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9 Ways to Write Edgy Instagram Captions

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  • 9 Ways to Write Edgy Instagram Captions

Since its creation, Instagram has grown to be one of the top image and video platforms. It allows creators to develop and upload creative content for people to see. As a result, individuals and businesses use this platform for different purposes.

Regular people use Instagram to connect with others and have fun. On the other hand, most businesses use it for advertising their products or services to potential clients. In either case, having a great post requires an edgy caption.

Most people do not know precisely how to create a great headline. They mostly write what first comes to mind. Like most things in life, you can quickly learn how to make catchy content to accompany your Instagram posts with a bit of practice. In this article, you will learn ways to write edgy Instagram captions.

Addressing a Current Situation

Some of the best-performing posts address current happenings in a certain location or worldwide. In general, your audience wants to hear what you have to say, especially if you have lots of followers.

Your fans want regular updates, even if it is just a simple status update while on the road. Many people who follow you might look up to you for advice when making an opinion about an issue. These types of updates you make are reassuring to supporters, especially when there is a lot of controversy surrounding a current event.

For example, during the first lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, many social media users were scrambling to know how celebrities and influencers were coping with the situation. Readers want to connect with people with shared experiences.

In such circumstances, short yet relevant captions work. You can write something like, “Weathering the storm.” Or “We will get through it.” Writing a long description also works.

An example of relevant posts that highlights a current situation is that of influencer Zach King when they officially adopted their kids:

Edgy Instagram Captions


The description is relevant to their current situation. It also resonated with the audience, as the post has more than 7,500 comments.

Blog-like Description

Except for Twitter and forums, images and videos dominate social media spaces. Fans prefer to watch rather than read through posts.

Nonetheless, you can use microblog-like captions on Instagram. Such descriptions provide readers with a context of what they view or watch.

Generally speaking, posts with long content are more frequently saved by users. More often than not, they get back to them later, which increases engagement. In turn, the algorithm will notice and present your page to a larger audience.

As a creator, you want to use long-form descriptions to:

  • Review a product.
  • Share personal stories.
  • Give valuable tips to your audience.
  • Make brand announcements.

With time, you will attract followers who value these types of posts. In addition, you may want to do this when you are selling a product or a service.

For instance, a life coach account may want to present the journey of the business owner. Such a caption will familiarize readers with the struggles and triumphs of the person behind the account.

Using a professional writing service can be beneficial when creating a long-form post description. As social media users are often young people still in school or college, they, in turn, can benefit from professional academic writing. One can use Grab My Essay for your academic writing needs. You can be sure of getting quality end product from this service.

However, creating a microblog description does not mean you are going to post a chunk of writing under a post. Instead, you should divide up the writing using emoji, italics, bold, link breaks, and much more.

Microblogging is a great way to personally connect with your fellow Instagram users, building a community of people with the same interests and life goals, all the while ensuring that your followers are with you to stay.

Funny Yet Exciting Wordings

Most people log in to social media platforms to have fun. They always want to see something funny that is also relatable. As a result, meme accounts are primarily popular on all social media platforms.

Regardless of whether you are a brand or an influencer, try to create something funny and exciting from time to time. Don’t take yourself too seriously on social media. However, try not to offend anyone by posting insensitive content.

In general, you may want to publish a humorous comment about a friend or a funny video of a colleague. Sometimes you may have a friendly go at your competitors to get the crowd going.

For instance, Taco Bell gave its followers humorous content by posting this:

Edgy Instagram Captions - 9 Ways to Write Edgy Instagram Captions - 1


This description is short, funny, and generated a lot of likes from users. It highlights the service value of a brand. Therefore, a witty caption must be unique and speak the language of a business.

Educative Post

No matter what you use your Instagram account for, it would help if you tried to provide some educational value to your followers. Information from your fans about something new and valuable makes you an authority in their eyes. Plus, they always want to know what you have in store for them.

Therefore, a post description is an excellent opportunity to tell your audience something unique about you or your brand. You are also able to retell common knowledge from a completely different angle. The way you present such information depends on your values and what you want to achieve.

Examples of platforms that provide educative captions include UberFacts and WTF Fun Facts.

Edgy Instagram Captions - 9 Ways to Write Edgy Instagram Captions - 2


These two accounts do a great job of telling people about things they usually do not think about. Additionally, they present common knowledge in a completely different light and tone than people are used to.

