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Twitter Marketing in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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  • Twitter Marketing in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

In recent years Twitter has gone from thousands of hashtags where people express their feelings and thoughts into a platform where brands can build powerful marketing strategies.

With more than 320 million active users monthly, it’s not surprising that businesses keep using this platform for their marketing purposes.

But if it’s being used for marketing purposes, it’s not enough to do a short post with many hashtags. Like in every social media channel, on Twitter, you need to make a marketing strategy with a clear content plan to engage with the audience and reach the desired goals.

In 2024 with the latest Twitter updates and trends, it’s a good idea to use Twitter for marketing purposes and use the opportunity to reach target audiences directly and stand out from competitors who may be underestimating the power of Twitter and don’t include it in their marketing strategy.

Twitter marketing

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You may ask how to use Twitter in 2024 and why it is so effective. Here are the answers.

How and Why to use Twitter for marketing in 2024?

Everyone keeps talking about social media’s importance and impact on marketing, and Twitter is not an exception, considering the difference from other platforms. It’s hashtags and informative posts. But how to use Twitter if you are a business and want to include the platform for marketing purposes.


It may seem that it’s enough to copy all the posts from other platforms and post on Twitter by only adding additional hashtags. But it wouldn’t be effective as every platform has its characteristics and features that you need to follow if you expect some results.

So after creating an account on Twitter, make sure to create the content plan to follow the top trending hashtags and news, so your content is always up-to-date and appropriate to Twitter algorithms and audience demands. Then, choose a style for your brand and mix it with the Twitter tools and techniques to have a catchy and memorable account that the audience will wait impatiently for your next post.


The next question is not less important than the previous one.

If you wouldn’t have any plan or purpose before using Twitter, your activity on that platform will be aimless. So it would help if you answered the question “why am I using Twitter” and what do I expect from that. Before clarifying the question, you should also know the global answer to the question. It would be beneficial to use Twitter as there are thousands of millions of active users who are a potential audience to help you become more popular and spread your message to a broader audience.

Furthermore, the ultimate guide will lead you to a better Twitter marketing strategy.

The ultimate guide to better Twitter marketing

In 2024 Twitter marketing may seem challenging. There are some top leader social media platforms, and the competition is very high between them in terms of tools, trends, techniques, and other components. Although you can use other popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Twitter has a lot of advantages and practical tools to accomplish your marketing strategy goals properly.

So if you decide to use Twitter marketing, consider that it has some distinguishing features and differs from the mentioned popular platforms. It means that the marketing strategy for Twitter will be only for that platform, and the content with other details will be only created appropriately to the platform features, needs, and demands. This will make the whole marketing process more efficient, and the results will show how that approach worked.

Below are the main essential steps to consider if you want to use Twitter marketing in 2024.

Create a Twitter schedule

Most of your tweets should be scheduled ahead of time for the best reach and effectiveness. Knowing when to tweet makes it easier to have an organized account and a regular tweeting system. On Twitter, it’s critical to create an active presence. But it mainly depends on the business type, industry, audience, goals, and other details which determine the optimal quantity of tweets. So it depends on your social media strategy how frequently you should tweet new content on Twitter.

Scheduling posts on Twitter will help you lead your Twitter marketing more effectively and organized, as you will know beforehand what your next tweet will be, and there will be no crisis to think about what to post. It’s another story that there will be times where you will be tweeting on the spot, depending on current events, unexpected situations, and other cases like this. So be ready for such situations too, and have some ready templates to make those tweets not messed but also organized and engaging.

You can also hire a social media virtual assistant to help you create a schedule and a marketing strategy.

Twitter Marketing - Twitter Marketing in '2024': The Ultimate Guide - 1

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Audit your account

Before setting up your Twitter account, start doing audits. Track campaigns and posts and see what’s working and what’s not. Deep analytical tools of Twitter will allow you to analyze hashtags and understand which group of hashtags is better for your account’s engagement, analyze your performance and audience behavior. The audit will help you strengthen your account’s effectiveness and reach your target audience. If you want to use more targeted hashtags, you can apply for our Bulkly platform, which provides a randomized hashtag usage updated monthly.

Finding out what type of content your audience likes the most will allow you to improve strategy and elevate your content by matching it with your audience’s wants and needs. Your account’s engagement will be increased, so the chance to get a wider audience will be more than real. The audit will also show what doesn’t work for your account, so you wouldn’t spend so much time doing the same things again.

Work with Twitter Ads

Twitter allows using ads and promote your content throughout the whole platform. Ads are usually so properly targeted that users believe they’re viewing content from an account they already follow. The advertising on Twitter is performance-based, which means that marketers only pay when their desired action is taken. Furthermore, there is no requirement for a minimum spend to advertise on Twitter. Here are three types of ads on Twitter:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

Using Twitter-sponsored ads is beneficial to contact your target audience more directly than waiting for organic reach. Promoted tweets allow reaching a broader audience quickly and improve business prospecting. They also allow those who don’t follow your brand or hashtags to find your profile. For example, imagine you’re tweeting about renters insurance. It would help if you used Twitter ads, so the larger audience can reach your post and be informed about your services.

