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11 Simple Ways to Increase Likes on Instagram

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  • 11 Simple Ways to Increase Likes on Instagram

Social Media has become one of the biggest emerging marketing platforms for businesses and personal branding. I don’t think the huge number of influencers and bloggers ever existed on planet earth before the debut of social media.

It has opened so many ways for us to spread our voice around the globe and connect with people from any culture and mindset. Isn’t it great? The tech gods have provided numerous platforms to reach out to the masses.

Every social platform has a unique algorithm you must follow for maximum outreach and growth. It changes now and then; the key elements one must always be aware of and be brainy.

Instagram is one of the main social media guns out there, blazing out its effect to 1.393 billion monthly users. Having the luxury of growing up to millions of followers on Instagram pages is a dream of every user, influencer, marketer, and business. And it’s important to be able to increase likes on Instagram to get maximum engagement.

Keeping all the trends in check, following the updated algorithm, and applying the right technique for content creation and posts, this article is about setting your dreams straight of winning thousands of followers out of billions of monthly users.

Having all the required information in one article is bliss; you can find the most relevant and easily applicable ways in this article. Letting you know and giving you detailed knowledge of how these simple ways work and why they are important for you to use.

Let’s dig straight into the most simple and effective Eleven ways to increase likes on Instagram.

Know your Voice

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Knowing your voice is the fundamental and most essential part for any brand or person to portray themselves on Instagram. Having a defined and unique voice builds the trust factor that allows your audience to connect with you on a deeper level, consequently more likes.

To build a brand voice or the voice for your blog, you need to figure out your targeted audience. First, a defined audience lets you establish the culture and tone of voice that empower you to connect with your audience profoundly.

Your brand voice gives you a unique outlook and an X factor that your audience loves, driving them to like your posted content on Instagram, naturally increasing the likes on Instagram.

Formulate a clever strategy

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Take a pencil and notebook out and start jotting down the key points that will work for your Instagram page to increase likes. First of all, decide the frequency of posts every week. It should not be less than three and not more than 5.

Make sure that the quality of your content doesn’t cause hindrance while keeping the frequency count going smoothly. The number mentioned above is not to be followed strictly; you can change it as per your need, but there should also be a set standard.

Categorize your content, brainstorm exciting ideas, and start noting down in advance. A clear and concise roadmap will be in front of you, giving you confidence and a spirit of posting daily.

Staying ahead on everything gives you relief and a sense of achievement, enabling you to work promptly and produce effective results. The best and most clever strategy is to stay ahead and know what you want to do and how you will do it.

Write captions in the right way

Captions are of utmost importance and have a colossal effect when written correctly. Try to be personal in the captions; it will instigate trust in your audience, allowing them to relate personally.

Doing so will have a greater chance for your post to get higher engagements and reach. Alternatively, you can also go with a witty and precise caption, depending on the type of content you are posting.

If you are posting video content, try to be witty in your caption and let the video do the rest of the magic for your higher likes. Captions are an amazing tool used to grab the viewer’s attention.

Adding relevant emojis in the caption also increases your post’s likeability. Overuse of everything is bad; try to be precise and crisp while using emojis in the captions; it will make your caption interesting and easy to read and understand.

High-quality photos for a win

Posting high-quality and interesting photos on your page make the overall feed look great and puts you in a position where you can win a high number of likes and a great outlook on your profile.

Not to worry if you do not possess any expensive camera for your stills. All you need to do is use your camera phone and ensure the lighting is great. If you are capturing any landscape view, try using the cat perspective for remarkable results. You can thank me later for that.

Proper lighting is a must for high-quality and striking images. If in-door, make sure to light up the room entirely or any space you are in, and if outside, try to capture more around the time of a golden hour.

Be creative in Instagram stories

The proper use of Instagram stories lets you engage with your audience at maximum. You can achieve high turnover over your feed while sharing content through your stories. The best way to go about it is to be creative under the type of content you are producing on your feed.

Please communicate with your followers through stories, generate pools, encourage them to ask the questions, and try to answer every question asked. Post about your daily exciting stuff spreading positivity all around.

Try to motivate people while directly communicating through stories and sharing real-time stories with them that are encouraging enough to lift your audience. Yes, positive energy always works.

Put your feed post on your stories, as people tend to open and watch stories more often. It will increase the impression of your post and likes, perhaps. Instagram stories are the best way to share your own story, do it and always be genuine.

