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How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media

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  • How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media

Becoming a golf influencer overnight is no easy feat. It takes social media no how and a little bit of work to get things going in the right direction. Although it isn’t easy, with some guidance, anyone can get on their way to becoming a social media influencer for golf.

Golf is a relaxing game that more than 40 million people in the US enjoy. Although there are a few golf influencers on social media, it’s still a smaller and easier niche to break into. If you have a passion for golf and valuable knowledge to share about the game, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about becoming a top golf influencer on social media.


Signing up for a few different platforms is a great idea when starting your influencing journey. Each platform focuses on a slightly different way of curating content, so some types of content might do well on certain platforms while the same content might do poorly. Here is a breakdown of the top platforms and how to get the most out of them.

Influencers don’t need to use all platforms, so picking a few to start is an excellent option to avoid feeling overwhelmed. For new golf influencers, the main three Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube are a great start. Although when picking your unique username, it’s important to try and sign up for all platforms under that name, even if you aren’t going to use them right away. This avoids confusion with your followers.


Instagram is a great platform for showing off high-quality, well-framed photos, stories, and reels that inspire the viewer. Some down-to-earth and behind-the-scenes content can do well on the platform, but it’s largely curated content that shines through. Many pro golfers and golf influencers choose to use Instagram to show off their latest competitions, stats, and professional photos. This type of curated content does well on the platform.

Instagram has excellent analytics features for it’s business and creator profiles that allow you to see how your posts and stories perform. These tools can further help you decide which content is best to post for your account. No more guessing and hoping for the best!

There are a few ways to begin monetizing your account once you have built enough followers on Instagram. You can offer private paid content similar to Patreon, partner with brands, sell your merch or join an affiliate program.

How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media

Image courtesy of Erik Lucatero on Unsplash


TikTok is one of the newest apps in the game, and it’s a hit with younger generations like Gen Z and Millenials. This platform is more for down-to-earth, funny, and behind-the-scenes content. Unscripted and raw videos do better on Tiktok. Showing this side of the influencer world appeals to the audience on the platform.

On Tiktok, you’ll see a different side of brands and influencers. Some choose to dive into the pop culture media strategy, which works wonders for their brand. This is the case for most creators on Tiktok who are bold enough to use this strategy. Even if this unique strategy isn’t for you, creating regular content on Tiktok can also do well. TikTok is a great place for golfers to show their audience a little bit behind the scenes, like how they get ready for a competition or some of their practice bloopers. Funny jokes or memes related to golf would also do well.

Monetizing on Tiktok is easier for American users than users in other countries. If you are American and have over 10k followers, you can get paid per view for your videos. Although if you live outside the US, you can use your Tiktok following to direct users to another social media platform, blog, or paid content site.


Youtube is a legacy platform that has been around for many years. It’s still a great platform to build a following on, and that’s quite easy to monetize. Many different types of content do well on Youtube, and the audience has a wide range of users from all age groups.

Many different types of content do well on Youtube due to its vast user range. Videos of competitions, golf strategies, or a how-to tutorial would do well and help create a loyal following on the platform.

Often times vloggers on Youtube vloggers give their opinion and best tips and tricks if they are an authority in their niche. Try teaching your audience about the perfect swing, or give details on something they might not know like how to fly with golf clubs. If you are giving advice, make sure you are well-versed in the topic to add credibility. Reading more on topics like United Airlines golf club policy and other popular airlines’ policy ensures that you’re giving your audience the most up-to-date information.

Although there is intense competition on the platform, anyone can monetize their videos after gaining 500 subscribers through the Youtube Partner Program. You can also use your Youtube videos to direct viewers to your blog or other social media where you have monetization set up.

How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - 1

Image courtesy of Warren on Unsplash


Facebook is another legacy social media site that has been around for many years. The primary user base for this platform is the older generation. However, younger people still hop on the app for the platform’s various features like Marketplace, Groups, Dating, and more.

