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10 Ideas for Writing Engaging Social Media Content Previews

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  • 10 Ideas for Writing Engaging Social Media Content Previews

Even though many people waste quite a lot of time on social networks, they spend seconds scrolling through their feeds. So what should the content be to attract the user’s eyes, soiled by ads and boring texts?

Naturally, everyone is attracted to a bright picture. So there’s no secret about that.

However, it’s just a hook to get people to click and read the text. And here comes into play the preview, which only depends on your post read to the end. But if you don’t want to risk it, here are ten ideas for writing engaging social media content previews.

Principles of Engaging Social Media Content

Social Media Content Previews

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Before we get to the main topic of our article, let’s find out the basic principles of engaging content. First, you need to decide on the form and theme when developing and shaping a compelling message. But will that be enough? That’s not entirely true. Firstly you need to answer what to write about? Then it is essential to know the answer to an equally important question: how to write?

So, you’ll have to:

✔️ Make a compelling and catchy headline. You can come up with several options, and from them, choose the best one. When composing headlines, use bright and emotional phrases and famous and straightforward words which “catch” the user’s glance. In different headlines, you can use the theme of politics, humor, easy hacks, urgent news, trends, and fashion. Headlines with numbers (“5 kinds of…”, “10 ways…”), questions, and intrigue work well. Competent creation of headlines is a real art, and you shouldn’t neglect that. If you’re interested in the topic of writing catchy headlines, you can order a paper at BestWritersOnline, but we’re moving on.

✔️ Choose a relevant, vivid, high-quality, informative, or emotional image or video (should be eye-catching and in line with the theme of the content).

✔️ Add a description with links, a mention of the promoted product, or a call to action (to motivate, interest, and create intrigue).

✔️ Publish the message at the right time in the right place, and then ensure control and collection of statistical data.

You can’t determine whether people read your post to the end in advance. However, it is worth taking all the necessary steps to do so. Especially since several typical qualities, rules, and criteria that increase interest in the eyes of social network users have been identified. You need only one thing. Evoke genuine interest, touch a follower’s feelings, and hurt their emotions. Below we’ll look at how this might look in examples and offer specific practical ideas.

Best Ideas for Creating Social Media Content Previews

For your subscribers to never lose interest in your account, you should constantly generate new ideas. Moreover, it’s not enough to create quality content; it has to catch users in their feeds’ preview stage. But you don’t have to figure out how to do that anymore since we’ve done it for you.

1. Trending or Unusual Topics

Keeping up with the times and keeping up with global trends are prerequisites for creating engaging content. But, especially nowadays, all you need to do is open a social network. Many well-known brands actively use this trick on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to capitalize on timely content. Plus, such posts attract a lot of traffic even in the short span of their relevance.

And you can take the example of the Oreo brand, whose message was shared by about 15,000 users on Twitter during the Superbowl blackout. Or you can go the other way and attract users’ attention with unusual topics. When people face unique issues, they begin to wonder. And interest is the first factor in the impact of viral information. It is possible that until that moment, a person did not know about the existence of some things and ignored it.

When scrollers encounter an unusual post on a social network, they begin to think about it and become interested in the issue. For example, it can be a post about the desperation of wedding photographers or anything else that is sure to catch the user and make him finish reading your post to the end.

2. Contests, Competitions, and Giveaways

Here everything is clear. Social media users are interested in contests, promotions, and marathons where they can get free prizes and gifts. But, of course, people can’t get past the word “free .”That’s why holding various contests increases user engagement many times over. Social Media Content Previews - 10 Ideas for Writing Engaging Social Media Content Previews - 1

URL: https://unsplash.com/photos/RVtnDX3Vmo4

It is proven by Instagram, where 91% of contest posts get at least 1,000 likes or comments. Thanks to this trick, your account will grow 70% faster. You can test this theory yourself. With the competent placement of such information in social networks, you can count on their vast success. An open call to action further enhances the popularity of these materials.

Note: Free prizes and gifts have long been successfully used to collect subscribers on prominent blogs, social resources like YouTube, and social networks. The technology is elementary (gift for action) and therefore clear and compelling. If you don’t want to rack your brain about coming up with contests and social media marathons, order a paper at WritingJudge.

3. Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

Users take helpful information on the note, add it to bookmarks, and reread it repeatedly. To avoid losing valuable materials and records, people save them on pages, ensuring the popularity of content. For example, we enter the query “best practices” in the YouTube search, and immediately we see the brightest examples of such content.

Each of the top entries has several hundred thousand or even millions of views, not to mention that they will be clicked and read to the end. So think hard about what life secrets and tips you can share with your subscribers? It would help if you acted as an expert in your field through valuable content. If you want to know how to practice this, you can watch Supergoop’s Instagram Stories video with SPF hacks.

4. Humor and Laughter

Humor is a universal topic that is not limited by language or geography. About 40% of all widespread content is formed on the subject of humor. So the readers come across such notes more than once. Sometimes the theme of positivity and humor is used as a supplement to other publications.

