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10 Instagram Metrics That Companies Should Pay Close Attention To

List one metric that is important for companies to track on Instagram. What valuable insights does it offer?

To help companies understand which Instagram metrics to focus on, we asked social media managers and digital marketing experts this question for their best advice. From watching click-through rates to optimizing hashtags, there are several tips that may help your company improve its use of Instagram’s valuable metrics.


Instagram Metrics To Pay Attention To

Tip 1

Strategize With Metrics


David Wachs, Handwrytten

Reach and engagement rates are valuable metrics to keep track of.

They let a company know relevant information like when the best time to post is, what content does best, and how many people are seeing their content versus how many are actually engaging as opposed to just scrolling past.

Companies can update their social media strategies and begin to shift more toward the content that does well by focusing on these two metrics alone.

Tip 2

Watch Click-Through Rates


Randall Smalley, Cruise America

When it comes to Instagram, there’s only one place for you to place a clickable link — in your bio.

Looking at your click-through rate for your bio link is super important because you are able to send users directly to signup, your website, to a blog post, or to a Linktree, so it’s easier for them to access a myriad of links.

Seeing your click-through rate from the bio tells you just how engaging the content is on your page.

For us, as an RV rental company, we make sure to include a mix of pictures of destinations people can visit, like the Grand Canyon, and the amenities/inside of our RVs so people can get a better visual of what our rentals look like.

Tip 3

Take Note of Mentions


Mike Krau, Markitors

One metric that’s useful for companies to pay attention to is how many times they’re being mentioned or tagged in posts and stories.

This can give you a sense of two major things:

  • how often your product is being mentioned
  • the types of user behaviors that are associated with your product.

For the first, you want your product being mentioned (for positive reasons, of course) because it’s a good indication that people want to engage with your brand.

For the second, you want to be able to learn about when, how, and why people are speaking about your product. Are they using your product with their friends? Are they using it every day or just sometimes?

All these data points will give you a good insight into how to better market your product.

Tip 4

Track Follower Growth


Darren Litt, MarketerHire

One metric that is important to track on Instagram is your follower growth rate.

This can be tracked over time, and you can see how your marketing efforts are impacting the number of followers that you are acquiring. The more followers you have, the greater impact each one of your posts will have as well.

Tip 5

Analyze Engagement


Jared Pobre, Caldera + Lab

We have fun creating Instagram content that sparks interest. So we keep a close eye on our engagement rate to see how well our content is performing.

We calculate this by dividing our total number of likes and comments by our follower count and multiplying that number by 100 to get a percentage rate.

And we can see which posts receive the most likes, comments, and shares from our community.

By analyzing this metric, we know what our audience wants to see more of, and we can then maximize our time creating the type of content they like. It’s a great way to keep our followers interacting with us.

Tip 6

Assess Comments Per Post


Craig Carter, Jack Mason

One metric that you should track on Instagram is the number of comments per post.

This shows how engaged your followers are with the brand. If you are getting a low amount of comments, people are likely just scanning through your post and not engaged with it. If this is the case, try creating some more engaging content that promotes followers to comment on the post.

Tip 7

Review Successful and Unsuccessful Posts


Peter Thaleikis, Which Login

The number of followers is a good metric to track, but it’s not the most important.

The most important metric is engagement.

Engagement is the number of likes and comments on your posts. Study your successful & unsuccessful posts alike. This helps you to fine-tune your Instagram posts and grow across the board.

Tip 8

Evaluate Follower Demographics


Mike Pasley, Famous IRL

Studying your audience demographics based upon your followers can reveal various characteristics of your followers, such as location, gender, age, and what times of day they tend to view or interact with your page.

Taking this data into account, you can then think of ways to keep serving your followers.

For instance, if your followers tend to be on your page during the late afternoons, you can start posting around this time so that they’ll be able to see your new posts more often.

You can also think of strategies to attract people from the demographics that are lacking from your audience reach.

Tip 9

Expand Your Reach


Guna Kakulapati, CureSkin

Reach is a tricky metric with Instagram because it heavily affects not only your potential growth but also the number of your existing followers who are able to see your content.

Instagram’s algorithm largely determines your “reach,” and understanding what makes it tick could make or break your social media marketing campaigns.

For now, ensuring that you create Reel, IGTV, and Stories in addition to posting on the grid regularly—preferably on a set schedule—should help optimize your reach. The algorithm also prefers photos of human faces.

Tip 10

Optimize Hashtags


Harris Rabin, R3SET

Our company uses branded content across its social media channels to promote its botanical stress supplements.

We’ve found that our audiences engage with our lifestyle content and video messaging the most.

Media interviews and promotional videos with our brand partner help us generate more engagement through the greater audience reach that comes from brand hashtags and tagging the media outlet’s social profile.

To further expand our reach, we take our most successful hashtags and generate long-tail keyword hashtags from them. Including less specific tags means more people will be able to find us in their Instagram search results.

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Instagram Metrics?

Instagram has grown to be the largest social network in the world. In fact, it was recently revealed that it has more than 1.2 billion active users, which makes it larger than Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn combined.

With that kind of popularity, it’s no surprise that companies have begun to pay close attention to the platform and metrics.

What Instagram metrics are most important to you?