Call-to-Action Content

Influencers or brands that are looking to sell services or products mostly use call-to-action descriptions. These types of captions are effective to a wide range of Instagram users. In particular, you will get the most result from loyal followers that take your words seriously.

As a result, you mostly get users to do an action by going to a website or buying directly on your Instagram shop. You use this type of content when introducing a new product or during seasonal sales.

Many account owners will direct readers to click on the link in their profile, since links in Instagram captions are not clickable. Or, they can include a handle and tell their readers to follow it or offer other forms of engagement.

Call-to-action descriptions are suitable not only for e-commerce platforms. They also work for charities and non-profit organizations. Likewise, official government handles can use this format to provide citizens with valuable information.

The most effective call-to-action headlines use active sentences to direct users to action. If you require users to click on a link, make sure it is fully functional. Clearly state the value before directing people to action.

Authentic Information

Some of the most popular Instagram captions are those that feel authentic to the readers. No one likes to read content that sounds fake. People want to read about things that connect with their humanity.

Because of this fact, many brands and bloggers are leveraging authenticity and vulnerability when relating with people on the internet. It allows their audience to want to engage with them naturally without needing ads.

So, internet users respond positively to accounts trying to present an accurate picture of their reality. Such accounts not only post positive things about their brands. They also try to admit their behaviors and make amends when they are wrong.

For individual users, presenting a reel of life’s ups and downs can help them connect with followers in a deeper way. In a way, people see them as human beings and feel the urge to interact with them.

A great example of a celebrity publishing an authentic post is Bella Hadid. She posted a video of Willow Smith talking about the flaws and insecurity that all humans feel.

Edgy Instagram Captions - 9 Ways to Write Edgy Instagram Captions - 3


After Willow’s words, Bella went ahead to open up about her battle with depression and anxiety.

Although the caption looked like a microblog, it gave a human face to the popular supermodel. This post is so powerful that it has over 2.5 million likes. It also received tons of comments from Instagram users.

Engagement Magnet

Instagram is a platform built on interaction. So, what better way to exploit it than to create engaging captions that encourage people to engage with your account.

The best way to ensure interaction with your post is to create posts that are so appealing to your audience that they will want to engage with it. As a result, you get the option of asking readers to interact with the content within the headline.

There are a number of ways you can encourage people to engage with your content. The most common way to do this is to tell a story and ask readers a question or two. Encourage them to share their views or personal stories relating to what you publish.

However, by encouraging people to respond to your content, you must be willing to respond back. The best way to do that is by commenting on the post. You can equally like or react with an emoji.

Many accounts tell users that they will repost the best or most intriguing engagements they get. Doing this inspires people to want to share for the opportunity to receive some spotlight.

Many bloggers and lifestyle specialists use these tactics to increase engagement on their platforms. They use this style of posting to interact and provide advice to their followers. As such, this form of interaction paves the way for more intimate conversation, which can benefit the account owner.

Community-building Content

A community-building type of post is similar to the engagement magnet. However, account owners mostly use this type of caption when they are looking to expand their base on and off Instagram.

You do not really have to worry too much about the type of image or video you are uploading. Instead, you are more concerned about persuading your audience to get them to view your post and interact with it. By doing this, you increase engagement and bring new people into your community.

You may add a bit of excitement to the mix and include some form of draw or competition. Many users who wish to grow their account offer prizes from their products for people that are able to win such draws.

An example of an exciting community-building post is that by bulletproof.

Edgy Instagram Captions - 9 Ways to Write Edgy Instagram Captions - 4


They offered users the chance to win several items. The criteria for entry involved following some Instagram accounts, liking the post, and tagging a friend.

By doing this, they increased engagement and increased their followers.

Review-based Caption

There is nothing that boosts your Instagram page like user-based content. It tells your audience to enjoy what you have to offer. In addition, it shows the credibility and legitimacy of your brand.

Generating a review-based description is fairly easy. However, you need clients to provide written testimonials or reviews for the post you create.

Therefore, it is a good idea to provide customers sections for writing comments and reviews. You may want to politely request users of your products and services to leave a testimonial.

Developing and presenting this type of description for clients can persuade them to purchase a product or a service from you. Additionally, it confirms that you value your followers’ inputs.

Final Thoughts on Edgy Instagram Captions

Your ability to create an edgy Instagram caption can go a long way in improving the engagement of your page. This content is essential as it helps your followers to connect with you. You can create catchy captions in a number of ways that we described above. Experiment with your captions, base your content on the wants and needs of your audience, be authentic and relatable, and your Instagram page will blow up in no time!


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