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How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

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  • How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn has 87 million young professionals on board.

Out of them, 11 million are in decision-making roles.

Interestingly, this particular social platform now has over 600 million users worldwide, and that figure is only growing by the day.

The key proposition of the platform is that it connects users and businesses with similar interests.

If you have not started marketing on LinkedIn yet, now is the time to get started.

The LinkedIn community is thoroughly professional and business-oriented, which ensures faster business decisions and vivid choices.

How to create a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy?

LinkedIn users have twice the purchasing power than that of random online traffic. This allows your company to target specialized groups.

The fact that many senior-level influencers, decision-makers, and thought leaders use LinkedIn, makes the platform a strong asset for professionals looking to level up their business game.

But how do you approach LinkedIn marketing? Let’s quickly jump into the topic.

1. Create a business page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing strategy


A company profile on LinkedIn helps your corporation appear more legitimate and trustworthy on a worldwide scale.

Setting up your business page is the first step in developing a LinkedIn marketing plan.

Page administrators get access to numerous tools when creating a LinkedIn company page, including:

  • The ability to post any open vacancies at your company
  • Create ‘LinkedIn Showcase pages’ for specific services, products, and events
  • Aid your marketing teams in communicating your company’s narrative and interacting with customers, prospects, and talent
  • Execute highly-targeted LinkedIn advertisements from your company profile

2. Hire the services of social media professionals

Optimize your business page by updating all necessary company information.

According to LinkedIn experts, a comprehensive business profile receives 30% more views per week.

Make sure you don’t miss filling up any fields if you aim to reach more prospects, customers, investors, and potential employees.

If you are not sure how to build and manage a business page on LinkedIn, you may want to hire a social media marketer.

The social media marketing assessments will help you evaluate the skills of a candidate in ket social media management practices and also their ability to apply their skills to optimize different social media channels.

3. Find the right content strategy

Unlike Instagram, LinkedIn is not the place to post jokes or photos of your freshly ordered Chicago style pizza.

Unlike Twitter, it is also not the place to post reviews of your favorite Netflix documentary.

Instead, LinkedIn users want to browse professional and business stories, whether it’s during or outside of office hours, and your messages should reflect this.

Most managers, c-level executives, and decision-makers prefer to spend time on LinkedIn, making it the most ideal platform for B2B marketers.

LinkedIn is more about forming professional bonds, meeting like-minded individuals, representing organizations, and discovering new business prospects.

In order to improve your employee engagement on LinkedIn, you might want to offer them perks like employee discounts. This will not only motivate your employees to talk about your brand on social media but would also attract a wider audience.

The following types of content tend to perform better on LinkedIn:

  • Clips of behind-the-scene affairs during a typical work day
  • Wrap-ups of marketing events/webinars
  • Long-form written content, such as industry insights and articles
  • Industry-specific
  • Lessons learned, professional tips, trade tactics, etc.
  • Case studies

4. Define your LinkedIn marketing objectives

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy? - 1


Your eventual goal will determine the kind of materials you would want to produce and how you share it.

Hence, defining your objectives at the start of your marketing campaign is crucial.

You might be interested to track your KPIs (Key Performance Index) but it is often tough to determine what OKRs (objectives and key results) you must focus on. Thankfully, Leapsome can help with your OKRs.

Typically, you should aim towards the following objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Obtain qualified leads
  • Enhance your brand’s image
  • Engage your intended audience
  • Offer your goods or service for sale

5. Know who you are talking to

Determining your target audience is crucial for your LinkedIn marketing strategy to be a success.

You can segment your audience based on several factors such as designation, industry, geographic area, and so on.

It is also crucial to be knowledgeable about the needs of your current audience. You may learn more about your followers and page visitors by looking at the analytics section of your company page.

It might be beneficial in helping you learn more about your target audience and the types of material they prefer.

