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Social media has changed the mode of networking and marketing a great deal.

Gone are the days when you have post letters and wait for days (sometimes months) for a response. The days when T.V. and print advertisement were the only options to get the news of your products and services across to many people are also over.

You can instantly send your message across to a wide range of people at the snap of the finger and place your products and services in front of millions of people by making a few clicks. All of this is thanks to social media.

Currently, more than half of the world uses social media. 71% of small and mixed-sized businesses use social media for themselves, and at least 91% of U.S. businesses use social media platforms for marketing purposes.

Many businesses and brands are on social media today because they know social media is where the new market is. However, a crucial factor determining if a social media campaign would thrive is how good its User Interface (UI) design is.

The favorite social media platforms are the ones that are well designed and easy to use, and it takes good UI design to make that happen. This means the more companies invest in UI design, the more they thrive and reach their social media marketing goals.

This article will discuss what UI design is, the top qualities of a good UI design, and how to improve social media marketing using UI.

What is UI design?

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User Interface (UI) design is essentially the design of the interface of a computerized device, software, or application that makes it enjoyable and effective for your users.

It deals with the features, looks, and feel of your device or app. You may also find it at work in cars, home appliances, and other computerized devices that you interact with.

Let’s take a practical example:

When you want to order food on a website, you fill a form to request your meal preferences and other necessary details.

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 1


The UI design on the website would be the text box, a text button, a list, and other features that enable you to interact (fill your data) on the company’s website. A User Interface could also be the look and feel of your phone’s screen or the touchpad you use to input instructions into a coffee machine.

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 2


You’ve probably overheard people complain about how bad the UX and UI design of a website or an application is, and you’ve wondered what the difference is.

The truth is, many people tend to use these terms interchangeably. Which is quite understandable when you consider how closely related they are.

However, as intertwined as they may be, they are two different concepts with unique functions.

So, what is UI/UX design?

User Interface is the interaction between a product and the user.

It focuses on making the interaction between a user and a product as intuitive, seamless, and pleasurable as possible, so users can perform tasks effectively without thinking too much about it.

It consists of all the visual elements of a product, the colors, fonts, gradients, and every other visual asset that ensures a product is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Where exactly does UX design come in?

User Experience or UX design is at the backend of the entire process. UX design is about the overall feel of the user experience.

It is concerned about the buyer’s journey and questions like what problem the buyer encounters when using the product? How many steps does he take before making a decision? How does he feel about the entire experience? What repels or attracts him about the whole journey?

A UX designer does all this extensive research then maps out the buyer’s journey; this includes the steps the buyer will take when using the product and the features the buyer might need to have a smooth experience while using the product.

Lastly, the UI designer comes in at the implementation stage to bring these findings to life.

With the information garnered from the research made by the UX designer, the UI designer designs the interface of the products with these facts in mind. The result is a smooth, functional, and intuitive experience for the user through the features of the product, colors, fonts, and other visual elements that enhance user-to-product interaction.

The primary difference between UI and UX design is:

UI focuses on the visual elements of a product and service to enable smooth interaction between a user and a product. UX design is about the user’s overall experience while using the product.

Importance of good UI for your social media marketing campaign

Let’s face it. How would you feel if you were using a poorly designed social media app?

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 3


Let’s assume you log into a social media app infused with several colors that lack harmony and an annoying mix of different font styles and sizes.

You can barely locate the text boxes or text your friends without spending time figuring out where the text box is.

Obviously, you won’t last minutes on the app, and you won’t hesitate to download another social media app with a user-friendly interface.

A social media platform with good UI can improve the visuals of your marketing campaign. It ensures that all the visual elements of the social media app are coherent, aesthetically pleasing, and functional to enable users to perform tasks with it.

Businesses that stay relevant to their users have infused a good UI design in their social media marketing strategy. Good UI for social media campaigns helps to build trust and credibility.

5 Must-have qualities of excellent UI that will improve your social media marketing campaign

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 4


Good UI enhances your app or website’s visuals and makes it convenient and easy for users to use.

Below are the crucial qualities of a good User Interface and how they work to improve the visuals of your social media marketing campaign.


An excellent site’s UI design should be kept simple.

