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Social Media for Lawyers: Building a Strong Online Presence

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  • Social Media for Lawyers: Building a Strong Online Presence

Lawyers typically thrive on face-to-face interactions to establish significant client relationships. But in today’s marketing landscape, building client relationships extends beyond traditional methods. It means lawyers like you should have a strong online presence, too.

Social media marketing (SMM) is one way to build a significant online presence for attorneys. Global industry professionals cited its best advantage as increased exposure, which enables you to leverage social media users as an advertising audience.

social media for lawyers

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This comprehensive guide explains social media marketing for lawyers and why you should adopt it. Additionally, we will discuss tips and strategies to facilitate efficient SMM strategies for your law firm. We will also highlight the social media regulations for attorneys to ensure ethical marketing campaigns.

Understanding Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social media marketing is an advertising practice that uses social media to advertise products and services.

For lawyers, it focuses on promoting your law firm and legal services. It enables virality, which is an outcome most social media marketers seek. Virality refers to content that has become significantly popular and is rapidly circulating among online users.

Moreover, social media marketing for lawyers involves three essential marketing factors: connections, interactions, and client analyses.

  • Connections: Social media platforms provide various connections beyond calls and messages. These connections enable you to create engaging social media content that attracts more potential clients. Examples include microblogging, short-form, and long-form videos
  • Interactions: Social media involves dynamic interactions. These dynamics can be as simple as liking posts and comments and reposting content. They are considered electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) marketing, a form of free promotion. With these simple interactions, you can attract prospects seeking legal help in real-time
  • Client analysis: Most social networks have built-in data analytics that track marketing campaigns. These tools provide insights into client behaviors and preferences, which deliver actionable market analysis for efficient strategies

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Why adopt social media marketing for lawyers?

Most law firms and attorneys, including your colleagues and competitors, use social media to market their firms and services. You should adopt social media marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

However, SMM for lawyers is more than just staying ahead of the competition. With proper execution, you can reap the benefits listed below, strengthening your authority in the industry.

Provides more accessibility

Most social media platforms are available on smartphones. For this reason, social media marketing can make your law firm more accessible to many users. This way, potential clients can reduce the time spent scrolling on search engines.

For example, when someone recommends your firm to a prospect, they can search for your name on their preferred social network. If users still use search engines, your social media profile or content from indexed social networks—like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—may still appear on search engine results, making it easier to find you.

Furthermore, SMM enables an active social media presence, making your firm more approachable among users. When your firm is approachable, potential clients can easily engage with and interact with your posts and profile. Consequently, these prospects can trust that you’ll answer their concerns comprehensively.

Fosters brand awareness

Increased exposure from social media marketing can foster your firm’s brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to the extent of online users’ familiarity with your firm’s services. It should promote positive impressions to make your name and brand stand out.

Positive impressions come with high-level brand awareness. This level of recognition can increase your competitive edge and keep your firm at the top of clients’ minds. As such, brands with high-level recognition can even be synonymous with their products or services.

For example, most users think of Google when searching for online information. Rather than saying, “I’ll look on the search engine,” they say, “I’ll Google it,” making Google synonymous with its search engine brand. This is why brand awareness is important to attorneys, too.

Builds trust and credibility

Social networks like Facebook have rating and review features. These features allow users to rate and leave reviews on business pages.

For instance, clients viewing your Facebook page will see a star rating under your contact details. They can even go to the Reviews section to read more comprehensive statements.

Potential clients visiting your page obtain insights from these ratings and reviews. They become aware of your previous clients’ experiences while working with you.

Suppose you have favorable ratings and reviews. With SMM, you can leverage these positive statements as testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Conversely, receiving unfavorable reviews is generally inevitable. SMM will help you address them by developing responses that value client feedback. For instance, you’ll apologize for the inconvenience and ask what you can do to mend the problem you have caused.

Negative reviews aren’t necessarily damaging to your reputation. SMM can help you respond to them accordingly so your clients see that you want to provide the best service and treatment.

