likely that consumer is to spread and relate to that content throughout the platform. When a content creator team is able to do this well, you may find a larger ROI in 2022.

Be Humorous

Gerrid Smith

Joy Organics

Tiktok Marketing Tips - 10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In '2024' - 6

Humor is one of the most effective tactics for promoting a brand in a TikTok marketing campaign for B2C businesses. Even if a video is explicitly sponsored by a company, many viewers will stick around if the story is compelling—and especially if it makes them laugh.

If brands use relatable, down-to-earth comedy in their marketing films, they can increase viewership. Make a short, well-crafted skit that may also be used as a commercial. In this manner, you’ll be able to market your product while simultaneously giving the audience a good time.

Use Trending Tiktok Sounds

Axel Hernborg


Tiktok Marketing Tips - 10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In '2024' - 7

One of the best things you can do for your TikTok strategy is to ride trends innovatively.

Sound effects from TikTok might inspire you to be more creative – and help your video go viral. You’ve probably noticed that many of the videos on TikTok feature the same sounds or songs. That’s a sign that the sound is now popular or has gone viral.

You can search for sounds in the TikTok Sounds Library by popularity, genre, and other criteria. You can also utilize Discover to look up specific tracks and discover how other people use them.

Community Building

Ari Sherman

evo hemp

Tiktok Marketing Tips - 10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In '2024' - 8

Understand your community and grow it. TikTok is a fast community that offers opportunities for rapid sharing and growth. When you create the avenue for your consumers to interact with each other as well as you, you will be able to create a self-sustaining, and self-growing community on the platform.

Partner With Influencers

Ben Miller

Focus On Digital

Tiktok Marketing Tips - 10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In '2024' - 9

A B2C company that is looking to successfully market themselves on TikTok should consider partnering with influencers that are popular within their niche.

Such a partnership could include creating custom videos for the partner, where they can interact with their followers and mention the brand in the video. The brand would then share the video on their social media marketing page to generate more buzz around their products.

Use Paid Advertising to Highlight Your Brand

Sara Shah


Tiktok Marketing Tips - 10 B2C Tiktok Marketing Tips To Test In '2024' - 10

When it comes to rising trends with paid advertising as 2022 approaches, more and more companies are starting to use TikTok to reach customers.

With more than 800 million users worldwide, combined with the recent partnership TikTok forged with Shopify, the potential for brands to grow is really exciting. TikTok’s Topview ad placement is a perfect place to start engaging with the platform’s vast audience.

This ad format is the first thing a user sees when they open the app. If you create a highly engaging video that captures their attention immediately, this is the ideal place to feature it. Though this format may be pricey, your ad can be up to 60 seconds long and can have a call-to-action button in the ad. This placement is great for getting a guaranteed reach and increasing brand awareness.

Final Thoughts on TikTok Marketing Tips

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With more than 1 billion active users and 240 million daily users, there’s no denying its reach.

Tiktok has become a huge marketing platform for businesses, and it can be used to get your message out to people who would otherwise not be exposed to your product or service.

Be sure to leave a comment below on your favorite TikTok marketing tips.

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