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How to Increase Instagram Organic Growth

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  • How to Increase Instagram Organic Growth

Businesses have seen a decrease in organic reach and engagement after Instagram began categorizing posts in users’ feeds using an algorithm.

Want to know how to increase your Instagram organic growth?

Instagram algorithm updates have an impact on everyone who accesses the platform, particularly brands.

The Instagram algorithm determines which material is viewed. The order in which Stories, Live videos, Reels, and IGTV videos appear in the feed, as well as their corresponding tabs, etc.

Fortunately, the algorithm is not completely unknown. It’s essentially just code that detects what posts users want to view and prioritizes them.

That means you must show the algorithm that your posts include the type of material that Instagram users are looking for.

This should not, however, deter you from putting your time and money into one of the most widely used marketing platforms. You can increase the number of people who see what you have to say by making a few strategic actions.

Here are some practical and successful techniques for increasing Instagram views to help you sell your brand and grow a devoted following:

Why are views important?

While Instagram may undoubtedly generate income and drive sales, the true beauty of this social media platform is the capacity for brands to establish a dedicated massive following with whom they can interact on a regular basis.

The more Instagram views your brand receives, the more chances you have to get your message across, boost brand recognition, enhance conversions, and gain feedback from customers.

Furthermore, the number of Instagram views you receive is a sign of how effectively your message is resonating with your followers and potential consumers.

If you’re a business, having more views means more people will see your content, visit your profile or website, and eventually buy your products/services.

So, let’s take a look at how you can gain more Instagram views organically and boost your brand’s Instagram engagement.

1. Create a simple username

If you want to get profile views on Instagram, a simple username is a smart place to start. Choose an appropriate handle to make your identity acknowledged on Instagram.

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Your username should be simple yet unique as well as easy to remember. It could be an acronym for your company’s name.

Depending on the sources, such as keyword research, the username helps you in reaching your target audience.

It should be easily found in the Instagram search field. When spacing is lost, avoid underscores, strange characters, and names with several words that are difficult to read.

For example, the word “marketing” is more searchable in @marketingharry for individuals who don’t know Harry and want to discover accounts in the marketing niche.

2. Select a relevant category

Instagram allows you to categorize your account based on the type of content you promote.

One of the most visible elements at play is your account’s category, which is featured directly beneath your headline if you have a business profile.

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Choose the category that aptly reflects your niche to increase brand awareness to users.

There are various categories available from which to choose your type of business and display it on your profile. If you wish, you can choose not to reveal the type of your business on your profile.

3. Include a keyword in your profile

Stay consistent with the sort of content you provide to ensure that your account is seen by users who are interested in your category. Instagram may not notice your fast change in a category if you pivot abruptly.

If you’re trying to figure out how to become recognized on Instagram, picking a specialty and sticking to it is critical.

Remember that these specific details not only give personality to your account, but they also help with search engine optimization. More views on Instagram can be obtained by including strategic keywords in your Instagram headline.

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For example, @katie.wilkinsonn has specified that she is a manifestation coach in the headline of her profile, along with her name, making her account visible to anyone looking for coaches.

4. Post Stories

Instagram Stories are a fun way to interact with your followers and friends.

Having more views on your Instagram Stories is an excellent way to attract more active followers.

While we usually discuss “E-A-T” criteria in the context of hacking Google’s algorithms, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness on social media can also help you hack Instagram.

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Give your followers a peek at who you are, this could include revealing personal successes that assist audiences to understand why they should listen to you rather than someone else.

This is an opportunity to highlight your goal, values, and unique value proposition.

5. Use Engagement Features

Instagram also features a variety of interactive stickers, such as polls, quizzes, and questions, that allow your followers to actively participate in the material you promote.

The Instagram algorithm sorts the stories of the accounts you follow in the order of who you connect with the most.

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As a result, these engagement-driving stickers can help you gain more consistent views as your fans connect with your stories and you move to the top of their story queue.

Because Stories are posted on the fly, you may be tempted to post everything and anything.

However, you must remember to continuously post information that is relevant to your audience. They will not return if they are unable to engage with the content.

To strengthen the bond, utilize Instagram stickers to keep the conversation continuing.

6. Use geotag and hashtags

Another method for increasing visibility to new audiences is to use a geotag. It allows others in the tagged place to see your Stories, posts, reels, etc. resulting in more views from a bigger audience.

When a user searches for a certain area on Instagram, they can see what other Instagram users are saying about that spot.

Hashtags are a well-known method for increasing the visibility and reach of Instagram posts. But did you know it can also work wonders for your Instagram Stories?

Relevant and proper hashtags will increase the number of views on your Stories. Although Instagram only allows you to use 10 hashtags in a Story, this is more than enough to capture the attention of your target audience.

Instagram users may now follow hashtags, and you can utilize this feature to reach out to active and interested individuals.

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Whether it’s tagging a relevant location or a popular hashtag, using the tools offered by the app has been shown to increase your reach, engagement, and thus views on your Instagram profile.

When posting a new post, tagging your location is an effective method to improve your potential reach and exposure.

When you are in a nearby city, many individuals who search for content using the city name will come across your content, resulting in additional views.

When you tag a well-known site, it also helps you draw customers to your business location.

7. Post Quality Content Consistently

This is one of the most crucial things to do if you want to know how to acquire more Instagram views on your posts and in-feed videos.

Instagram is primarily a visual app. It is important to post content that is relevant to your niche as well as your audience. Your content should be easy-to-consume and visually aesthetic.

Why would consumers want to return to your page if it lacked high-quality content? If you want to stand out from the mass, share high-quality content that is visually appealing and on-brand.

Including video marketing in your social strategy and posting long-form content in the form of videos is a smart idea.

Having a consistent look is essential for informing your customers about your brand and general image.

To get views on Instagram, your followers will expect you to be consistent, and new followers will expect your content to be valuable.

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8. Posting times

As much as poor time management can hinder your business, posting at the wrong time can also limit your chances of doing well.

The follower portion of Instagram Insights shows you when your followers are active on the app each day.

Often, the number of active followers is rather stable from day to day, but keeping an eye on this can offer you a better sense of when to publish your material.

Time zones, in particular, will provide you with a better knowledge of the best time to post on Instagram each day for your unique account.

This is critical information to consider if the majority of your followers do not live in the same time zone as you.

If you have an Instagram Business Profile, you may look at your Instagram Insights to see which days of the week and times of day your followers are most active.

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9. Hop on to trends

Adapting to ever-changing digital marketing trends, especially in the pandemic necessitates the development of continuous learning and adaptation skills.

While we’re on the subject of trends, don’t just follow social media trends; add your own spin to them. It’s one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram views.

Jumping on random trends without making sure that the content you create is aligned with your marketing objectives will not help you in the long run.

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Authenticity, personality, and relatability will continue to be important aspects of community building.

Gen Z continues to influence organic trends based on pop culture and important events. Video marketing became relevant for small businesses only because Gen Z started consuming more videos.

Users consume trends at a quick rate, making your brand more human will help you succeed.

Knowing How to Increase Your Instagram Organic Growth

Instagram is a fantastic app for keeping in touch with your followers and improving your total Instagram engagement by increasing your visibility and allowing you to receive timely feedback from clients.

Instead of employing unethical practices like bots or engagement pods, organically grow your community.

Although developing a good social strategy takes a lot of time and work, adding the above-mentioned points in your approach can be advantageous.

You’ll be well on your way to getting more views on your Instagram profile if you follow all of the aforementioned strategies.

Do you have any other tips for getting more Instagram views?

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