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Social media for Software developers and IT geeks in 2024

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  • Social media for Software developers and IT geeks in 2024

In today’s internet-powered society, no one can challenge the significance of social media in our daily lives. It offers immense ease to people to connect and share their views. Not only that, but it also helps businesses to attract and engage a larger audience, which is imperative for them to achieve higher conversion rates and sales.

And this is true when it comes to social media for software developers.

However, in today’s digital world, the competition is high, and if you don’t keep up with the latest trends and strategies, you are bound to face failure in your online business.

Social media not only helps you build a community around your brand but also assists you to stay connected with your audience and customers.

Social media for Software developers

Statistics show that there are over 4.65 billion social media users as on April 2022. That’s a huge audience.

But you must understand your audience’s behaviour to gain their trust and attention. Your audience’s needs can help you tailor a customer-friendly strategy and improve your conversion rate and sales using evolving technology.

You must pick the right social media platform for your product to get the best results. You need a strategy to get the most out of your social media efforts.

An excellent social media strategy can benefit your business in many ways. It can help with your marketing campaigns, business promotion, customer service, customer support and more.

But as a developer or IT maven, the major point that hits your mind is what is there for you and how you can leverage social media for your benefits.

In this post, we will learn about how social media is helpful for developers and IT people and how it can shape the world of IT and marketing in 2024. Additionally, we will explore how social media platforms can be utilized to hire software developers and build strong professional networks within the IT industry. Let’s read on.

What is Social Media?

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Before discussing the marketing tech strategy in 2024, it’s essential to know what social media is.

Social media is a technology designed to create and sustain social relationships or communities, allowing users to interact, collaborate, and share interests and information.

People worldwide use social media platforms to connect. They share information, content, images and videos and stay connected with people from all over the globe.

They follow the trends of their favourite brands in the entertainment, fashion and sports industry through social media platforms. It allows businesses to reach out to their target audience and connect to build lasting relationships with them.

Live videos are a trend that has taken social media marketing by storm and will continue their popularity in the future. Over 82% of audiences prefer watching live videos.

Developers and IT geeks strategically leverage their content on social media to build trust and boost their brand presence on the internet.

But how do they do it?

How Do Developers Use Social Media?

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For developers, social media is a chance to reach out to a new audience and build a community around them. So, they spend significant time and effort creating the best quality content on social media to connect with their target audience.

Most software developers spend 1 -2 hours daily on social media to stay connected with their target audience and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Besides sharing content, developers use social media to network with industry leaders and influencers in the tech and digital marketing industry to build an online presence and a global brand.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already have AI and Machine Learning capabilities baked into their systems. These advanced tools learn more new things from the behaviors of the visitors as they consume more and more content through these platforms. Based on this behaviour, they can suggest other content that might interest you.

Developers use their preferred social media platform to create strategies for their online marketing campaigns or gain industry visibility.

Here are some ways developers use social media platforms:

Find New Solution

Developers find solutions to their problems through social media sites like StackOverflow and Twitter and interact with like-minded people in the IT industry to discuss their ideas and solve their problems quickly.

They can help others find solutions to their problems and build an online reputation at the same time by answering others’ questions on their blogs and forums as well. It helps establish them as thought leaders in their niche or domain and helps promote their business or service through their online presence.

Learn and Improve Skill

Another reason developers are active on social media is to learn and improve their skills and stay updated with the latest development trends in the industry. They interact with other like-minded developers and learn new things from them daily.

It helps them expand their knowledge and improves their overall productivity by implementing new tech trends into their work to improve their performance and deliver better results to their customers or clients. It helps them maintain a competitive edge over their rivals in the industry and drive more traffic to their blogs or websites.

Get in touch with other developers

The social networking industry is one of the best advertising methods in the business industry, and connecting with like-minded professionals worldwide. So, the developers use social media sites to connect with tech experts, industry leaders, and developers worldwide and learn from them simultaneously.

