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The Definitive Guide To Social Media Automation In 2024

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  • The Definitive Guide To Social Media Automation In 2024

Social Media Automation will remain the buzzword in the industry in 2024. For the uninitiated, social media automation refers to automating repetitive tasks related to social media. This helps boost team productivity. By automating social media, businesses can work easily with few resources and yet gain more.

In recent years, many companies have adopted social media automation through new-age software and tools. It helps brands to use the limited time available on important strategy-making decisions rather than repetitive tasks like brand account management, responding to audience queries, etc. Read our complete guide to social media automation to get the most out of your efforts.

Introduction to Social Media Automation

Guide To Social Media Automation

Social media automation is a contemporary approach wherein businesses optimize audience interaction, content publishing online, advance scheduling of social media posts, and thereby manage their engagement time in an efficient manner.

Social Media Automation in Action

  • Publishing posts on social media
  • Scheduling posts before social media campaigns
  • Responding to customer queries through chatbots
  • Hiding social media comments that are spam
  • Sending Tweets on Twitter for audience engagement

Need for Social Media Automation

Time management

Social media automation helps schedule posts based on social media campaigns ahead of the calendar. It unburdens organizations by taking care of all the repetitive tasks. The time saved can then be used in expanding their business, taking strategic decisions, engaging with customers and focusing on other important things.

Audience Engagement

There are multiple social media automation tools available. They help organizations save a lot of time, which is invested in productive and creative work. Audience engagement gets more attention with saved time. Businesses can create video tutorials for product demonstrations. When brands take the lead in making products more useful for the target market, they become leaders in the industry. It helps in building trust and assessing the needs of the market.

Online Presence

As most of the target market is present online, brands need to have a solid online presence to be successful. There is intense competition and to survive, brands need to be present on prominent social media platforms. While it is not easy to do that, social media automation tools help organizations take care of the same, effortlessly.


There are a lot of social media managers and social media automation tools available. They help save a lot of effort for organizations. As there is a lot on the plate, brands often forget to post content on their social media handles. These tools help maintain consistency on the platforms. This helps in keeping the brand on top of the mind of consumers. When brands remain consistent across all the platforms, it is hard for consumers to forget them and this helps during buying.

Campaign Management

Social media marketing automation helps manage a host of marketing campaigns for each platform. This becomes a little difficult for brands in this day and age. With automation tools, things become a little organized and strategy makers can execute different tasks simultaneously.

Why automate social media campaigns

With several Social media marketing software being used by brands, it becomes time-consuming to manage online presence effectively. Brands cannot remain active 24×7 on social media. The reason is that the audience is present all over the globe and the time difference doesn’t allow brands to match the timings. However, with the help of social media automation, organizations can ensure that they are always visible to the audience in one way or the other. It is also possible to grow the audience and execute the campaigns based on social media strategy even while taking care of other important tasks.

How to automate social media for free

Start-ups and small and medium enterprises are sometimes not able to afford social media automation tools due to budget constraints. These organizations can opt for social media automation tools that offer free accounts. However, the free versions of the tools have certain limitations. Some features are available only to premium account holders.

How to set up automatic social media posts

Some tools are helping social media content. For this, organizations need social media schedulers. Herein, users can create a social media schedule. Then, they can add social media content that needs to be shared with the audience. This content will then get automatically added to the social media calendar. The tools help share the content automatically at intervals chosen by the organization.

Social Media Automation Tools for 2024

Guide To Social Media Automation - The Definitive Guide To Social Media Automation In '2024' - 1


The internet is afflux with a host of social media automation tools. However, not all are the same when it comes to handling tasks smoothly. Based on features and capabilities, here are some of the most trending automation tools that will stay afloat in the coming year.


A highly functional service, Bulkly helps clients in automatizing their social media platforms. It offers marketing solutions that allow businesses to recycle their social media updates automatically on Buffer. With the tools offered by Bulkly, brands can automate the process of adding social media content to their Buffer accounts.

Bulky is a go-to app for marketing professionals and business entrepreneurs as it allows them to save time and effort. With Bulkly, it becomes easy to plan updates in advance on social media platforms. The platform offers a variety of features that helps create constant updates on social media networks.

Bulkly allows users to import their past Buffer updates, use RSS feeds, and upload CSV files of social updates. It generates evergreen status updates that are shared multiple numbers of times automatically. Bulkly helps upload content in bulk, recycle posts, shuffle posts, hashtag assignments, drip scheduling, and offers flexible account management.


An all-in-one tool for social media management, Agorapulse is ideal for managing many things at the same time. It can manage everything, right from scheduling posts for the brands, to monitoring and reporting activities. It comes loaded with different tools, some of which are:

  • Social Media Publishing Tool – Schedules content and plans it ahead of time. It even publishes social content using a dashboard
  • Social Media Inbox – Helps organizations manage their direct messages and social media post comments from the platform via an inbox
  • Social Media Monitoring Tool – Measures brand sentiments and keeps you updated about people’s interactions with the brand
  • Social Media Reporting Tool – Generates in-depth reports by analyzing metrics and optimizing social media campaigns
  • Others – Saved Reply feature, keyboard shortcuts, automation moderation assistant, re-queues content, bulk uploads CSV content, run large-scale social media operations.


