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10 Facebook Post Ideas to Engage Your Group Members in 2024

It’s official. As of January 2021, groups are one of Facebook’s highest priorities. And it’s never been more important  than ever to leverage these Facebook post ideas into your groups.

In Mark Zuckerberg’s own words on his Q4 2020 earnings call held on January 27th, 2021, he said;

“Today, more than 600 million people are members of a group on Facebook that they consider to be meaningful in their lives. Our product focus now is to develop this community infrastructure beyond feeds and message boards to help people build and run full self-sustaining community institutions. So we’re building tools to help groups get things done together and provide support for more people that span messaging, video chat, and even communities’ own websites.”


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What that will specifically translate to in the future is anyone’s guess, but it does mean that Facebook Groups will be getting a lot of attention from Facebook. As someone who built a thriving Facebook page back in the days of high organic reach, my prediction is that this can only be a positive message for group owners!

Facebook wants to help you grow your community.

How Do Facebook Groups Work?

Social Media in its entirety is about engagement. Sure we can all schedule regular updates without even looking at our accounts, but unless we engage with our communities at a more meaningful level, our updates just get lost in the crowd.

Facebook groups have been created to support that more meaningful connection. They bring together like-minded people all interested in a specific topic and who have chosen to be there.

As a marketer, entrepreneur, or lifestyle business owner, you can use Facebook Groups to meet like-minded people, ask questions, get real answers from others like you, and create your own group to build a community around your niche.

facebook post ideas

Starting your own group gives people the chance to get to know you on a much deeper level and ask questions you may not even know they have! From a purely business-oriented perspective, groups are a fantastic marketing tool.

The very nature of a private group means that members have to be accepted. It’s an exclusive club that you can easily monitor to ensure that all new members join for the right reasons.

And the stats don’t lie; there are more than 1.8 billion monthly Facebook Groups users, managed by tens of millions of moderators. As an owner and moderator, you need to be doing all you can to foster and grow your community. And what better way than regularly publishing engaging Facebook posts.

How To Engage Your Facebook Group Members

Below I will take you through what I’ve found to be the ten most engaging types of Facebook post ideas for Facebook Groups. But first of all, what do we mean by “engagement”?

There are two primary ways you can measure engagement through a post.

  1. Reactions (likes, shares, emoji’s, etc.)

The more you engage your group members, the more your community sees your updates in their newsfeed, and the more Facebook displays your group to people with similar profiles. One effective strategy to boost engagement is to tag everyone in the Facebook group in certain posts. This not only alerts all members to the post but also encourages a broader range of responses and interactions.

Using a mixture of the Facebook post ideas below, you’ll achieve great results, generating plenty of reactions and plenty of genuine and insightful comments. 

Facebook Post Ideas

1. Ask A Question


Let’s start with the most simple and straightforward Facebook post idea; asking your members a question.

You can ask any question you like, but the number of responses you receive will be based on how relevant your question is.

If it’s well related to your niche, then expect a lot of responses. If the post generates crickets, it’s a sign you’re straying too far away from the interests of your group members.

Good starting points include;

  • Market research – What better way to understand your audience’s needs and wants than by asking them! Find out why they joined the group, what they’re hoping to get out of the community, and anything else that can help you serve them better.
  • Recommendations – For a book, podcast, blog, or for things you are genuinely looking to use to expand your own knowledge in the industry.
  • Thoughts on recent news – If a big news story has just broken relating to your niche, share with your group and get their views and opinions on what it means for the industry.

adam enfroy fb group question example

Source – Blogpreneurs

Facebook Post Ideas

2. Share Your Content


Whenever you publish a new piece of content, such as a blog post, video, or podcast, share it in the group. Your goal is to create an engaged community of followers, so it’s a great place to get immediate thoughts and feedback.

If you publish reams of new content every day, then maybe select one or two items rather than bombarding people.

Based on the comments received, you may even wish to make immediate changes, updates, or add anything you forgot to include.

If no one is commenting or engaging, it might be a sign your content isn’t resonating. I recommend combining tip one here by including a simple question alongside the content shared.

your lifestyle business fb group blog post example

Source – Your Lifestyle Business

Facebook Post Ideas

3. Go Live


What better way to engage with your audience than by hosting a live chat with them! A Facebook Live session can take almost any shape or form, though proven sessions include:


If your group is a learning group, then a live training session is an excellent way to engage and share your skills. Come up with some ideas you can cover in around 15-30 minutes. Then, expect it to take a little longer after interacting directly with the people watching.

By answering their questions, you get the added bonus of discovering the sort of content they would love to hear more about in the future.

mari smith fb group live stream example

Source – Mari Smith’s Social Scoop


A live Q&A is similar to a training session in that the viewers get the chance to pick your brain and learn directly from you on a chosen topic. The main difference is that it’s highly interactive, so the entire live stream will be based on the questions you receive from people watching and commenting.


Reach out to other people in your niche, ideally more prolific and with an audience of their own, and host an interview in your Facebook Group. Throughout, encourage viewers to ask any questions and then host a Q&A at the end to cover any additional topics not addressed in the interview.

To help make any live stream as engaging as possible, it’s a good idea to promote it ahead of time and publicize the exact time you will be going live. Then, encourage viewers to comment and give feedback while the session is live. If any more comments come in following the replay, you can go back and respond.

Facebook Post Ideas

4. Group Share Post


Easily one of the most engaging Facebook post ideas is the group share, a chance for the group members to include a link to something that helps them.

The idea is that they share self-promotional content, such as a link to their business or blog.

