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Inspirational Visual Content Ideas for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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  • Inspirational Visual Content Ideas for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you are into social media marketing then you know how difficult it is to be original and up to date 24/7.

Social Media Marketing is part of digital marketing – an area that changes from hour to hour. If you don’t have statistics in front of you or you are not a top-notch expert who follows trends over the years – it will be quite difficult for you to come up with and create original visual content ideas.

Not just the original, but the ones that will provoke a reaction, preferably a positive one. Enthusiasm and proper targeting of the audience is a skill, and the better you are at it – you or your clients will have more followers and earnings.

However, it is one thing to gather and maintain an optimal number of followers, and another to encourage them to engage. Commenting, sharing, expressions of love, and enthusiasm are also counted in search engines, especially in demanding Google algorithms.

You need to follow trends, but you shouldn’t copy literally but adjust to your brand story.

This primarily refers to visuals. To keep the attention of the followers – the visuals must be inspiring, but within your niche. The general message must be fusion of a brand moto and graphic design. Take a peek into Solitaire Bliss. So, visuals must be not only poetically inspiring, but that inspiration should inspire action.

To summarize, the basic things to pay attention to when creating visuals for social networks are:

  • Design, color,
  • current social marketing trends, and
  • primarily appeal.
  • In addition, if you want to create a brand on a global, even glamorous level, you need to be specific and consistent with your brand story.

Yes. It’s not all that simple.

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What Are Visuals?

In the context of social media marketing, visuals are photos and various other visual photographic products that define a brand.

It is also the company logo, simple design elements, and colors that customers and clients will always associate with you. All of these are very important in the brand awareness process.

You can use generic photos and infographics that you can find for free on some sites, or you can hire a designer to create the entire visual strategy.

Remember, it is important to follow the storytelling and message of the brand and everything that the brand stands for.

According to some research, the human brain scans 60,000 times more efficiently photos, i.e. visuals, than written content.

Now you understand why it is significant to create striking visuals.

So, when it comes to visual inspiration, it has to be impressive and stimulate the follower’s reaction. To be the best at creating visuals for social networks – read our advice below!

Devise A Visual Strategy

All marketing strategies revolve around the target audience, brand story, and communication.

You have to pay special attention to communication because visuals are for that. They convey messages, meaning, attitudes and values ​​even when nothing is written.

That is why creating a marketing strategy can be tricky. Visual strategy implies designing permanent templates that will be part of the brand’s visual signature, as well as those changing design schemes. Colors, patterns, shapes, specific font, frame, logo, etc.

You need to know what you want to convey to your followers; whether you will be more formal, more relaxed, humoristic; advocate for social activities and human rights.

All this must be skillfully combined so that there is nothing too much or to insult and discriminate against anyone.

Remember that all social networks are very rigorous when it comes to discrimination. Although it sometimes seems absurd – try to use all these prohibitions to your advantage. You may be surprised, but even a rigorous discriminatory policy can be inspiring.

All the big, world-famous brands have a visual strategy that consists of a part that never changes and a flexible one that adapts to trends and statistics.

Any type of social media campaign must be monitored non-stop. Analyze statistics and, if necessary, stop everything and start all over again.

It is not easy to connect all mistakes, wrong steps into one coherent whole, with minimal damage. Before you start, you need to be prepared for flexibility. That is rule number 1.

Neal Taparia, the owner of Solitaired says we should not be afraid of competition. On the contrary, it is the competition that should serve as our inspiration. If we are afraid, we will never get better than them.

Be Creative And Authentic

While it may sound like you’re going to be creative when creating visuals for your brand or company – it’s often not the case.

Due to rush, lack of money, or motivation – a lot of designers use generic solutions. These are mostly free or cheap photos, infographics, and templates. And really, sometimes that ‘s the only solution, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t have the budget for a professional designer.

However, you can take some photos yourself. There are also free photo editing programs, where it is possible to manipulate photos almost on a professional level. In addition, you can use all these “flaws” as inspiration and adapt them for the visual identity of your brand.

Photos that are not perfect can look more natural and authentic, and an increasing number of people love and appreciate just such because it seems more accessible to them. However, be careful with creativity. Try to find a balance between functionality and creativity. Not all followers will understand overly artistic visuals. So always follow the story of your brand.

Live Stream And Video Content

Visuals are not just photos or infographics, but also video content. You’ve probably noticed how much expansion video content has experienced in the last two years. Especially popular is raw, unprocessed video material, bad cameras, while the wind blows and interferes with the sound.

Live stream videos are more popular than ever. They were very helpful during the difficult days of the pandemic. You can still use the video and its popularity will certainly grow.

You don’t even have to process it specifically, because people are more attracted to authentic, somewhat clumsy video content. However, be careful and create a video that follows the brand.