A social media platform that comes loaded with advanced drip campaign features. The tool automatically detects when organizations post content to the social media platform. With an intuitive dashboard, the tool gathers important information and uses it to set up automated drip campaigns. The tool has been ideal for bloggers and also website owners.

They can easily push their social media posts instead of designing a full-scale marketing campaign. In addition to these, the tool even has a specialized Curate feature. This helps in automating aspects of the process of post-creation. It pulls blogs, videos and other media from all around the internet that the brand’s audience might relate with.

This tool helps create engaging posts for the brand’s social media handle. The tool is adept in connecting with influencers related to the brand and helping post the content to different platforms. Missinglettr comes loaded with an all-in-one content calendar that helps organizations schedule posts and publish them through a dashboard.

The calendar even helps organizations manage their automated drip campaigns while keeping a track of the posts that need to be published on different social media platforms.


A powerful social media automation tool, Sendible offers a unified and extensive dashboard. It helps manage and automate all social media accounts. This all-in-one tool helps manage everything, right from posting to scheduling along with brand monitoring and tracking. Sendible offers a range of features that help teams to work efficiently.

With Sendible, brands can set up automated processes for social media posts approval. With this, there are no chances of getting a post published without being checked by authorities. It even comes with a bulk scheduling feature. This makes it simple to plan content batches.

Sendible is designed to reduce the burden of social media managers. There is a range of tools available that help users to optimize their social media campaigns. Users can utilize monitoring features that allow them to track all the aspects of their campaigns.

Sendible makes sure that no comment about the brand is missed in the chaos online. Users can stay updated with comments about their brand across all social media platforms. Users can even create detailed reports for their team effortlessly.

5. SocialBee

SocialBee is a comprehensive social media management tool aimed at entrepreneurs, businesses, and agencies who want to improve their online presence by automating their content distribution.

This tool facilitates the management of content across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok and Youtube.

With SocialBee, you can create a content calendar, categorize your posts, and publish them simultaneously on all your social media accounts. You can also personalize your posts for each platform, reuse popular content, set expiration dates for time-sensitive posts, curate content from RSS feeds, view real-time previews of your upcoming posts, and track your links using URL shorteners.

SocialBee is a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for startups, solo entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to improve their social media strategy. Prices start at $19 per month and include unlimited scheduling and editing options, Canva integration in the post editor, and access to 10 additional app integrations.

6. PromoRepublic

A social media automation tool that helps organizations to manage their social media handles that run in hundreds or maybe even thousands. All the accounts can be managed simultaneously with the help of this tool. The tool comes with three different types of solutions for businesses based on their size.

The tool offers different automation features that help unburden marketing teams to handle the responsibilities viz.

  • Auto reposting – When a specific social media post is doing well, then the tool automatically reposts it at a later date. This helps increase audience engagement and interaction.
  • Workflows – When an organization has multiple brands in its kitty, the tool helps automate workflows with the agencies to ensure that posts are published on specified dates.
  • Smart posting – With the help of the tool, it is possible to schedule posts from the database and publish them at the right time.

PromoRepublic helps small and medium-sized businesses select ready-to-use social media content for publishing. The tool has a wide range of content relevant to different industries. It is possible to choose appropriate content and post it across all platforms. This helps maintain the social media profile effortlessly.

PromoRepublic has been quite popular among smaller businesses and even larger organizations looking to streamline workflows and processes. It even offers advanced analytics along with a social inbox in its pro plan, making it an all-in-one social media tool.

7. Pallyy

A social media platform ideal to manage visual content campaigns, Pallyy can be used for scheduling multiple social media platforms. However, the tool is best used for Instagram marketing. With its range of automation features, brands can streamline their Instagram workflows.

Users can utilize the tool for its client features like sending content to the clients before posting it automatically. This helps clients offer feedback to every post for changes if any. Pallyy is also best used for content planning for searching user-generated content for reposting. This helps save time in producing content.

A great thing about Pallyy is that it is available on mobile devices. This means that users can easily stay ahead of their competitors in Instagram marketing. It even eases the process of on-the-go social media scheduling.

Pallyy is perfect for marketers who have multiple clients and are required to post a lot of content regularly. The tool comes with a bulk uploading feature that speeds up the scheduling of large campaigns. Pallyy is a superb choice for social media managers working on a freelance basis. What’s more, it even has a free plan available.

How to choose the best social media automation tool

With so many different types of social media automation tools available, it becomes a tad bit difficult to choose an apt one. Certain things can be kept in mind while choosing the tool. The number of features offered, user experience, user interface, customer support, analytics, team collaboration tool, reporting, social media platform it supports, and its scalability are some of them. Above all these things, the most important thing to look out for is the price.

Ultimate Guide To Social Media Automation

Social media automation is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when there existed only a couple of social media platforms to manage. Times have changed and brand image management through social media has become quite complex. Using an apt social media automation tool helps the management in investing time in core business rather than social media.

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