They collaborate on ideas and support one another in resolving technical issues. They also learn about the latest technologies and solutions from industry experts and can use them to innovate their products. They can exchange knowledge through live chats, video calls and more. Also now the majority of the companies in the US and other European regians now prefer to get programmers from developing countries like India and social media has become the gateway to connect with developers, India is growing as a hub for proficient developers, and with the help of social media companies reciting in other regions are able to hire developer in India which is cost-effective and giving the same level of output. Amidst this global talent pool, partnering with a nearshore software development company can streamline the process of connecting with highly skilled developers, ensuring a blend of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in software development projects.

Build Relationships

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram enable developers to network with other industry experts globally and forge better connections. They can follow each other’s updates on their respective social media profiles to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and weed out relevant content from sources like the industry blog, industry magazines, and more.

It helps them create brand awareness and increase their online following. They can engage with their followers through many social media updates and engage them in meaningful discussions to build strong relationships and drive more traffic to their blogs or websites.

Get Product Updates

Developers regularly use social media platforms to stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends and developments in the industry. So, these social media sites help them connect with industry leaders or peers and follow their updates to stay updated with the latest industry trends. It helps them keep their services relevant and up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

By collaborating with other industry experts via social media, developers learn about the latest tech trends in the industry. There are also many groups on social media platforms that share the latest updates through newsletters, organise discussion forums and also invite tech experts to share their experiences. Developers can implement them in their products to stay relevant in the market and boost their business profits significantly.

Follow the Trend

Developers build their success on emerging trends in the market and build strategies to drive more sales through their products or services. They build marketing strategies around the latest development trends in the market to attract new customers to their products or services.

They closely monitor the market trends and build new strategies around the market development to grow their customer base and expand their reach globally. They stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends on social media and use trending hashtags or keywords to attract more traffic to their website or content.

Top Social Media Platforms

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Developers are not bound to any one particular platform and use social media to stay updated with the latest tech trends in the market. They used to interact with their target audience and drive more traffic to their blogs or websites.

Some platforms are very popular.

1. Stack Overflow

For developers, StackOverflow is one of the most popular platforms to find answers to technical problems and get real-time help from their peers worldwide. It is a question-and-answer site where developers can find answers to coding-related problems and discuss ideas to solve issues quickly with other professionals. Over 66% of developers prefer using StackOverflow over any other platform to find solutions to technical issues.

The developer community on Stack Overflow is more than 100+ million members strong and multiplying, with millions of daily questions on different programming topics ranging from front-end web development to back-end development, etc. Additionally, there’s a growing interest in fintech application development, with numerous queries and solutions available. This platform has become a vital resource for developers in the fintech sector and beyond.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a well-known platform for developers to connect with other professionals worldwide and grow their professional network. LinkedIn allows developers to connect directly with their peers from various industries, learn from them about the different technologies they use in their projects, and stay updated on the latest trends in the tech industry.

LinkedIn has more than 880 million users. About 52% of developers follow industry leaders or peers to get the latest industry news, learn from industry experts, and engage with industry leaders to grow their online following and influence. Therefore, it is a boon for developers looking to build their online reputation and connect with the industry’s top tech leaders.

3. Twitter

Another popular social media site for techies is Twitter. More than 46% of techies use Twitter to interact with other techies and post technical queries for fellow coders to solve instantly.

Developers use Twitter to know about trending technology news and stay connected with industry professionals worldwide. It allows them to grow their network and stay in touch with industry experts through social media updates, blog posts, videos, and more.


YouTube is another popular social media platform where developers like to create video tutorials, post tech demos, and interact with other techies worldwide. It allows them to post technical videos and share valuable instructions and tips with other developers worldwide.

More than 43% of developers use YouTube to stay updated with industry news and connect with industry peers. It is a boon for developers who like to explain and use coding techniques to newbies worldwide through YouTube videos and grow their networks.

5. Discord

Another great place for developers to connect with fellow techies and industry leaders is Discord. It is a cloud-based voice and text chat platform for developer communities to connect with like-minded people and communicate with each other about the latest tech trends and developments in the market.

