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List of The Most Popular
Social Media Sites

(Organized By Use Case)

Why do social media sites play such a big role in our daily life?

The answer is pretty simple: “The Human beings are a social animal” .

Some are more active than others.

One thing is certain, these days, socializing on social media sites is an integral part of our lives.


In the age of digitization, social media sites allow us to communicate more than ever thanks to numerous kinds of social platforms each with a different diaspora.

Today, many human relationships begin and are built on social media networks.

Psss… No need for physical meetings to increase our relational network.

Thus, the list of social media networks is growing over the years and the number of users continues to grow, approaching approximately 2 billion to date!

The massive use of mobile devices will only increase this trend.

In this article, I will tell you about the most famous social media sites around the world.

This list will not cover all social media sites because there are too many local social networks present in some countries that remain little known internationally.

This list aims to make you discover some social media networks that you have never heard of.

List of Social Media Sites

General Social Media Sites

There are literally hundreds of different social media sites out there, and we’re going to be covering a lot of them in our blog. The list below is not all inclusive, as there are plenty of social media sites that we’ve not yet mentioned. These are simply the top-level sites that you’ll be seeing most often.



It is by far the most widely used social network on the planet with an active user count of around 1.60 billion per month!

It allows you to network with your friends and family, but also to promote your business and brand through Facebook ads.

It also offers the possibility of accessing various Facebook users to sell products online.

Facebook generates more than 12 billion Dollars (USD) in revenue each year.

Facebook is available worldwide but is blocked in some countries.


Instagram was started with the main purpose of providing a photo and video sharing platform.

This social network allows you to capture the best moments of your life with the lens of your smartphone or camera and to work on your photos thanks to the multiple filters offered on Instagram.

You can then easily post your photos to other well-known social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram is now owned by Facebook and now has as many as 700 million active users.



This social network allows you to tweet!

Tweets are those famous short messages (maximum 280 characters).

The tweet can thus be shared and unshared unlimitedly (in theory).

In order to keep up with the trend of online commerce, Twitter has made it possible to promote your business through tweets to sell your products. It has close to 320 million monthly active users. Here is an awesome article on how you can increase your twitter followers using bulk follow and unfollow.


QQ (officially Tencent QQ) is a Chinese instant messaging-based social network.

It is currently used by over 850 million users in over 80 countries.

You can use it to communicate with your friends using messages, video calls or audio.

QQ offers a built-in translator allowing you to translate your discussion into a desired language.

QQ also offers the possibility of carrying out financial transactions through its virtual currency “Q Coin”.



Like QQ and WeChat, QZone is a Chinese social network also developed by the Tencent company.

It gives you the ability to share photos, watch videos, listen to music, write blog posts, and more.

QZone also lets you customize your QZone web pages using a range of accessories available for this purpose.

Today, QZone has around 650 million monthly active users.


App.net Social network similar to Twitter but without advertising.

However, you have to pay to create an account.

Another difference with Twitter:

With APP.net you can send messages containing up to 256 characters.

Twitter as of now, allows up to 280 characters recently.



Snapchat is a messaging platform that lets you chat with your friends using pictures.

You can explore real-time news and stories unfolding around the world.

Today around 200 million users are active on Snapchat and it is available in over 15 languages.


Medium social network allows those who feel the soul of a writer, to express themselves through writing. It is possible to interact with the authors of publications.

You can share the posts. You can also follow them.



This social network allows you to publish your photos with text about your mood or other personal statements.

The concept of Whisper is to remain completely anonymous.

You can also communicate with people from all over the world …

Seina Weibo

This MicroBlogging platform is very popular in China.

It’s a mix of Twitter and Facebook.

Today it has a large community:around 225 million active users.



VK, also known as VKontakte is one of the most popular social networks in Russia. It has 100 million active users.


Through Reddit, you can post content.

All content published on the platform will get more or less votes from users, which will push them up or down in the rankings.

The classification of the contents is thus made according to the centers of interest (known under the name of “subreddits”).

This social network has 100 million active users every month.



Flipboard is a social network. It is also a social media aggregator.

Its purpose is to let its users choose the feeds that interest them on news sites or social networks. So each user can create their own magazine.

Flipboard is accessible on Android, Windows 8, Blackberry and IOS.


This social network allows you to create and share slideshows.

You can diversify your current content by offering a slideshow version.

This allows you to reach a larger audience.

I advise you to convert your blog content to PDF format first.