This is mainly because UI design should enable users to perform functions without calling attention. If a social media site’s design is flashy, elaborate, busy, and clumsy, it will get in the way of users when they want to perform activities on the site.

Keep the color schemes and graphics to the barest minimum; taking the minimalist design approach is key.

See Facebook, for example. Facebook uses a straightforward user interface with specific features and prompts within the text box for users to input easily.

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 5


Observe this: no clumsy layout, no extra, unwanted texts, just a simple design to enable users to perform tasks without getting distracted.

Effective call-to-action buttons

An excellent social media site has effective call-to-action buttons, and this can only happen if its UI design is good.

It won’t make sense to craft a call-to-action button that no one can see. If this happens, you will lose out on getting your users to perform the action you want them to perform.

Let’s assume you want your users to subscribe to a service or want them to buy a product on your media site; you want to make sure the call-to-action is prominent enough for anyone to notice when they use the app.

The first thing is to make sure your call-to-action buttons actually look like buttons. Check out the image below:

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 6


The call-to-action button that looks like a button is more prominent and looks more clickable, making it highly prompting for users to click on.

Another thing you want to ensure is making your call-to-action button stand out to cut through the noise. Preferably, you should place call-to-action buttons on a white background to be more noticeable for your users to see, like in the picture above.

The point of a practical call-to-action button is to ensure they are prompted to do what you want them to do, which is highly effective in boosting your social media marketing campaign.

Users will subscribe more, buy more, visit more, and do all the things you want them to do if your CTA button is compelling enough.

Great content alignment

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 7


A site with a clutter of texts is bad business. Also, inconsistent use of fonts can be confusing and frustrating for users.

When texts are congested and fonts are too small or too big, it becomes difficult for users to navigate your site.

Your color, fonts, and text sizes should align with your brand’s goals, all of which should be incorporated into your social media and content marketing strategy.

Using fonts and colors that align with your brand goals will ensure consistency and create a stable brand identity in the minds of your users.

So, whenever your fonts and colors pop on their screen, they know it’s you, which helps you create a positive and lasting impression in their minds.

A well-structured content form creates a clean, clear navigation pathway for your users, enhancing readability and making the content on your site easily accessible to work with.

Functional and user-friendly search

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 8


Good search functionality of a site is necessary to reach your social media marketing goals. This is because users want to find what they are looking for quickly, and a site with an intuitive search would help aid the process.

Users want to connect with their friends and family without going through many processes; they also want to locate their favorite brands with ease and get immediate answers to what they are looking for.

If your platform allows users to search intuitively, not just for the general content search but also to make quick findings about the communities, hashtags, and areas of interest, you will be able to create a better experience for your users.

A typical search box should be located at the top (or right-hand corner) of your site for your users to see and provide multiple search suggestions for them to do quick searches.

For example, check out the Reddit search box below.

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 9


Reddit search results provide search suggestions for users before they can even type in the complete search terms. This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for quickly.

Simple web forms

Web forms are a critical aspect of many sites. You would find it in almost every step of the user’s journey. Users need web forms to subscribe, sign-up, login, and perform a host of other functions.

If your web-forms visuals are clumsy and difficult to understand, it will repel your users and hinder them from performing many tasks. This will affect your ability to achieve your social media marketing goals.

So, how exactly should a form be?

First, your users don’t want to spend long hours filling forms; they want to sign-up on your platform and login in quickly. So, keep your webforms as short as possible.

Eliminate irrelevant questions, and stick to what is vital. Twitter is a typical example of a social media platform that enables users to sign up in a short moment.

How to Improve Social Media Marketing Visuals With UI 10


Twitter lets users sign up to its platform in a few easy steps, so it’s really easy for users to join its platform.

The shorter and more accessible your web forms are, the more people will subscribe to your site and the closer you are to reaching your social media marketing goals.

Wrapping Up on How to Improve Social Media Marketing

Many people use different sites all over the web space, including social media platforms. It becomes easier to reach your social media marketing goals when you appropriately modify your platform to cater to users.

A good UI design is a great way to achieve your social media marketing goals because it helps enhance your visuals and makes the interaction between your user and product more functional and enjoyable.

Inculcate the essential qualities of good UI design discussed above to attain your social media marketing campaign goals without hassle.

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