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20 Ways to Use Videos in Your Social Media Marketing

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  • 20 Ways to Use Videos in Your Social Media Marketing

When was the last time you binge-watched a video on social media?

Well, we guess it must have been just 15-20 mins ago.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular across all social media channels; online video consumption has increased by 96%.

Here’s an eye-opener for your social media marketing campaigns- “225 million Indians are watching videos on YouTube, while 83% of internet users want to discover a brand’s personality through social media!”

Thus, you will want to use videos in your social media marketing to engage with your consumers and scale your brand awareness.

As a social media marketer distributing your content on social media channels is a tedious task as there is no one-size-fits-all solution to repurpose content across social media.

For instance, Instagram requires a different approach to video than LinkedIn. Considering the set of audiences present on both platforms is different.

If you push the same video across both platforms, it means you are running the risk of not connecting with the audiences and alienating their interests which can lead to failure in meeting social media goals.

Video content is an irreplaceable part of any business marketing strategy, and with the right social media strategy in place, you can achieve impeccable results.

Just like a social media post, videos need to be creative, unique, and engaging to attract the viewer.

You must be wondering how to create videos that will strike a chord in your consumers’ hearts.

Below we have mentioned 20 ways to use videos in your social media marketing. From short videos to the long informative ones, we have covered everything.

Let’s dig deep into the details and fine-tune your video marketing strategies.

Use Videos in Your Social Media Marketing

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20 Ways To Incorporate Video In Your Social Media Marketing

87% of marketers confirmed that by incorporating video marketing, they were able to increase traffic.

Video marketing is not going to be dead in the coming years; in fact, it will be a strong content pillar in coming years and will be incorporated into social & content marketing strategies across platforms.

Here are 20 fantastic video ideas to bolster your social media presence:

1. How-To Or Tutorial Videos

Every year nearly 70% of the audiences conduct how-to searches on YouTube. People learn more about the product/service by seeing it in action; therefore, start by brainstorming some FAQs that your customers can ask.

Such videos also establish your authority in the industry by showcasing your thought leadership.

Here is an excellent example of LinkedIn Marketing solutions where they are talking about building content marketing strategy on Linkedin.

How to videos are also great because they are very search friendly. For example, language learners looking for a tutoring platform may stumble across Preply when searching “how to speak French” on youtube.

2. Teaser Videos

What do you watch before watching a video?

Obviously, you watch the movie trailer to learn about the upcoming film and what you can expect when you go to the theaters.

Similarly, you can drop a teaser about your services/product by taking the blueprint and start creating a hype of its own via video content.

This teaser by video by Wistia was launched by their original video series ‘Show Business’ to create hype.

You can take inspiration from them to create a teaser video and create curiosity among your audience.

3. Introduction To New Product/Service

Videos introducing new products/services can be a great hook to entice your customers. These videos exhibit new products/services by introducing the vision and mission of the product.

If you can’t tell the story of the new product and how it can benefit the user in 2-4 minutes or so, then you need to boil down the message to make it short.

Otherwise, users will not catch the message and skip the video.

Here is an example of HubSpot introducing its CRM software. It is perfectly explained in a short tenure of time with tips to grow business.

This is a perfect example of how you can incorporate all the essential information in a short time and make the video appealing to the audience.

4. Leverage the blog post

Scrutinizing the blog post to get insightful ideas is the best advice anyone can give you. You can record short summarized videos and redirect the traffic to the web page for in-detail knowledge.

By using this idea, you will not only be getting a video to post, but also it is an excellent opportunity to promote your blog post.

5. Updates & Recaps

Holding an event or conference?

Generate the excitement online with the help of video content. You can create videos to give a sneak peek into the upcoming events.

It will surely invite people to come and share their presence.

Also, sharing short snippets will make non-attendees a part of the event.

Also, creating a year-round recap is the best way to engage your audience and give them the best of what happened during the entire year.

When it comes to year-round-up, google does the best job. This video by Google showcases the events that happened during the entire year and imparts hope that the new year will be coming with hope for good.

6. Live Q&A

Social media channels are best to post Q&A sessions as most of them have in-built live streaming features. Users love to engage with the brands and ask questions.

Q&A videos are a great way to engage with the current social media followers and interact with them in real-time.

It not only builds brand trust but also attracts new customers.

The live Q&A with the Ex-VISA office on Argo Visa is a perfect example of how you can come face-to-face with the audience and answer their queries.

This live answer questions about the VISA process and general queries about the VISA application process.

7. Behind The Scenes Videos

You have to trust this one! Users love behind-the-scenes videos; they are more than curious to know what is happening behind the scenes.

BTS or behind-the-scenes videos perfectly marries the social aspect of social media. It gives your audience a peek at what is going on behind the scenes.

This video by HubSpot is an example of behind the scenes. This video represents what happens behind the scenes and how the team works to achieve the goals.

8. Takeover Videos

You might have seen influencers or other brand pages take over the official social media page.

