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How different generations use social media

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  • How different generations use social media

The need for socialization has been around us for a long time, but the form of interaction changes at times. Earlier, people used to gather regularly at homes or any public places like gardens, clubs, and restaurants.

They used to meet during morning walks, in the evenings, or at night after dinner to tell one another how their days had gone, what they liked, which book they had read, or which movie they had seen.

With the progress in communication, social networking has become routine, and various social media sites have emerged. As a result, businesses see a vast scope of expansion through platforms.

So it’s important to know how different generations use social media.

Emergence Of Social Media In The Digital World

Social networking facilities have seen a dramatic evolution over time. From actual to virtual, offline to online, near to far, we have found various places to talk and discover new people. And the craze of social networking is at its greatest extent currently.

Let’s discuss social networking platforms. Looking back, we noticed that the first-ever public forum was Six Degrees which came into existence in 1997.

After that, numerous mediums shone for some moments and disappeared into the dark abyss of the virtual universe; Ryze (2001), Friendster (2002), hi5 (2003), and, Myspace (2003) are some of them.

With the names told above, social networking giants have come into existence, standing against the dynamic form of digital technology. For instance, Orkut started in 2004 and enjoyed some fandom for a short time.

Facebook emerged in 2004 and has remained one of the most preferred mediums in contemporary times. Twitter began in 2006 and gained popularity as a medium of news and updates.

Visually rich mediums like Youtube (2005), Instagram (2010), TikTok (2016), and Snapchat (2011) have been more prevalent among youth in the previous decade.

Here, it is vital to assess the role of Generation Z and millennials in boosting the craze of social media. This is because the members of these age groups are the prominent users of the net service and social networking among the other ages.

They have stayed and will stay on social platforms for a significant part of their life. They are more indulged in the digital world than any other generation. So, they should be the main object of any social media advertising project.

Advantages Of Using Social Networking Tools

The primary motive for utilizing social networking has remained the same: talking with people and exchanging thoughts, feelings, and facts. But, public platforms have more scope than that.

People have now begun to use social networking to research products. So, merchants have started taking their businesses on social sites. Now, we will dive deeper into its benefits from different perspectives.

For Users

At this point, we will see how an average person who uses public platforms can get advantages from them. They are elaborated on in detail below.


As earlier said, interacting with various people is the prime motive for appearing on social media. Therefore, people can join others from different regions, countries, and age groups.

Mostly, people use social sites to join family members, friends, and colleagues. But, they can also join with those who have identical thoughts and likings. Generation Z and millennials are more concerned about this thing. They find friends on public platforms.

In fact, it is often seen that the netizens get to know friends on social sites first. Then, they start to know one another personally.

Acquiring New Skills

This may sound a bit unusual, but you can utilize social networking to learn something. However, platforms with visuals will be more helpful for this purpose. Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are among the prominent centers of video content.

If you are a regular social networking user, you can go through informative videos as well as demonstrative videos on numerous topics. For example, many watch Youtube videos to learn the cooking of delicious dishes. In addition, students can also get assistance in their studies with educational videos.

On the other hand, many educators and coaching centers provide knowledge on these centers. Moreover, after the covid outbreak, the usage of apps like Google Meet, Youtube, and Zoom Meeting has skyrocketed.

Building Communities

How different generations use social media - How different generations use social media - 1


You can make groups of people sharing similar interests on social platforms. For instance, there are many communities on various public sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You may see many communities on Facebook for movies where people discuss their favorite pictures, celebrate birthdays of beloved stars, and talk about the latest movies.

Not only for fun, but social sites are also a big stage to make groups for buying and selling things. There are numerous groups that connect buyers and sellers. In this regard, Facebook has grown as a vast marketplace.

Exploring Products

People like to obtain more insight into their preferred brands, so they use social networking apps to research various brands and read user reviews. In fact, social sites play a critical role in shaping the customers’ opinions nowadays,

Users who are under 50 are potential shoppers of online products as they are more tech-savvy and can easily communicate with companies. In addition, companies have also realized the essence of social networking in promotion.

Besides fetching brand information, you can leverage social sites to contact companies’ customer care departments. For instance, big brands have social media handles to offer easy and timely customer help on all leading platforms.

Maintaining Mental Health

Social media platforms can be called great stress busters or mental health relievers by interacting with various people and exchanging thoughts. In addition, it can help generate positive vibes among people with the same interests.

Various groups and people assist people in their mental health concerns on social sites and provide related solutions. It lets people fight their depression, anxiety, and stress issues.

Users can create, maintain and create new relations through social platforms. So, overall it helps to maintain mental well-being.

Finding Jobs

Though not every public platform will enable you to discover a mode of earning, you can have assistance from some selected mediums for jobs.

An important center for job hunting is LinkedIn, and after that, Facebook is also a center to find jobs. People in great numbers make profiles on these sites to get work. As a result, they often grab reasonable job offers without spending money.

