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Top Social Media Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2024

Social Media Chrome Extensions
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  • Top Social Media Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2024

As marketers, we are always looking for new tools and extensions to help us with our marketing tasks. And while there are many tools out there, sometimes the best solution is already in your browser.

That’s why we have created this handy list of chrome extensions for marketers. These chrome extensions will help you with social media marketing, keyword research, content creation, outreach, email marketing, and market analysis. They will also help you save time and get more done every day. Without further ado, let’s begin with the best social media chrome extensions!


Social Media Chrome Extensions

SocialPilot is a social media management extension for Google Chrome. It allows users to quickly schedule posts on all major social media platforms, create and manage campaigns from the chrome extension dashboard, monitor analytics in real-time with detailed reports, automate content recommendations for maximum engagement, and much more.

Users can also access social media tools such as analytics, tracking, and keyword tools from one single place. This extension has many features that make it perfect for marketers. If you really want to automate your entire social media workflow from content creation to publishing, you can combine SocialPilot with a creative automation platform or a graphic maker to automate generation of ad banners or social media visuals.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners to use social media effectively. Moreover, it has great keyword tools that help marketers optimize their marketing efforts.

Overall, SocialPilot is an excellent social media management extension for chrome browser that anyone looking to manage social media campaigns efficiently should consider.


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BuzzSumo is a chrome extension that helps marketers research and track content performance. It provides in-depth analytics to help marketers identify keyword, content, and audience metrics.

It also suggests content ideas based on a keyword’s popularity, frequency of search, and other metrics. This makes it easier for marketers to find content ideas that are relevant and popular with their audience.

The extension saves time by making it easy to discover and share content ideas among marketer colleagues. Plus, it helps track the performance of various marketing campaigns.

The extension features a variety of tools that can help marketers optimize digital content, such as keyword analysis, social media analysis, and web analytics.

Finally, the extension also has a blog feature that allows marketers to create blog posts and track their performance. This can be useful for tracking keyword rankings and monitoring social media conversations.

With the chrome extension for marketers in hand, they will be able to discover new insights and make better decisions regarding marketing digital content.


Grammarly can help marketers check their spelling and grammar in emails, social media posts, and other documents.

It also provides suggestions for improving sentence structure and style.

Grammarly can be used to detect plagiarism and protect writers from copyright infringement.

With Grammarly’s Chrome extension, marketers can easily check grammar and spelling on web pages, blog posts, and other documents.

The extension also provides tools for spotting grammar errors as quickly as possible. This saves time and effort when writing for various platforms.

Marketers can customize the settings to make it easier to use on different websites or platforms. This makes it easy to use Grammarly anywhere in the digital world.


Moz is a powerful tool for marketers’ digital toolkits. It helps you quickly assess the performance of your website on search engine optimization metrics.

With Moz, you can easily compare the relative strength of websites in search results. You can also easily analyze social media analytics data and access social media tracking tools.

Moz also offers a suite of other features to make your digital marketing efforts more efficient, such as keyword research, keyword tracking, blog analytics, and email marketing tools.

The extension is compatible with most major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can download the extension from the ‘Add to iTunes’ tab on the app store and start using it immediately.

Evernote Web Clipper

Web Clipper is a free extension for Google Chrome that lets you save web content for offline viewing. With Web Clipper, you can save content from any webpage to your computer’s hard drive, including blog posts, social media content, and more.

By using Web Clipper, marketers can save web content for offline viewing, which helps them stay organized and efficient. It also comes with other useful features like keyword search, social media clipping, and email clipping functionality.

Similar Sites

Similar Sites is a chrome extension that helps marketers research their competition quickly and easily. It provides an overview of website metrics such as domain authority and page rank, making it easy to compare your brand with other top-performing websites.

Similar Sites also helps identify key influencers in your industry, providing essential intel for crafting effective social media campaigns.

In addition to the free templates in its library, Similar Sites offers a variety of extensions for adding additional functionality to your browser, such as keyword search tools and web analytics tools.

The extension offers a powerful toolkit for marketers looking to make their digital content stand out.

