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10 TikTok Account Ideas Your Brand Can Leverage

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  • 10 TikTok Account Ideas Your Brand Can Leverage

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media networks, with over three billion downloads and 1.2 billion monthly active users.

The platform has become so influential, especially amongst younger audiences, that other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are churning out more video-focused features to compete aggressively.

With its abundant number of users and level of exposure, TikTok is a perfect channel for brands targeting youth demographics to market their products and services. However, coming up with ideas for your content and account can be challenging.

In this post, we will help you get past this hurdle by sharing creative video ideas you can use to win more followers and build brand awareness on your TikTok account.

Why TikTok?

TikTok makes it easy for brands to create up to three-minute-long videos to build connections with their audience and promote products in ways that don’t feel like marketing. The barrier for entry is incredibly low, and TikTok doesn’t require fancy equipment or professionally produced content to help your account go far.

A smartphone and interesting content are all it takes to capture and sustain people’s attention and push your brand into the spotlight. And thanks to TikTok’s vast audience base, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a market for whatever consumer product or service you’re selling.

One of the best things about TikTok is its algorithm which promotes organic exposure and virality. It also boasts higher engagement rates and 44% more emotional power than other leading social networks. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on ads to put yourself out there and ensure your account shows up in people’s feeds.

You just have to focus on consistently creating authentic, relatable, unique, helpful, and entertaining content. Before you know it, your reach will expand dramatically, your audience will grow, and you will generate a ton of leads that you can funnel into your website, app store, email marketing list, and other channels where you can convert them into customers.

TikTok account ideas

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Right now, TikTok is still in its infancy. Not many brands are taking advantage of the possibilities the platform has to offer. This means there are plenty of opportunities for you to get in, make a mark, and set yourself apart before it comes oversaturated with competing businesses vying for attention.

10 TikTok account ideas for 2022

Whether you already have a TikTok account or are thinking about creating one for your brand, it’s important to put out a steady stream of content. That’s the only way to succeed in generating engagement and building your following.

To achieve this, here are some amazing TikTok account ideas that can help your videos gain a lot of views and get the buzz going for your brand.

#1. An advice-based account

If you have helpful information to share that’s backed by skills or industry/niche-specific knowledge, people will watch your videos to listen to the advice you have to give. Consider using your TikTok account to dish out valuable counsel and recommendations to your target audience that relates to your brand’s offerings.

For example, if you’re a company that sells cars, you can create insightful videos teaching users how to care for their cars, what to look out for when buying cars, how to save money on their car purchases, etc. A perfume brand can offer advice to viewers about how to layer perfumes, choose scents for different occasions, make the scents they wear last longer, and more.

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An advice account can work for pretty much any profession, niche, or industry and help connect you with potential customers. The secret is to find messages that relate to your business, will be useful to your audience, and can help set customers up for success.

#2. An educational account

There’s not a week that goes by when I don’t learn something new from TikTok. The platform is rife with educational content about all sorts of subjects from accounts with a vast wealth of experience in those areas.

People want helpful information that’s delivered in a format they can easily digest, so sharing educational content on your account is a great way to get their attention. Think of questions that you frequently get asked in your line of work, topics that are often misunderstood, or knowledge that you think your audience will benefit from.

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Craft quick tutorial videos around these issues or subjects that explain their key points or challenges and how to overcome them. An educational account gives you a chance to showcase your brand’s expertise.

You can even use a graph maker to produce graphs to add to your content to give it more credibility. Eventually, viewers will come to trust you and see you as an authority on the topics you teach, and they will think of your brand when they need a service or product that you offer.

#3. A Q&A-focused account

Hosting Q&As on TikTok is a great way to drum up views and engagement on your account. It saves you the trouble of having to come up with content ideas by putting your viewers in the driver’s seat and letting them tell you what kind of content they would love to see.

You can encourage your viewers to ask you questions about some aspect of your brand or industry that they are curious about. TikTok’s Q&A feature helps you flag submitted comments and questions, so you don’t have to look for them.

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Once the submissions are in, you can create videos answering their questions or go on live video to respond to their comments and make the conversation even more engaging.

#4. A story-telling account

People love a good story, and the 65 billion views (and counting) accumulated by the #StoryTime hashtag on TikTok is proof of that. Give viewers what they enjoy by using your TikTok account to share brand-related stories.

You can tell the story of an employee, how you started your business, people doing amazing things in your industry, how a particular product came to be, or something interesting that you experienced. You can also talk about obstacles you have overcome, things you knew when you started your business, or marketing mistakes you have made along the way.

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The only limit is your imagination and your ability to present narratives in a captivating way. Telling stories will allow viewers to connect with your brand on a more intimate level and even move them to follow your account and patronize your business. Just make sure you infuse some personality into your videos and treat it like you’re having a conversation with friends.

#5. A “tips and tricks” account

Sharing useful tips and hacks is an easy way to attract attention to your TikTok account and get people to notice your brand. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you won’t find it hard to come up with helpful tricks about how to do or use something that many people might not know about.

Let’s say your brand sells skincare products. You can create videos teaching people five unusual but effective things they can do with a particular product. If you are an interior design company, you can share simple tips on how to instantly elevate the look of an apartment. Or, if you take a composable commerce approach, use your platform to teach people how compostable commerce works.

