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The Best Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers in 2024

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  • The Best Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers in 2024

A pre-employment assessment test is the one that every job candidates need to take before hiring. The goal of these tests is employers to be able to hire the best candidate based on the test results.

These assessment tests determine many things, from personality traits to behaviors. Actually, there are different kinds of hiring tests including, personality, emotional intelligence, job-related skills, and reasoning tests.

The tests are very popular among employer sand they usually use them as part of the hiring process.

There are a variety of pre-employment tests, and each of them can be used to hire a candidate for different positions.

In this blog, you will find the best test for hiring a social media marketer in 2023.

What Is a Social Media Marketing Test

Social media marketing tests help employers to hire the best social media marketers for their company. These social media assessments are made to especially test the skills of jobseekers, work characteristics and different strategies.

Top 10 skills a social media marketer needs in 2023

  • Communicating on social media.
  • Content creation.
  • Creativity.
  • Decision-making.
  • Organizational management.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Customer service.
  • Data analysis.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Learning ability.

These are some of the most important skills every social media marketer needs in 2023.

Test Features of a Proper Hiring Social Media Marketer Test

Each assessment test should have some features to provide a systematic examination. This way you can compare different candidates to see if they’ve well-trained or have good experience.

Here are what you can expect from an efficient online testing platform when hiring social media marketers.

Experience level

A good hiring SMM test must include or determine the experience needed for the position.

Relevant job roles

A positive point for the test may be the feature of covering the related job roles, like social media marketing associate, social media specialist, social media marketing executive.

Difficulty level

It should mark the difficulty level of the assessment.

Appropriate duration

The duration of the test should not be very short or very long.

Cover related topics

A well SMM test should cover all the topics related to the assessment, like relevant skills and knowledge.

What Are the Best Platforms to Hire a Social Media Marketer

There are some keynotes you need to review if you are looking to hire the best social media marketer, by using a pre-employment test.

The first step to take is to make sure you are using the right assessment. After that, you need to determine the type of test you are going to use.

The best test categories you can use to hire a SMM is Personality test, Cognitive ability test, Reasoning test, and skills assessment tests. Each of these assessments helps the employers to determine whether the candidate is a proper person for their company.

Always keep in mind that regardless of the type of assessment you choose, you should note that the test will measure all the knowledge and information of the Social Media Marketer.

If you are an employer looking for the best pre-employment assessment tools, then this list is for you!

We have prepared this list to give you the best social media marketer hiring tools.


Testgorilla is one of the most popular hiring platforms. It has one of the most complete test libraries, especially a variety of hiring assessments for SMM. This website includes both free and paid tests that you can choose based on your needs. Moreover, it is quite impossible to cheat during taking its tests, because they take snapshots of candidate’s device to see if the same person is taking the test.


Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers

If you are looking to hire a SMM in 2023, then you need to check WeTest. It has the most updated collection of different pre-employed tests that can test your candidate in every aspect you wish. By using this platform you will assess several assessment tests that are both free and paid. But the best advantage of using WeTest is that it’s very budget-friendly, and you can use its features with a reasonable price.

Modern Hire

Modern hire website is one of the kind that is mostly used for integrated interviews and analytical tests. Therefore, you can ensure you are hiring the capable candidate using its pre-employment assessments. Moreover, if you are looking for a website to give you a variety of interview questions, Modern Hire is what you need.
On the top of that, the best feature this website provides is the video interview and employers can use AI to score that interview based on the candidate’s answers. So, they can easily hire the best person.


If you want to be able to customize the assessment you are using, then OutMatch is what you need. You can hire the right person by using its customized tests, interviewing videos and different reference checking. OutMatch also enables employers to have a better experience with its Hiring Experience Stack feature which enables them to drive a stronger and better candidate experience when optimizing the hiring process. You will never miss a perfect candidate with this platform and its unique options.


Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers - The Best Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers in '2024' - 1

Pymetrics mostly known as a gamified soft skills platform. This website helps employers to test behavioral characteristics of the candidate by using its game based assessments. As an employer, you can use these tests to decide whether a candidate is a good fit for the job role or not. In addition, Pymetrics uses artificial intelligence based games that employers can invite different candidates to play several games, so they can measure their behavioral and emotional traits.


VICTIG is one of the best background check websites to use when you want to hire someone. It helps employers to check the background of each employee, like drug tests, education, criminal history, etc. This website will help you to hire the best candidate with a proper background. It’s also very easy to use, and you will access to the test results in the shortest time.


You can use Vervoe’s assessments to test your candidate’s skills to see if they are talented enough for the specific job role position you are hiring. Unlike VICTIG that basically focus on the background of the candidates, Vervoe focus on the skills of candidates and how they perform at work. No matter if you want to test a candidate’s software or technical skills, or even communication or writing skills. You will find the exact assessment test on this platform.


Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers - The Best Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers in '2024' - 2

Harver platform allows employers to observe the hiring process by allowing them to collect exact data and ranking applicants. That will lead employers to hire the right person for the right available job positions. This website will also help employers to hire the most talented candidates faster, how? You can access to a variety of tests, then you can use them to evaluate the candidate you want, most important you will be able to check all the references, you can optimize the hiring process, and get the test result quickly.


If you want to assess a variety of interview videos, full skills library and personality tests, you need to check imocha website. It will help you to remotely hire the most qualified candidate. It has +2500 different assessment skills tests that will enable employers to select their preferred test and even customized them.


Mettl pre-employment assessment is the best one to evaluate cultural characteristics, communication skills, and technical assessments. You can use this website to hire the most talented candidates for your company in its different assessments. Mettl also provides hiring solutions, online examination solutions, and other amazing features to make the hiring process much easier.
Overall, it measures the core traits of your candidate.

The pre-employment assessment tests are now a trend among employers, as they make the hiring process much easier and faster. Therefore, make sure you are using the right tool.

Now that we are familiar with the top hiring platforms, it’s time to check the popular tests that most employers use to hire the right SMM.

What Are the Best SMM hiring tests?

2023 is very different for employees and employers as there is a big transformation in every field and Social Media Marketing is not an exception.

In this part, we listed the best pre-employment assessments that all employers needs to check to hire the best person and every social media marketer need to take these tests if they want to improve their career!

Social Media Manager Assessment Test

This test helps employers to evaluate candidates’ ability to manage different social media campaigns, content creations, and community management. If you are looking to hire a professional SMM, this test is one of those you have to use.

Social Media Marketing Test

It is one of the best tests that helps employers to hire the right social media marketer. Because this assessment will directly lead to measure the marketing abilities of the candidate, including marketing strategies, brand strategy, and content marketing.

Social Media Management Assessment Test

This assessment help employers to not only hire the best social media marketer, but also hire the best candidate with management skills. It includes evaluating managing brands, pricing strategies, and also managing service businesses.

Social Media Skills Test

The social media skills test will measure a candidate’s proficiency in different parts to ensure that you are hiring the right talented person. The items this test covers are inbound marketing, community management, CRM, and social media in general.

Social Media Assessment Test

This assessment mostly focuses on how the candidate will perform among the target audience of your company, the ability of raising engagement in your community.

Growth Marketing Test

This test mainly used to evaluate candidate’s ability to analyze and optimize the market to increase the community engagement, sales, and attracting more customers.

These are the most common and popular assessment test in 2023 which will help you to hire the best and professional social media marketer for your company. You can also test your social media marketing knowledge by taking these tests.

Reviewing: Tests for Hiring Social Media Marketers

Social media marketers are the main pillar of all companies in all years, especially in 2023. Thus, it is very important to know how to hire the best and most professional person for your company. Because a social media marketer plays a significant role in the improvement of your company. They can help you to earn more money and even more investors. Taking the assessment tests is a great way to reach this goal. In this article, we tried to provide you with all the details that every manager needs to hire the best person. So, try to use all the above-mentioned in your recruitment process, and we hope that you will get the best result through this blog.


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