The nature of this post will depend on the topic of your group. Here are some ideas;

  • “Share a link to your business – Include one or two lines about your company, as well as some way to find out more and contact you.”
  • “Tell everyone about the services you offer – Include your rates and the best way to get in contact with you.”
  • “What is your favorite online tool for “X” – Feel free to include an affiliate link if you have one.”
  • “What social media account are you most keen to grow at the moment? – Drop a link below, and be sure to check out and follow accounts for at least three other comments.”

goal digger podcast facebook group share example

Source – Goal Digger Podcast Insiders

Facebook Post Ideas

5. Share A Useful Resource


A Facebook Group isn’t a place to exclusively promote your content. If all you do is share your blog posts or podcasts, it runs the risk of becoming purely self-promotional. Instead, mix it up by sharing content from elsewhere online from within your niche.

Particularly if there is a breaking news story or content that you know your audience would enjoy but that you don’t plan on producing yourself.

To help make these Facebook post ideas more engaging, you need to encourage people to interact.

Ask a pointed question related to the piece, looking for genuine feedback and ideas.

Types of resources to share include:

  • Breaking news updates
  • Blog posts
  • Software
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Event announcements

boss moms fb group resource example

Source – Boss Moms

Facebook Post Ideas

6. Respond With A GIF Or Emoji


This is a fun and simple way to generate engagement in your Facebook Group. Simply ask a question and tell people to respond using only a GIF or emoji.

You can be super creative here; just think of a question that relates well to your audience’s interests.

Stuck for ideas? Try some of these …

  • What are your plans this weekend? Reply using only an emoji!
  • How are you feeling right now? Express only as a GIF.
  • What musical instruments do you play? Let me know using emojis [bonus points for whoever plays the most!]
  • Using GIFs or emojis, tell me how the weather is where you are.

ylb fb group respond with gif example

Facebook Post Ideas

7. Dish Out Some Motivation


I have to be honest, I’m a bit of a quote junkie, but hey, everyone loves a bit of motivation, so why not be the one to pay it forward?!

I love sharing inspiring quotes that I come across. Particularly those that resonate with me and that I know would benefit my community.

With easy to use apps and tools available such as canva.com, you can take a plain text post and create an engaging and highly shareable image.

You may also want to share an inspiring article, video, or podcast that you’ve come across.

rachel hollis motivational quote example

Source – Last 90 Days

You could even dedicate one day of the week as a motivational day, such as Monday mornings, for example, when your community might be looking for something to fire them up for the week ahead.

Better still, take time to share your successes or student wins if relevant. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your peers succeed!

justin woll student win example

Source – Beyond Six Figures

Facebook Post Ideas

8. Make Them Laugh


Facebook Group posts don’t always need a purpose. Instead, why not just make them fun and quirky! If you have any favorite memes or jokes, just go ahead and share them in your Group.

Much like motivational quotes, these can often work well on a Monday morning or even Friday evening. People are a bit stressed and tired and just want a good laugh!

funny facts and coffee funny meme example

Source – Funny Facts and Coffee

Facebook Post Ideas

9. Promote A Product


Facebook Groups can be a fantastic way to sell products online. Be careful not to be overly promotional though, as it could alienate your community.

As an old mentor used to tell me, ‘people love to buy, but they hate being sold too!’

However, there’s no reason why promoting products through your Facebook Group can’t be financially rewarding while also being a great engagement tactic.

Most importantly, make sure you’re always adding value, even when you’re selling!

Say, for example, your group is all about baking tips & tricks, and you’ve just come across a brand new mixer that you have personally tried, tested, and love! Tell people about it and showcase some of your results using it. Rather than seeing it as a sales pitch, they will thank you for it.

Similarly, suppose you are getting ready to launch a premium training course. In that case, your group is a great way to make additional sales, particularly if you encourage potential customers to ask you questions about it.

Promoting your product in such an open forum, addressing any immediate concerns, feedback or questions, builds trust and engagement as well as profits!

amy porterfield fb group course promo example

Source – Amy Porterfield

Facebook Post Ideas

10. Welcome New Members

How to Create a Facebook Group

One of the primary purposes of a Facebook group is to build a sense of community. Perhaps the best way to achieve this from the very beginning is to welcome every new member personally to the group!

It works well to do this once a week, or depending on the volume of new recruits, every few days as you allow batches of new members to join the group.

The benefit is two-fold. First, that the new member immediately feels included in the group. Secondly, it encourages existing members to participate in the simple task of commenting and saying welcome!

An added tip is to ask an engaging question in this post, such as;

  • “Say hi and sum up in one line what your business idea is about.”
  • “Have a burning question? Now is the time to ask! So drop a comment below, and existing members will help out.”

mediavine welcome new members to group example

Source – Mediavine Publisher Group

Use These Facebook Post Ideas To Engage Your Group in 2024

Any or all of the above ideas will most certainly help you increase engagement in your Facebook Group.

If you’re just starting with a new group, it’s worth trying lots of the ideas listed above and seeing which sorts of Facebook post ideas best resonate with your audience.

The name of the game, however, is consistency. It’s no good posting just once a week or once in a blue moon and expecting a plethora of responses. If your group is not consistently engaged, your members just won’t see your updates in their feed!

Set a schedule to post engaging content in your group at least three or four times a week, monitor responses, and be prepared to get in there and network with your community.

Crucially, as the owner and moderator, you need to be both creative and genuine.

If you’re focused only on the numbers and have little regard for building relationships, this will manifest in the sheer lack of engagement your posts will receive. Instead, be open and take the time to respond to as many questions and comments as you can.

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy building a community of like-minded individuals and continue to look for ways to both delight and engage your members.