Consequently, you will be able to adjust your marketing efforts on LinkedIn to meet the needs of your target demographic and effectively communicate with your audience.

6. Track your competitors

To improve your LinkedIn marketing, you must first understand how your competition is approaching its strategy.

LinkedIn has a tool called “Companies to track,” which shows a list of businesses that are comparable to yours. It also provides you with a few important stats.

The follower growth rate, total number of followers, and engagement rates are all factors to consider.

Taking a look at these pages will help you figure out how your company page is performing.

You may figure out what strategies are working for your competitors and incorporate them into your marketing efforts.

7. Consider the ideal time and frequency to post

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy? - 2


You might be urged to bombard the social platform with daily posts. However, data suggests that weekly posts result in a 2x increase in engagement.

As far as the optimum time to publish is concerned, it all depends on the type of audience you have and when they prefer to be online.

As it stands, the ideal posting time differs for each company.

Of course, certain times of the week, like during lunch and commute, drive more engagement on average.

Despite the fact that there is no rule of thumb for the optimal time to publish on LinkedIn, marketers have had success posting on weekdays between the early work hours (8a.m and 2p.m).

Run A/B tests at various times to get practical insights.

Ensure keeping track of your engagement data so that you can pinpoint the times of day when your audience is most engaged.

Also, make sure you effectively use the right hashtags to improve your reach.

8. Make use of photos and videos.

For your LinkedIn strategy to be effective, you must enhance audience engagement on your posts and updates. Using photos and videos can be the most effective way to capture and retain your audience’s attention.

Here are the necessary image dimensions to be aware of:

  • Profile Photo: 300×300 pixels
  • Cover Photo: 1,536×768 pixels
  • Hero Image: 1,128×376 pixels
  • Square Logo: 60×60 pixels
  • Link Image: 1,200×627 pixels
  • Banner Image: 646×220 pixels

LinkedIn reports that photos generate 2x more comments than videos, while videos are five times more likely to initiate a conversation on the platform.

To make your information more appealing, you may also upload PDFs and SlideShare presentations in addition to photographs and videos.

Instead of sharing YouTube URLs, you may submit videos directly to the site.

LinkedIn suggests that you make short movies of 1-2 minutes with suitable subtitles. Ensure that the videos appropriately reflect your brand’s concept and philosophy.

9. Streamline your outreach

During the early stages of your LinkedIn profile, you should make more relevant contacts.

You will need to undertake different outreach methods to do this.

Manual outreach efforts can be time-intensive and difficult at times.

Thankfully, LinkedIn tools help you automate these stages so that your marketing team can concentrate on the more crucial jobs at hand. This can help improve your engagement.

These tools will automatically scan your leads, endorse them, and also send personalized messages. They also enable you to execute drip campaigns.

Before you start you may want to read an expert’s guide to creating LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

9. Boost your followers

LinkedIn’s algorithm sifts through thousands of published posts every day in order to deliver users with more relevant content.

You cannot ‘hack’ the algorithm in the same way that you can’t ‘hack’ Google, as it keeps updating on a frequent basis.

The algorithm, however, favors some activities that might help improve your page engagement opportunities.

Engaging with your connection’s materials is critical for increasing the visibility of your profile.

A good conversation necessitates a high level of sophistication. LinkedIn respects genuine and honest discussions. Taking this into consideration, we propose that when you engage with your community’s posts and avoid generic remarks like “good”, “wonderful idea”, and the like.

Instead, you should ask questions or provide an opinion. Remember, the act of value addition is never out of class.

Final Thoughts on Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn provides a concrete platform for your company to engage with key decision-makers and senior-level influencers within and beyond your industry.

It is high time that you acknowledge the platform’s significance and begin planning a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign.

For your LinkedIn strategy to succeed, you must have a thorough understanding of your ultimate goals and target audience.

We believe that the tips we have shared above will prove fruitful for you.

So, get ready to disrupt the business world by contributing your valuable ideas on LinkedIn!

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