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The Instagram Best Practices for Your Brand

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  • The Instagram Best Practices for Your Brand

Billions of images, videos, and lots of ads. We wouldn’t think so, but Instagram will be 12 years old in October 2022 and has gone through a lot of changes during that period.

In the beginning, it was used to allow individuals to share their experiences, and today it has become one of the key factors in corporate marketing and the conversion rate optimization process.

Here’s how you can use Instagram in the life of your website to grow confidently.

Why is it important to use the platform?

First and foremost, we want to show you why you should use Instagram in addition to Facebook or other social platforms in your marketing efforts.

According to statistics, this interface is actively visited by 1 billion users per month. Half of that, 500 million people, browse Instagram every day, which is an incredible number.

Based on this data, you can select your target group from somewhere between 1 billion and 500 million people, very easily. Why do we say it’s easy? After all, this interface also has built-in analytics features that make it easy to filter your target audience.

Now it must have occurred to you that these features are also available on Facebook, why should you use Instagram as well?

The answer is simple. Because the use of the two platforms is completely different. Facebook belongs to the group of classic social media interfaces.

Someone is just reading news about it, or just chatting with friends or family members. This is why people are often bothered by ads. They don’t want to see them because that’s not why they visit the platform.

But what about Instagram? Its basic function is to share pictures and videos about our experiences. As a result, it doesn’t bother the user at all to come across an image-based or video-based ad.

Obviously, you need to break the barrier here too if you want to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. The hardest thing is perhaps that but don’t worry, this article is about that.

Instagram Best Practices

Break the barrier

You’ve definitely been waiting for this part since this is where the exciting parts come from. How can you get your attention? How can you increase your conversion rate with Instagram?

In short, how can you create a good Instagram ad?

Let’s not delay any longer, let’s see what factors play a key role:

  • Analyze your website
  • The usage of pictures and videos together
  • Striving for design
  • Breakaway from basics
  • Aim clearly
  • Analyze your campaign in advance

As you can see, there are several things you need to pay attention to when creating an Instagram campaign.

You have to go through all the steps mentioned above, as without them your campaign may fail completely. Your conversion rate will not increase, and it will be a waste of money.

Let’s see step by step.

The relationship between analysis and creative elements

Be sure to analyze your website before you start creating your ad. Things to consider:

  • How users use your website
  • CTAs
  • Effective elements of your website
  • Your typical users

Let these three factors float before your eyes, as these will be the ones that will help you create the perfect advertising campaign.

A heatmap is a perfect tool for determining these parameters. Heatmaps show you which parts of your website are performing well or poorly.

Warm colors (usually red or orange) indicate items that are popular on your page, and cold colors (usually blue) indicate those that are less popular.

Based on this information, you can find out which of your products are the most popular, which CTAs are the ones that work best, and which are the colors or motifs that will attract attention in your case.

Here’s an example to help you understand the benefits of heatmaps for Instagram ads.

Let’s say that your heatmap analysis showed that the “Try it now” CTA performed best placed in a red button. In this case, you have to use the same combination in your ad, as your visitors responded the most in this way.

Instagram best practices - The Instagram Best Practices for Your Brand - 1

Imagine you have a webshop that sells electronics. You sell 3 types of phones and say a kind of electric toothbrush. Your measurement shows that most people interested in the “A” phone.

In this case, you need to focus on phone “A” in your Instagram ad. But why?

Because that has the biggest interest. Based on this, this product is likely to meet the needs of your target audience the best.

Also, if you put this at the center of your ad, they will be much more likely to buy from you and your conversion rate will increase. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to advertise your other products later, but it’s definitely worth using this method at the beginning.

Based on this information, you already have the basics to start a good Instagram campaign. Or, wait a second.

How could you get started, since you don’t even know who you’re advertising to? Don’t worry, heatmaps give the answer.

A special area of ​​heat map measurement is segment heatmap analysis. This is a very useful tool as it shows you what sources your visitors come from and how they use your website.

By retrieving the resources, you will have a clear idea of ​​exactly what age group or gender is visiting your website. If you want to choose a less creative solution, Google Analytics is also a great tool for finding your target audience.

With this information in mind, you only need to set these data in your Instagram filter and your ad is already targeted.

Let’s create the campaign

You’ve learned the basics, you know your target audience, and you know what you need to show in your ad anyway.

But what form of advertising should you use? How do you stand out from the crowd to increase your conversion rate?