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Creating content featuring tips and tricks helps establish you as an authority in your niche. They are also highly shareable with huge potential to go viral, so you will also succeed in getting your brand in front of the right people.

#6. A vlog account

Vlogs are basically video diaries where you get to share your opinions about certain subjects and let viewers peek behind the curtains of your life.

Authenticity is a major currency on TikTok, arguably more so than other social media networks, and vlogs can help your brand tap into that to seem more human and relatable. Show your followers what goes into making your business work.

tiktok account ideas - 10 TikTok Account Ideas Your Brand Can Leverage - 6

Pick an employee and document what a typical day at work looks like for them. Give updates on little wins and milestones you hit. Show how you package orders. Share snapshots from your day-to-day operations or from special events like a product launch and the days leading up to it.

Don’t feel pressure to glamorize your vlogs or edit out areas that don’t look refined, exciting, or super professional. Mundane is the new unique and captivating. Let people see the real thing, even if it’s employees randomly having silly (dance) competitions, looking extremely bored, or doing nothing during meetings.

#7. A lip-syncing account

Giving your own rendition of songs and performing the lyrics without actually singing works wonders for gaining followers on TikTok. The trick with lip-syncing videos is to put your own spin on it.

You can choose to perform the songs in a comedic way or lip-sync with seriousness as if the music is actually coming out of you. If you’re up for it, you can take things a little further by recreating scenes from the original music video with your employees or products as the lead and backup vocalists.

Start with a trending song or any song that tugs at your heartstrings and can be tied to your brand, products or services, then try to come up with quirky and engaging visuals to go with it.

#8. An art-based account

If you’re a brand that offers services requiring artistic skills, or you sell products that can be used creatively for artistic expression, this TikTok account idea will be perfect for you.

You can make recordings of you or your employees showing off their talents and the meticulous process it takes to bring your products or work to life. Don’t let your creativity hide in the background — film it and share it on your TikTok page for all to see and appreciate.

tiktok account ideas - 10 TikTok Account Ideas Your Brand Can Leverage - 7

Posting art-style videos that break down your process can dramatically increase your account exposure, help you build a stronger emotional connection with your audience, and make your brand more memorable. All of which will play to your advantage when they need the products or services you offer because they will think of you first.

#9. A “1-minute-x” account

The promise of learning anything in a minute is very intoxicating, which is why creating one-minute videos is an effective way to rapidly increase your views, following, engagement, and brand exposure.

The idea is to adequately explain a topic or teach people how to do something in only a minute — before their attention span even contemplates moving on to something else. You can create one-minute videos about any subject related to your brand and industry.

tiktok account ideas - 10 TikTok Account Ideas Your Brand Can Leverage - 8

For example, you can share one-minute recipes, one-minute fashion tips, one-minute guides to cryptocurrency, or any other topic. Try using an online timer to practice presenting all the information in your video in one minute to save time and reduce the need for reshoots or elaborate editing.

#10. A comedy account

Just because you are a business doesn’t mean your TikTok account must be serious and no-nonsense. Remember, it’s a social platform, and people are there primarily to entertain themselves. By posting comedy videos, you provide entertainment to your audience, which can help them perceive your brand in a more positive light.

You don’t have to turn on the camera and start cracking jokes. You can simply tell a story with a hint of playfulness, humor, satire, or absurdity and viewers will eat it up. Your video can be about something you witnessed or observed that has to do with your brand, niche, or industry.

tiktok account ideas - 10 TikTok Account Ideas Your Brand Can Leverage - 9

Alternatively, you can edit and share funny clips from films, memes, television shows, or other performances that you think your audience will get a kick out of. You can find and create humor in almost anything if you look at it from certain angles, so let your creativity run free.

Don’t forget to use appropriate emojis in your caption and on-screen video text to invoke the emotions you want your videos to arouse and make them more engaging.

Should you use a TikTok Business account or a TikTok Creator account?

TikTok offers two kinds of professional accounts for brands to choose from: business accounts and creator accounts.

A business account is centered around promoting the company and raising awareness so that more people, especially target audiences, become familiar with the brand’s offerings. It enables organizations to establish connections with customers in faster and more effective ways than regular accounts.

On the other hand, creator accounts are targeted at individuals or brands that want greater creative freedom than what’s available on personal accounts. However, creator accounts provide limited brand advertising, campaign implementation, product reporting and analytics, and other functionalities needed to fully promote a business.

So how do you decide which is the better option for you when opening a TikTok account for your brand? It’s pretty simple.

If you are running a large business that targets customers across the globe and you want to be able to create more diverse TikTok ads or generate comprehensive insights into your customer groups, then you are better off with a business account.

However, small businesses with scanty budgets that can’t afford elaborate campaigns or highly targeted ads can benefit from creator accounts. Largely because it affords them more space to experiment with trends, do their own thing, make a name for themselves, and build a loyal following in whatever fashion they see fit.

Make the most of your TikTok account

TikTok is shaping up to become the next big thing in the social media arena, so the earlier your brand gets in and starts leveraging its power to reach diverse audiences, the better for you and your social media marketing strategy.

Incorporating the TikTok account ideas we’ve examined in this post into your content will raise your brand profile, boost your reach, win followers, and attract potential customers, which can result in increased conversions for your business.

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