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How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement Rate With Target Customers

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  • How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement Rate With Target Customers

Linkedin is one of the best social media sites to engage potential customers and draw them to your business. Hubspot research shows that LinkedIn is best for lead generation.

LinkedIn Engagement Rate

Source: Kinsta

As a business, you can connect with many target customers, build trust with them and help market your products or services.

Maybe you have been connecting with target customers on Linkedin but want to increase your engagements, reach more potential customers but don’t know how to do that.

Well, here is your guide. This article will show you six ways to increase your LinkedIn engagement, get more target leads to know your business, and increase their conversions.

6 Ways to Increase Linkedin Engagement Rate (Without Consuming Your Time)

Be Part of LinkedIn Groups

To reach more target readers and engage with them, you can join groups where these target readers hang out.

For example, within the LinkedIn platform, there are many different groups your target readers join.

They probably join the groups to find experts who can help them solve their challenges. Here are some of these groups.

Examples of LinkedIn groups

Source: LinkedIn

Search for these groups on LinkedIn and join them. One of the ways readers engage is to ask questions and engage with content on those groups. So you can become that thought leader and expert they are looking for when solving their pains.

Be helpful and answer or ask questions that relate to their pains. Help them understand more about their pains and the correct solution to solve the challenges they experience.

When target readers see your expertise, they will want to know more about you and your business. They start trusting you as they can see your thought leadership and believe that what you offer can help solve their pain points.

This increases your engagement as they can visit your website and learn more about your products or services. In addition, they engage more with the content you write on your website and get to know more about your business offers.

In addition, they see social proof from your past and current customers and can convert them into customers.

Engaging with target customers ensures you provide value upfront before you start selling to them.

Avoid being self-promotional and focus on delivering value that will help target customers know about their pains and provide a way to solve them.

Before engaging target customers, make sure you understand them and their pains. This will help give the best content that aligns with their goals and capture attention as they consume the content.

Have Professional LinkedIn Business Page

Target customers want to know if you are a legit business that they can trust before engaging with you more to know about your brand and probably convert.

To help do that, you can create business profiles on Linkedin.

It will eliminate their doubts and build more trust as they engage with your content and learn more about your business products or services. For example, here is our business profile.

A LinkedIn business page

Source: LinkedIn

As they engage the business and want to know more, they can see your company details and even the physical location of your business.

If it’s near, they can visit the offline business premises to engage more with real business people within the company.

With the profiles, you can show target customers more about your business, what it is and how it solves pain points.

It is essential to keep your company information updated. So from time to time, keep adding more details that will make the company relevant to target readers.

There are over 55 million companies on Linkedin. You’re not the only business in the market. To drive target customers and engage them, keep them up to date with your business.

Let them know what new services or products you have and their value to solve pains. Ensure that you give your best to keep target customers engaging with your business and content.

Also, use keywords within your business profiles that show your expertise. Such keywords help with the ranking as the target audience search for content on LinkedIn through relevant keywords.

In addition to business and company profiles, create your personal profile and link it to the business.

It is essential to highlight your skills and business expertise within your personal profile. You can just attract target customers when they see the knowledge and skills you have in the industry.

You can ask all your employees to have a personal profile. For example, here is a personal profile of the founder of the above company.

Personal LinkedIn profile

Source: LinkedIn

As you create your personal or business profile, it is essential to customize the links and include keywords that attract target customers. Here is how to customize your LinkedIn URL links.

Steps to customer LinkedIn URL

Source: LinkedIn

Use Different Content Types

Target readers consume different content types on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is essential to use various content types to increase their engagement.

For example, the demand for video content is on the increase. Research shows that 86% of marketers use video content.

Data on video content performance

Source: Oberlo

You can create more video content to increase engagement or the type that engages more leads. However, irrespective of the content type you will use, ensure it will educate and provide value, be easy to read and engage the readers.

Make it easy for readers to share the content with their friends or workmates. With more shares, you can reach other target customers, get them to know you, and engage with your brand.

Be consistent in posting your content. For example, some target readers can know that you have to post an update or content that they love each week. As a result, they will be waiting to read that content and engage more when you post the content.

To increase your engagement, use the best tools to create in-depth content types and provide the right information that will help solve their pains.

You can also use relevant hashtags for your content pieces. As a result, you can easily reach more readers searching for content under a specific hashtag and engage them more with your brand and content types.

Use social listening tools to help learn more about your target customers and what they are saying about your brand.

You will create content that aligns with their feedback to increase engagement and capture more leads through the content you share.