Social Media Content Previews - 10 Ideas for Writing Engaging Social Media Content Previews - 2

URL: https://unsplash.com/photos/8R-mXppeakM

High-quality humor and optimism like everyone else, without exception, but it is challenging to link this topic with sales, with the commercial goals of the web project. If there is a task to sell, then humor is used as a supplement to attract attention. So let’s think about when it’s appropriate to use humor in social media content previews.

For example, when you have technical information. In a short format, professional terms and concepts can immediately alienate scrollers, so that humor will be just right here. You can use a funny picture that makes people laugh and interest them in the text.

5. AMA to Help

An AMA is a series of questions and answers in which you share your experience and knowledge with your subscribers. By the way, this technique is actively used by many famous bloggers, which proves its success. Therefore, it will also be a great way to show their expertise or share their success story for brands. Now let’s go in detail through the main points of AMA:

  • You showcase your personality by allowing users to see the person behind the business.
  • You unobtrusively increase brand awareness.
  • You get to know your audience better by learning firsthand about their pains and needs.
  • You introduce your subscribers to your team.

6. Your Followers are Your Friends

An overly formal and impersonal preview is far from the best way to get your users’ attention. It’s not like you’re defending a dissertation. People come to social networks to have fun, not read long and boring lectures. Try a more friendly style of communication with your audience. If you’re afraid to cross the line and want to strike the right balance, stick to these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid professional vocabulary, complex constructions, and long sentences. Use a little editing to polish your preview.
  • Write as you speak. It is probably the most valuable recommendation. You probably won’t get it right the first time, so don’t get frustrated. Just relax and imagine that you are telling your good friend about something

7. Shocking Stories and Mind-Blowing Facts

If you mention something extraordinary in your preview, you are sure to catch the attention of scrollers on social media. Such information attracts users’ interest and is also very actively discussed by them, though not always in a positive light. Absurd and controversial material, as you can easily guess, will have both supporters and opponents. Social Media Content Previews - 10 Ideas for Writing Engaging Social Media Content Previews - 3

URL: https://unsplash.com/photos/jzTQVxCyKYs

The more controversial the issue raised in the news, the higher its popularity. The negative side of this is an increase in negative responses. Predicting users’ reactions to controversial information with rich content is challenging, but its popularity is guaranteed. However, linking this topic to sales and commerce will also be problematic. Nevertheless, if you are willing to take the risk, we advise you to use the first sentence:

  • Strange words or expressions
  • Unusual thoughts
  • Shocking and unique facts

And the wow effect will not take long.

8. Get Your Subscribers Closer

Want to breathe new life into your account? Then let your audience get closer to you and allow you to manage your social media accounts. It can be a grand experiment that will multiply the popularity of your brand. What it might look like in practice: your trustees hand over control of your account for 24 hours. Or, if you’re afraid to trust your subscribers, you can give your page to someone on your team, a blogger, or another influencer with a large audience.

9. Motivational and Educational Content

Motivational and educational content is very popular with social media users. As time passes, they make more and more reposts, spreading the materials throughout the social network. These can be articles of some kind, courses, webinar recordings, invitations to training, books, podcasts, infographics, links to training websites, motivating images, photos, and animations.

Motivational content and different tutorials are popular on social networks like other topics. Especially if the information disseminated encourages reposting. In addition, the publication of materials on a user’s page makes the information accessible and open to a person’s social circle.

10. New Ways for Your Content

We know how much effort and time it takes to create engaging and high-quality content that grabs users’ attention from the first seconds. However, the statistics are stark and show disappointing results: half of all content on social media only gets eight shares or less.

Social Media Content Previews - 10 Ideas for Writing Engaging Social Media Content Previews - 4

URL: https://unsplash.com/photos/pKeF6Tt3c08

Based on this fact, you should develop fresh ideas to promote your social media content on various platforms other than the original option. For example, why don’t you use Canva to convert a quote from your article into an image that you can share with your users? We guarantee that such a trick will get their attention even at the preview stage.

Some Final Tips About Social Media Content Previews

Any content can become popular if the conditions, which are divided into two steps, are met at the same time:

  1. Content creation. When developing materials, you need to think through every detail:
  • Type of information (photo, video, text, etc.)
  • Theme (according to the subject to be promoted)
  • Format (news in the group, a note on the wall of the profile, the publication of the YouTube channel)
  • Emotional benchmark (what emotions and feelings the content should cause).
  1. Posting content on the social network (seeding information) is the selection of ideal conditions:

Time of publication. The peak of the accumulation of the target active audience is most often in the evening.

Place of publication — from popular communities, thematic profiles, or channels with an abundance of the target active audience, viral content will spread faster and easier.

Creating the Best Social Media Content Previews

Writing great previews for social media content takes time and attention. Don’t rely solely on high-quality material. If it looks uninteresting in previews, it won’t pique the interest of scrollers. Instead, use the advice in this article to create your previews for social media posting. But don’t also forget to analyze user reactions to each idea to find out which structure and tone of the preview are most effective for promoting your content.

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