SEO Pro Extension

Key features of SEO Pro Extension:

  • Analyze website performance metrics such as page speed and keywords ranking.
  • Monitor competitor websites, track their SEO score, and compare rankings.
  • Generate keyword ideas, optimize content, and improve on-page SEO.
  • Track social media activity with analytics tools and improve engagement.
  • Monitor keyword rankings with keyword tracking tools and analyze keyword trends.
  • Analytics to identify marketing strategies that are working best and optimize content for maximum visibility and click-through rates.


SEMRush helps you quickly search, analyze, and track keyword metrics for your marketing campaigns with ease.

Get access to keyword insights, search volumes, cost per click, and much more with just one click. It also provides keyword tracking functionality, making monitoring your keyword campaign’s performance easier.

The extension’s features include keyword tracking and analytics, social media monitoring, web analytics tools, and SEO tools.

The SEMRush extension also helps marketers to efficiently conduct market research by providing access to social media metrics, web traffic statistics, keyword analytics, content analytics, and more.

Finally, using a chrome extension helps marketers save time and hassle in their day-to-day work.


With Hunter’s email finder extension, marketers can discover contact information with a single click. This extension offers email validation and search functionality, allowing marketers to verify existing email addresses in bulk quickly.

You can get instant access to validated emails, social accounts, and company data with Hunter. This extension offers a menu bar tab for easy access to social media, campaign tracking, analytics, and email management tools.

Also, You can asiley save contacts to your address book with the extension. Marketers can easily save email addresses from campaign tracking pages or web forms to their address book without any effort.

The extension also offers a browser search bar for marketers to search for social media names and hashtags quickly. This makes it easier for marketers to find relevant content on social media platforms.

Hunters extension is a must-have for any marketer who wants to manage their digital marketing efforts efficiently.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is a great extension for anyone looking to improve their search traffic and keyword rankings on the internet.

It’s a one-stop keyword research extension that provides in-depth analytics-focused insights into any keyword or keyword phrase, including search volume, estimated earnings, and competition.

The extension also offers valuable insights into the keywords’ ranking history on Google and other search engines, showing how they have moved up or down over time.

This information can help marketers quickly identify trends and make predictions about the future performance of their keywords.

Among other features, the extension provides detailed keyword rankings for any keyword or keyword phrase, so you can easily see where your content ranks on the search engine radar.

It also shows how many backlinks it has received and how many pageviews it has received per day.

It’s a useful tool for tracking keyword Rankings and PPC campaigns, as well. In addition to its features, it is also relatively easy to use and install.

Overall, the extension is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their search traffic and keyword rankings on the internet.

Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram is a chrome extension for marketers that allows you to download images and videos from Instagram easily.

You can save files to your computer or mobile device with one click. The extension is easy to use and navigate, with an intuitive design.

It helps marketers keep track of their content and monitor trends on Instagram quickly and easily. Besides, it enables marketers to view and analyze media analytics metrics such as impressions, clicks, and views more accurately.

In conclusion, chrome extension for marketers provides a convenient way to manage social media content efficiently.

ContactOut Chrome Extension

ContactOut is a powerful Email Finder tool designed to streamline email discovery for professionals. By harnessing the vast reach of social networks like LinkedIn, ContactOut efficiently extracts email addresses, empowering users to connect with potential leads or candidates.

Its intuitive interface and accurate results simplify the process of sourcing contact information, enhancing outreach efforts and networking capabilities.

Using ContactOut’s Chrome extension, users can access verified email addresses, unlocking new opportunities for business growth and recruitment.

Whether for sales, marketing, or talent acquisition, ContactOut Email Finder stands as a valuable asset, offering a seamless solution for accessing crucial contact details with ease.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Chrome Extensions

While the browser extensions we’ve covered above are undoubtedly useful, it’s important to understand that they can’t replace a well-oiled marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing are some of the pillars of digital marketing that will remain strong for years to come. So, don’t rely on browser extensions alone to win over your customers. Instead, use them as tools to enhance your digital marketing efforts and create a more personalized customer experience! Happy marketing!

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