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The 11 Greatest Social Media Podcasts To Level Up Your Marketing

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  • The 11 Greatest Social Media Podcasts To Level Up Your Marketing

There are endless podcasts about social media marketing, but not all of them are as entertaining as these 11 options. Social media marketing is becoming more relevant, and learning more about it is a great investment to make. Media influences our daily life, from advertisements to daily news. These are the 11 greatest and the best social media podcasts to help level up your marketing.

Social Media Marketing

If you are newer to the subject, you may not fully understand what social media marketing is. Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to build an online presence. The end goal is to grow your business/brand, expand your audience, and potentially earn income online. Social media marketing is the future of modern business and influencers. Take the opportunity to become a social media expert yourself through listening to these in depth, expert owned podcasts.

1. Ace The Gram

This is the best podcast for social media marketing, hosted by two lovely ladies known as Tasha Meys and Viv Conway. The two focus on how to effectively use the social media platform Instagram, hence the name of the podcast.

Tasha and Viv have ample experience with how to perform well on Instagram, no matter if your profile is business or personal. The girls interview guests and do one on one podcasts. They talk about the endless ways Instagram can be used to enhance your life.

Tasha and Viv even have workshops to help Instagram newbies gain valuable social media skills. These New Zealand locals aren’t afraid to share all of their secrets on how to “Ace The Gram”.

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2. Simple Pin Podcast

Pinterest is known for it’s recipes, inspiration, and lifestyle content. Kate Ahl is the host of the Simple Pin Podcast. Her podcast is centered around how much an asset pinterest can be to an individual or collective business.

Kate speaks about pinterest marketing strategies, and how pins can draw new customers to your business, or new viewers to your social media. If you run an online business, Kate’s podcast can be beneficial to helping you improve your future marketing practices.

She often talks about how you can increase your Etsy, ecommerce, or Shopify sales. “The main reason as to why Pinterest is a useful tool is because it drives traffic to your website. Kate makes this point clear during her podcast episodes, shares Neal Norman, social media blogger at Viawriting and Resumention.

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3. Social Media Marketing Talk Show

This podcast covers everything social media related. Each Friday host Micheal Stelzner posts an episode about the newest media trends.

Lately, episodes of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show have shown how TikTok is one of the easiest ways to market yourself online. Episodes contain information on new social media platform features, media news and how to properly use platforms. The Social Media Marketing Talk Show is always up to date, and is really useful for small business owners and media markets.

Micheal’s main focus with the Social Media Marketing Talk Show is to give his audience a competitive advantage over other social media users.

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4. Maximize Your Social Influence

Social media marketing expert Neal Schaffer uses his podcast, “Maximize Your Social Influence” to coach his listeners. His goal is to help guide beginners, professionals, and business owners to achieve greater social media success.

Neal Schaffer passes down his knowledge on how to use monetization to earn money on social media. Listeners claim that Neal provides quality content that has helped countless people become better at social media marketing. He has done episodes on platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, SEO optimization and more.

Neal continuously brings his listeners new knowledge each episode. He credits other social media podcasters, and is one of the best experts in the social media marketing industry.

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5. The Science of Social Media

Buffer created this podcast to help individuals understand the complexity and science of social media. A team of social media experts hosts the Science of the best social media marketing podcast.

They post episodes weekly, and also explore topics outside of media strategies. The Buffer team has done more serious episodes based on antiracism and utilizing social media in a crisis such as the pandemic.

Unlike the previous podcasts, The Science of Social Media makes shorter, condensed episodes that range from 10-20 minutes long. The podcast has a 4.7, and has successfully helped audience members out with their social media inquiries.

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6. 6 Figure Influencer

Host of “6 Figure Influencer,” Allie Reeves, has made a career on social media. This mom makes a 6 figure income by being a social media influencer. Allie’s content is directed to other stay at home moms, inspiring them to seek their own social media success.

She shares ways on how fellow moms can make extra income to support their children and themselves. Allie owns her own business alongside her husband. Allie’s energy, attitude, and accomplishments prove she is capable of many wonderful things. “Mom’s don’t get enough credit for everything they do.

Allie’s podcast has paved the way for a growing community of independent, self made mothers, mentions Susan Wilkins, writer at Dissertation Help and Subjecto.

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7. The Shine Online Podcast

Natasha Samuel hosts The Shine Online Podcast. She started her small business journey as a 21 year old college student. Through her podcast, Natasha embraces her love of business.

Natasha is a black woman from Florida, who is bringing diversity into the social media marketing industry with her podcast. She has built a positive community for upcoming entrepreneurs. Natasha has interviewed like minded business owners in several episodes.

She founded her very own Instagram studio, “Shine With Natasha”. Her positive intentions, and social media expertise makes her podcast worth the listen.

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8. Online Marketing Made Easy

Social media marketing isn’t an easy thing to do. Luckily, Amy Porterfield has made a podcast to help simplify the complex processes used in social media marketing.

She shares her strategies, life hacks, and ways that you can grow your social media success. Amy teaches her listeners easy methods to thrive on their social media platforms. Amy offers courses as well, and is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.

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9. Social Pros Podcast

The Social Pros Podcast features many social media marketing experts. Media pro Jay Baer is the host of the Social Pros Podcast. He focuses on how social media has both negatively and positively impacted business.

Jay has been able to show that companies can take advantage of social media in a harmful way. Jay proves that social media is meant for getting out any messages or information. He did an episode on how social media influenced many people to get vaccinated.

The Social Pros Podcast is perfect for future leaders and social media marketers that are wishing to make big impacts in the industry. Jay has inspired listeners to take action, and make powerful social media marketing decisions.

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10. The Blogging Millionaire

Many people assume that blogging is a social media marketing strategy of the past, this is certainly not true! Blogging is another strategy you can use to drive even more traffic to your other social media platforms.

Brandon Gallie is the host of The Blogging Millionaire podcast. Brandon has been learning about business ever since he was little. One of his parents worked in sales, so he consistently would hear about ways to market a brand and products.

After surviving having a brain tumor, Brandon began his blog, which later turned into a fully fledged business. Brandon’s success is mainly due to his blog setting a solid foundation for his business.

In his podcast episodes, Brandon repeatedly brings up the importance blogs can have in marketing strategies. He gives his listeners tips on how to drive traffic, expand your business, and reach monetization through blogging.

If you have a website, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t also have a blog as well. Brandon is living proof that blogs are just as powerful as any other social media marketing platforms.

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11. Visual Marketing With Tailwind

In order to consistently perform well on social media, you have to follow a posting schedule. Taking your off days is fine, but the more regularly you post, the easier it is to thrive on social media.

Visual Marketing With Tailwind is a podcast about the social media scheduling resource called “Tailwind”. With Tailwind, social media marketers can schedule both Pinterest and Instagram posts.

The Visual Marketing With Tailwind is also the best social media podcast that focuses on the visual side of media marketing; this is due to Instagram and Pinterest both being visual media platforms.

Visuals are one of the most important factors of media marketing. Depending on how images appear, we may not click them if they aren’t pleasing to the eye. This podcast is a great option for artists, models, and those who market primarily through images.

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Final Thoughts on Social Media Podcasts

These 11 podcasts all bring something unique to the social media marketing industry. Beginners, experts, and casual listeners can all benefit from what these social media veterans have to say. Social media marketing is essential to the future of business and branding.

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