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How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media

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  • How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media

For a modern digital world, expert marketing professionals are paving the path and are inclined towards social media optimisation alongside marketing research and since the market is ever-changing with social media norms moving at a lightning speed.

It permits the expert professionals to procure more opportunities and offer the same to the customers. In 2021-22, one will witness different trending topics as per the change in behavioural pattern and technological advancement of social media sites.

With the gaining popularity of trending topics these days, it is a field where one moves ahead with their next social media conversation. Marketers prefer trending topics on Facebook and Twitter for ideas to jet start the conversation and to attract new customers.

With strategic planning, one can turn trending topics to their advantage and gain access to a whole new market in building engagement levels with their target audience. In this digital advancement, it is easier than ever to know the trending and popular topics.

If the content starts receiving traffic and gains the popularity of views, it doesn’t matter where it comes from or the format is being drafted in- with the interest and intent of the content, it rounds the views and clicks from the users across all mediums.

It is natural to find the term ‘trending’ in sync with the popular content when a piece of content is viewed, interacted and shared in heavy volume on various mediums, the platforms take a note of it and give the content- a priority as a result.

trending topics

To have the result based on the performance, it is important to find the trending topic that works best with the readers. As a content marketer, knowing what is trending between the users helps in bridging the gap between the needs of the users and elevating the business growth.

Capitalizing the action with the knowledge of the trends, irrespective of the mode of process, be it the topic of the content or emulating the work in itself, has the opportunity to get the relevant and effective traffic to build the buzz.

With all these, the question arises, ‘how does one find trending content?’ Be it the blogs, creating a social media viral post, or any other type of content there are many ways to find the type of content you’re looking for.

When one paves the path, they also find the relevant resultants of other people’s preferences, choices and what they are looking for- this step is cherry on the cake for many.

Things to know on finding the trending content

Before this article covers the ‘how’s’ of the trending topic, let’s focus on ‘why’ it is important to find the right topic. It covers both the basics as well as expanding the trending topics of the content. For instance, one should be inspired before fixing on one, your brand needs a proper, precise marketing strategy.

Marketers, nowadays, are spending more on content marketing nowadays than ever before and hence, it is important to consider the worth of the content strategy, curation, and marketing in various aspects.

With various metrics to go off, when aiming to see if your content has the potential to get many views and clicks, the consensus is arguably the greatest step of all.

When millions of users share a piece of content or engage in them in some or the other way, it is a sign that your content is doing well and has a great potential for a good marketer.

Curating short videos on social media has shown great potential when mixed with humour and their content is then floated around to check whether the trend sets with the audience.

There are times when it is easy to write on trending topics, for instance, in case of a big holiday, it is safer to write on it that gives direction for your content.

Content creators don’t always have to emulate their shared content, sharing on their own profiles suffices and content shared from a reputable source assists the brand and improves their image for their audience.

When one shares an already trendy and popular topic it helps them in generating authority to the pages and profiles while paving the path for the hesitant users to engage freely.

Searching for trending content using these strategies

When one builds a reputation for their brand, ingraining the content that is trendy can turn the number game of the content and by trying out these strategies one can overturn their step:

Social media trending lists

Trending lists are easily available on social media platforms and people on them love to see the latest buzz. Major social media platforms have their own trending sections and many also have the option to change the option that makes the top of the list.

It is easy to alter the trends around certain fields or locations and it is easier to see what is popular amongst the niche that one likes to share on their brand.

More than 60% of the adults take their news from social media, engaging over the trending hashtags from these platforms and this gives a lot of ideas on how the audience is conversing.

News sites that cover trending topics

Trending Topics - How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media - 1

Internet media news isn’t the most conventional or traditional mode of communication of delivering news at a single glance but many leading sites are covering trending topics and are a great place to find what is popular.

Trending Topics - How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media - 2

Not everything pops up on a website like BuzzFeed or Reddit that these media found worth covering as per their brand. These websites have a certain type of aura and reputation that they carry, currently rated as the most popular sites in the world and their subsections are easier to find relevant content that matches the niche or the brand.

To find the real noteworthy news, one has to opt for manual browsing in order to find something interesting. These websites are good for gathering trending news but not all of them act like a news publication.

Some of them are designed and curated specifically to cater to younger generations with adjustable criteria rather than focusing on the all-genre of news.


Trending Topics - How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media - 3

Social media have sections that showcase trending topics, but other types of content like blogs that are scattered across millions of sites are still nowhere to be found and for that one needs a tool like BuzzSumo.

It specifies the site name, keyword or topics to give them plenty of options in narrowing down the search and along with the variety of time on searching topics and what is popular amongst the audience.

One can also search for a country, a language with individual content type, emulating the blogging topics, this tool also covers topics through reporting and spotlighting the insight on overall the content volume despite the reduction in social sharing throughout years.


Trending Topics - How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media - 4

To know the trending topic that requires the tools offers an in-depth and versatile snapshot of the web platform at any given time. Just like BuzzSumo, it isn’t the only option out there, Feedly permits you to sort the results by publisher, topic, domain, and keyword.

This tool is different in terms of their working interface and effectively trying them out for a period of time to deliver the best results. The algorithm is better than any other, as opinion varies from time to time, testing them out is the only way to tell.

Google Trends

Trending Topics - How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media - 5

With the list of the tool integrated into the world’s most popular search engines, whereas Google trending topics helps the content creators to provide insight for their own engine. Typing the term, one gets the option for the location, time, category and more precise filters.

This graphical user interface represents the interest that helps the person whether one is on track to the path of getting viral with ‘flavour of the month’, whether one discusses something for a popular topic.

Scrolling down helps the representation of interest per location with a handy list of related topics with the queries, trying to build a content marketing strategy covering many similar topics for the interlinked pieces that are considered as an extremely valuable step.

Google platforms aren’t the type of search engine out there, trending tools are considered as an easy pick for the best one on the current trends.

Wrapping up trending topics

One should know the steps in finding the trending topic and buzz that helps the business to get the spotlight or the content creator building a reputation for them.

One is much more likely to keep the audience engaged, talking about something that is popular or when emulating content that circulates around the web in a rapid motion.

Things to take care of when trying to find the trending content of various niches, are:

  • Many popular websites can show variable options and are considered good optimum (but sorting is required to find the best).
  • Many platforms like BuzzSumo and Feedly showcase trending content highlighting the interests of the audience and what would lead to more clicks and views.
  • Many search engine tools like Google Trends can provide long-term vision at trending topics and plenty of ways to put their content insight into much stable use. Many starters learn on strategizing and building the social media strategy using the information that is collected while curating effective content for the audience.

Content curation and strategizing lead to views and clicks from the mass audience when circulating on different social media platforms.

While hovering over different trending topics tools, it eases the work for social media and content marketers to find the topic that works for them and also gain them relevant and effective clicks to boost their reputation of the business or provided, the content writer.

Content writers and marketers work on the effectiveness of the trending tools and from the mentioned tools, there are many others available in the web source that helps one in finding the one that helps in writing.

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