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12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment

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  • 12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment

Incentives, strategy development, and office pet regulations are just a few things. But these are not the only things that make a company successful.

No doubt, HR managers have huge responsibilities. But recruiting and hiring are where they are most typically seen.

Do you wonder what HR professionals might include a top-notch recruitment strategy? Social media in recruitment is the answer.

When it comes to attracting new employees, social media has expanded from 82% in 2010 to 92% in 2015.

It’s not always simple to find the best people in your profession. That’s why recruitment tracking is necessary.

Professionals in your industry could be found and engaged through social media. Here are some remarkable facts and practices for social media recruitment in 2022.

Social Media Recruitment May Be Defined As:

Social media recruiting covers all HR marketing tactics that incorporate digital platforms. Popular social media sites include XING, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Industry-specific discussion forums and services are also featured through these mediums.

Employers may use social media to actively seek and address applicants. Recruiting through social media allows for speedy communication with applicants. The process also helps in building a vast network of connections.

Among the many advantages of using social media for recruitment are the following:

  1. Attracting individuals who may be more suited to the company’s culture.
  2. Reaching folks who aren’t actively seeking work or haven’t heard of your organization.
  3. Increasing the number of referrals from coworkers.
  4. You’ll save money since you won’t have to spend as much on traditional advertising.
  5. Assembling personal rapport with prospective employees.

Recruitment Procedures Using Social Media: A How-To Guide

  1. Employers may use their workers’ networks to promote a job ad on their company’s page.
  2. Include phrases like “We’re hiring” or “Join our team” in the ad to indicate that it is a job opportunity.
  3. Share relevant details about the position.
  4. The application deadline and how to apply should be made clear to applicants.
  5. Your company’s visual identity should be included.
  6. Your followers and staff have to share the post.
  7. As your network increases, you’re more likely to locate the right person.

Utilizing job posting software here could be a great decision to minimize workload. The software will do all the technical job posting on your behalf. Because of the simplicity and flexibility, recruitment processing through social media is preferred.

The Advantages of Recruiting Using Social Media

Reach Out to Passive Candidates

While seeking new employees, you should also try to grab the attention of passive job seekers. It will create new possibilities for your company in the long run.

These candidates will not be found through traditional recruitment methods and job sites. Yet, they are the ones who make up 70% of the applicant pool.

Social Media In Recruitment

Image source: Unsplash

Your job advertisements will get discovered by these people. Without social media, passive candidates would never find your post.

A passive job seeker may come upon your post while scrolling through their page. They’d only apply for the job if they believed it was a good fit. Out of nowhere, they won’t leave their current position.

Develop Your Brand

Social media may convey your company’s culture through the recruiters towards the new applicants. And applicant management software helps in this matter.

This particular software assists recruiters to attract, communicate, and manage candidates. They will improve data management and recruiting methods as well.

It is possible to create a personal brand on social media through visual content posting. This is because the human mind processes visuals quicker than words. Unique, intriguing, and shareable photographs and videos will capture their mind.

Then you can encourage customers and job seekers to join in conversations. Make sure to respond swiftly to queries and comments from other customers.

Before applying, job seekers may learn more about a firm via its social media presence. First, figure out which parts of your company’s culture are most attractive to job seekers. Then use recruitment management software to hire them.

Recruiting Costs and Time Reduction

It costs companies more than $4,000 to recruit new employees in most cases. On average, it takes 42 days to fill a post. But using job posting software for social media recruiting saves time and money.

Your organization will be able to attract new employees sooner. It’s costly to pay for sponsored job listings on job boards. And you don’t know whether you’ll get the right people. That’s why choosing social media recruitment is a wise decision.

Explore the History of the Candidates You’re Considering

A person’s LinkedIn page might reveal a lot about them to a potential employer. After identifying possible candidates, you may do a background check on social media.

A person’s recommendations from coworkers, bosses, and peers are visible via social media. You will also find out what business page they follow and like.

It’s also possible to see whether you have any personal links in the second or third degree. It would allow for an even more personalized recommendation.

People are taking advantage of the applicant tracking system (ATS). These tools can make things simpler for you. How?

  1. They will speed up the recruiting process.
  2. The quality of hiring candidates will get a boost.
  3. The candidates will experience the benefits as well. Applying for a job will become simple and fast for them.
  4. ATS reporting and analytics tools will help you make better data-driven decisions.
  5. HR’s workload will get reduced.