YY is a Chinese social network for organizing group discussions with video.

This platform is able to support more than 100,000 connections in the same group.

A trainer can then make a presentation in front of tens of thousands of participants or even sing a karaoke song.

Users can then earn virtual currency and later convert it to real currency.

Over 122 million users use YY every month.


Taringa is one of the most used social networks in Latin America.

It allows users to share their experiences, content and more.

This platform has a large community:

It is used by more than 75 million users.



This instant messaging platform is similar to WhatsApp.

It is available in more than 8 languages.

However, Telegram has always focused on the confidentiality and security of broadcast messages. Thus, users can send messages with images and videos, encrypted and self-destructing.

These features have been present since its inception, unlike WhatsApp.

100 million people actively use it.


Tagged is a social media based on friendship and dating.

In 2011, it acquired hi5; another social media platform.

With Tagged, you can socialize with others through games, browsing user profiles, sharing common interests, etc.

The number of active users rose to 25 million.



This social network focuses on the promotion of music and allows the creation of interactive networks of friends.

It also offers access to blogs, personal profiles, images, videos etc …

While it was the most used social network in the United States in the past, it now has less than 20 million active users.


Badoo is a social network dedicated to dating, operating in over 200 countries.

Here you can find profiles of users who are close to you and those you have met in the past.

It is most popular in Latin America, Italy, Spain and France with around 20 million active users.



StumbleUpon is a smart platform that can find content and recommend it to these users.

You can thus discover web pages, images, videos, etc., and rate them according to your tastes.

It has about 10 million active users.


FourSquare is a geolocation-based social media tool that allows you to find popular places based on your location and what people are looking for.

It also provides a list of the best local restaurants, parties, entertainment, etc.

The functionalities of this social network are also present in the “Swarm” application.

There are 40 million active users.



Diaspora is a social network offering features similar to Facebook.

However, the 3 principles of Diaspora are data decentralization (you choose which server to store the data on), freedom (no need to give your real identity when registering) and data protection (the data belongs to you and you. can choose who will have access).


Ello is a social network whose basic principle is similar to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, which is to be able to create a user account, subscribe to the accounts of others, publish content, consult the publications of others.

However, the difference, apart from its much more refined design, is not to reproduce the constraints of its competitors by allowing the free sharing of ideas and creations of its users.

All this without advertising.



Formerly known as myYearbook, MeetMe aims to create new friendships.

It is very popular among young people. It has several million underage users.


Social dating network targeting young people. It is offered in 55 languages.

Wherever you are, you can meet millions of people from all over the world.

You can chat, meet people or even meet your soulmate.

After all, life is about dating!!



This social network allows you to find and join groups of people with the same center of interest as you, near you (anywhere in the world).

It also allows group meetings, offline.

This platform was originally created to discuss politics but later spread to cover all kinds of topics.


Skyrock is a French French social network allowing the creation of blogs, user profiles and the exchange of messages.

It is available in 6 languages.



Delicious is a bookmarking site allowing you to discover, save and share internet bookmarks.

Users can tag these bookmarks with keywords.


Kiwibox is a community social network designed for teenage girls and young adults.

It offers a web magazine targeting young people with fashion tips.

It also allows young adults to share their skills and interests, such as writing, photography etc.



Movim is a completely open source social platform, based on the XMPP protocol and decentralized.

Once registered, you can:

  • complete your profile,
  • search and add contacts,
  • exchange with them, share documents or photos with them,
  • post articles or consult news.


Mastodon is both free microblogging software and a decentralized social network.

It was established in 2016.

It allows you to publish messages called “pouets” (or toots in other languages ​​including English).


Mobile Social Media Sites
With Voice Calls

According to a recent study, social media sites with voice calling is the most popular social tool. With voice calling, people can create a long-lasting group of people that they can communicate with through calls anytime and anywhere. It is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular mobile social media sites.


Facebook decided to acquire WhatsApp in 2014.

It is an instant messaging platform for chatting in private or in groups of friends.

It allows, among other things, to make free calls between WhatsAPP users.

Today it has 1 billion users worldwide.



Wechat is a bit similar to WhatsApp in that it is also a messaging and calling app to connect with your friends or other people you want.

It is also owned by Tencent and also works with QQ.

This Chinese social network has almost 700 million users and is quickly catching up with its competitor WhatsApp.


Line is a social network allowing the sharing of messages, photos, videos, audios and files.