Well, the concept here is pretty simple. You can allow your employees or special guests to drop a video on your brand’s official account.

You can keep it similar to the social media takeover but with the videos. Instead of a day, share your Instagram handle for a week or a more extended set of times.

Takeover videos can be created on different subject matters and can be useful in building relationships.

For instance, an employee who does take over your account can show viewers the workplace and introduce them to different team members.

9. A Thank You Video

Was your last product launch successful? Or your last campaign was superhit among the customers?

Well, there is always a reason to say thank you.

Creating video content can be an excellent opportunity to voice your gratitude for the growth of your business.

Not only will this send a positive message to your audience, but it will also show your appreciation for their participation in the success.

This can allow you to tap into potential business leads.

10. Do a case study video

Case studies are the perfect middle-of-the-funnel content, but it is hard for the audience to read them thoroughly.

So why don’t you spice it up and launch your own version?

Create a video around your successful client’s story and provide the case study. Ensure to provide a link to the extensively written case study and attract the customer with an enticing CTA.

When it comes to the excellent case study, Coca-Cola is the champion. You can see a successful video case study by Coca-Cola. It has all the elements to make the video compelling. It is entertaining, simple, and informative.

11. Instagram Reels And Video Ads

Instagram reels are tending and have become the fastest-growing feature worldwide!

91% of users watch videos on Instagram weekly. They can be a great way to divert traffic to your website and build brand awareness of your business.

The world nowadays LOVES reels, and every now and then, new video marketing trends keep popping on. Why don’t you adopt a new direction and start making a reel around it?

Also, video ads are not only engaging but also a lot easier to consume. They are attractive, short, eye-catching, and to the point.

They are more appealing to the customer and instantly catch the viewer’s attention while they are scrolling through the feed.

12. Animated Video

An Animated video is another amusing way to engage with your audience online.

The success of these videos totally depends on the audience you are targeting and does that content serve the purpose.

However, they are lighthearted and are best for platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Additionally, keep in mind that voice-over plays an essential role in such videos.

Therefore ensure that you insert the voice accurately.

13. Interviews

Interview videos are a great way to establish leadership in the industry.

People want to watch interview videos as they want to learn from others’ experiences.

This builds legitimacy and perfectly does the brand positioning. You can interview leaders from your company or industry.

14. Testimonials

Customers have become very smart nowadays! They want to be sure before they buy a product.

Therefore sharing a customer testimonial can be your social proof to establish trust in your brand.

You can request your dear customers to provide you with a testimonial video and help them understand the value your brand offers.

You can either use customer testimonial videos as organic or ad videos. Depending on your requirement, you can strategically place these testimonials.

15. Reviews

What do customers check nowadays before purchasing a product/service? Well, all of them head to check the reviews online!

79% of consumers confirm that they trust online reviews.

And that’s how you can leverage this opportunity to create content that would attract more customers.

You can do book, software, tools, etc., reviews, and post on your social media.

16. DIYs Videos

Do it yourself, also acronymized as DIY, are pretty popular videos across social media.

As the world marches towards revolutionary changes and people are living by themselves, doing things yourself is a time savior.

Well, here, enter the DIY videos that provide content on how one can fix the problems by themselves. Maybe you can also create a few DIY videos prevalent in your industry and see the magic!

By creating DIY videos, you also open the gateway for new consumers.

17. Announcement Videos

Make your following announcement via a video!

From announcing big news to telling that the store will be closed tomorrow, you can incorporate everything in the video.

Announcement videos are perfect for social media because they don’t have to belong and are much planned.

They simply need to be exciting and full of energy so that you get the other person excited about the same.

18. Leadership Videos

Leadership videos can cover a feature on various subject matters- where only experts’ thoughts matter.

You can request the CEO, founder, head of marketing, or SEO to share their experiences and knowledge.

This will not only carry leadership, though but will also make followers look forward to watching new videos.

Also, such videos have more share rate and encompass the latest trends in the industry.

You can get started with it by asking the speakers about what industry topic they would like to venture into and share their thoughts on.

If they don’t have an idea, then you can have a brainstorming session with them and pull out some great ideas.

19. Employee Interviews

Social media is a place to share personal information and sharing employee interviews gives a human touch to the page.

Sprout Social has shared this fantastic video introducing a member of their team and showing the team of real people behind the brand.

The secret sauce is pretty simple here: from introducing a team member to highlighting their experience, you can cover anything.

20. Particular Feature Explaining Videos

A particular feature video highlights a segment of your product/service and how it can help to generate sales online.

For the audience already following you, it is an opportunity to stay up-to-date on new features. Whereas for the new people it can be a chance to get introduced to your business.

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Image Source: Freepik

Use Videos In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

We have mentioned the best ways to use videos in the social media marketing strategy. You can always experiment with the ideas and find the perfect formula that works for your marketing plan.

Keep playing around with your social media strategy to see which video is working best for your audience.

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