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13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should)

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  • 13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should)

Building a strong employer brand is more important than ever, as there is a job-hopping trend among employees. If you don’t put in effort to celebrate your team, you could easily lose your top talent.

Many employers have a hard time filling open positions if they aren’t as competitive as others in the industry. Celebrating your employees is not only for long-term sustainability but also vital if you want to win top talent.

Focusing on the personal side is one of the fundamental strategies in every successful employer branding campaign. You can accomplish this by focusing on your employees, especially when you celebrate your employees on social media.

Here are a few effective ways of celebrating your employees on social media:

Employees’ Social Media Takeover

Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media

Image Source: Pixabay

Social media takeovers are a creative approach to not only win over potential employees but also to establish trust with the current ones.

It’s easy to understand why. It appears much more relatable and believable when employees post something on social media than when a firm does the same thing.

It’s also wonderful for your current employees because you give them a sense of involvement and freedom to be themselves.

Give a worker access to the business’ Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account, for example, and allow them to post about their personal experiences. They could also post stories or personal work experiences.

Give them this privilege for a day or a week, depending on what you want to accomplish. Encourage them to post photos of their workspace, certain assignments, or meetings.

Job openings with images of the candidates

You have probably heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It applies to your social media platforms as well.

Do you plan on sharing a job opening? Pick a post that features a photo of a worker or a group of coworkers with the captions “We are looking for a replacement for…” or “Do you wish to be part of this family?” This is a smart move as it humanizes your brand and gives existing employees a sense of recognition.

Welcoming Your New Employees

Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media - 13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should) - 1

Image Source: Pexels

An employee will appreciate a “welcome to the team” article. It is also a fantastic approach to build your brand as an employer. You get to express gratitude while also demonstrating that the office has a welcoming atmosphere.

Doing this every time a new worker joins your organization demonstrates that your business is expanding and that you frequently hire new employees. Here are a few helpful tips

  • Include a few personal photos of the new employee
  • Give a brief description of their position and why it is important to your business
  • List the new employee’s skills and interests to give things a personal touch
  • Use quotes, pictures, or exciting tidbits regarding the new team member

Share Photos of Employees Who’ve Won Awards

Another excellent strategy is to inquire about a coworker and their achievements in the workplace. For instance, you can find out why a certain coworker is always pleasant or how they have managed to win so many awards.

You can draw attention to this on social media with one or more images or a quote. A written interview would be great as well. By doing this, you accomplish two goals at once:

  • You showcase the pleasant atmosphere at work
  • You can pay tribute to a worker who does well.

Find trophies and custom awards on Fineawards. Consider documenting as your top talent receives awards for their good work. Sharing photos of employees who’ve won awards is a fantastic tip for boosting morale

Interviews With Employees

Interviewing a motivated employee is great. It is a fun experience and perfect for growing your employer brand. You can share the piece on the company’s social media platforms, website, blog, or news page.

Giving prospective new workers a rare look behind the scenes demonstrates that you don’t think of your employees as just a number. Your viewers get to understand how things typically work and why working for your organization is so pleasant. Here are a few important questions to consider working:

  • What is your favorite part of the job?
  • What is a typical workday for you?
  • What are your main career goals?
  • What are your responsibilities and job title?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What talents or skills do you need to work efficiently?

Employee Blogs

Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media - 13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should) - 2

Image Source: Unsplash

Do you have a wordsmith working for your business? They may be a copywriter or a gifted member of staff. Request that they create a blog with the headings “A day working at…” or “Reasons I Enjoy My Job’ and post it on social media.

Blogs always give the impression of being very personal and honest. They can serve as a form of review of the company. It’s almost like a friend is telling you how much fun it is to work at a certain company.

Exploring innovative ways to celebrate your employees, consider introducing your team to Lindy.ai, a groundbreaking approach where AI participates as a contributing member of your workforce. This fusion of technology and human insight celebrates the role of AI in modern team dynamics and offers an inspiring look at the future of workplace collaboration.

Funny Events

Every company has a few funny events to write about. Perhaps someone accidentally sent a personal email to the staff or was out of theme at an office party.

Sharing these funny situations on social media can be a lot of fun. You simply need to ensure that it matches your business ethos. This is a smart move as it not only celebrates your employees but also demonstrates that there is space for humor and casual moments in your business.

A Tour of the Workplace

If someone is interested in working for your company, they will naturally ask the following questions, “What does the workplace look like?” “What is it like to work there every day,” and “How will I feel working there?”

You can answer these questions with a simple social media post. Use it to give a tour of the workplace. A pleasant workplace can be incredibly persuasive. If your office is cozy, let your audience know about it!

Create an entertaining video or carousel post in which you give a little tour of the workplace. Using visuals is considerably more powerful than simply stating it; it draws in your audience, piques their curiosity, and engages their imagination. It is also a fantastic opportunity to show the faces of your employees.

