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Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce

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Do you think you should promote your products on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest?

You must go for the promotion of your eCommerce products and business on these platforms. Because nowadays, social media platforms have become a massive thing.

The majority of the population spends their valuable time on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. So if you establish your business presence on these platforms, it will create a huge chance to reach the maximum number of target customers.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce

For this purpose, you should follow effective social media promotional strategies.

In this article, we will talk about some powerful tactics to skyrocket the growth of your business with Pinterest and Instagram for E-commerce.

So, let’s focus on that.

Significant Strategies to Grow Your Business With Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the remarkable platforms to showcase your eCommerce products to your target customers.

In this section, we will talk about some powerful Pinterest marketing strategies to help you reach more customers for your business.

Generate Pinterest Catalog Feed to Increase Sales

Before jumping on the marketing campaigns, you must optimize a proper eCommerce website. It creates the identity of your business.

There are multiple platforms available to build your eCommerce stores, such as WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.

For better store customization, you should choose the WooCommerce platform. Because it’s an open source and flexible platform with various plugins.

After properly creating your eCommerce store, you have to update your product data on Pinterest.

For this purpose, you should choose the CTX Feed plugin. It is a WooCommerce product feed plugin to optimize your store product data for the Pinterest catalog.

Along with that, you can easily generate product feeds for multiple channels to promote your product ads.

When you successfully generate a product feed, you need to upload the feed on Pinterest. It will automatically update your product information such as price, title, id, etc on Pinterest. Now your Pinterest audiences will see your product ads.

Through this process, your product visibility will increase. Your eCommerce business will grow faster.

Customize Product Pins

On Pinterest, product pins are the easiest way to showcase your products to your customers. In the pin, you can include images and videos of your product.

You need to add visually appealing and polished product images to the pins. So that your customers feel interested in purchasing your products.

Your product pin contains various types of information about products, such as price, size, and other specifications.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 1


Pinterest is mostly a search-based platform. If you want to improve the visibility of your pins, you must customize your pins based on a proper SEO strategy.

So that your pins will appear in the upper position of your customer’s search results.

First, look at your pin’s product title. In the title, you have to include relevant keywords according to your product types.

After customizing the title, you have to customize your pin description section. Pins’ descriptions should be crystal clear and appropriate. So your customers could get a better idea about your product.

Besides that, you can optimize multiple infographics in the pin. It will help you to create a strong brand identity for your business.

Optimize Pinterest Boards for Product Categories

As an eCommerce business owner, you must represent your products in a properly categorized way. Otherwise, your customers won’t be able to navigate their desired products from your store.

As a result, you might lose a good number of customers. Also, customers will feel irritated when you show them your products in an unorganized way.

Suppose someone wants to purchase a “keyboard” from your Pinterest page. That customers will never go through all your product pins to find their desired product. Because this is time-consuming and also irritating.

Now how can you serve your customers in a comfortable way?

Pinterest has the most flexible solution for you. It has a powerful option called “Pinterest Board.” The board will help you to showcase a group of products in a proper category.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 2

Let’s assume you have various types of clothes in your stores, such as t-shirts, full-sleeve shirts, pants, hoodies, etc. Now you should create a board called “clothing” and include multiple categories for various products.

As a result, your customers can easily navigate their desired products without facing any issues. So that your customers get a decent purchasing experience.

For this purpose, you must customize your “Pinterest Board” for various product types.

When you are creating a board, you have to set a proper name according to the board content category. Because the name will determine the main idea of the whole board.

Also, you have to optimize the description section with proper information. If you can organize your board in a suitable way, It will help you to maximize your business growth more efficiently.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Analytical data is always significant for any type of business. Because it helps create a fruitful business model and reduces the extra marketing costs. At the end of the day, it increases the overall revenue of the business.

Through Pinterest Analytics, you can gather significant information about your customers. This feature is specially opened for business accounts.

In fact, It will also provide you with details about your business account performance.

In the analytics overview section, you can locate the data about different types of pins, such as standard pins, idea pins, product pins, and video pins. Pinterest will provide these data based on multiple metrics such as engagements, impressions, pin clicks, etc.

So this will help you to clarify which pin is performing better among the audiences. As a result, you can customize them based on their effectiveness.

In addition, it will show you powerful “Audience Insights” based on multiple factors such as age, gender, and device. Also, you can see the most favorite content categories.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 3

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 4

As you can see, you will get full-fledged information about your audiences and business.

With the help of proper analytical data, you can organize a better marketing campaign for your product and services. So your customers will consistently engage with your Pinterest page. This will help you to maximize the growth of your eCommerce business.

Significant Strategies to Grow Your Business With Instagram

As you already know that social media marketing is highly beneficial for the overall growth of your eCommerce business.

