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Examples of Social Media Marketing

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Over 90% of business enterprises believe that business has witnessed excellent exposure by using social media marketing for campaign strategies. The marketing platform is crucial for companies to understand customers’ purchase preferences.

However, this diversified marketing element has been recognized as comprehensive to help focus on customers’ needs and relate to their process of reaching out to the companies to purchase from their brand.

Social media marketing helps customers look deeper into career opportunities and learn, making it a reference window for anyone looking for possibilities or answers and to grow brand recognition, representing the importance of social media marketing (SMM).

This article will provide the ten best examples of social media marketing to help you learn the importance of social media marketing. These examples will give you an insight into the social media marketing strategies you can initiate in your enterprise. So let’s start!

What is Social Media Marketing, and How is it Important?

examples of social media marketing

Source :- SproutSocial

Social media marketing(SMM), also called digital marketing, determines social media as the means to expand social networks and mutual sharing of data which helps companies build a strong foothold on customer engagement and sales growth and derive website traffic.

Surveys say that 75% of brand website traffic is generated from social media. This huge data traffic helps companies approach new prospects and maintain long-term relationships with existing customers to increase customer engagement.

Moreover, digital network marketing is also pre-designed data analytics that suggests the companies how to encourage more credibility for customer encouragement and keeping a check on the response of their strategies of marking campaigns.

The ultimate key to building your business is establishing in-person relationships through socialization, be it a B2B company that sells its services and products to other companies, as social media has been the go-to window for both customers and brands.

The companies now have an effective medium to approach prospects and use the same medium to connect with other brands and companies for sales-related pitches and campaigns. So by using social media, marketers can:

Creates Brand Recognition

Companies can explain their services to the customers and why they provide what they offer to the prospects to keep them engaged and add elements like customer stories and great feedback to back up their tales.

The B2B companies can encourage their employees to help recognize your brand, as they can expand the company’s brand reach even further. Each staff member of your company has a private network with numerous contacts, and these contacts have other people.

Initiate Lead Generation

You must have a reasonable basis to establish your brand in the eyes of the consumer, as credibility not only help you with potential clients but also helps you generate leads. Customer engagement is the key to empowering social media networking.

Suppose you want to encourage spontaneous communication with people on social media. In that case, you can achieve this by updating them with new posts, videos, statistical data, and the latest trends that these potential leads can see and attract them to your services.

Lead Nurturing

To develop trust and loyalty among the customers, the brands can look deeper into building a relationship with leads by understanding their pain points and continents and customizing content that interests them.

You can deliver anything that interests the leads, like leadership prospects and matching leads mentality, for a better approach so that you can nurture them to be sent down to the sales funnel of the business enterprise and expand the brand approach simultaneously.

Track Your Marketing Outreach

Any company’s various social media campaigns for its consumers and potential leads can be measured by tools like key performance indicator (KPI) metrics and investing money in social engagement campaigns.

This monetary value to organic campaigns can help you have an insight into how much revenue the brands can generate if they start to invest in social media ads for brand endorsement. This Earned Media Value(EMV) offers the amount of social media engagement.

Functioning of Social Media Marketing: How Does It work?

In the era of evolving social development skills among people, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networking platforms have made their recognition. It is because they are not just a platform to share videos, posts, and connect with people but more than what you see.

Social media helps businesses to persuade customers to purchase from their brands and use their customer experience services. It also gives the associations an insight into the customer’s behavioral aspects and collects personal information that these leads have shared.

You can look into various marketing strategies to understand how social media marketing works. However, we have an approach based on Hootsuite’s suggested action plan with execution parameters and metric tools included that you can initiate in your marketing campaigns.

  • Specify your targets so that you have your purpose before your SMM strategy.
  • Collect information about your target audiences (location, age, preferences, salaried/non-salaried, sector).
  • Know your competition in the marketing field that has social media recognition, including their weaknesses and strong points.
  • Analyze your SMM strategy, so you have complete insight into its chances of failure and success.
  • Segment your list of audiences and deliver your content based on a pre-designed calendar.
  • Keep a check on the performance of your campaign and change your SMM strategy preferences whenever necessary.

examples of social media marketing - Examples of Social Media Marketing - 1

10 Effective Examples of Social Media Marketing You Should Know

Below is a list of ten powerful social media marketing examples and why these strategies received recognition after implementation by the brands and companies.

Example 1: Airbnb

#GoNear Campaign

The company had to go through a huge loss during the COVID-19 crisis, which led to a $1 billion loss to the brand for canceled reservations. The restricted traveling forced the company to decrease staff members to a headcount of 2000 workers.

Still, the company regained its status with 22% growth in consumer spending from a 90% decline, and the #GoNear campaign helped the brand achieve this success. The company began to promote nearby travel and places only a few miles drive from their homes.

They used the company’s reservation analysis data and customer reviews to pull out this campaign to encourage customers to excursion tourism to regional places.

