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Online Jobs You Can Get with IQs Higher than 110

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  • Online Jobs You Can Get with IQs Higher than 110

One of the biggest concerns of job seekers is whether they can find a high-profile job without having to commute every day!

The answer is a big YES.

Despite what many newcomers think, some of the online jobs require a great deal of specialty. In fact, they’re not just some clerical duties and need an IQ score of more than 110.

Thanks to the emergence of social media platforms, the chance of getting such jobs has significantly increased in the past decade.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of well-paid jobs that only high-IQ people can get.

Top Online Jobs for IQs > 110

Now, it’s time to get yourself familiarized with some well-paid jobs you can get only if your IQ is higher than 110.

Here is the interpretation of different IQ rages:

  • 140>: Genius
  • 120 – 140: Very superior intelligence
  • 110 – 119: Superior intelligence
  • 90 – 109: Average intelligence
  • 80 – 89: Dullness
  • 70 – 79: Borderline deficiency
  • <70: Feeble-mindedness

In other words, you have to be smarter than the majority of people to be able to manage these online jobs.


You may get to the role of chief marketing officer at a corporation by working hard to advance in the ranks.

These are high-profile jobs, and in addition to managing social media marketing efforts, you’ll also have to consider how other jigsaw pieces—including SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, overall online presence, and more—fit together.

Social media will still play a significant role in your profession, but you’ll probably delegate many of the tasks and real social media work to other team members.

Online Brand Manager

Typically, brand managers will be responsible for tasks both inside and outside of social media. They’ll collaborate with other members of the digital marketing team to establish or improve a brand across all possible user touchpoints.

This covers your website, email marketing efforts, and social media, of course. They frequently have a large say in planning, but their main priority is developing and enforcing a brand that people will like.

Community Manager

For creating and fostering a community, both online and off, community managers are frequently held accountable.

For instance, a community manager for a neighborhood gym may devise challenges to encourage participation and social proof.

They may also create a Facebook group exclusively for members by sharing helpful training advice and interesting health facts with their target audience.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Specialists in digital marketing may find themselves doing a variety of jobs, such as social media specialists.

online jobs high iq - Online Jobs You Can Get with IQs Higher than 110 - 1

Source: YouTube.com

They’ll frequently be in charge of carrying out many coordinated efforts simultaneously, including ones that successfully integrate content marketing campaigns, PPC ads, and organic social media campaigns. They’re responsible for lead generation through social media platforms and are really well-paid.

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Some companies are just looking for a “social media worker,” but if you see the word “social media strategist” in the job description, that’s good. It’s actually a sign that the company is looking for a person who can help them develop and execute cutting-edge social media strategies to increase the company’s brand awareness on social media.

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Social media strategists are responsible for all ideas like pitches for contests or suggesting launching a brand Story campaign or branded hashtags on different platforms.

Social Media Marketing Manager

The majority of the time, social media managers will be actively managing social media accounts, handling everything from optimum scheduling of social media posts to handling engagement and tracking data.

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Source: YouTube.com

This title may occasionally be given to a lead within an organization, but it may also be given to a person employed by an agency who will be managing several client accounts.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

It might be challenging to discover formal job advertisements for this specific position because most social media consultants work as independent contractors or for agencies, and their primary area of expertise is strategy.

In addition to working with customers who are either brand-new (and selecting which platforms and techniques to utilize) or those who are prepared to move to the next level, consultants may or may not be retained on an ongoing basis by clients.

Social Media Marketing Analyst

The focus of social media analysts, often known as “brand analysts,” when their work extends beyond social media, is data. These positions usually include examining recent and old campaigns to determine their potential efficacy.

To determine what is working and isn’t working, they will examine both on- and off-platform interaction.

Analysts are crucial once costly PPC campaigns and a lot of ad dollars are involved because they often provide recommendations in addition to merely producing reports on how to optimize campaigns going the future.

Other Skills You Need

If you want to know if you’re smart enough to be able to get these jobs, you can easily take an online IQ test to measure your IQ.

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Please remember that don’t get depressed if the result is not as you wish because IQ is not the only factor that’s important in these kinds of jobs.

There are certain sets of skills that are not measured by IQ tests, but they play pivotal roles in a variety of jobs.