Instagram is one of the prominent social media platforms to reach the maximum number of target customers.

In this section, we will talk about some effective Instagram marketing techniques to improve the growth of your eCommerce business.

Customize the Instagram Bio Section

In any physical store, store owners set up a board in front of their store. It includes multiple information about their store such as name, contact details, business logo, etc.

Your Instagram bio section appears as a store broad of your online shop.

When your customers enter your page, they first notice the bio section. It creates the first impression about your store in your customer’s minds.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 5

In the bio section, you have to add multiple significant details, such as website URL, phone numbers, username, and business email, to properly represent your store to your target customers.

Furthermore, you must add SEO-friendly keywords. If your customers search in Google with relevant keywords, your Instagram page link will appear in the search results. So it will also improve the SEO ranking of your eCommerce store.

So you must optimize your bio section properly. Otherwise, your customers will not be able to get the appropriate information. They will never trust your business at all.

Get the Advantage of Instagram Insights

As an eCommerce business owner, you must need proper analytical data about your customers and store. Because it will help you organize your eCommerce strategy.

Besides that, you can easily understand your customer’s demands through proper data. So you can improve your store performance.

For this purpose, Instagram will provide you with powerful features called “Instagram Insights.” With the help of this function, you can understand your content performance and the current trends on this platform.

In fact, it will provide you with analytical data about specific posts, videos, reels, and stories.

Along with that, you can easily determine how many people have seen your content based on their locations, age, and gender. It will help you to understand your customer’s characteristics. Also, you can locate mostly engaged posts.

These effective data will help you to optimize perfect marketing campaigns for your products and services.

Go for Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, influencer marketing has become one of the essential ways of digital marketing on social media platforms.

It’s a strategy where you collaborate with multiple famous influencers, and they promote your product and services to their followers.

On the Instagram platform, the majority of the influencers have millions of followers. So this creates a better opportunity to turn their followers into your satisfied customers.

But before jumping on this marketing strategy, you must look up some significant things before reaching out to influencers for your business, such as

  • Set an appropriate budget.
  • Choose the right influencer based on your business type.
  • Determine your goal.
  • Focus on influencer engagement rate.

Suppose you sell various types of smartphones in your online store. Now you want to work with an influencer to promote your shop to the customers. You need to choose a famous tech reviewer for the campaign.

So you must choose those influencers who are relevant to your products and services. When you select the right influencer, you have to create a long-term partnership with them.

Because if any influencer constantly promotes your products, customers will understand the reliability of your online store.

If you can design your marketing campaign appropriately, it will skyrocket the sales and conversion rates of your online store.

Optimize Visually Attractive Images

In the digital world, images are the most influential part of representing any type of content, product, or ad.

When people are roaming on multiple websites, appealing images mostly grab their attention. Because this is the natural instinct of human beings.

In terms of eCommerce business, images play the most significant role.

Because when customers search for any products, they entirely focus on the images of those products. Images create the first impressions about your products. It helps your customers to visualize how they could use that product after purchase.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 6

For this purpose, you have to use visually appealing images in your Instagram posts. So your customers can get an idea about the value of your product and services.

Also, you have to include images from multiple angles of any specific products. In the physical store, customers can check their desired products in multiple ways. After that, they made the final decision to purchase that product.

But in the online store, customers don’t have that opportunity. Through multiple images, customers can verify the product’s quality. As a result, your customers could easily decide to purchase that product from your store.

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are one of the most popular features among social media users. The majority of the Reels users are the young generation people.

Reels are kind of short-duration videos. You can create and edit multiple videos in a maximum of 90 seconds long. Also, you can attach multiple audio tracks to your video.

Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - Grow Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram For E-commerce - 7

In the present time, Instagram Reels have become very trendy. Because most people are always busy with their daily tasks. They don’t have enough time to watch long-length videos on social platforms.

As a result, it turns into the best place for the promotion of any type of eCommerce product. There are multiple prominent companies like Samsung, Realme, and Xiaomi who promote their products on Instagram reels.

If you want to grow your eCommerce business, you should focus on Reels. You can create multiple reels for various purposes such as upcoming products, new arrival products, product ideas, etc.

Also, reels are effective for influencer marketing. You can collaborate with the influencers and ask them to promote your products on their reels.

If you want to grow your eCommerce business, you must communicate and engage with customers. You need to know about your audience’s opinions and problems with your product and services.

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms for you to connect with your customers. These platforms will help you to build a reliable customer group.

In this article, we have discussed several strategies to improve the growth of your business with Pinterest and Instagram for eCommerce.We hope these strategies will help you in the long run.

Best of luck!

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