Enriches client relationships

Many clients prefer connecting with businesses—law firms included—on social media. Since they want to connect with you on their preferred social networks, you must be reachable and responsive to convert them into clients.

Being reachable means your page is searchable, while responsiveness involves acknowledging and addressing inquiries.

For instance, clients will know where to message or contact you when they view your page. When they send their inquiries, you’ll respond based on their concerns. Some may even share their concerns in your comment sections.

Additionally, you can launch automated replies to frequently asked questions, enabling you to leave messages offline. This integration also sends direct links pointing to appointment booking, saving clients time from navigating your profile. These are ways SMM can help you make existing and potential clients feel valued and enrich client relationships.

Encourages staff retention and recruitment

Hiring skilled talent is usually challenging for all businesses. With SMM, you can showcase your brand and culture to attract legal professionals seeking firms to apply to. So when they encounter your profile and job postings, they’ll consider your firm.

Aspiring applicants become acquainted with the workplace they will likely join by promoting your work environment. Moreover, showing your firm’s mission, vision, and positive values can encourage staff retention and recruitment, which will also benefit your company in the long run.

Enables social listening

Social listening involves researching what online users say about your law firm, lawyers, and services on social media. It includes reading and monitoring forums, comment sections, and public groups. With social listening, you can also conduct competitor analysis by looking into posts and reviews about your competitors.

Concurrently, social listening enables you to analyze the kinds of social media content and advertising your competitors are posting. These assessments can help you identify the marketing gaps to fill and adjust content creation to boost engagement. That way, you can re-engineer your competitors’ strategies to your advantage.

Investing in a social listening tool is ideal if you need an in-house legal marketing team to conduct manual social listening. Social listening solutions offer automated monitoring to help you focus on other essential operations.

Expands search engine visibility

Social media profiles, pages, and content can appear at the top of Google search results. SMM enables you to get your brand mentioned across social networks, helping Google rank and index profiles, posts, and comments citing your law firm.

Suppose your law firm is mentioned on Reddit. Reddit is a social media platform indexed by Google, which contains forums with various topics, including law firms, lawyers, and legal services.

Some users may cite you in the comments of a post asking for lawyer or law firm recommendations. Once this post appears at the top of Google results, potential clients seeking legal help can see the comments mentioning your name. With SMM, you can expand your search engine visibility and boost your existing law firm SEO efforts.

Data-based strategy development

Some social media channels provide comprehensive data analytics tools that deliver insights into your content reach, user engagement, audience demographics, and campaign results. These insights enable you to adjust campaigns, optimize advertising tactics, and make informed decisions based on data-driven strategies.

For one, Instagram has Instagram Insights. This feature monitors and tracks your interactions, user engagement, content performance, and growth rate. It also includes metrics for best posting times, story and reel watch-through rates, and content shares.

Instagram Insights is only available to business and creator accounts, so you must set your account to business first. You can view your insights by clicking “Professional dashboard” under your bio or the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your profile.

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Social Media Marketing Tips and Strategies for Lawyers

Social media marketing involves elaborate planning and setup for successful execution. With proper implementation, you can reap the benefits listed above. However, achieving these outcomes takes time.

These SMM tips and strategies for lawyers will help you develop marketing campaigns that can foster brand awareness, expand visibility, strengthen authority, and enrich your client relationships.

Understand social media ethics for legal professionals

Before starting your SMM campaigns, you must know and understand social media ethics for legal professionals. Bar associations enact social media regulations to protect your reputation and avoid unethical posts that could damage your trustworthiness and credibility.

For one, the American Bar Association (ABA) regulates the following legal ethics for social media:

  • You shouldn’t disclose confidential information without consent from clients
  • You may advise clients to change their social media privacy settings
  • You shouldn’t represent clients if the representation involves conflicts of interest
  • You shouldn’t publish false or misleading advertising
  • You shouldn’t view private information without permission

These principles also apply to your staff. Staff without a legal background employed in your law firm are also monitored for the social media content they post.

If they publish unethical content, the ABA will take immediate removal actions. Lawyers like you could be held responsible for this misconduct.