Videos of Your Values and the “why”

Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media - 13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should) - 3

Image Source: Unsplash

Every business has unique values and objectives. Allowing a manager or team leader to speak about them in a video is an effective technique to let your audience know who you are. It also lets the employee know that you value and trust them.

Explaining the “why” is crucial for any business. It promotes profitability and gives your staff the chance to relearn your objectives.

Employees who relate to your values and mission will naturally feel more attached. They will be happier and more motivated to work with you. Additionally, when prospective employees understand your organization and all it stands for, they will be more inclined to apply for jobs.

Customer feedback

You don’t need to make up fictitious calls to demonstrate positive customer feedback. You can celebrate your customer service employees with real footage of their work. You could also ask real consumers to share their personal experiences.

Engage in casual conversation and find out what customers loved most about working with your business.

However, you do not want it to look like a commercial. Make it conversational and light-hearted. For instance, you can request and use a quote with a photo, a description of the interaction with the particular customer service representative, and how the interaction felt.

By doing so, you not only promote your offer but also include the employee in the photo.

A Random Picture

Posting images and videos of your staff members, especially with smiles, is a quick and entertaining method to celebrate them. Consider sharing the following photos or videos on social media:

  • When an employee is celebrating their birthday with cake or flowers
  • An employee coming in to work
  • When you have new furniture and décor pieces
  • Sitting together at a meeting or over lunch

It can sound a little too simple, but as the saying goes, “It’s in the little things,” and this also applies to employer branding.

Create a Hashtag Campaign for Your Staff

Consider creating internal hashtag campaigns to target your staff. They are similar to external hashtag campaigns intended for your consumers or customers. These campaigns are a terrific way to add some excitement to the routine of working at your company.

Hashtag campaigns promote communication among workers and bring them together. Consider offering rewards for employees who come up with the best hashtags.

You could also involve your clients to make things more interesting. The move could start dialogues and forge relationships between clients and staff. Once the campaign enters the public eye, it also improves brand recognition and generates some buzz.

Establish a Corporate Social Responsibility Hub

Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media - 13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should) - 4

Image Source: Unsplash

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something to brag about. It is also a great way for workers in different countries to collaborate and share what each team has been up to.

For example, you could pick charitable endeavors and share photos of them on social media platforms. You could use a hashtag to connect all your content and promote visibility.

The Importance of Celebrating Employees on Social Media

Social media has become a valuable tool for all businesses. It promotes marketing, helps build your brand, and creates solid online networks. However, social media platforms can do so much more.

You can use them to celebrate members of your team and promote collaboration. Here are a few benefits of celebrating your team on social media.

Fosters Collaboration

As they say, there is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ Celebrating your employees, especially on social media, promotes a sense of togetherness. It can help you create a more positive environment. Good news spreads fast.

If you are doing something positive, it will spread quickly to the rest of the team. Everyone wants to work together to accomplish specific tasks.

Improving Your Company Culture

Your company culture plays a vital role in attracting and eventually keeping employees. Integrity, honesty, and trust are the cornerstones of the ideal culture. Companies with a positive culture prioritize their employees.

Without these traits, your business will be at a disadvantage. A positive company culture strengthens employee loyalty and reminds them of their value as people. Your company has to develop a culture that makes employees want to stay. If people are always being appreciated and respected, they’ll want to stay with you.


Being acknowledged, whether as an individual or a group, allows you to reflect on your special abilities. It empowers you to consider ways to overcome the obstacles and do better. Celebrating your employees, especially on public platforms, can significantly impact their confidence.

Appreciation makes employees feel human

It should come as no surprise that employees want to be treated like valuable human beings when they’re at work. Being acknowledged and valued is a fundamental human need.

People naturally want to be respected by their managers and colleagues. They want to feel valued and proud of their work and know that they’re making a significant contribution to their company. It builds their morale and boosts productivity.

Employee Satisfaction and Contentment

Over the past few years, employee satisfaction has become a significant corporate concern. More and more businesses realize the advantages of having satisfied and engaged employees. You cannot afford to miss out.

Contentment and appreciation go hand in hand. Receiving some form of acknowledgement makes most employees feel happier and more proud at work.

Building Trust In Company Leaders

Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media - 13 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Employees On Social Media (and Why You Should) - 5

Image Source: Unsplash

Their level of trust influences an employee’s experience in their superiors. The current corporate environment, where many workers work remotely, makes face-to-face connections with managers difficult.

Therefore, it may be difficult to establish positive relationships. Showing employees you value their contributions and needs is the best way to earn their trust. Most employees who have received recognition in the past have faith in their manager.

In conclusion, celebrating your employees is one of the best ways to connect and get to know each other. Doing it on social media is efficient and great for business. It helps you kill two birds with one, stone-promoting brand visibility and motivating your team.

Your employees can focus on their work when they know you appreciate them and their efforts impact the company. There are plenty of ways to celebrate your employees on social media. They include: organizing employees’ social media takeover, using creative hashtags, and random pictures of your team.

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