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The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in 2024

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  • The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in 2024

The use of digital marketing is now essential for businesses to reach their target audience and make an impact. As we are in mid-2024, it’s time to look ahead to the new trends that will dominate the digital marketing space in 2024 and how you can incorporate them into your campaign today to stay on top of your Business.

With that in mind, here are the top 7 digital marketing trends in 2024 to watch out for.

  1. Youtube marketing
  2. Social commerce
  3. Metaverse
  4. NFT
  5. Content marketing and SEO
  6. Zero & first-party data
  7. Sustainability & DEI

Let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2024!

1. Youtube marketing

Digital Marketing Trends


Thanks to its popularity and overall integration into social media marketing, video content is becoming a more and more popular online marketing trend.

In fact, as of September 2021, almost 80% of all web traffic came from users watching videos online, with an average viewing time of over an hour each day.

In an increasingly visual world, video marketing is on track to be a major trend that businesses can use in order to improve their online visibility.

Through its parent firm, Alphabet, YouTube’s overall revenue increased to approximately $29 billion in 2021 across the globe, up roughly 46% from the previous year.

This level of revenue puts youtube on pace with Netflix. Rapidly increasing viewer rate brings traditional TV advertisers on the channel for direct ads and brand advertising.

“The potential for expansion, or space for growth, is enormous. For CPVs, prices are still incredibly low, and the major brands are either absent or performing only mediocrely.

This indicates that by using a clever YouTube advertising plan, anyone can get a slight competitive advantage.

Begin to build a YouTube channel that attracts viewers and generates traffic to get the potential benefit of this platform is a good marketing trend 2024 we refer.

2. Social Commerce

Digital Marketing Trends - The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in '2024' - 1


Social commerce experiment was performed on platforms like TikTok and Instagram by Walmart. Since then, the trend of purchasing products through social networking platforms has been rising steadily over recent years.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,WhatsApp and Pinterest have become centers of retail and shopping, while services like Zappos have made it much simpler than ever to buy products directly from social media.

After opening an Instagram shop in November 2021, the cosmetics company Plant Mother reported a 100% boost in sales and a 1280% rise in site traffic, according to its CEO statement.

This is eye-catching proof that social commerce will dominate as strong online marketing trends in 2024.

With mobile technology and e-commerce reaching new heights every year, it’s only a matter of time before these two trends merge completely and brands start focusing on sharing deals and coupons through their social channels.

This states that not only will you see more direct shopping coming from these platforms, but you’ll also start seeing more advertisements for coupon codes or sales on your feeds, as per our online marketing trends review.

3. Metaverse

Digital Marketing Trends - The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in '2024' - 2


Therefore, we’re not talking [exclusively] about Facebook here. The term “metaverse” stats to the virtual worlds where people study, explore, and socialize in the virtual world of augmenting reality; they get the experience of their 3D holographic avatars and video.

The Metaverse is an Internet-based virtual reality platform that allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

The concept of a metaverse as advanced by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash has always been intriguing. Zeropark’s ebook suggests that the Metaverse is estimated to grow to $800 billion by 2028.

As consumers turn more and more toward online shopping and online games, it was only a matter of time before people started dreaming up virtual worlds where they could engage with each other while shopping and playing.

Now that augmented reality is gaining popularity, both inside out (using AR glasses) and outside-in (using your phone’s camera), there’s a better chance than ever that we could see a digital world take off.

4. NFT

Digital Marketing Trends - The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in '2024' - 3


On a blockchain, NFTs are the digital equivalent of non-fungibles, which are individually developed digital assets like animations, graphic designs, GIFs, audio/video files, and memes.

Using blockchain technology, new companies are creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or digital collectibles.

Essentially these are items that have no duplicate and can’t be faked think limited edition sneakers.

A good example of an NFT is Cryptokitties, which lets users buy and sell unique digital kittens. And if you thought NFTs were just a fad, it might surprise you to learn that in January 2018, there were over $2 billion worth of crypto-collectibles on the market.

With an industry like that growing rapidly, it’s likely we’ll see more creative uses of blockchain technologies to develop non-fungible goods as well as services and apps similar to Cryptokitties pop up soon enough.

Brands like Coca-cola and Adidas started their partnership with various NFT collection sites. They issued their NFT collectibles last year.

Thus, NFT is going to be a vastly explored digital marketing trend in 2024. If you are interested in NFT development or want to explore the possibilities of NFTs for your business, consider partnering with experts in the field who can provide guidance and support in creating and launching your own NFT projects.

5. Content marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing Trends - The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in '2024' - 4


While no one knows what SEO trends will look like in a decade, it’s safe to say that content marketing and SEO will continue to be among digital marketing’s top trends.

The most influential websites and blogs in existence today are ones with deeply authoritative content around niche topics that Google rewards.

Google search is the go-to site for many market players to get their content discovered by customers.

Millions of people may notice your brand if you manage to land a slot on Google’s first SERP or, even better, take the top space.

“Content marketing is also a good way of creating a personal brand, as many influencers do on YouTube or Instagram. As people continue seeking education and entertainment online, topics related to social media and technology are expected to remain some of the top five online marketing trends out there” – says Milosz Krasinski, managing Director at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

Digital technology is evolving faster than ever; staying ahead of these trends is imperative for marketers who want their businesses to succeed online.