You can find the perfect applicant sooner with the help of necessary software like an applicant tracking system.

Boost Your Program for Employee Referrals

Recommendation schemes could be useful recruitment tools. Let’s find out the importance of implementing an employee referrals program.

Time and Money-Saving

Job boards and traditional recruiting businesses are pricey. But since referral incentives are outcome-based, costs are reduced, and ROI is improved.

Employee referrals save recruiters time by avoiding the need to source candidates. Studies have shown that referred prospects are 55% faster to recruit.

Get Great Candidates

Employees want coworkers who will boost their productivity and take accountability. So, in most circumstances, you may be more confident in the candidate’s abilities.

Also, research shows that three out of ten employers have found fake references on an application. So a personal reference from inside the company is trustworthy.

Longevity of Candidates

Peer referrals tend to stay longer as there is trust between both parties. The referrer may also feel more valued if their company accepts their reference.

So, educate your workers and supervisors on the perks of using social media in the workplace. And encourage them to participate in the referral programs.

Employees will then use social media for advertising the available vacancies. They may also provide relevant industry news to their known job seekers.

Top Social Media Recruitment Practices

Engage Your Staff in Online Content Sharing

It takes a lot of sharing to become viral on the Internet. As a result, the number of people who can be contacted grows due to their popularity.

The power of human ties cannot be overestimated. In the matter of purchasing, individuals are more cautious now than ever before. And they rely more on recommendations from friends and family members.

The same goes for a job seeker as well. It’s not enough for a job seeker to learn about a business on social media before applying for a post. They need to see some positive feedback and a few endorsements.

Consider using the individuals who work for your company as recruiters. They can be the ones who persuade potential applicants to apply for the position. The applicants will listen to them since they can be trusted.

All you have to do is encourage your workers to share your material on social media. This strategy is the most straightforward recruitment solution. You can also offer incentives to those who can generate new, high-quality referrals.

Encourage Participation In the Workforce

Referrals from coworkers often provide the finest prospects. Employer-generated content may reach up to 15,000 individuals via online employee advocacy. And these followers are more likely to be engaged than those who merely follow your brand.

Social Media in Recruitment - 12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment - 1

Image source: Pexels

It is a terrific approach to getting workers interested in the organization. Employee advocacy allows employees to share company news on social media easily. For example job vacancies, upcoming events, and other announcements.

Be Strategic

Social Media in Recruitment - 12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment - 2

Image source: Pexels

Recruiting using social media is not a one-time event. You shouldn’t take it lightly.

Recruitment activities on social media should work with other parts of the hiring process.

The other parts have human resources personnel and recruiters. The end goal is to maximize the effectiveness of the search for qualified candidates.

Boost the Online Reputation of Your Business

Millennials are the generation who are always used to searching for information online. Social media may be a useful tool for communicating your company’s core values to potential employees.

Use recruitment CRM software before you go for social media recruitment. The process will become simpler for you as it can do the following things:

  • Attract and find the best possible employees.
  • Filter through candidate profiles that are detailed and in-depth.
  • Streamline the employment process by organizing all interviews and activities.

Today, your brand’s values are more crucial than ever before. This generation of consumers is looking for a personal relationship with brands. They don’t want to work for a corporation that conflicts with their values and principles.

With social media, you can make your company proposal seem its finest. Online engagement and establishment in a relevant field may lead to successful recruitment. Many employers these days are taking advantage of HR recruitment software to recruit.

Most firms keep their consumers in mind when developing a social media presence. Several more objectives could be achieved via the utilization of these channels.

Use social media wisely. If you’re seeking staff, you’ll find them on particular social media platforms. Such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Evaluate several practices to discover which profiles generate the most interest. Then use e-recruitment software to have a simple hiring process through social media.

Come Up With Unique Content Ideas

You must be an excellent storyteller to have a strong brand identity. Even if your firm has a great concept, no one will know about it. And your company will forever be buried if you don’t get the word out through social media.

Fortunately, social media allows you to convey your tales in several ways. One of them is a visual step. Honestly, graphics are the most effective technique to draw in viewers.

You’ll need to develop and distribute a slew of eye-catching images and videos to become viral. It’s important to show what you’re about and what you do. The job seekers need to know what it’s like to be part of your company.