For Instagram users to think of you as more than just an ad, we recommend the following:

  • Use a combination of videos and pictures
  • Use collages
  • Be interactive
  • The ad should match the Instagram account of your website

These are important steps, as, after the basics, you can get your selected CTAs, colors, and creatives to work. In order to not get lost in the mass of information, let’s see one by one.

The combination of images and videos

70% of Instagram posts come in the form of pictures. A simple image is simply no longer enough to draw the user’s attention to the fact that they could buy a cool product here.

Of course, we can’t say that image ad is ineffective. However, with a few extra elements, such as a short video, you can definitely increase the chances of users pressing your CTA button.

We recommend that you create multiple pages called “paged” or „turning over” ads.

The essence is that on the first page, you share an image based on the creatives explored by the heatmap analysis, and on the second page, you indicate a short video.

The essence of the video is to give a brief introduction to the product, talking about its benefits. Basically, the risk is always found during purchases which can only be reduced by providing information.

Images are not suitable for displaying so much information on it. Sorry, you can display more, but then your material will be very crowded which is worth avoiding.

Your video must include elements of your preliminary heatmap analysis that perform well. Include the CTA here as well, preferably multiple times during the video.

Believe us, it works.

Instagram best practices - The Instagram Best Practices for Your Brand - 2


The collages are similar to the method mentioned earlier. The point is to display multiple images side by side, making you stand out from the crowd again.

When creating collages, make sure that the images are related to each other. We know it sounds a little scary, but it’s not that complicated.

Make sure each page points to the next page, get the person interested to turn to and read the next page as well. So, the point of collages is to tell a story.

Make the first page the most eye-catching. Here you should think about how your product is different from your competitors and you need to show this in the first picture.

Let’s see an example:

Let’s stick to the telephone example. Let’s say the phones you sell on your website are punch and scratch-resistant because you provide them with a special foil as an extra feature.

In this case, your competitive advantage over your competitors will be that the screens of your phones will not be crushed if it has been dropped.

In this case, display the problem itself on the first page of your collage. Include in the picture a broken phone and describe the problem, “Have you ever had something similar?”

So, your potential buyer gets the idea that really, this has already happened to me, I don’t want it again because it was expensive to change the screen. This website knows what the problem is.

It is also clear from this example that the first page plays a key role in college-type Instagram ads. The first impression is what determines whether or not the user will continue to scroll to the second page and eventually increase your conversion rate.

On the other pages, you have to go through the story. Tell them why they should buy your phone. Tell them why your product is the solution to the problem shown on the first page.

One more important thing to mention about collages. It is important that the call-to-action have to be on the last page, as the potential buyer has already known you here. Remember, trust is the key to increasing your conversion rate.

Be interactive

Have you ever considered inviting your potential customers to a game instead of boring and often annoying product ads?

You don’t have to be scared if you don’t, as these interactive solutions aren’t as prevalent yet. If you’ve known about it, you’re on the right way.

Who doesn’t want to play? Of course, in the case of Instagram, we’re not talking about gaming.

Who said you have to advertise a product or service in an ad? Breakaway from the usual and create something completely new.

The most common form of interactive solutions is the organization of prize competitions. However, we don’t want to increase our engagement on Instagram now, or we don’t want to increase our follower base, we want to increase our conversion rate.

In this case, the process is more complex and you need to link it with some actions or promotions.

The basis is to hide something on your website, such as a promotional code or an extra free product, and advertise it on Instagram.

This is an effective solution because it will prevent them from not paying attention to your ad and will also drive a huge amount of traffic. Instagram users will review each small area of ​​your website in order to find the code or product.

In addition, they will meet your website, get to know you, see your other products, and learn how to use your website. The nice thing about it all is that you didn’t have to do anything with it, it will work automatically.

Sounds good right?

Instagram best practices - The Instagram Best Practices for Your Brand - 3

Strive for aesthetics

Your entire Instagram account must be based on one theme. You have to work with similar colors and themes throughout your ads to create this coherence.

If yellow has dominated your posts so far, this should be reflected in your ad. This will make your account perfectly transparent.

Why is this important? Because Instagram and other social media platforms also provide information about you to potential customers.

People will always look for information and they will look at your account before making a purchase. If they see that your site is beautiful, consistent with your posts, or transparent throughout the site then they will think it is a trusted website.

Build this trust, as this will be the key to increasing your conversion rate.

Final thoughts on Instagram best practices

As you can see, Instagram plays a prominent role in increasing the efficiency of your website. There are plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of.

In these campaigns, you need to focus on building trust and standing out from the crowd. Without them, your ad could easily fail.

However, based on the techniques mentioned above, you will be able to compile a perfect Instagram ad. Use them boldly.

We hope we can help.


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