You can also make voice and video calls anytime.

It is available worldwide but mostly used in Japan.

Line today represents a community of approximately 215 million active users.



Skype is the property of Microsoft.

The strength of Skype is its ability to manage VoIp communications in a stable manner, allowing you to speak with your interlocutors via a microphone and a webcam wherever you are and with the possibility of organizing conversations with several thanks to its conference functionality. web.

The use of instant messages is of course possible.

All Skype to Skype calls are free, and those to mobiles or landlines are credited directly to your bank account via the “Skype Credit” system.

Skype now has over 300 million active users.


Viber is a social platform available in over 30 languages.

It allows you to exchange instant messages and communicate by voice message.

It also offers the possibility of sharing photos, videos and audio messages.

With its feature called “Viber Out”, you can also call non-Viber users.

Viber is used by 250 million users every month.


Question & Answers
Social Media Sites

When a person searches for the answer to a question online, they are often directed to an online forum or community where they can ask the question, along with others, and get answers. In the past, it was not uncommon for these online communities to have limited interaction, but with the advent of social media sites, people can interact with them more. Let’s a take a look at some of these social media sites.


Quora is a platform for any user to ask questions and answer the questions of others.

Users can create, edit and organize questions and answers.

The social network organizes questions and answers by subject and allows users to collaborate.

Quora reached 100 million unique visitors per month in March 2016.



Askfm is a social network where users can receive questions from other identified users or from anonymous users.

It has 131 million active users.

Professional Social Media Sites

In this section, you will get a list of sites that are designed for professionals. The list is categorized by different groups of professionals and includes sites that are for everyone, and sites that focus on specific industries.


Linkedin is one of the most used professional social networks around the world.

It is available in over 20 languages.

This platform allows you to grow your network and get in touch with all kinds of companies, recruit candidates for your job offer and much more.

It has over 400 million users of which over 100 million are active every month.



Viadeo is a professional social network mainly used in Europe.

It allows you to create relationships with the aim of finding partners, customers, employees, employers, etc.

Available in 7 languages ​​and used by over 50 million members.


Ryze helps its users to expand their professional networks by connecting with other professionals in the same industry or with the same interests.

It also allows the sharing of practical advice, tips and resources among members.



Xing offers features similar to those of Linkedin.

The users are largely located in Switzerland, Australia and Germany.

However, it proposes the creation of closed discussion groups between members of the same company.


Hotelub is a social network dedicated to business travelers.

Imagined by a Toulouse startup, the Hotelub application aims to connect professionals on the move.

What events and services are available for your business stay?

Which professionals stay in your hotel and nearby?

Find out with Hotelub!


Content Curation Social Media Sites

Content curation is a new trend that is like bookmarking for your favorite content. People can bookmark their favorite content through social media sites. 


Scoop.it allows you to create an online journal on a specific topic. The user can discover content, keep it and classify it according to the chosen topic.

He then looks for keywords that allow him to access information flows on the web: blog, social networks, etc., via the platform.

It is possible to share the information gathered on Scoop.it on the various major social networks.


Social Media Sites For Sharing Images

A search on Google brings up over 500 million results for the query “social media sites for sharing images”. But which sites are the best and how does one use them to their advantage? Let’s take a look.


Snapfish is a photo sharing platform that allows its users to upload and store an unlimited amount of photos.

With over 250 million users worldwide.

Snapfish has over 5 billion photos stored online …

… Or 12 petabytes of data!



A very popular photo sharing network, Flickr allows you to upload a large quantity of very high quality images taken by photographers or people who love photography.

Flickr is also an efficient platform for managing and sharing photos on the web.

This social network has several million photo uploads per day.


DeviantArt is the biggest community platform for artists or art lovers.

It allows its users to take photos of their artistic achievements and share them with other enthusiasts.

It encourages its members to give their opinion on the works of other artists.



Fotolog is a photo blogging platform. It is present in 200 countries.

Most of its users, however, are based in South America.


Well-known social media allows the sharing and bookmarking of photos and graphic visuals.

It is thus an interesting source to get new ideas for your projects whether related to DIY tasks, decoration, travel ideas etc.

The Pinterest community now has 100 million monthly active users, with a tendency to be more female. Here is an article on how to grow your pinterest followers.



Buzznet gives its members the opportunity to share content related to their personal interests.

This content can be both in the form of videos & pictures. It integrates with Facebook as well.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a social photo sharing platform available in over 20 countries.