Choose Platforms

Instagram is less popular than LinkedIn when seeking a job or posting one. But you will find college students who are seeking internships on Instagram. According to Pew Research Centre, just 28% of those aged 18-29 use LinkedIn.

So, choose the platform for your target candidates and utilize online recruitment software.

Below are the three most important networks:


Twitter is a popular microblogging platform with a twist. Having a strict character limit on all tweets forces you to use fewer words.

You still can convey your point effectively. Selling your company’s brand in 140 characters or fewer is more difficult than it seems.

Using “Twitter Cards” in your social recruitment process will be beneficial. It allows you to include rich media in your tweets. You will express yourself more fully and effectively than ever before. Also, you can take the help of job posting software here.


When it comes to finding a new job, Facebook has changed the way people connect with companies.

Social Media in Recruitment - 12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment - 3

Image source: Unsplash

To find talented job searchers and share your knowledge of the sector, Facebook is a great place. With the “Job Openings”, the recruitment procedures will get easy for job seekers. They will be interested in exploring what’s obtainable.


The world’s most popular social media site for hiring is LinkedIn. It serves as a crucial screening tool. To attract active and passive applicants, you need a large network of connections.

You may ask your workers for help through social distribution to get more visibility for job ads. Ensure to choose the best hr recruitment software that automatically posts job advertisements.


Using YouTube’s video-only format, you will spread the word about your company’s services. And when applicants will start applying for the post, use proper applicant management. There are many software like LogicMelon ATS these days which can help in this process.


Instagram is a great platform for reaching out to a younger demographic. You will have to use photos, videos, and text captions to advertise your business.

Optimize Your Proposition

Social Media in Recruitment - 12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment - 4

Image source: Unsplash

Social media postings are a reflection of your company and its members. Get rid of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also, don’t forget about objectionable or unlawful content.

If you are having difficulties optimizing your job proposal, the recruitment management software will help you. Such as the following.

  • It will help you access the most qualified applicants, including your top choice.
  • You may send out bulk emails and other messages to advertise job openings. It will help you finish the task faster.
  • Better inter-departmental collaboration and internal recruiting procedures will be established.


Personalize your postings on social media to prevent becoming impersonal or robotic. Add information that differentiates you, your company, the job vacancies, and content. Make sure to stand out from the rest of the competition.

When replying to particular candidates, this is much more critical, be detailed in your follow-up messages to each applicant. Ask them about their individual experiences.

Use ATS recruiting software to find the right applicants. Then try to develop a stronger connection and produce a favorable buzz with them.

Make the Appropriate Contacts

A group of talented individuals may look for an opportunity to prove their abilities. They want to grow their careers. Make strategies and implement them with recruitment software to make contacts.

Don’t forget about the smaller networks. Be a part of relevant Facebook, LinkedIn or Subreddit communities. Even amid the devastation, outstanding talent could be found. The applicant tracking and onboarding system will do a great job here.

Make Use of the Hashtags

The “#” or Hashtag sign links material from all web corners. You will see it in the “Discover” section of Instagram or any other social media network.

When a job seeker chooses a hashtag, he will get trapped by interconnected postings. It will happen as one hashtag leads to another.

Utilizing hashtags is wise to get your content seen by a wider audience. The hashtags are like a spider’s web if you think of the firm as a predator and the possible applicants as prey. The recruitment processing will need the hashtag’s help as well.

You have to explore an alternative way to leverage it. The first step is to use data to discover which hashtags are most popular.

While including hashtags in your content, decide which ones are best for you and use them. Be clear while delivering your brand’s message and other essential facts.

Let Them Know What They Will Get From You

Social Media in Recruitment - 12 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruitment - 5

Image source: Pexels

Successful recruitment ads promote the advantages of working for a certain company. Provide details if the organization has a policy of hiring from within.

Promote that the employer provides suitable hours to appeal to the applicants. Such specifics assist in setting your position out from the others.

Create a Social Media Account For Just Recruiting

Job seekers would like it more if you recruit on social media with a particular account. Additionally, you can narrow your target audience down to only your prospects.

Getting Started with Social Media In Recruitment

Most of the applicants you’re trying to attract typically use social media daily for pleasure or work. Use social media recruiting to build a great employer brand and interact with job seekers.

On top of the obvious benefits that come from social media recruitment, don’t forget about the benefits of the traditional sourcing methods. As always, proper planning and resource allocation is necessary.

There are twelve recommendations here, but you’ll have to select one that works best for your business and try it out.

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