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LinkedIn Live: Broadcasting Your Expertise to a Wider Audience

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  • LinkedIn Live: Broadcasting Your Expertise to a Wider Audience

LinkedIn Live is a valuable feature on the platform that encourages users to share live video content directly with their connections and followers. It is a crucial tool for enhancing professional networking, knowledge sharing and personal brand building within the professional community. What makes it stand out is its focus on professionals, offering exclusive networking opportunities and promoting authenticity. It helps individuals establish themselves as leaders in their fields.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a powerful tool for individuals and businesses looking forward to connecting genuinely with their professional audience. Through engaging and authentic live video broadcasts, users can foster meaningful interactions in real-time. Professionals can highlight their expertise, share insights, and connect with like-minded individuals. The emphasis on professionalism ensures a high standard of content and engagement. This creates an environment where valuable connections and knowledge exchange thrive.

As LinkedIn Live gains popularity, it remains an indispensable tool for professionals and businesses alike. Its ability to facilitate genuine connections, promote knowledge sharing and boost personal and corporate brands makes it a valuable asset for businesses.

The Rise of Video Content in Professional Networking

Over the past few years, a noticeable difference has been observed in viewers’ preference for live video content over pre-recorded content. This trend has become especially relevant in the context of professional networking platforms like LinkedIn Live. Let us try to find the reasons behind this increasing preference for video content and its strong connection with LinkedIn Live.

According to Prabhath Sirisena Co-founder & CPO of Hiveage,

“In recent years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable shift in audience preferences, with a clear surge in favor of live video content over pre-recorded material. This shift is significant within professional networking platforms, with LinkedIn Live taking center stage. Exploring the driving forces behind this growing preference for video content and its undeniable synergy with LinkedIn Live is of paramount importance in understanding the evolving landscape of professional networking.”

Stats and facts on the increasing preference for video content

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The growing preference for video content is evident from several key trends:

Video Domination: Video now accounts for a whopping 82% of global internet traffic. These numbers reflect its dominance in online content consumption.

Engagement Boost: Videos shared on social media outshine text and images by generating a staggering 1200% more shares. This underlines their ability to captivate and engage audiences.

Marketing Success: An impressive 87% share of marketers have incorporated video content sharing in their marketing strategies. Moreover, 83% reported a positive return on investment highlighting its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Mobile Popularity: The allure of mobile video is undeniable. With users spending over 40 minutes per session on platforms like YouTube, the mobile video consumption trend is on the rise.

Social Media Emphasis: Social media platforms, including the likes of Facebook, give priority to video content. As the stats reveal, Facebook users watch a staggering 8 billion videos daily.

Educational Impact: Executives have incorporated videos into their learning routines. They regularly view work-related videos to enhance their knowledge.

Surge: The popularity of live streaming has skyrocketed in a very small time. There has been a remarkable 93% increase in livestream viewership on social platforms in 2020 alone.

Benefits of live video over pre-recorded content

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Real-time Interaction: Live video enables immediate engagement with the audience. Through the comments and questions section, viewers get a dynamic and interactive experience.

Authenticity: Unscripted and unedited, live videos convey authenticity. Thus, trust is established with viewers who appreciate the genuine nature of the content.

Timeliness: Live video is ideal for swiftly sharing breaking news or time-sensitive information. Thus, the audiences stay up to date in real time.

High Engagement: Live videos are captivating in nature. They attract more likes, comments and shares compared to pre-recorded content.

Personal Connection: Live video fosters a direct, personal bond between the content creator and the audience. Thus, viewer engagement and loyalty are enhanced.

Instant Feedback: Live videos provide valuable real-time audience insights. Thus, the content creators can respond to viewer comments and reactions.

Algorithmic Boost: Many platforms prioritize live video content, increasing its visibility to a broader audience.

Cost-Efficient: Live videos typically require fewer resources and editing as compared to pre-recorded content. This makes them a cost-effective option for content creators.

Spontaneity: Live videos capture authentic moments, enhancing their reliability and appeal to viewers seeking genuine content.

Event Coverage: Live content is perfect for providing real-time coverage of events, product launches and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Thus, the audiences get an immersive experience.

Understanding the LinkedIn Live Feature

LinkedIn Live is a vibrant feature embedded in the LinkedIn platform. It enables users to share live video content with their professional network. To understand its mechanics and explore its essential functions and attributes, let us delve a bit deeper:

Requirements and eligibility for using LinkedIn Live

Using LinkedIn Live is easy; there is no complicated application process. It’s open to all eligible users and Pages, provided you meet a few straightforward criteria that include the following points:

  1. At least 150 followers or connections on your LinkedIn account or Page.
  2. The user should be in an approved region for LinkedIn Live (excluding mainland China)
  3. The user should maintain a good standing on the platform with no bans or violations.
  4. Users can go live as an individual or on behalf of a Page, but remember that individuals cannot stream to Pages, and vice versa.

These simple requirements enable users to use LinkedIn Live for professional engagement.

How it works: Basic functionality and features

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Create an event on LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live serves as an integrated feature on LinkedIn, offering professionals a platform for real-time engagement with their network. To access it, individuals need to meet specific eligibility requirements mentioned above.

Users can create and broadcast content using compatible streaming tools. This encourages active interaction and dialogue with their audience who can readily comment, like and ask questions. The feature allows for precise audience targeting, ensuring that the content reaches the intended professional circles.

