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Social Media Statistics You Must Know in 2024

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  • Social Media Statistics You Must Know in 2024

Digital marketing expands its horizons and tries to find new methods that would effectively promote the company’s products. One of the revolutionary insights was to integrate social media platforms for digital marketing purposes. And this was a very successful experiment according to recent social media statistics. As more people are using social networks these days, marketers invent new methods to access their audiences there.

Analyzing social network stats, it is obvious that the number of active users and new users is still growing. This gives a perspective both for marketers and social networks to expand the spectrum of functions available. Thus, Facebook has already introduced its online marketplace, while Instagram heavily implements native ads on the platform.

Social media engagement stats depict how many users remain active on social networks and how much time they spend there. This data helps to comprehend the most recent trends in social network use and make predictions for the future. As a result, marketers would craft effective SEO promotional strategy and advertising campaigns based on that.

If you want to learn about how social media has changed digital marketing approaches, this article will tell you that. Based on the facts derived from the statistics about social media, you will also find out how social media could influence the future of digital marketing. You will also discover other interesting facts about social media in general.

Statistics about Social Media in 2024

It is almost impossible to find someone who does not use at least one of the social media platforms on a daily business. While previously it was mainly a privilege for new generations to use social media networks, the so-called generation of boomers is now also very active online.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms are very well-known to us. However, it is interesting to get to know more detailed information on social network use. Therefore, we will discover how many users are involved in social media and how marketers use social media on the other side.Social Media Statistics


According to Statista, Facebook appeared to be the most popular social media platform in the world by January 2023. The number of active users has reached almost 3 billion people on Facebook. The most popular social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg is followed by YouTube and Instagram with 2.5 and 2 billion active users respectively. YouTube is owned by Google, while Instagram makes a part of the Meta Platforms company together with Facebook. The next most popular social media network is the Chinese platform called TikTok with 1 billion active users worldwide.

Such social media engagement stats show users’ participation on social networks, which gives interesting insights for marketers. Based on such data, it becomes clear where to find new customers and how to target them. After developing and implementing marketing strategies with chosen platforms, social network stats are analyzed on a monthly basis.

Given the users’ engagement stats show their presence and activity on various social networks, let’s have a look at which channels marketers choose in turn. Based on the data provided by Statista, it is clear that around 90 percent of marketers use Facebook in their campaigns. It is not surprising as Facebook keeps its leadership in the number of active users. Around 80 percent of marketers also prefer Instagram to reach customers, around 50 percent of marketers reported that they also use YouTube, while only 18 percent rely on TikTok as a marketing channel for accessing their target audiences.

Interestingly, around 60 percent of marketers reported using the LinkedIn social network in their daily tasks. Given that LinkedIn is a professional network, it is used rather for business communication rather than a marketplace or ads platform. Marketers may look for new employees on LinkedIn, read the industry-related content there, find new professional connections, etc.

After we have taken a look at general tendencies related to social media, it is time to have a detailed overview of each social media platform. We will present some social media stats for each of the platforms and discuss that.


This social media platform was specifically designed with the business world in mind. Now, it is the primary place where businesses communicate with each other and with their employees and customers.

LinkedIn is a place where you can also reach out to companies for building connections online. It could be seen as a backlink generator where you make more business collaborations.

LinkedIn also presents many business articles that come from business blogs and corporate websites. Therefore, LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for sharing guest posts and attracting more traffic to them.

As for the statistics related to LinkedIn, there are many interesting facts that could be derived from it. For instance, this LinkedIn article states the following:

  1. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft.
  2. There are around 800 million people from 200 countries using LinkedIn.
  3. LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform.


As we already know, Facebook is the most popular social media platform among conventional users and marketers as well. It might be related to the fact that Facebook was the first large social media platform that entered the international market. Whatever the reason, the fact remains to be the fact, so let’s have a detailed look at interesting stats on Facebook.

Marketers started using Facebook not only for advertising purposes but also as a marketplace. If you want to learn more about that, visit this page for Facebook SEO guidelines.

Another valuable fact for marketers is that around two-thirds of American adults consider Facebook as the preferred social media network. Meanwhile, Facebook has gained a confident leadership in being a favorite social media platform among the age group of 35-45 worldwide. Therefore, if your target audience includes users of this age group, you should consider Facebook as an effective marketing tool in that case.

As you know, social media accounts do a great favor for those businesses that have those. Customers tend to trust businesses more if they are present at least on one of the global social media platforms. In particular, half of Facebook users reported that they would gladly buy goods from companies that could be messaged. Moreover, 37% percent of users reported that they would gladly buy goods on the Facebook marketplace.