On the other hand, recruiters post job openings in their firms on social media to attract top talent. Like job-seekers, employers also leverage social sites to find the best employees without spending money.

For Business

Everyone can extract the best from social networking for their businesses, from big enterprises to local retailers because the number of people using social networks has grown significantly. And it is likely to escalate in the future.

Below, we have listed some notable benefits that businesses can have by utilizing public platforms.

Growing Brand Awareness

Customers are often unaware of the brands, though these brands can fulfill their requirements. Marketers can address the potential customers on the sites about their products by creating social media mockups. Different social networking centers have different content strategies.

The approach of marketers also becomes critical. They should focus on promoting the voice of their brands instead of directing fetching customers. Making a bridge between customers’ needs and products’ attributes will help immensely.

Companies can avail the aid of leading social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to escalate brand awareness. The content form differs according to the medium.

Promoting Products

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Image (Source)

With the increasing numbers of netizens, the web world has been a vast marketplace with infinite possibilities for sales. Furthermore, social sites occupy an important place in the digital world. So, they offer excellent chances to boost promotion.

The good thing about social networking websites is that they allow small business owners to grow their businesses. In fact, social media promotion is an ideal strategy for traditional shop-owners to survive the invasion of online merchants.

Companies can attract a vast audience with social media promotion. Moreover, people can easily communicate with their favorite brands.

Interacting With Customers

Social networking sites are an effective way to talk with consumers. Companies having a social presence are more likely to gain customers as customers consider them more reliable. In addition, buyers think that they can easily communicate with companies through social platforms.

In addition, companies can efficiently resolve customers’ queries on social sites. They can reply to any complaints and show gratitude towards consumers. Thus, they can win customers’ trust, and loyal customers are the best marketers of any product.

Not only big brands but small and medium firms can also set up proper communication with their consumers through social sites.

Gaining Web Traffic

Social media posts are an excellent way for companies to drive online traffic to their websites. They can do so by putting links in their posts and advertisements. Overall, it will help them climb up in the search engine rankings.

Companies can engage the audience with diverse interests and behaviors by posting relatable content. With SEO techniques, companies can get loyal consumers, but they can grow the circle of consumers with engaging social media content.

More people visiting the websites means more possibility of fetching customers. So, companies can boost their sales by using sites of socialization.

Reducing Costs

Social media promotion can be much cheaper than traditional approaches. This is because maintaining a social presence doesn’t require much money.

Paid advertising allows marketers to promote their products as per their needs and budget. In addition, it generates more leads than the previous methods.

And an excellent social presence helps managers introduce new products/changes made in the existing product more efficiently. Thus, the product events can be organized virtually, and their costs can be saved.

Personifying Business

Companies can present their businesses as a virtual entity on social sites that interact with consumers, give answers to their questions, and notices their complaints.

A company is a large group of people working together, so it does not have one face or voice. But on the other side, customers feel better interacting with it when it appears on social sites as a profile.

Overall, taking your business on social media can create a good impression on the consumers. Many firms have realized this fact and started taking themselves on various social sites.

Usage Of Social Media By Different Generations

Though Generation z is the prime user of social media, members of other age groups stay online for a considerable time. So here, we have presented some eye-opening facts by Themanifest about social networking by various generations.

How different generations use social media - How different generations use social media - 3

Image (Source)

  • This image shows that eight out of ten people of every generation appear on social media a minimum once a day.
  • Millennials’ usage of social media is less than generation Z.
  • The rate at which generation z uses Facebook is decreasing day by day.
  • Youtube is visited by people of every generation.
  • Users of all generations like to put pictures on social networking websites.
  • Snapchat is utilized by the young generation the most amongst all age groups.

The Future Of Communication And Business With Social Media

Social networking is responsible for bridging a dramatic about-face in how we communicate. As a result, many public platforms have been an integral part of our lives. As a result, we stay for a considerable time on social sites.

Social networking has impacted our lives in recent times like never before. There are many positives of social media usage. On the other hand, the spreading craze of social networking also raises many issues.

At a glance, virtual marketplaces will dethrone the actual ones in the upcoming time. However, if you ponder a bit more about this matter, you can learn that online shopping places and social networking sites actually complement local shopkeepers and small firms.

Small shop owners can thrive by establishing vital communication on public platforms. But on the other side, members of generation z and millennials appear with many creative start-up ideas on public platforms.

We can now see many social gatherings being arranged on online platforms. The concept of virtual meetings has helped us a lot after the sudden blow of the worldwide pandemic.

The practice of virtual event organization will reduce considerable time and resources in the upcoming days, thanks to numerous social networking tools. In addition, people have got habituated to using social media more for family events.

To Sum Up

Humans love to socialize and find many ways for the same at times. Therefore, we have got various methods to meet, talk and spread ideas.

However, if you look back, you will notice that the world has never seen progress in communication except in the 19th and 20th centuries. These two centuries have brought significant changes and set up the foundation of social media.

Generation Z and millennials are closest to the social media world. So, they will play a vital part in shaping the future of social communication.

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