LinkedIn Live accommodates a variety of content types, including thought-provoking presentations and product demonstrations. The content is presented in an unscripted, genuine manner. Additionally, it provides performance analytics and often helps acquire increased visibility in user feeds. Thus, it serves as an invaluable tool for professionals spanning various industries.

Preparing for Your First LinkedIn Live Broadcast

Determining your topic: Playing to your strengths and expertise

Start by choosing a subject that you are passionate about. Your enthusiasm will naturally shine through during the broadcast making it more engaging for your viewers.

Equipment and technical needs: Camera, microphone, lighting and internet speed

Ensure you have a good camera, microphone, lighting and a stable internet connection.

Promotion: How to inform your network and schedule your live stream

To reach a wider audience, promote your live broadcast effectively. Consider these strategies:

  • Use Email and Other Channels: Send out email invitations and digital business cards to your network and share announcements on other social media platforms to generate interest.
  • Send Reminders: As the live date approaches, send out reminders to your audience, so they don’t miss your broadcast.
  • Timing: Research when your target audience is most active on LinkedIn and schedule your live stream accordingly to maximize viewership.

Preparing presentation materials: Slides, props and other visual aids

Prepare Presentation Materials like:

  • Slides: If your broadcast requires visual aids, create slides to enhance your presentation. Make sure they are clear, concise and visually appealing.
  • Props and Visual Aids: Depending on your topic, consider using props or visual aids to make your broadcast more engaging and informative.
  • Engaging the audience: Planning Question and Answer sessions, polls or interactive elements
  • Keeping your audience engaged is crucial for a successful live broadcast. Plan interactive elements such as:
  • Question and Answer Sessions: Allocate time for questions and answers during your broadcast. Encourage viewers to ask questions and address them in real-time.
  • Polls: Use polls to gather audience opinions or feedback on specific topics.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate other interactive elements that are relevant to your content, such as live demonstrations or quizzes.

Best Practices While Going Live

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When conducting a LinkedIn Live broadcast, these best practices can enhance your success:

Crafting an engaging introduction: Hooking your audience early

Start with an attention-grabbing introduction to captivate your audience from the outset.

Staying on topic: Maintaining focus while adapting to live audience feedback

Maintain your main subject while being open to audience feedback; adapting as needed.

Handling interruptions and technical glitches: Remaining calm and solution-focused

Stay calm and solution-oriented in the face of interruptions or technical issues.

Encouraging engagement: Responding to comments, questions and feedback in real-time

Respond to comments, questions and feedback in real-time to foster a sense of connection.

Collaborating with other experts: Hosting joint sessions or interviews

Consider hosting joint sessions or interviews with industry experts to provide diverse perspectives and insights.

Leveraging LinkedIn Features for Maximum Reach

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To expand your LinkedIn Live audience reach, utilize these platform features:

Partnering with LinkedIn Events for organized presentations

Collaborate with LinkedIn Events to organize and promote your presentations effectively.

Promoting your live session through posts, articles and stories

Promote your live session through posts, articles and stories, reaching different segments of your network.

Engaging with LinkedIn hashtags to broaden the reach

Utilize relevant LinkedIn hashtags to broaden your content’s visibility and connect with a broader audience.

Repurposing live content: Sharing the recording, creating snippets or developing related articles

Maximize your content’s lifespan by sharing the recording, creating bite-sized snippets or developing related articles. It will extend its reach and impact.

Post-Broadcast Action Items

After the broadcast, here are key steps to take:

Analyzing the broadcast metrics: Understanding views, engagement and reach

Dive into broadcast metrics to understand views, engagement and reach helping you gauge the impact of your content.

Gathering feedback: Directly from comments or through post-broadcast surveys

Collect feedback directly from comments or through post-broadcast surveys to improve future sessions.

Continuing the conversation: Following up on unanswered questions and engaging with your audience

Follow up on unanswered questions and engage with your audience to nurture relationships and address their needs.

Planning for future broadcasts: Evaluating what went well and what needs improvement

Evaluate what worked well and areas needing improvement to refine your approach for future broadcasts.

Final Thoughts: The Future of LinkedIn Live and Your Expertise

In closing, the future of LinkedIn Live holds immense promise for professionals around the world. As our professional environment continues to evolve, staying attuned to emerging trends is imperative and LinkedIn Live is no exception. Looking ahead, we can anticipate LinkedIn Live’s ongoing evolution and expansion. It is supposed to feature exciting advancements such as integration with virtual and augmented reality, more interactive Q&A sessions and improved analytics. These developments are set to elevate the live broadcasting experience even further. Nevertheless, amidst these technological strides, one constant remains—the enduring value of sharing your expertise. In an ever-changing world, your knowledge remains an invaluable asset. LinkedIn Live provides a unique platform to highlight your expertise, promote your personal brand and connect with a global audience. It contributes to the collective wisdom of the professional community.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just embarking on your career, embark on your own journey with LinkedIn Live. Reflect on your distinctive insights, experiences and the wisdom you can impart to your peers. Create your content thoughtfully, engage meaningfully with your audience and harness the power of live video to connect with professionals worldwide.

For those eager to get started, there is a wealth of resources and guides available. These include LinkedIn’s official support and documentation. Online communities and dedicated courses to enhance your live broadcasting skills are also there.

In conclusion, the future of LinkedIn Live shines brightly. Your expertise represents a valuable asset within your dynamic professional landscape. Seize the opportunity to share your knowledge, connect authentically with your audience and stay ahead of the curve. The world eagerly awaits your insights. With the right preparation, make a meaningful impact both on the platform and within your industry. Get ready to go live and leave your mark on LinkedIn.

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