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8 Ways to Monetize Video Content on Social Media

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  • 8 Ways to Monetize Video Content on Social Media

As consumer trends change, more and more customers consume video content as they engage brands and look for solutions to their challenges. A great video content marketing strategy can help you keep getting potential customers to your brand, engage them and get them to convert. Research shows that 73% of users use video content for brand marketing.
Monetize Video Content

Source: CMI

Social media is one of the best places to engage and monetize video content. In this article, you will get some tips to apply in your video marketing and monetize your video content as you engage potential customers and market your business on social media.

Why Use Video Content

  • Videos are easy to capture attention. Videos are easy to watch, engage and consume and most people prefer them. It’s easy to explain concepts to users using video content. Placing video content on your landing pages can drive more website visitors and get their attention about your business products or services.
  • Explain new products or services. Many target readers use videos to learn about new products or services for a business. With video content, they can watch and hear as they follow along on how business offers can help them solve their pains. Videos make it easy for users to understand the different features of a product or service than if they were reading written content about those products or services.
  • Videos drive more conversions and sales. Many target customers prefer watching video demos for products or services before converting. Video content helps target customers see the value of a product, buy it, and start using it. It is easy for target customers to convert after watching how a product works in reality through the video content they watch.
  • Build trust and credibility easily. Target customers want to know if the business they want to invest in can solve their challenges effectively. Greate video content helps users see your expertise and thought leadership in your market niche and makes them easily believe the value you offer.

Ways to Monetize Video Content

Using Affiliate Links Within The Content

As you produce your video content and engage your target audience on social sites, you can include affiliate links to brands that you promote. You can also offer affiliate links for your products if you have them. Ensuring the products you promote offer quality solutions to your target customer needs is essential.

Create video content that helps readers understand their challenges deeper and see the value of the brands you promote in helping solve those pains.

If your video content is engaging and educative and your readers see the value you offer, it will be easy to convince them to buy the products you’re promoting in the content.

Ensure that you don’t create video content to only place affiliate links. Your target readers will know when you’re posting content just to add affiliate links. Ensure your content is educative and informative, and shows your target readers ways to solve their pain points. Use your content to build trust with your readers before you suggest products or services they can use, the ones you’re promoting with affiliate links.

Product Placement

You can partner with other businesses that want their products or services marketed on social media and get them to pay you for the product placement in your videos. As you engage your target audience and educate them about your business or products, you can mention those other products to your audience.

It’s a good practice to ensure the products you place in your videos are not for your competitors as that can affect your business. You will quickly build trust and credibility with the target readers if your videos are consistent and high quality. Remember, your social media viewers are not only looking for entertaining content but one that shows them how to solve their challenges. If the content is amazing it will drive more engagement and conversions with the products you promote.

Video Sponsorship

You can create great educational video content and promote your brand products by weaving the features in the video content and showing target customers how to solve their pains with your products or services. Here is what Daniel Chabert, CEO of PurpleFire got after using this strategy for his brand.

By producing videos that seamlessly integrate products or services into the content, you can create an authentic and valuable endorsement. One campaign I worked on generated a 45% increase in new customer acquisition and an uptick of 7% in overall sales.

Through product weaving, the target audience can get first-hand experience and see how your business works at solving the challenges they face in their lives. That can drive them through the sales funnel and get them to convert and make purchases of your product.

Freemium to Premium

You can offer different packages of your services to your potential clients. Give your customers access to limited features of products or services for free. Keep creating great social video content that educates them about your brands and how to solve their challenges with your business offers.

As you keep marketing, tell your target audience they can get more features and solve their challenges effectively with a paid version of the features the business offers.

Since the prospective customers have seen the value you can offer them with the free version of your services or products, they will pay for the premium package to get more features.

For example, you could offer consultation services to SaaS brands on how they can retain more customers consistently. You can create video content and show business owners the steps they can take. Once the SaaS business owners see the value your services give, they will want to get more by paying for the premium services to retain customers.

Do Product Reviews

You can create video content and review products to help target customers when choosing the best solutions to their challenges. The videos show the target reader the value of the products you’re reviewing. Reviewing different products in your video content increases the chance of getting your readers to choose a product you review and purchase it. During product review, let your target customers know the value of each product and how it will help them solve their pain points. You can also include a video customer testimonial on the content you create when reviewing the products.

