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How To Make Your Podcast Go Viral: 13 Podcast Marketing Strategies

What is one podcast marketing strategy you’ve used to help make a podcast go viral…or at the very least, successful?

To help your podcast go viral, we asked experienced podcasters and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From posting on TikTok to having expert guests, there are several marketing strategies to try that may help boost the virality of your podcast.

Podcast Marketing Strategies

How To Make Your Podcast Go Viral: 13 Podcast Marketing Strategies

Tip 1

Post On Tiktok

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown, GRIN

One of the ways many different podcasts are seeing growth and success is through TikTok. TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media apps out there, and utilizing this platform to build your podcast base should be an option to consider. This does mean however that you have to invest in a quality camera to record your podcasting sessions so you can find great clips to share through the app.

Tip 2

Invest in PPC and Ads on Youtube

Shaun Price

Shaun Price, MitoQ

Placing some money into advertising for your podcast is never a bad idea. It is pretty easy to throw a quick $100 on Youtube or even Facebook to advertise for the podcast. This way, you are able to generate leads and listeners without spending too much money overall. This should definitely be a part of your podcast marketing plan.

Tip 3

Transcribe The Audio To Improve Your SEO

Jay Bats

Jay Bats, ContentBASE

Transcription, in my opinion, not only makes your audio content more accessible to a wider audience, but it also helps you get that extra SEO boost. You can either utilize the transcript as a blog post on your website, or you can just share a short segment of your episode. You can put links to your show in the material, as well as a lead capture form.

Sharing content in the form of a blog post is considerably easier than sharing a podcast. A blog post based on your program transcript is more likely to go viral than an audio episode. Putting time and effort into boosting your SEO provides you the best opportunity of advertising your podcast and attracting new listeners.

Tip 4

Use Content Snippets

Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey, Felix

Content snippets are short chunks of podcast content designed to hook listeners and give them a taste of what you discuss during your podcast. Owing to their brevity, these snippets are great for capturing the attention of your audience. Users can check out your podcast and learn more without sitting through a full-length episode. Better still, the low barrier to entry means that users are more likely to leave a like, write a comment, and share the snippet. All it takes is one funny, memorable, or informative clip to strike gold and go viral on social media.

Here’s how to make one. First, take 30-45 seconds of interesting content from your podcast. Make sure that the content is meaningful and discussion-worthy. Next, add subtitles for users with hearing disabilities, and for those who browse on mute. Finally, publish the snippet on social media and add 3-5 relevant hashtags. You can do this as often as you want to market your podcast and encourage users to check out the full episode.

Tip 5

Encourage Listeners to Leave a Review

Ankur Goyal

Ankur Goyal, Coterie

It’s all about the reviews. Encourage listeners to write and share how your podcast has impacted them. Wherever they listen, they can post a review on Apple Podcasts and share it on their social media channels. Their input will help you create content listeners want to hear and grow your audience. To incentivize your listeners to leave a review, consider a giveaway where you offer a product, a coaching session, or a feature on your show.

Tip 6

Collaborate With Other Podcasters

Kenny Kline

Kenny Kline, BarBend

In my opinion, the greatest method to get a mention on other podcast channels is to mention them on your own. The main concept here is that if you give someone exposure, they will reciprocate. This is the most often used content marketing strategy. If you notice any similarities between yourself and other podcasters, simply send an email and it will do the rest.

If you have a dedicated show on “Business Start-up Growth” and someone is promoting top podcast channels on the same topic in their forthcoming episode, you can contact them to introduce your podcast for the feature. And, if you mention another podcaster on your channel, don’t forget to notify them of their feature. So they can do the same in the future and give you a shout out on their channel.

Tip 7

Run Giveaways

Josh Pelletier

Josh Pelletier, BarBend

Giveaways, in my opinion, are an excellent method to increase the number of listeners and reviews for your podcast. Make sure to promote your giveaway on your website, social media, and at the end of each podcast episode. To obtain a large number of people to participate, promote on all possible platforms.

To enter the giveaway contest, you can ask your listeners for a review or tell them to share about your podcast on their social media sites. And, at the end of the giveaway, you can pick a winner from among the participants and give them either one of your items or an e-gift card if you have any other offers. Your podcast will undoubtedly get traction as a result of the positive picture created by the reviews. And social shares from all of these people contribute to your overall social presence.

Tip 8

Keep Content Visual

Mike Perez

Mike Perez, Spacelift

The number one rule for going viral with any content is to keep the content short, sweet, and visual. Most of us are visual learners; thus, accompanying your podcasts with a video on Youtube can be a great starting point. As a bonus, there’s more room for keyword optimization.

Using Instagram Reels or TikTok videos increases the chances of going viral. Similarly, posting short and memorable video content linked to your podcast on Twitter can be a way to success. Try posting teasers or snippets from the podcast where the audience can relate to what’s being said.

Since history always repeats itself, including video content in your podcast marketing strategy can be wise.

Tip 9

Assist Conventions

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis, LTC Heroes

Our podcast realized that convention conversions need a platform so they can be more than just 1-off chats, rather evergreen material. We reached out to 20 conventions about taking our podcast to their meet-ups to interview their keynote speakers + board members; they loved the idea. We have been invited, expenses paid, to livestream at 8 conventions already! Guess how many people share our podcast and subscribe at a convention with 400 people?

Tip 10

Use And Share Audiograms

Jylian Russell

Jylian Russell, Botpress

Podcast audiograms are highly effective at grabbing the audience’s attention. They are enticing and more engaging compared to images or text because they combine visual and audio elements in their layout. They are also unconventional, which helps pique people’s interests in the show they are promoting. Average audiogram engagement is normally 2-8 times higher than image or text-based social media posts. Effective tools for creating engaging audiograms include Wavve and Headliner.

Tip 11

Be Unscripted

Julie Milroy

Speak the truth, allow the guest to share their full story, from the beginning. Feature guests that are doing extraordinary work and will inspire and relate to the audience. Ensure you have diversity, in race and gender. This creates the human connection that will keep your listeners engaged and tuning back in for more.

Tip 12

Find Recent And Relevant Content To Engage With

Katie McGuire

Katie McGuire, The Tech Goddess®

When growing your podcast it’s not only important to find where your ideal audience hangs out online, but to engage with them in real-time. Using Twitter for example you can jump into real-time conversations/discussions that your ideal listener is having right now. Even just liking their tweet- making them curious enough to check you out. On the same thought, if you find a trending hashtag relating to your podcast topic- it can provide so much inspiration for upcoming episodes and what your listeners might be interested in hearing you cover.

Tip 13

Get Experts On Your Podcast

Hector Ruiz

Hector Ruiz, BBQ Grill Academy

No matter what strategies you use, the most important thing is to produce quality content that your audience will enjoy. With expert interviews, you can provide value to your audience and help your podcast stand out from the crowd.

Reach out to experts in your field and ask them to be guests on my show. This will give your show credibility and help it go viral.

Topic experts can bring a lot of value to your podcast and help it reach a wider audience. If you are covering a current world event or controversial topic, expert comments can help solidify your show’s stance.

Ready To Use These Podcast Marketing Strategies to Go Viral?

Now that you know what the experts had to say, now it’s your turn.

What podcast marketing strategy are you most excited to try? Drop a comment below.

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