Here are some of the most important skills that you need, along with a higher-than-average IQ level.

Mastering the Platforms and Third-Party Tools

There are several social networking platforms, each with its own best practices, guidelines, and common pitfalls to avoid.

There are a few illustrations of what you should know before looking for a job in social media marketing.

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Source: hootsuite.com

First, you should know which platforms are best for your client’s business based on performance, audience demographic, and type of content posted;

Also, you have to know how inbound and outbound links are treated on the platform.

Then, try to learn additional features (like Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Pages) that should be used on that platform.

Last but not least, understand how to use third-party tools like scheduling and analytics.

Strategic Thinking

Do you know how to assess a client’s present performance, audience, and goals before deciding how to help them achieve their objectives?

Higher-level social media marketing roles involve more than merely publishing on a regular basis for the sake of posting; thus, having this ability is crucial.

You have to be able to make a variety of material that is tailored to each platform. Additionally, you should be aware of techniques like organizing branded competitions, knowing when to leverage influencer marketing, going live to forge connections, and more.

Social Media Copywriting

Think quickly: How many characters are allowed in a mobile Facebook post before it is chopped off?

Do you know when to use hashtags and when to avoid them?

For social media marketers, copywriting is a crucial talent. In particular, you need to know how to write social content that is concise, takes into account platform character limits, and adheres to best practices in order to increase reach and engagement at the same time.

Try to avoid using corny, “sales” language like “It’s Your Last Chance to Buy Now,” and write the text that seems natural and isn’t repeated.

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Source: UpWork.com

Skills in Graphic Design

Not all social media marketers need to be skilled designers, but you have an edge if you know how to utilize drag-and-drop design tools.

Even if it’s only a statement on the backdrop or a simple infographic, certain firms may need the production of creative graphics and pictures.

online jobs high iq - Online Jobs You Can Get with IQs Higher than 110 - 7

Source: https://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator.html

While not required for all jobs, having this talent is a benefit, especially if you’re working alone as a freelancer or employee rather than as a member of a large team.

Knowledge of Copyright

Although it’s a little portion of your employment and may appear unimportant, it does matter.

Did you realize that you can’t just upload photographs from the internet to your social media accounts? You should also be selective about the music and video clips you utilize in your YouTube videos and other video material across all platforms.

All original work published online is protected by copyright, so keep that in mind.

You may read more about this here, but it’s crucial to comprehend before you begin, or you risk getting yourself and your employer into trouble.

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Since social media is fundamentally a venue for communication, it is crucial for social media professionals to have good communication skills that can adapt to any platform, media, character limit, or audience.

I frequently alternate between interacting with consumers in the Sprout Inbox, meeting with our product team to exchange feedback, drafting a brief to launch a creative initiative, and compiling a social listening analysis to present to leadership on a given day.

I need to be able to explain concepts to a variety of stakeholders in both my own and Sprout’s voice.


We all know that the social landscape changes quickly, making even the best-set strategies suddenly obsolete.

An essential social media talent is the capacity to swiftly pivot and respond to a new trend, opportunity, or catastrophe. In the real world, being adaptable and nimble may help you quickly and empathically respond to a dissatisfied client (or a grateful superfan).

Being flexible when it comes to your long-term approach is equally crucial. Social media strategies need to be as adaptable and dynamic as the platforms on which they rely.

As a social media manager, it’s crucial to test out various strategies or even completely modify your approach in order to keep up with emerging trends, take into account company changes, or recover from disappointing results.

You may become a more agile social media manager by using your data, listening to feedback (both internal and external customers), and keeping an eye on social trends.


Simply listening to your coworkers’ difficulties is insufficient. These issues must be resolved in order for the manager to demonstrate his or her dedication to the team’s objectives. Along with team members, the manager must outline the team’s objectives.

The manager must then explicitly delegate accountability to each team member. An effective manager will have a distinct vision for the path he or she wants the team to take. To ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction, team members must get “infected” with this vision.

Final thoughts

Digital platforms, particularly social networking sites/apps, are offering great online positions for those who want to have a challenging and high-profile job without going outside. If you think you have a high IQ and some other skills like management, communication, and being tech-savvy, you certainly have a great chance to take one of these positions.

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