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11 Remarkable Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media

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  • 11 Remarkable Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media

Many target audiences for different brands are now using social media to engage and look for brands that can help them solve their challenges as research shows there are over 5 billion social media users.

With the rise in the competition from other ecommerce brands, having a great strategy to build trust and get target users to engage and know your brand better will boost your conversions and sales through social media.

This article shows different ways ecommerce brands can leverage the power of social media to attract and get more target users to convert and buy the products they sell.

1. Share visual content for our products

Target customers want to know more about your products and how those products can solve their pain points. To boost conversions, it is essential to share an in-depth description of your products and the value your customers will get once they purchase them.

Also run live video coverage for your products on sites like Facebook and Instagram, live Q&A sessions, and live demos. Most target prospects engage with video content as search shows.

Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media

Source: CMI

You can also involve the target customers by creating behind-the-scenes videos to see how the products were made and make them feel they are part of the brand to strengthen their trust and relationship. Ensure you include storytelling in your content to make it more relatable to the customer’s pains.

2. Use influencers in your niche

Target customers love and trust brands that have been endorsed by influencers they love and trust. One of the best ways to drive more conversions for your ecommerce products is to partner with influencers and use their influence to attract more target customers to your products and initiate more conversions. Engage and partner with influencers who understand your business and the products you serve. Here is what Perens says about this strategy.

In the early days, we chased influencers with large followings. But those partnerships often fell flat. We realized what truly mattered were creators who aligned with our niche and created authentic, high-quality content.


Now, we search for YouTubers who share our passion for craftsmanship, journaling, fountain pens, and calligraphy, not just those with the biggest numbers. Engaged comments and genuine enthusiasm from viewers are far better indicators of a passionate audience.


We don’t micromanage influencer reviews. We encourage them to showcase the full picture, highlighting the beauty and functionality of our products and any potential drawbacks. This transparency builds trust with viewers and leads to informed purchases. They know exactly what they’re getting, which translates to fewer returns and happier customers. ( Galen Leather)

3. Give time-limited offers

Nobody would like to miss an opportunity to get products they want at a cheaper price. Offering time-limited offers motivates your target audience to convert and get those products at cheaper prices before prices increase. As you market your brand, run discount offers for your customers and encourage them to convert and make more purchases.

You can also introduce loyalty programs for your customers to motivate them and get them to keep converting so they can get the incentives from their purchases. In addition to the offers you can give target customers a favorable return policy for the goods they purchase and even offer free shipping as an after-sales service to encourage them to buy.

4. Use captivating CTA

Your content, your ads, and anything you post on your social media channels need a great call-to-action to get the users to engage and even convert to your ecommerce brand. Your CTA should compel readers to take action that will drive them to convert to your business.

It is essential to personalize your CTA according to target customer behaviors and needs as those perform better. Alongside the CTAs, you can enable social media shopping functionalities like Instagram and Facebook shops where users can purchase the business social media.

5. Use user-generated content

You can get branded content from your customers and show it on social media. Customers who enjoy your products can make videos or write content showing the value of your e-commerce products and post it on social media. Hear what Steve says

Another strategy that has proven invaluable is leveraging the power of user-generated content (UGC). Encouraging our customers to share their own experiences with our products not only fosters a strong sense of community but also serves as robust social proof that can sway potential customers.


By featuring UGC prominently in our social media feed and during targeted campaigns, we create a genuine brand image that resonates with our audience. This authenticity has directly translated to improved conversion rates, as potential customers see real people enjoying our products, making them more likely to purchase.( Steve, Firstpier.com)

When prospects see user-generated content about your brand, they will engage more with it and want to know the value that you offer to your customers. You can encourage your past customers to share their UGC to gain the trust of potential customers and increase conversion rates.

6. Have a user-friendly website

Once target customers click through your social media links, they will arrive on your website. It will be hard for the readers to engage with your brand if the website can’t load well on their mobile devices. Statista research shows that 70% of users use smartphones for their retail order placements.

You need to optimize your website for mobile use and make it easy to navigate through the site as they search for information and engage with your brand to know more about the products you offer. Your landing pages should be well-designed and have a great copy that helps prospects understand the value of the products you sell. Research shows that 73% of website visitors leave a website because of slow speed and non-responsive design.

Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 11 Remarkable Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 1

Source: GoodFirms

7. Use relevant hashtags

Some of your target customers use hashtags to search for information on social media. As you create and publish content on social media, ensure you use hashtags your target audience uses in their search for content. You can also include hashtags for the trending news as some users search by those.

It will make it easy for them to discover your content, know more about your brand, and engage with it to boost conversions for your products.

8. Simplify the checkout process

You can have the right marketing strategy and get target users to your business. However, if the checkout process is complicated most of the prospects will abandon the carts and never convert. As you drive more target customers to your brand, you need to simplify the checkout process.

Have a guest checkout where the target audience doesn’t have to fill in their details and includes different payment options. It will make it easy for the users to make purchases with the payment method they have or are comfortable with.

Streamlining the checkout experience reduces friction and leads to higher conversion rates. You can achieve this by optimizing the checkout page for simplicity and clarity, all while minimizing distractions and unnecessary steps. You can also implement guest checkout options and autofill features for returning customers to expedite the process further.


Offering a guest checkout option and integrating secure payment gateways has reduced the steps required for customers to complete their purchases. Also, optimizing our checkout page for mobile devices lets us seamlessly serve customers shopping on smartphones and tablets.(Campell, Wainbee.com)

It’s essential to have security seals on your ecommerce business website as users want to be sure that their personal and purchase details are secure. Here are some of these seals

Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 11 Remarkable Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 2

9. Run ads on social media

Ads are a great way to engage the target audience and get them to know about your ecommerce business. Use high-quality images for your products and include great copy for your ad that speaks to the user about their pains and how they can solve them with your products. Don’t forget to include a captivating CTA for the reader to take action.

We’ve also had great success using Facebook and Instagram ads to target particular interests and demographics. We can connect with potential clients who are most likely to become customers by carefully creating advertising campaigns that showcase the special qualities and advantages of our products. Additionally, we can continuously optimize our ads for optimum effect and return on investment because we can track and evaluate performance metrics. (Matt, FestoonHouse)

As you run your ads, you can also run retargeting campaigns to engage users who visited your ecommerce website and didn’t take any action. Re-engaging them and showing the value of your products can boost their conversions.

Ensure you use the advanced targeting features on your ads to make them more specific to your target audience and engage the right people who need your products.

10. Join relevant groups and share your expertise

Target customers want to be sure of the choices they make before they purchase. They will join relevant groups to engage and hear what others say about the challenges they face. You can join these relevant groups and engage with comments, feedback, and mentions to build strong connections with prospects. You also show your expertise and attract more target prospects to your ecommerce brand.

Use social listening tools to know what your ecommerce competitors are doing on social media to engage and attract the target audience to their business. It will make it easy for you to know what’s working and then use it to engage and bring more awareness of your products to your target audience on social sites and share content that will engage your target audience more.

A strategy often underutilized but incredibly effective is leveraging analytics and social listening tools to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences. These tools allow businesses to monitor mentions of their brand, competitors, and industry trends, offering invaluable data that can guide strategy adjustments in real time. By understanding what content resonates with their audience, companies can tailor their social media activities to better meet customer needs and preferences, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions. ( Keran, Lyfe Marketing)

Personal engagement with your target audience on the forums and groups strengthens their trust and loyalty and can persuade the prospects to convert and purchase your products. With the analytics tools, you can engage prospects with content based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

11. Use customer testimonials to build trust

Target customers love engaging and buying from brands others trust and have used. To boost your ecommerce sales, you can share testimonials from customers who had challenges and used your business to solve those pain points. It will be easy for other target users to engage and convert as they want to get the same results others have had and solve their challenges like this example on our site.

Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 11 Remarkable Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 3

Source: Bulk.ly

Here is another testimonial on the LinkedIn website that brands can use to attract the target audience.

Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 11 Remarkable Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media - 4

Source: Linkedin

Knowing How to Boost eCommerce Conversions With Social Media

Using social media effectively will see a higher number of conversions for your ecommerce products. Target customers need to build a strong trust with you and your brand to convert and become your customers. Tap into the power of social media, and get target customers to see the value you will deliver to help solve their challenges and get them to convert.

Use these great strategies to engage the target audience, build trust that your brand can solve their challenges, and increase conversions and sales to your ecommerce store.

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