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What are your best Pinterest marketing tips to build a following?

(as Revealed By Business leaders & Marketing Professionals)

To help you utilize Pinterest for your marketing needs, we asked business leaders and marketing professionals this question for their best Pinterest marketing tips. From creating fresh content to discovering influencers, there are several tips that may help your marketing on platforms such as Pinterest.


Here are ten ways you can use Pinterest for your marketing needs:

Tip 1

Optimize Your Profile With Keywords


Stephanie Schull, Kegelbell

SEO can be utilized on Pinterest too. Your profile should be optimized with keywords that Pinterest’s algorithm can pick up in searches. 

Our business specializes in women’s health and wellness, so we would include related keywords through our bio, profile, and pins. You can also take advantage of your pin and board descriptions and provide a helpful explanation as to what users will get when clicking through to your pin. 

This marketing strategy helps boost engagement around your products and brand.

Tip 2

Create A Business Account


Dale Gillespie, Tic Watches

If you are looking to build a successful following on Pinterest, I highly recommend creating a business account! 

Business accounts on Pinterest allow you to claim your site and appear as “verified,” which can expand your reach and increase your authority. That can make a huge difference for both your organic posts and ads.

Tip 3

Incorporate User Generated Content


Sara Brown, Cruise America

Incorporate user-generated content! 

I feel that in today’s day and age, content is being overproduced and over edited. Because of that, real photos of real people tend to be more effective and engaging. 

We love to invite our customers to share photos from their trips in our RVs and feature them across our social platforms. Not only does it help build brand loyalty, but it also helps us get more followers!

Tip 4

Determine Search Intent


Nikitha Lokareddy, Markitors

The key to doing well on Pinterest is to have a deep understanding of your audience and what they are searching for. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is deeply rooted in search, much like Google. By having a solid understanding of what keywords your target customer is searching for, you can generate highly customized content that delivers on their queries.

Tip 5

Post Fresh Content


Hannah Byrd, Absolute Web

So what actually is “fresh content,” and how does Pinterest classify it? 

To put it simply, fresh content is anything (photos, videos, infographics, etc.) that has never been seen or “pinned” on the platform before. 

Each time you upload a different image, even from the same URL, Pinterest will recognize it as fresh content. 

Pinterest is always looking for new, quality content to keep its users entertained and informed. 

Lucy Matthews, the Partnerships Manager at Pinterest, verified that fresh content is likely to get higher distribution priority, giving brands more chance to engage with their audience while providing creative inspiration.

Tip 6

Create Boards For Your Target Audiences’ Interests


Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

First and foremost, know your target audience. 

  • What interests them? 
  • What are they searching for? 
  • What do they like? 
  • What are their pain points that your product or service will solve? 
  • What type of content do they prefer: videos or graphics? 
  • What are they searching for? 

Create boards on Pinterest for each relevant topic, then pin pictures and videos in each that link back to your website. 

Pin other people’s related pins to your boards. It’s not all about you—it’s what’s in it for your target audience. 

Consistently provide the information that they are searching for or interests them, and your following will grow. Check your analytics monthly to see what content was most successful in engagements—likes, saves, and clicks.

Tip 7

Have A Solid Manual Pinning Strategy


Angie Makljenovic, She Can Blog

Focus on posting fresh pins and re-pin your pins once, max two times. 

Pinterest wants you to be creative and active on the platform. 

So, instead of using third-party schedulers, use the Pinterest scheduler, repin relevant pins from other users now and then, comment on pins that you find interesting and that are relevant to your niche, and pin a few fresh pins daily.

Tip 8

Discover Influencers


Find an influencer with a great number of followers in your niche. 

The culture of social media is to follow back. 

I did this early on. 

I found two influencers in my niche. I followed their followers, and my Pinterest has been on autopilot ever since. 

Also, I recommend joining reciprocal groups you can find by searching on Facebook. You won’t get targeted followers as with the first method, but you’ll grow your Pinterest following. 

These methods shared targeted and non-targeted ways of growing your Pinterest following.

Tip 9

Stay Consistent


Caroline Lee, CocoSign

As with most other social networks, consistent and frequent sharing can often be the key to building an audience and keeping them engaged with your content

Timing can be important, too; though, with global audiences, it’s often better to spread your content out over a span of the whole 24 hours, so you’re leaving out people in other time zones. This exposes you to more of your audience more frequently and often leads to more pins, shares, and comments as a result. 

In terms of frequency, more is often better, we find, with 5x a day being an optimal amount. Some experts recommend as much as 15-20x times a day, but if you’re a small company or brand, it’s better to pick a lower number and stay consistent than to do higher numbers intermittently.

Tip 10

Implement Rich Pins


Abby Herman, Snap Agency

Unless you are Pinterest savvy, you don’t know what rich pins are, and it’s really bad because they certainly help you get the visibility you need to build a following. 

There are certain things you can do on Pinterest that make your pin look be seen in a certain way, with caption content that entices people to click. 

Those are called “rich pins.” 

You can make a pin rich if it sells a product, has a recipe (food) or if it’s connected to a blog post. Once that’s done, you can pin your products directly from your website (or even your Etsy store) directly to Pinterest, and visitors will be able to see the product and the price tag on it. 

If you are just now getting into Pinterest marketing, this is a great strategy that makes it easier for visitors to go from one platform to another and hopefully turn them into paying customers.

Ready To Use These Pinterest Marketing Tips?

Many companies have taken to using Pinterest as a marketing tool, for good reason: it’s growing quickly, and users are actively engaged with the platform.

As Pinterest continues to gain users and popularity, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of Pinterest marketing tips. Leave a comment below about your favorite Pinterest marketing tips.

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