To also know the best way to engage and reach target customers, you can run a short survey to collect feedback that will help create and distribute content.

Use the feedback to create more engaging and educative content that your readers will enjoy and find valuable. See the example below.

examples of LinkedIn survey questions

Source: LinkedIn

Optimize For Mobile Use

Many target readers are now using mobile devices to search for information, including engaging with content and brands on the LinkedIn platform. Statista research shows that by 2027, there will be over 7.6 billion smartphone users.

statistics on mobile device usage

Source: Statista

It is essential to optimize your content and website for mobile use as you do your marketing. If they can’t access what they want on mobile devices, you lose an opportunity to engage them.

For example, a potential customer can find your content on LinkedIn, find it helpful, read it, and engage with it. He may then visit your website to know more about your business.

Then once he clicks on your link, he finds it impossible to access the website on a mobile device that he is using and then decides to look for an alternative.

In addition, ensure that your website has a faster loading speed. Target customers will look for other sites that will not consume their time if it takes hours to load.

You can use different tools to gauge if your website has faster loading speeds. Also, use quality photos and images for your website.

Look for a professional designer who will help give your website a professional and attractive design to engage more people who visit your website.

Ensure the target audience can navigate your website easily and get what they are searching for without wasting a lot of their time.

Use Influencer Marketing

People trust others with influence in the market. So, to engage more target readers, you can use the power of influencers in your market niche to help promote your brand and content.

Research influencers in your market, engage them, and build relationships with them. Once you develop the relationship, introduce a partnership business plan.

They will help you advocate for your business to the target customers, and you will pay them for those services.

When target readers see influencers recommending or using your content, they want to know more about the business and see what it offers.

When you partner with influencers, you can leverage their huge following to reach more prospective customers. As a result, influencer marketing has high ROI than other marketing channels.

How influencer marketing compares with other marketing channels

Source: BigCommerce

It shows that influencers can engage more target customers and help them convert into customers for the businesses they advocate.

Use LinkedIn Ads

Ads are another best way to engage leads to your business through Linkedin. As you plan your ads campaigns, do research and understand the primary keywords target readers use to search for content for their pains. Some of the ads you can use for engagement on LinkedIn are:

  • Video content
  • Text ads
  • Sponsored inmails
  • Sponsored content
  • Dynamic ads

Whichever ads you use, use an attractive CTA to capture the readers’ attention and engage them in the ads.

Also, run a/b tests on your ads to see which ads best perform for your LinkedIn target audience. Some areas to test in your a/b test campaigns are:

  • Your ads CTA button
  • Your ads headlines
  • The keywords to use in the ads’ headlines
  • The length of your ads copy

When done well, LinkedIn ads effectively engage and increase business awareness to target customers. You can drive leads to your sales funnel and start nurturing process that will lead to conversions and sales.

Research by We Are Social shows that LinkedIn ads reach over 663 million users, and most of these users are target customers who would like and use your business products or services.

Before running the ads, it is essential to have a marketing goal for each campaign. Goals make your ads more focused and deliver the best experience to attain those goals, and in our case, to engage more target customers to your brand.

Also, ensure you have a budget for your ads. You don’t want to run campaigns that will affect your business revenue and growth.

Why Use LinkedIn to Engage and Generate More Leads

Linkedin can be a great way to place your business before your target customers when optimized in the right way. Findstack shows that 92% of markers use LinkedIn to market and engage businesses.

Statistics about LinkedIn engagement

Source: Findstack

In your business profiles and content updates, ensure you use the right keywords target customers use in their search for content.

As target readers search for content and the best brand, they will find your optimized profile and engage more with it.

With increased search rankings, you can market your products or services and let potential customers see the value you offer as they engage with your business.

You can build your social proof, build trust with target customers and draw them to use your business as you engage them through LinkedIn.

BusinessInsider research showed that LinkedIn is the most trusted social media channel by most customers.

Comparison of the most trusted social network

Source: BusinessInsider

As you engage target customers, you can connect with the best companies that become your customers and use your services for a long time, ensuring recurring revenue.

Final Thoughts on LinkedIn Engagement Rates

The goal of every brand is to put their business in front of their target customers, engage them as you build trust, and convert them into customers.

Among the different channels to engage leads is LinkedIn. Using the right marketing strategies to attract and engage target customers on the platform can help close more sales as target customers know about your brand and convert.

Use the above strategies to increase engagement on the platform, capture more target audiences and nurture them into customers.

Ensure that you focus on delivering value to target readers. Each content piece should help show your target readers how to solve their challenges.

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