The video content offers an excellent opportunity for manipulation and creativity: short, long, medium size. Before you launch a campaign on social networks – for a couple of days in a row, you can throw out the so-called shorts, as a hint. This will intrigue the audience and keep them in sweet suspense.

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Don’t Be afraid Of New Technologies

This primarily refers to VR – virtual reality. There is no doubt that VR will be a significant part of all forms of digital marketing, especially social networks.

Although the integration of VR and social networks is not yet advanced, that does not mean that you cannot use them. Depending on what your business niche is, you can offer your followers and customers a sneak peek at the form of augmented reality. You can announce all this with engaging visuals.

This is especially important for webshops. Especially for shops with clothes. They can offer a virtual try of clothes – before they really buy and try them on. This will certainly arouse curiosity and the desire to experiment.

VR is great for a different reality experience, but it’s also a new way to interact and communicate. People generally like an interesting and fun experience.

Experts predict that VR will be one of the primary digital marketing tools in the future.

Any innovations that are not common on social platforms are a great way to boost a campaign.

Also, you can use 3D photos, create quizzes, or some other interesting tricks that will engage users and generate new sales leads.


It’s amazing how popular infographics have become in the last two years! So much so that everyone seemed to be using them: on blogs, Facebook, Instagram. And by all accounts, that popularity still lasts.

What’s the secret? Probably in unpretentious and mostly animated illustrations that are striking enough to draw attention and convey a message. In most cases, infographics are a combination of practicality and inspiring design.

Infographics have performed particularly well in arranging large amounts of data, statistics, or lists. It’s a matter of skillful play with design and concept.

Some important data or information when communicated in this way – is easier to remember. An interesting visual holds the observer’s attention, and he lingers longer or is intrigued to read further.

Infographics can easily be used on social networks and should be an integral part of the brand’s visual strategy.

You can use free templates, and you can create your own, which will surely add even more to the authenticity.

Visual Content Ideas - Inspirational Visual Content Ideas for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign - 3

Let Your Visuals Clearly Support Social Responsibility

Unfortunately, the pandemic continues. People all around the world need true and good news. That means they want to see and hear that someone really cares about the planet, animals, or other vulnerable groups of people.

This is a bit of unruly territory that is not morally exploitable, but you don’t have to. You can support some socially responsible activity financially or by free promotion. Take a stand for something from your niche. For example, I’m a Puzzle always supports brain science and applies their accomplishments to the games.

Your brand can also become an ambassador for environmental protection, e.g. You can corroborate all of this with visuals, photos, or footage of actions or events you have supported. There is no doubt that if you really do that – people will believe and appreciate you for your true values.

Create Different Visuals For Different Social Media

Not all social networks are the same, so why would you present yourself identically on each one. Of course, it is important to keep the basic thread and specificity of the brand, but the diversity of social networks is a great way to present your business in a different dimension and context.

At the same time, you can experiment with the target audience and thus gain a clearer statistical insight. On top of that, you can look into brand mentions from all over the internet using sentiment analysis to get an idea if your campaign has generated any buzz.

For example, a visual for a YouTube channel may be completely different than one from Instagram. You will not, of course, change the logo or deviate from the basic principles. Visuals and approaches will be different, but they will essentially support and upgrade each other.

Decide What You Don’t want?

Boundaries are also an important part of the brand’s overall visual strategy. That means you have to know what you don’t want, ie. clearly define how far you will go and what you will use.

You can’t use everything, no matter what the trend is. It is simply impossible to fit everything into the context of your brand story. In order not to get carried away – write down what you will not use, what colors, what shapes, fonts, etc.

Let this be a reminder that creativity must also have limits for the story to be convincing and complete. That is why strategies are important. Too much of everything means you have no identity, and you are confused as a brand.

Trust me, followers and potential customers will feel and recognize this.

When it comes to social media – less is more. That is why it is important to create your visuals carefully, and if you can, always consult SEO and design experts. The whole marketing strategy is reflected in the visuals because through them you communicate with followers.

You also need to be ready for flexibility. To fix, modify, delete … It’s all part of the job.

Final Thoughts on Visual Content Ideas

The above social media marketing tips and information will be relevant to you irrespective of what industry or niche you operate in. They will apply to you whether you are a real estate attorney, a landscaper, or an architect.

If you are new to the business and not sure what to do and how to present yourself on social networks – it is best to turn to professionals. However, you have to be careful here too. Insist that you also participate in the creative process.

Good communication is always an easier path to success. If, on the other hand, you create visuals on your own, and you do not have the experience or a significant number of followers – try to simplify everything and turn the shortcomings to your advantage. You will also have to pay for something. It doesn’t go any differently on social media.

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