It is ideal for your daily dose of inspiration and motivation.

We Heart It allows its users to view and share inspiring images with their friends.

Used by over 20 million members.



Xanga is a platform for hosting blogs and photo blogs.

It has millions of members in its community.

Niche Social Media Sites

Niche social media sites have become very popular over the last few years. Although they have the potential to generate massive audiences, they are significantly harder to grow than other platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the most known.


Last.fm is a music discovery platform providing personalized recommendations based on the music users are listening to.

It is based on an engine that detects user activity, thus making it possible to offer songs that each user is likely to like.



ReverbNation is the perfect platform to let music professionals connect with each other.

It offers various tools allowing musicians to manage their careers and access partnership opportunities and their fans.


Cross.tv is dedicated to Christians based on the same principle as Facebook.

It has around half a million users and is available in 30 languages.



Flixster is an American social media dedicated to film enthusiasts wishing to be put in touch with like-minded people.

The goal is to share their opinions on films and to rate them.

This allows users to find out more about films and new releases.


Crokes are dedicated to writers and book authors. It allows them to connect with other writers and authors and promote their books and expertise.


Gaia Online

Gaia Online a social network allowing to:

– create avatars,

– customize virtual worlds, games and other virtual objects.


BlackPlanet is a social dating network for the African American community.

It also has a forum for work and for policy-related discussions.



Care2 helps activists connect with each other whether they are individuals, companies or organizations having an impact on society.

This platform encourages people in particular to lead a healthy and “green” lifestyle.


CaringBridge is a social platform allowing mutual assistance between people during difficult times.

For example: During health related issues or the loss of a loved one, users can:

  • To confess
  • Find support


CafeMom is a community platform intended for mothers or future mothers wishing to obtain or share advice on a multitude of subjects, such as maternity, fashion, diet, health.


Ravelry is a social network targeting people interested in the art of textile fiber, such as knitting, spinning, weaving.

These enthusiasts can share their own collections, their ideas, and learn from others to sometimes forge links of partnerships.



ASmallWorld is a paid social network, dedicated to people with a high social status.

It offers trips between members and is based on an elite club principle.


NextDoor is another private social network, but this time dedicated to neighborhoods located in the United States.

The objective is very simple: allow users to connect with people located in their geographical area.



Internations is a social network for all expats.

You can meet other expats and locals located in 391 cities around the world, through events organized very regularly.

You can create your account and user profile and get in touch with other users.


Smiile is a social network of mutual aid between neighbors.

It brings together all the collaborative services available near you in one click:

  • Rental of storage spaces in private homes,
  • Car rental between individuals,
  • Missions,
  • Crowdfunding, etc.


With the defense of privacy as a guideline, Minds aims to restore the user to the dominant position on the social network.

It gives back to the user:

  • Protection of privacy,
  • Transparency
  • Enhanced security.

Its name means “spirits” in French.

Social Media Sites About Travel

Since the dawn of time, humans have been on a quest to go places they’ve never been before. How did we live before the internet came along? Knowing what to do in a new city or country is the best part of traveling, but it can also be the most overwhelming part of planning a trip. This section covers social media sites about traveling.


Wayn is a social network dedicated to travel and lifestyle.

It allows its users to:

  • Discover destinations
  • Know what to do there
  • Meet like-minded people to share experiences


CouchSurfing is asocial network making travel affordable by connecting users looking for a place to sleep during their trip with users offering accommodation.

This creates a “Host” – “guest” relationship.

The objective is to create friendships thanks to an economic model of sharing.

Social Media Sites For Gamers

Gaming communities are social by nature, thus social media sites for gamers are predestined to be social. These sites allow gamers to connect and interact with their gaming buddies, form communities and expand their gaming experience.


Cellufun is a community platform is dedicated to video games.

With its mobile social network, users can:

  • Socialize with each other
  • Create avatars
  • To play games
  • Buy virtual items


MocoSpace is another mobile social network dedicated to mobile games specifically focused on HTML5 for mobile, also called mobile social network.

Site functionality is similar to other social networking sites

It now has 100 million users.

Social Media Sites For Videos

There are many social media sites out there for videos, but some of them are more suitable than others. Let’s check out a few of the best.


YouTube is the biggest video sharing social network on the planet.

It allows its users to upload and share videos, view videos, leave comments and like videos.

YouTube is available worldwide (although blocked in some countries).