If the target customers that you reach on social media with your product reviews videos love the products or services you review, they will go ahead and make a purchase and you as a marketer get paid for the video content you created.

Run Targeted Ads

Ads can be a great way to reach your target audience and monetize your video content. Once you understand your target customer pain points, you can create targeted ads through video content to drive the reader to take action that can result in sales for your products. Here is what Ahmet Durmusoglu Co-founder of ContentGo says.

We also discovered significant opportunities through paid promotional campaigns via social media platforms. By targeting the right audience segments and promoting our video content, we were able to ensure a higher return on investment (ROI). For example, we allocated 20% of our marketing budget to video content promotion on social media, resulting in a 45% increase in leads at ContentGo. Our team closely monitored analytics, allowing us to fine-tune our campaigns and engage our target audience effectively.

Research by eMarketer shows that social network video spending will reach $28 billion this year.

Monetize Video Content - 8 Ways to Monetize Video Content on Social Media - 1

Source: eMarketer

This shows that brands heavily invest in video ads to advertise their marketing and reach more target customers. To help drive more revenue from brands, create targeted video content that provides actionable tips to solve the challenges target customers face in their lives.

Partner with brands that want to market their services or products on social media and work on the ads you can place on your videos to drive engagement to their business. Ensure you add an actionable and easy call-to-action in your social media video ads to guide the user on the right actions they need to take when they view your ads.

Training Courses and Webinars

Your target audiences are always searching for products or services to help solve their pains. One great way to monetize your video is to research your target customer pains and create a webinar that addresses those pains. Research the common challenges that face your social media followers, then create video presentations for your webinar around those topics.

Feature experts in your webinar sessions your target customers trust and deliver actionable tips and strategies they can use to solve their pains. Show them how your business products or services are the best fit they need to solve those pains.

Once you build that trust and show them the value you offer, you can get them to take action that can result in sales for your business. These can be:-

  • Subscribe to your email newsletter
  • Sign up for product demos
  • Start a free trial of your product or service

When target customers see the value of your business, they will invest in it and want to learn more about the solutions you offer and how you can solve their challenges.

Once you have them on your email subscriber list, it will be easy to nurture them through the sales funnel and get them to convert and use your business products or services.

Create a Paid Membership Community

This is another fantastic way to monetize your video content. Create a community and start offering video content to followers who love and enjoy your business products or services.

Creating a membership community shows your expertise in the specific market niche and keeps driving more members to engage and consume your video content. You can charge the premium members a certain amount each month for the exclusive content you offer them.

Ensure you consistently create valuable video content for your members and go above and beyond to give actionable plans and strategies to solve their pain points. People will pay to get quality video content that will help solve their challenges.

Best Practices to Make the Most From Video Content

In addition to the above ways to monetize your video content, here are some practices you should keep consistently to drive more engagement and conversions from your video content on social media.

  • Understand your target audience well. To ensure you keep your social media viewers engaged with the content of your video, you need to ensure it matches your customer pain points and interests. It will be hard to get social media users to engage with content that doesn’t align with their needs.
  • Use quality tools for your video creation. You need every advantage to capture the attention of your target customers and get them to engage with your video content. You must use high-quality tools for video creation to make sure you stand above your competitors and deliver the best value with your video content.
  • Ensure videos are mobile-friendly. Many target users now use smartphones to access video and other online content when searching for help to their challenges. If your videos are not mobile-friendly and users can’t access the videos on their mobile devices, you’re losing a great chance to engage and get users to convert and buy what you’re marketing.
  • Have great video titles and thumbnails. It will be hard for viewers to click and watch your videos if your title is not impressing them. When creating videos use thumbnails and titles that are attractive and will capture the attention of social media users to click on your video and engage with it.
  • Keep videos short. It will be hard for most users to watch long video content on social media to completion. To avoid this and also engage users, create short and sweet videos for your social media users. Vidyard research shows 58% of video viewers watch until completion if the video content is less than a minute.

Final thoughts on How to Monetize Video Content

Publishing high-quality content to your target audience as you keep engaging and growing your customer base is essential. In addition, you can take advantage of creating great video content as part of your brand’s social media marketing strategy and start generating additional revenue from your video on social media.

This article has highlighted some of the best ways to monetize your videos and generate sales as you educate and engage your target audience. As you keep creating your video content, use these tips to get profit from the videos you create by monetizing them.

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