To make better use of content marketing, we suggest that you need to keep your content clear. It doesn’t need to be difficult.

The broader public must be able to grasp it. You’ll reach more people more effectively with clear content. You can use charts, graphs and infographics to make the content more visually appealing.

Invest in Producing Content With Answers

Answer-based content was discussed before as a way to assist you in boosting SEO techniques. The fact that people are searching for this kind of SEO material is another reason to consider producing it.

This is seen in both the rise of interactive marketing and the rise of voice-based searches, which now make up about 20% of all Google searches. In the end, it comes down to customers taking a more straightforward approach. They are going toward asking inquiries in order to receive the information they seek more quickly.

Google is changing its identity from a search engine to an answering machine. As a result, it’s crucial to comprehend your audience, as well as their problems and specific inquiries, according to SEO and content expert Kate Toon.

How can you use this move to address queries in your material, then?

  1. Examine your buyer profiles again: Consider the problems people are experiencing and the answers you may offer. Can that be turned into a traffic-generating blog post or video? Use this complimentary template if you need to create or update your buyer personas.
  2. Use seo tools to identify trending topics: Utilizing search listening technologies, you may learn a lot about the questions people are asking.
  3. Study your audience: Sending interested readers an email or soliciting feedback on one of your social media pages could do this easily.
  4. Study your audience: Sending interested readers an email or soliciting feedback on one of your social media pages could do this easily.
  5. Build a FAQ Model: To ensure that your content is ranked on top of other content, use a code to inform search engines that it is in a Q&A format.
  6. Produce high-quality, pertinent content: Although it may seem obvious, the information you develop should serve as a response to a query. Don’t take it as a chance to make a sale.

6. Zero & first-party data

Digital Marketing Trends - The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in '2024' - 5


As Google continues to phase out third-party cookies, advertisers still have one more year to prepare, making 2024 the most crucial year yet for data protection.

According to Brian Snedvig, CEO of Jofibo, a website that assists job searchers in creating resumes and cover letters, “a lot of extremely smart marketers still fail to comprehend that, in truth, your audience is controlled by social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform you utilize.” “You have no power over them. Because of this, 2024 ought to be the year that you start to control your audience.

That calls for businesses to incorporate consumer privacy-focused data collection techniques.

Make sure your efforts in 2024 help you generate first-party data so you can lessen your reliance on the data of others, advised Dan Close, CEO of the Kentucky-based real estate investment company We Buy Houses.

Email, newsletters, social networking, and CRM technologies are available.

According to Michelle Ebbin, the creator of the apparel company Jettproof, zero-party data, or information voluntarily provided by customers through online conversations like surveys, is equally significant.

According to Justin Smith, CEO of digital agency OuterBox, “While it will need more work up front, the data merchants are able to gather directly from their users can play a big role in generating more personalised and targeted campaigns.”

Additionally, according to Close, brands need to make sure their agencies “have a clear strategy in place for targeted advertising and evaluation after the change [away from third-party cookies].”

Marketers can also test innovative approaches to access customer data without compromising privacy by using Google’s Privacy Sandbox, according to Ebbin.

7. Sustainability & DEI

Digital Marketing Trends - The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to explore in '2024' - 6

People have been giving brand values more and more weight in recent years, and this trend will extend in 2024.

According to Laurel Mintz, CEO of the marketing firm Elevate My Brand, this entails being open and honest about sustainability and DEI initiatives in brand messaging.

As a result, she stated, “fundamental values will need to be present at all levels of a firm in order to appear genuine and demonstrate a meaningful influence.”

It might even include collaborating with a nonprofit. According to the CMO of rental management platform DoorLoop, Mr. David Bitton’s brands can collaborate with a relevant nonprofit to grow their customer bases and have good effects.

It’s a win-win situation since you can significantly advance humanitarian causes while also expanding your brand and audience, he said.

However, simply stating your support for particular NGOs would not be sufficient. As part of your marketing plan, take into account affiliate marketing, donating a portion of your earnings to the cause, and corporate support.

Indeed, according to Talyah Regusters, senior account executive manager at digital marketing agency LMR Marketing, interest in “how to preserve,” “effect of climate change,” and “sustainable” reached record highs in Google’s 2021 Year in Search report.

The year 2024 is the moment to proudly embrace it if your business or product can address any of these problems, she advised.

Customers, however, are willing to switch to products that do influence their behavior, according to research. Alternatively, “What a company believes has become as crucial as what a company does, say, Mr. Kevin Froehlich, manager at Duckpin, a well-known digital marketing agency.

He cited Lego’s most recent gift to the German Red Cross, which would be used to construct elementary schools and a family aid center in a region of Germany affected by flooding. It’s good to know that all of my blatant toy spendings is making the world a little bit better, he continued.

Final thoughts on digital marketing trends in 2024

Digital marketing trends change every year and are always full of surprises. It’s important to keep up with these trends because your business could get left behind if you don’t. At the very least, trends give you something interesting to read about! Here are a few trending topics that will be popular in 2024.

The first is augmented reality: According to recent studies, it’s expected that almost 50% of adults around the world will use augmented reality by 2024. Digital Marketers can already take advantage of tools like virtual reality and 360-degree videos, but they also need experience designing with AR/VR.

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