It allows developers to experiment with real-time coding and coding games in real-time through voice chats and text chats with other developers and experts. So, they can discuss their coding problems and develop innovative solutions with their colleagues in real time.

6. Instagram

To connect with tech-savvy people worldwide, developers prefer connecting with them on popular social media apps like Instagram. Developers post interesting tech-related content and connect with other developers to promote each other’s products and services.

It allows them to collaborate with influencers on Instagram to grow their reach and influence and collaborate with other industry experts to expand their network. So, they can gain new followers and increase their followership through their Instagram posts.

7. Reddit

Another popular social media platform for techies looking for popular tech-related content is Reddit. Reddit is a social news website where developers post and discuss industry-specific tech-related content, news, and discussions. So, it is a great place for developers to find technical updates and news about new tech trends, applications, and so on.

Reddit allows developers to collaborate and share valuable industry-related content to gain more exposure to their blog posts, websites, or content on social media. It allows developers to quickly build their online following and influence by collaborating with industry experts on Reddit.

8. Facebook

Facebook is another popular social media platform where designers like to connect with fellow techies and professionals. Facebook allows developers to present their business products and services and attract potential customers to their products or services.

So, it is a powerful platform for techies to expand their reach and influence and collaborate with other industry experts on Facebook to expand their reach and influence.

Social Media Strategy in 2024

Social media for Software developers - Social media for Software developers and IT geeks in '2024' - 4

Now we understand the preferable social media platforms and how developers use them to promote their business products and services.

Now we will discuss social media marketing strategy in detail below. The social media marketing strategy should be aligned with the overall business:

1. Know what’s trending in your field

To stay updated with industry trends, you must first understand what’s trending in your industry. Engage with trending topics in your field, try your best to understand them and then see how you can implement that strategy for your business.

It will help you stay ahead of your competitors in your market and allow you to improve your brand image in front of your targeted audience or customers. You can engage with any trending hashtag in your industry to see what your audience is talking about. Then create relevant hashtags for your business, blog, website, products, and services to engage your audience on social media.

It will help you build a strong relationship with your customers through social media posts and updates. Similarly, you can use any trending keywords to engage with your audience and see what they are talking about and what they expect from you as a business professional in your industry niche.

2. Get reviews from happy customers

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best marketing techniques still in use today by businesses and brands seeking to expand globally. Favourable reviews of your product or service will be posted on your social media platforms by clients who are happy with it.

It will allow you to get positive customer reviews, which will help you generate more leads for your business in the future. Moreover, positive reviews help your business grow its brand image and build a strong reputation among your targeted audience or customers.

3. Quality Content

Quality content drives successful social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes. So, you should always focus on creating quality content for your audience to keep them engaged with your brand and products or services. You must ensure your content is relevant to your target audience, customers, and niche.

It is also essential to ensure that you create high-quality content that is valuable and useful to your audience or customers. It will allow you to build a strong relationship with your audience or customers and increase your online reach and influence in your industry.

4. Consistency is critical

Once you have created quality and relevant content for your business, you must consistently post regular updates or content on your social networks to stay relevant in your industry. Nowadays, people trust brands that post consistent updates on social media more than companies that do not post regular updates on their social platforms.

So, you need to post regular updates on your social networks to hold the attention of your audience or customers and establish a strong relationship through their social media posts and updates.

5. Scheduling your posts

Social media is a fast-paced platform where users are constantly interacting with each other. So, you must schedule your posts to stay active and vibrant on social media platforms. It will help you engage your audience and regularly update them with your latest products or services.

6. Solve customers’ problems

Modern-day buyers do a lot of research before deciding on any product or service they want to buy. So, to solve your customers’ problems, you need to build a strong relationship with them by sharing valuable content on social media and providing solutions to their problems. It will help you build trust among your target audience and customers and increase your brand exposure among your targeted audience.

Final Thoughts on Social media for Software developers

In conclusion, social media is a powerful tool that helps increase brand recognition and generate leads for your business. So, if you want to succeed in social media marketing in 2024, you need to understand the changing trends and social media demographics of your target audience. It will help you to engage them with your brand more actively on social media.

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