The most significant tip to avoid breaking social media rules is to keep your profiles private. Limiting the number of people who can access your social media content may lower the risk of unintentionally violating the ABA’s regulations.

If your law firm has a business page, implement social media guidelines, policies, and workflows. This way, you and your team have rules to follow when creating and managing SMM campaigns.

Social media ethics for legal professionals vary across jurisdictions. The ABA standards are recognized in the United States. So if you’re a non-American lawyer, consult the relevant regulating body in your jurisdiction.

Determine your target audience

The target audience refers to the online users who are more likely to show interest in your legal services. Some may still be researching options, while others are ready to work with you.

This specific segment is essential to determine and understand because not everyone actively searches for law firms and attorneys. Moreover, legal assistance is usually an unexpected need for some.

Determining your target audience is more than just knowing their demographics. You should also understand their occupations, social status, and likelihood of experiencing legal issues.

For example, if you practice personal injury law, you’d look into the audience segment that is most likely to call personal injury attorneys (e.g., motor vehicle owners or individuals who suffered from someone’s negligence).

Other essential factors include:

  • Common legal concerns most people experience or are likely to experience based on your legal practice
  • Comprehension of the legal language
  • Search intent (e.g., quick search, finding information, or seeking overviews of specific legal topics)

Define your marketing goals

After determining your target audience, define your marketing goals. Defining your marketing goals provides a clear direction so your campaigns will stay focused. It also enables a shared goal among the team, providing a clear understanding of what you’re aiming to achieve and how they can contribute.

Defining your goals means identifying whether you require improvements in content marketing, graphic design, paid ads, video creation, or microblogging. Additionally, these goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Setting SMART marketing goals enables you to develop SMM campaigns that align with specific platforms and resonate with your target audience. This way, you can convert more prospects into clients.

Post consistently

An active presence is significant in social media marketing. You can achieve this by posting consistently.

Consistent posting is essential to showing your followers that you commit to keeping them engaged. They’ll feel valued since you regularly provide sources of information, entertainment, or a combination of both to foster their interest.

Conversely, if you don’t post regularly, your followers may unfollow you because they no longer find your account valuable. If you focus on publishing promotional and sponsored content, it may appear that you only want to make money. This notion can make your audience lose trust in your firm over time.

Once you lose your audience’s trust, you may lose your influencing power and compromise your chances to monetize future content. People won’t talk about your firm, attorneys, or services on social media platforms, either.

Consistent posting means creating a content calendar to schedule your posting times. You can automate this calendar using a social media content marketing tool.

However, this doesn’t mean posting similar kinds of content. Remember to diversify your content to establish variety and attract more prospects.

You can post different types of legal content, including informative legal-related news, testimonials, job openings, and infographics detailing legal facts. Here’s how you can publish them on the following social networks:

  • Facebook – Boosted content through Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn – Posting job-related content (e.g., job openings)
  • TikTok – Infotainment short-form videos about legal topics
  • Instagram Stories, reels, or carousel posts that explain laws or provide tips

Strengthen your authentic interactions

Authentic interactions are essential to user engagement. Strengthening this aspect can ensure that existing and potential clients find value in interacting with you. You can strengthen your authentic interactions by doing the following:

  • Liking comments for acknowledgment
  • Replying to mentions and tags
  • Encouraging clients to leave ratings and reviews
  • Engaging with positive and negative feedback professionally

Invest in an SMM agency for lawyers

SMM for lawyers is complex. You may not achieve your desired results without an in-house marketing team. For these reasons, investing in the services of an SMM agency for attorneys might be ideal.

SMM agencies for attorneys can provide a specialized service or offer multiple marketing approaches to assist in your social media campaigns. They can also deliver significant progress and insights to refine advertising tactics and develop new strategies.

Leverage Social Media Marketing for Lawyers the Right Way

Social media marketing is a convenient and compelling way to reach potential clients. With efficient implementation, you can build a strong online presence that strengthens brand awareness, visibility, and authority.

Concurrently, following social media regulations for legal professionals ensures you leverage SMM professionally and ethically.

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