Many types of content do well on Facebook, from text posts to photos and video content. It’s a great platform to help direct your followers elsewhere. If you meet Facebook’s monetization policy, you could monetize your account, but generally, for the first few months on Facebook, people tend to spend money through the app to promote their content.

Facebook is a good place to recycle Instagram tournament photos, and golf stats, link to your newest Youtube video, or share and comment on golf-related news. Most content will perform well on Facebook, so there’s more leeway with what you can post.

If you are willing to put some money into Facebook for promoted content, it can do well, but you must spend well over the minimum to see any real growth. The groups section on Facebook is also a great way to engage with other people in your niche and help grow your page.


Patreon is a great platform where users pay to see your content. It isn’t a social media platform per se, but it’s a great place to direct your followers if you’re trying to earn money as an influencer and make it your full-time gig!

Many types of content can be posted to Patreon, like audio, video, image, and written content. Members on your Patreon can subscribe to different paid tiers with different kinds of content. If you are posting your pro golf tips on Youtube, a good idea would be to save the best tips for Patreon and direct those Youtube followers over to Patreon to subscribe and learn more. This would be great for golf influencers sharing their insider tips and tricks!

Golf influencers can create Youtube-style videos for Patreon that feature more detailed explanations or a deeper look into their methods, games, or golf career.

How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - 2

Image courtesy of Andrew Anderson on Unsplash


Blogs are an easy setup, and it’s great for influencers to have one, even if you don’t regularly post. Sites like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace allow you to create a quick and easy blog using a free or paid squarespace templates. Blogs are a great space to share tips, opinions, or other content that might be valuable to your readers!

Golf influencers can write a ton of articles on theory, the game, thoughts on different competitions, how-to articles for new golfers, and more! If you love the written word you can, blogging might be a great option for you.

Creating Content


There are many kinds of content to create for Instagram, including stories, posts, reels, and story highlights. Influencers need to maximize each of these types of content to help grow their audience on the platform. All content on Instagram is usually filmed vertically for photos and videos to optimize screen space.

Stories are great for quick views into your world, like behind-the-scenes, quick how-tos, or announcements. Using engagement tools within stores like react buttons, add yours, location tags, and relevant seasonal tags can help reach a wider audience.

People see posts when they come to your profile page, so having them look clean and consistent across your profile is essential. Using 3-4 relative hashtags on each post is a great strategy to help it gain reach. Posts can be about anything such as showing your favorite stay-and-play golf destinations or the latest competition stats and highlights.

Instagram also has its new in-app version of X (Twitter) called Threads. This is a good mini-platform for sharing quick opinions, facts, or stats if you love writing. If Twitter was never your thing, then you can channel your energy elsewhere on the platform.

Reels can be made up of small clips of 1-10 seconds combined with songs or trending sounds to create a short, entertaining video. Right now, reels seem to be the easiest way to start growing your account, so it’s good to get started on them right away after building and perfecting your profile on Instagram.

Content Ideas for Instagram

  • Stories showing some behind-the-scenes shots of your latest tournament or competition
  • Photo post of some high-resolution shots of swinging golf clubs, being out on the green or winning a competition
  • Reels of different kinds of swings and the results they produce,


On Tiktok, you can create short videos using 1-10 second clips combined with music or sounds to create a short video. These videos should be quick, raw, and as unscripted as possible to catch the shorter attention span of the users on the platform. Your videos are the primary type of content on the platform, although you can create stories similar to Instagram to help connect with your audience.

Content on Tiktok is also filmed vertically to maximize screen space, similar to Instagram. Funny behind-the-scenes, quick tutorials or relatable memes within your niche would do well on the platform. For those who don’t like being in front of the camera or speaking in their videos, Tiktok has some great filters to distort your face and voice in videos. Many good creators on the app don’t show their faces or real voices at all!

Creating content on Tiktok can be challenging for some people, especially if you’re not used to creating short-form videos or being in front of a camera. Researching popular tips and tricks for creating content and applying them to your niche can really help you get a leg up on the platform. You can also start by following similar creators to watch and learn from their pages.