It allows you to create Youtube channels to broadcast videos to your audience.



Vimeo is a video sharing platform.

It allows:

  • Add videos
  • Share them
  • Follow subscribers


MixBit is a video sharing platform that was created by the Youtube co-founders.

It allows its users to create and edit videos dynamically.

Mixbit is Vine and Instagram’s direct competitor in the video sharing market.



Twitch is a video sharing platform for video game players.

Players can broadcast their games live by:

  • sharing their screen
  • commenting with their microphone


With Peeks, you can share live (or archived) videos from your smartphone and be rewarded in cash by your audience in the form of tips!


Social Media Sites For Reunions

Newer generations are brought up on social media, and it has been one of the greatest tools we have had to connect with friends, family, and even those we have never met. But with the help of these sites, we have become more social than ever, which is great for meeting people. But now we have to decide if we want to stay connected with our old friends or start fresh. And if a reunion were to take place, what would be a good social media site to use?


Classmates allows its users to find, find and stay in touch with class friends and acquaintances.



The Trombi social network allows you to find your former classmates as well as photos of the time

Visit the Trombi social network


MyHeritage is a social platform dedicated to genealogy, available in 42 languages.

The goal is to create family trees, upload family photos and walk from branch to branch in order to manage history and family photos.

Can be used to trace ancestors and learn more about them or to build relationships with family members you didn’t know.


Social Media Sites For Young Adults

If you are looking for a list of social media sites for young adults, you have come to the right place. This section will help you find the best social media sites for when you are just starting out with social media, and when you are looking for a more mature social media site.


Habbo allows its users to choose from avatars, create hotel rooms, meet new friends, chat with other players, etc.

The site is present in 150 countries and turns out to be the biggest social network in Finland.



Tuenti – having started as a “Spanish Facebook”, this social network for young people is now offered in 14 languages.

Social Media Sites For Blogging

Social media sites for blogging are available. This section is a list of the best social media sites for blogging.


Xanga is a platform for hosting blogs and photo blogs.

It has millions of members in its community.



Solaborate is a social network and collaboration platform dedicated to tech professionals.

It is possible to connect, collaborate, discover opportunities and create an ecosystem around products and services.


Plurk is a social and micro blogging platform.

It allows users to send messages or links, up to 210 characters.

Most of the users are from Taiwan.



Livejournal allows its users to maintain a blog or diary. This social network is available in 31 languages.


Bebo is a social network which lets you :

  • Blog creation
  • Sending photos
  • Sharing personal information

Social Media Sites For Foreign & Local Use

Social media is becoming a very convenient way to enhance personal relationships and business on a local level. Here are some of the popular options and have a lot of features that can be utilized for different purposes.


Mixi is a Japanese social media with around 20 million active users.

It allows you to connect with your friends based on common interests.



Douban is a Chinese social media network that offers features for members and non-members.

For non-members, it offers the possibility of seeking opinions and ratings on any books, films or music.

For members, it can record information and create content related to music, movies, books and events taking place in cities in China.


Renren is a Chinese social network.

It has been very popular with young people because of its similarity to Facebook, as it also allows users to easily connect with others, quickly share thoughts and posts, and even update your mood.

There are over 30 million monthly active users.



Odnoklassniki is a Russian social network.

It allows its users to find classmates and old acquaintances.

It is available in 9 languages.


NK is a Polish social network dedicated to students.

Similar to Classmates.com and Facebook, NK gathers around 14 million active users every month.

According to comScore, nk.pl has one of the highest user engagement rates on social media.



StudiVZ is a German social network dedicated to students based in Berlin, Germany.

The name is an abbreviation of the German expression Studentenverzeichnis, which means student directory.


Kaixin001 is a Chinese social network dedicated to video games.



Nexopia is a Canadian social network with approximately 500,000 active members.

Its users can create their profile, make a list of friends, blog, write articles and build a photo gallery.


Draugiem is the biggest social network in Latvia with over 2 million members.

It is also available in English, Russian and Hungarian.



Glocals is a Swiss social network dedicated to expatriates.

Community members can:

  • To meet
  • Organize activities
  • Share information


Cyworld is a Korean social network with several million members.

It is also present in China and Vietnam.

Its users can create friendships using avatars.


What Are Your Favorite
Social Media Sites?

Hope you find this list of social networks useful. I have tried to cover almost all the major social media sites around the globe. Let me know if I skipped any social network? And what social media sites do you use?

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