Consistency is the key

You need to post regularly; it is as important as eating food ceaselessly. Consistency in posting is the best of all strategies to increase the likes and engagement on your Instagram page. Make your audience habitual of your content through a daily dose.

As for consistency, you can pursue a campaign idea as well. It will create a huge space of curiosity for your followers, making them eager to come back time and again.

You need to post videos, boomerangs, amazing stills, motivational quotes, encouraging stuff, and educational posts, if necessary, to keep filling your feed with new posts.

Always try to create unique and exciting content to build up the curiosity and wish to get more content from you.

Make good use of trending topics

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Always be aware of what’s going around you and on social media. In this age where things go viral in a few seconds, we need to utilize the viral stuff in a way that benefits us or to make the stuff that goes viral.

Post about trending topics, provoke your audience to comment by asking questions, and communicate with them in the comment section.

If you engage with your followers more often and actively, they will surely end up liking your content and sharing it.

Call-to-action is a must

Including proper CTA’s in the caption allows your followers to take action, and the inclusion of CTA should be in a way that counts.

Asking the followers to like the post ends up giving you more likes than choosing not to ask them to like, comment, and save the post. As per Instagram’s algorithm, the saved post ends up getting more engagement and reach to other’s feeds.

A precise and well-formed CTA using apt emojis would work well. Never shy away from asking your followers to like your post; it creates a substantial impact when talking about increasing the likes on Instagram pages.

Promotions and discounts are a savior

Nothing excites more than a great promotion or discount on your favorite products. And it is surely a great technique to enhance the flow of followers on your post and get more likes.

The best way to go about it is to post a single picture or a small video of a product displaying the offer in the text to let them know the offer and understand the benefit of availing it immediately.

Never forget to track the Instagram analytics and notice that on which promotion or discount you have gotten maximum engagement. Keep note of all the best-performing posts and use those types of similar promotions and discounts time and again.

Repetitious content doesn’t hurt anyone if you are using it properly. It works well in offering discounts or promotions; you can even post a similar thing multiple times with a little or no change.

Proper Use of Hashtags

Increase Likes On Instagram - 11 Simple Ways to Increase Likes on Instagram - 4

Using pertinent hashtags increases the probability of getting more likes overall. For that matter, all you need to do is find popular hashtags that have been used under the maximum number of posts.

Using popular hashtags elevates the trust of your followers and helps reach out to a specific group of people searching for the special hashtags. While using popular hashtags for higher reach, do not forget to use the hashtags that suit your posted content.

You can add relevant and apt hashtags in your bio as well. It will increase for you to pop up in the search bar when someone searches that particular hashtag. Appearing in the top search on the Instagram search engine puts a great impression.

People end up liking and using the content of people whom Instagram promotes. So using proper hashtags properly and in a proper place gets you increased likes on Instagram.

Follow relevant people

It is important to follow the people posting the same content as yours. Communicate with them by sending direct messages or replying to their stories.

Follow people daily, and be more specific in following people as the most fitting ones to your niche would be great to interact. They will be prone to get into talks with you as you would share the same interest with them.

Another way to go about it is to comment on other people’s posts and talk with them. Ask them questions regarding their work or post, build up discussions and get in the eyes of maximum people.

Building a community through interaction is the best way to increase the likes on Instagram, and you can do it easily. All you need to do is to be active on social platforms.

Bonus tip

Consistent posting and creating content for your Instagram does mark sustainable growth for you. Sometimes you miss keeping consistency all along and want to take a rest for a while, but you don’t want to stop the growth of your followers.

You would be wondering how it is possible to increase the followers while not being able to give proper time to your page. You can use third-party services that can help you get real Instagram followers.

You will be relieved watching your followers grow while you enjoy taking time off social media. Let these services do you a favor by growing your followers as it works well and fulfills all the desired requirements.

Ending note

Awareness of the ever-changing trends and techniques to increase likes on social media platforms has become necessary. All the relevant and best ways of increasing likes have been discussed in detail in this article.

Executing all the discussed simple ways in the right way can get you amazing results, including higher reach, more likes, maximum leads, and conversions.

Social media has become a great power tool of this age. Anyone missing out on utilizing them correctly is missing out on opening new doors of success for them and achieving their dreams.

The social media craze is increasing daily as the monthly and daily users are growing immensely. All you need is to set up a stage for yourself and get things going by implementing simple ways of getting more likes.

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