As a marketer who integrates campaigns with Facebook, you should respect privacy and copyright trends. Facebook tends to delete those posts that violate privacy policy and copyright. If your business would be caught for such machinations, this won’t be favorable for your reputation.

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As we have already mentioned above, around half of marketers tend to include YouTube in their marketing strategies. Even the number of active users, billions of view hours, and other incredible statistics do not convince marketers to use YouTube more often. Let’s have a look at why this happens based on the YouTube statistical data.

According to multiple recent surveys, all YouTube users stated that they also use other popular social media networks. Therefore, marketers might usually neglect this channel for that reason and tend to concentrate on others. In fact, YouTube requires lots of effort for the video compilation and registration. That is why other social media platforms are often prioritized. Another reason for that is that YouTube’s most popular type of video content is music.

Anyway, you can use YouTube for promoting your business by making how-to instructions. Also, YouTube provides incredible opportunities to connect with influencers and develop your strategies in influencer marketing if needed.

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It is not a secret that infographic and media content impact social media engagement stats. From the school biology lessons, we remember that 90 percent of all the information is perceived through visual channels by human beings. That is why Instagram is used in 80 percent of marketing strategies worldwide.

Instagram was designed for sharing retouced or edited with built-in filters photos of food. Initially but then it transformed into a global platform not only for entertainment but also for business. Thus, 90 percent of Instagram users report that they follow the businesses of their interest on Instagram. That is why setting up an account on Instagram and keeping it active would be favorable for any business.

For those who already use Instagram in their marketing strategies or plan to include it soon, there is one essential thing you should keep in mind. Instagram is popular among the age group 18-34 as 60 percent of all users fall into this category. Consider this fact especially when you target the 18-34 age group in your advertising campaigns.

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Even though TikTok has surpassed all the records in social media app downloads and new users in 2021, it has not become that popular among marketers. Only 18 percent of marketers reported relying on TikTok in their campaigns. This platform is privileged when people under 30 are targeted.

There are several reasons for the unpopularity of TikTok among marketers. The first one might be related to the fact that this social media is Chinese and most users come from China. Another reason might be that TikTok is dedicated to entertainment purposes only so users do not see it as an advertisement platform or marketplace.

Shocking Facts from Social Media Stats

You cannot even imagine how many popular facts are derived from social media stats. Those are then used by marketers to craft their campaigns as company directors, website developers, psychologists, and many other professionals from various fields.

Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Given that social media makes an inevitable part of our lives, a question of its influence and value naturally comes out. According to Statista, around one-fourth of respondents among each age group have stated that social media has a neutral meaning for the population. Meanwhile, around 30 percent of respondents between 25 and 35 years old are confident that social media is a positive phenomenon. Instead, 45 percent of people over 45 are sure that social media is not a good thing.

Federal Requests

Did you know that federal agencies and official structures refer to social media networks for asking for data? For instance, there were more than 63 thousand such requests in the USA only in the first half of 2022. According to Statista, other countries where such federal requests are common include Brazil, France, Germany, India, and many others.

Devices for Social Media

According to a recent statistics report by Statista, most users prefer mobile phones for accessing Facebook and other social media platforms. Around 80 percent of users access social media networks ONLY via mobile devices.

Value of Social Network Stats

We have presented general facts and statistics related to the most popular social media platforms. This data makes it evident that the current tendency in the social media environment is clear – the number of users is growing, the time spent on social media apps is growing, and social media networks are developing rapidly. However, we should also mention that social media stats is also about particular analytics data gathered for your business.

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If you have a business account on one of the social media platforms, you might have noticed that there is a detailed overview of analytical data available there. Social media platforms provide you with data on the demographics of your user, their preferences, etc. This information can be used to better understand your audience and develop the most applicable way of communication with them.

Another important mission of social media statistics is that it provides information on the development of your business. You can clearly see whether your effort has led your company to the desired outcome or what else could be done for achieving your business goals.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Statistics for 2024

Social media stats can tell everything about the evolution of the social environment online. The facts derived from social media stats reflect which social media networks are popular among users. Based on that marketers might decide which social media platform would help to achieve the objectives.

Nowadays, Facebook is the most popular platform among users and marketers. It is followed by YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok for the number of active users. However, marketers prefer Instagram and LinkedIn mostly due to the opportunities they give.

There are also many interesting facts retrieved from statistics on social media. For instance, federal agencies in many countries refer to social media networks for data retrieval in special cases. Overall, social media stats are greatly helpful for businesses as it helps to align the path of where to move forwards and attract new potential customers.

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