Example 2: Apple

Shot On iPhone Campaign

examples of social media marketing - Examples of Social Media Marketing - 2

Source: Medium

Apple developed one of the most significant user-generated content campaigns for its users to keep them engaged and was likely to boom across all platforms. The company rolled out a simple yet interesting campaign to showcase the images clicked by its customers.

The smartphone company used this UGC forum to feature its customer images and add them to Apple’s social media platforms. Interestingly, the ongoing campaign has generated nearly 20 million photos from iPhone users.

The company wanted this campaign to divert its customers’ attention to iPhone 6’s camera and be recognized as a young, innovative company. However, the brand also wanted to showcase its camera capability to the new leads and maintain encouragement among the existing clients.

Example 3: Zoom

Background Contest Campaign

Zoom gained huge recognition after the work-from-home initiative came into existence due to the pandemic. However, decent backgrounds became a necessity to get rid of the kids playing

around or the employees need to have a tidy room.

So to encourage the use of virtual backgrounds, the company launched a contest to create and develop a unique non-real backdrop image, a separate landing page to showcase the competition, and a Twitter account to upload some of the best pictures.

Example 4: BuzzFeed Tasty

Tasty Campaign

Buzzfeed’s Tasty worked on creating short clips of delicious food items that represented the procedure for making these meals. As a result, Facebook became the most favored platform for the release of these videos.

However, the campaign originally initiated for Facebook features various social media analytics. It has views in millions, likes crossing 100 million, and more than 2000 culinary food item videos generating lots of customer engagement and new prospects.

The company uses Facebook’s autoplay feature as the videos play without any sound, and Buzzfeed found that Facebook is an easily accessible platform for all the users that are interested in watching food-related videos and practicing making them.

Example 5: Starbucks

#UnicornFrapuccino Campaign

examples of social media marketing - Examples of Social Media Marketing - 3

Source: Medium

The company initiated the campaign to be an outline for only three weeks with its tasty and colorful mixture. It sold the frappuccino, but it became very compelling for the customers for a long time and was known to be one of the best marketing campaigns.

The damping highlighted the brand’s credibility in showcasing its value among the customers, as Starbucks knew that people would upload pictures with this limited edition. As a result, 154,000 photos were uploaded with #UnicornFrapuccino on Instagram alone.

Example 6: Spotify

Spotify Wrapped Campaign

The Spotify-wrapped campaign gave listeners an insight into what they have listened to in the past year, including all the songs, different genres, playtime, favorites, and the names of the five best artists that the listener has heard.

However, it was more of a triggered social media update for the customers rather than a marketing campaign. The listeners received a personalized email at the end of the year, and it has become the most favored email for the customers due to its unique personalization.

Example 7: Dove

Reverse Selfie Campaign

The company released a campaign to spread awareness among customers to avoid harmful beauty suggestions on social media platforms like Instagram. The “Toxic Influence” campaign featured a mother-daughter team discussing the cosmetic advice available on digital media.

Moreover, Dove also launched another #DetoxYourFeed campaign to advise other viewers for the cause displaying a great sense of social responsibility. It is known that after the campaign, seven out of ten women were stress-released after avoiding these social media beauty tips.

Example 8: Netflix

“Wanna Talk About It?” Campaign

Netflix initiated this campaign to interact with its users better and took social media assistance to develop better communication. The company began by taking surveys and asking questions by running live sessions on Instagram and resolving their concerns.

This strategy helped the company to gain huge recognition among various viewers and users and helped generate brand value for the company making it a win-win situation for both the user and the brand.

Example 9: Daniel Wellington

#WheresWillington Campaign

Another brand other than Apple that used the social media marketing campaign of user-generated content was Daniel Willington. The company frequently reposted pictures of customers featuring Daniel Willington products to attract new clients.

Moreover, they selected the pictures with a unique shot location and asked the other viewers to suggest which place one could take the stunning images. They turned the campaign into a small gaming event by asking viewers to presume the actual location of the photos.

This tactic allowed the company to increase interaction on its social media platform as the viewers responded with numerous comments, which increased the numbers.

Example 10: Gillette

“The Best Man Can Be” Campaign

The company initiated the campaign in 2019 to reconstruct the concept of being a man in which they used the masculine problems mad had to face that the company already gave an insight into, including issues like men don’t express emotions, harassment, and bullying.

The story was released on the YouTube platform, which suggested various methods that men can adopt to have good masculinity, like standing for each other, being responsible, etc.

Key Takeaways

Social media marketing (SMM) is now the most effective marketing platform to attract customers to their products and services, build businesses, generate revenue, and increase organic traffic to brand websites.

The well-organized could be more efficient if implemented accurately, and the necessary element of this strategy is customized content creation. However, a well-personalized campaign is even better for the users to be amazed to see the outline before they start reading.

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