When you utilize a sponsored Tweet, your Tweets appear on the timelines of people who share your audience’s interests. For sponsored tweets, you should pay a monthly cost. Users will always see if the ad they see is paid or not. Working with Twitter ads will allow you to reach your marketing goals easier and with high effectiveness.

Twitter Marketing - Twitter Marketing in '2024': The Ultimate Guide - 2

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/-UsJoNxLaNo

Engage with your audience

It’s essential to always keep in touch and engage with your audience on Twitter by mentioning them in posts, replying to their comments and messages, and involving them in campaigns. Twitter tools allow you to be more interactive with your audience and enlarge the reach of your posts. Using relevant hashtags is the best way to be easily found and make your content visible to the audience. There will also be sales leads in your audience, which would benefit your business.

Engaging your audience will help you reach your marketing goals, build a trustworthy relationship with your audience and improve customer service. Therefore, it’s essential to create content that will be interesting and encouraging to your audience to interact with your tweets (answering, sharing, etc.). By continuously communicating with your audience, you will understand who your target audience is and what they expect to see from your brand over time.

Use hashtags and follow trends

Twitter is most popular with its hashtags, making your content visible to a broader audience and uniting all together. Tweets which include hashtags are more likely to have higher engagement than posts without hashtags. But that doesn’t mean that every hashtag is relevant for your business account, and you should use it. You can even create your hashtag for a specific campaign and make it famous by using it in every post related to your campaign. Hashtags are a great way to raise your brand voice and represent your brand to new audiences.

For example, suppose you’re representing an insurance company and preparing a post about an insurance marketing plan steps. In that case, you should include relevant hashtags from the insurance or marketing sphere, so people interested in this topic can easily find your post.

Now, Twitter shows the trending topics and hashtags, so you can always be aware of the latest trends and use them if it’s appropriate to your brand style and current purposes. Besides that, you can also use the Bulky platform, which will automatically generate dozens of social media updates. Following trends will help you always be up-to-date and fresh for your audience and never miss an opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Brands should use current trends, especially while running campaigns, to engage and include the most talked about and hot issues that are interesting to an audience.

Create appealing content

Today, when social media is so popular, they started to filter out the content they would like to see. It’s not only about the content informative part but also the appearance. People appreciate appealing content and engage with such content more than with the boring ones. So, considering getting benefits from hashtags, don’t forget to create engaging content. It’s about engaging the audience and building an image of a brand with its style, colors, and other details considering the design and a way of representing content. By the way, if you want to make your content more advanced and appealing, use AI writing softwares which will help you save time and create more targeted content.

It’s essential to keep the content plan both on average days and on special events. For instance, during the Mailcon marketing event, organizers were tweeting about upcoming significant events, what marketing gurus expect, and other details. In addition, they were using different techniques (gifs, emojis, visual content, informative short texts, etc.) to attract the audience’s attention and give the primary message of the importance of the event.

It’s essential to keep in mind to create valuable content on Twitter and remember that the buyer persona is always crucial to provide them with high-quality content. As it’s also about your brand’s name and image, the content should represent your account, how you post it, what hashtags you use, and the primary purpose of the specific content.

Set clear goals

To become successful on every social media platform, it’s always important to set clear and measurable goals, and Twitter is not an exception. You won’t understand if your approach or strategy is helping your business grow until you clarify what you’re aiming to accomplish. Of course, the goals should always match your brand’s purpose and objectives. However, having clear and measurable goals will help you always keep your strategy on track and find ways to reach its true accomplishment.

Once you set up your Twitter marketing goals, measure results every month and see if you reach your goals and objectives or have something to change in the strategy to achieve the goals shortly. Work with your marketing team specialists and understand what metrics or advanced tools you should use to reach your goals. Then, you can experiment on Twitter, use new hashtags, and follow the algorithms to see if it works.

Some Twitter marketing tips

If you want to make your Twitter activity more targeted and reach your audience, use some marketing tips on Twitter that are already proven effective.

  • Add Gifs – People like gifs, and if you add gifs sometimes on your posts or messages, you will create a friendly atmosphere and a feeling that they are a part of your brand. Besides that, gifs will make your content easier to consume and more understandable. Tweets with gifs are getting more engagement than ones without. Be free to use gifs to relax and sometimes be funny with your audience.
  • Use Videos – Videos are also a great way to entertain your audience. Here is also proof that tweets that contain videos are 10X times more engaging. So if you feel that some of your posts would be more complete and attractive with videos, use them without thinking twice. Consider using videos that will match your tweet’s content and will only complete it.
  • Track time – What you tweet is so important, but more importantly, it is the time when you tweet. By building a time discipline, you will see the results over time, that people will wait for your tweets at a specific time range. It doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment for hours. You can test for some hours and choose the most appropriate time for you to tweet by monitoring the results.

Getting the most out of Twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the most influential platforms with significant potential to raise your brand voice and make it popular. Considering all the characteristics and features of Twitter, you need to be aware of all these to make your marketing strategy more effective.

Creating schedules, auditing accounts, working with ads, using hashtags, and engaging with the audience and that’s not enough.

Follow the ultimate guide mentioned above, and also, after using the platform correctly appropriately to all requirements, you will enjoy all the benefits of Twitter.

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