Content Ideas for Tiktok

  • Bloopers clips from your latest practice
  • Trending audio and memes related to golf
  • Quick and simple how-to video


Youtube video content is different from the previously mentioned social media platforms in the sense that longer-form videos filmed horizontally are what the platform is made for. These are the kinds of videos that get monetized down the line. These videos are often more curated and might require a professional camera or a small mic, depending on the kind of content you’re creating, although some users do film from their phones.

Youtube shorts are a new form of video content on the platform that is filmed vertically and much shorter than the standard Youtube videos, similar to Instagram reels and Tiktok videos. These videos can also be monetized depending on the number of views.

Youtube videos like tutorials or how-to videos can do really well on Youtube. This is your chance to share your golf knowledge with an audience. How-to videos are great to keep new golfers returning to your page as a reference as they improve their game.

How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - 3

Image courtesy of Lo Sarno on Unsplash

Content Ideas for Youtube

  • Long format how-to videos like how to perfect your swing or how to get into your first tournament.
  • Vlog-style videos about your day on the green, taking followers through a competition


Facebook content can be almost anything, including text posts, videos, or photos posted to your page. Facebook is great for linking blog posts or YouTube videos to help increase their reach and engage with your audience in a one-on-one or a group setting. Influencers on Facebook can create a group or a chat in their niche to help grow and engage with their audience.

Content Ideas for Facebook

  • Latest in golf news with your personal commentary
  • Share Youtube, Tiktok or Vlog posts you’ve made
  • Reuse some Instagram-worthy competition photos


If monetization is your goal, it’s a great idea to direct your followers to your Patreon account. Here you can create different tiers of content for followers to see at various price points. If you offer tips and tricks on Tiktok or Instagram, directing viewers to your Patreon for more in-depth guides and how-to’s is a great idea to further engage with your audience while offering valuable content.

Content Ideas for Patreon

  • A deeper look into your off-the-green practice time
  • The best tips for new golfers
  • Coaching tools

How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - 4

Image courtesy of Sugar Golf on Unsplash


Blogging is great for those who prefer the written word over video content. If you’re passionate about writing, you can create some written guides for new golfers, share your opinion on the latest golf news, or add something new to the conversation. Be sure to create articles that are SEO friendly to help them rank in the Google search and be seen by a wider audience.

Adding pictures to your articles is also super important! Free photo sites like Unsplash or Pexels offer great images you can use in your blog posts. You can repurpose your curated Instagram shots or link to them directly from your page.

Consider making use of a project management software to help you plan and organize your ideas so you can execute them according to your overall strategy.

Content Ideas for a Blog

  • How to articles like How to perfect your game, get into competitions, prepare for competitions
  • Think pieces on the impact of the sport
  • How the golf industry could be better, or what it’s doing correctly
  • Helpful articles for new golfers

Scheduling Posts

Scheduling posts is a must when it comes to starting out as an Instagram influencer. Creating posts takes time, but doing that daily can really eat into your day when you could be out on the green practicing your swing or filming new content! Scheduling posts in advance helps you focus more on the types of content that are doing well and create more posts your followers want to see.

There are many tools that can help you schedule your social media posts. One of the best ones out there is with Bulkly. It’s quick to set up and automate your posts which maximizes the time you get back! It also automates in a way that doesn’t look like bot activity, which can harm your social media accounts.

How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - How to be A Golf Influencer on Social Media - 5

Image courtesy of Courtney Cook on Unsplash

Engaging With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is one of the most important parts of being an influencer that many people tend to overlook after they have gained some following on their platforms. When you’re starting out, it’s just as important to comment, like, and share others’ posts as it is to post your own content. Getting your name out there and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable figure in your niche can help your posts gain traction and give you credibility.

Once you have gained some following, going live on Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube can help you further connect with your audience. You can do a quick Q&A with your followers in a live session. This humanizes you as an influencer and allows a valuable opportunity for your followers to connect with you.

It’s important to remember to keep connecting with your audience even as you grow as an influencer. Real and raw influencers are doing much better on social media, and it’s important to keep it real with your followers to ensure long-term growth.

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